And Again Doctors Save Lives...

Abramova A.V., Skokova N.N., Zubenko I.V., Tsouverkalov A.E.


This article is devoted to the role of doctors in the modern world. It is known that the heroism of doctors is the result of their everyday work. Their desire to help people no matter what, is a true companion in the work of doctors. At present, in the current situation, the Slavic peoples have turned away from each other, forgetting about the help they provided to each other in difficult times. Indicative is the case that occurred in one of the border regions of the Belgorod region. A fifteen-year-old girl, Rita, almost died from a shell explosion. It was the military doctors who became the link that saved the life of the child. Despite the nationality of people, doctors daily provide medical care to all those in need – both military and civilian doctors. The future generations of the Slavic peoples are still ahead. One has only to remember that the Earth is one, common to all, and taking care of it is the task of all mankind, regardless of nationality and religion. If all the people of the Planet would try at least a little closer to achieving this necessary, noble and common goal for all, then Peace would reign on Earth!

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):4-6
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Arkadeva S.


This article discusses the issue of medical dynasties of leading universities in Russia. The author presents several examples of such dynasties and discusses their important role in the development of medicine and science in general. Thanks to dynasties, medicine is becoming more and more developed and perfect, which makes it possible to take better care of people's health and increase their life expectancy. The article is aimed at a wide audience interested in medicine and the history of its development in Russia.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):6-8
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Arkadeva S.D.


"Ivan Pavlov - an outstanding physician of Russia" tells about the life and scientific achievements of a famous Russian scientist, known for his research in the field of physiology of digestion, psychophysiology and the nervous system. The article covers the main stages of Ivan Pavlov's life, his scientific discoveries and their significance for modern science and medicine. The article notes that the achievements of Ivan Pavlov are still relevant and find application in various fields of medicine and psychology.

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The feat of a country doctor Varvara N. Neskromnyh during The Great Patriotic war

Baryshnikova M.A.


Relevance of the research. A variety of historical studies focus on the heroic life and professional activity of Soviet doctors during the Great Patriotic war. The life path and achievements of every medical professional are unique. It seems relevant to popularize the heroic acts of healthcare workers in the period of the Great Patriotic War. Student research activities in this area are a necessary part of the moral training of the younger generation, especially future physicians and nurses.

Aim of the research. The article aims at studying the feat of an outstanding woman – Doctor Neskoromnykh Varvara Nikitichna, who worked in the Belgorod Region during wartime.

Research methods and materials. The research is based on the memories of the descendants of Doctor Varvara Neskoromnykh, аs well as articles from scientific collections devoted to the history of medicine of the Great Patriotic War. Analytical and descriptive methods were used.

Results. During the Great Patriotic War, a patriot doctor Neskoromnykh saved many lives. and was awarded the "Victory over Germany" medal. After the war, she set out to restore the Kaliningrad Region. She was a very kind and open-minded person.

Conclusion. Varvara Nikitichna lived a decent life, created a family, took two children into care, ran the hospital in the town of Nemanja, and led an active social life. She was honoured and respected by her colleagues and patients.

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Bogatikova A.V., Makhinova O.V., Povalyukhina D.A.


RELEVANCE. Vladimir Nikitich Vinogradov is a brilliant scientist, a wonderful doctor and a talented teacher. He made a significant contribution to the principles of treatment of acute myocardial infarction., became the creator of emergency cardiology in our country: initiated the urgent hospitalization of patients with myocardial infarction, the creation of ambulances specially equipped for this purpose and cardiac resuscitation teams of doctors, the organization of a specialized anti-infarction ambulance service, intensive care wards, special training of doctors and nurses.


Using the materials of the library fund, to get acquainted with the history of the life and work of the famous doctor, a major scientist Vinogradov V.N.


The general scientific method of research was used in the work.


  1. N. Vinogradov has achieved great results in science and practical medicine. He became the founder and an active participant in the reform of higher medical education, improved the clinical training of medical students, developed an original manual for students "Scheme of clinical examination of the patient" (1955), relevant today. Vladimir Nikitich's lectures and clinical analyses were a huge success among students and doctors.


  1. N. Vinogradov was not only a talented scientist, doctor, but also a patriot of his country and profession. He dealt with important issues of medicine and healthcare, researched and introduced new methods of diagnosis and treatment of patients.
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Boyko Y.S., Dmitriev E.V.


The article tells about the history of the creation, formation and development of the pediatric faculty at the North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov. Information about the dean is given. The main directions of activity and goals of the faculty are noted. From this article you can learn about the features of the new pediatric faculty.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):16-17
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Loyalty to a Lifelong Profession: Alla Ilyinichna Levushkina

Bocharnikova V., Makhinova O.V., Povalyuhina D.A.


Relevance. Medical topics are always relevant, because it is about a person and for a person. Alla Ilyinichna Levushkina is a doctor. She worked as a doctor for as long as she lived. She could not change her choice, her profession, her life's work, the people who needed her help.

Target. Meet the surgeon A.I. Levushkina, who devoted her life to medicine and helping people. Materials of the Internet resource and mass media were used for the work.

Methods. The general scientific method of research was used in the work.

Results. A.I. Levushkina is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Until 2020, she was the oldest practicing surgeon in Russia. She devoted 69 years to her favorite work. At the age of 90, she received her first "Vocation" award for loyalty to the profession.

Conclusion. Being an operating surgeon in old age is not easy. But love for her patients, her work gave strength to Alla Ilyinichna. As soon as she entered the operating room, she was transformed - her hand remained firm, and her head was clear.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):23-24
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The Feat of Zinaida Mikhailovna Tusnolobovaya-Marchenko

Borodkina L.V., Zubenko I.V., Skokova N.N.


This article is dedicated to the memory of the feat of the foreman of the medical service Zinaida Mikhailovna Tusnolobova, who, during her eight months at the front, saved and carried out more than one hundred and twenty soldiers from the battlefield. It should be noted that more than once doctors had to take up arms, protecting the lives of the wounded entrusted to them. Undoubtedly, the mass heroism and patriotism of the Soviet soldiers will never fade in the memory of the people, who, in a deadly battle with fascism, showed unparalleled courage, contempt for death, and an unbending will to win. For her heroism and courage, Zinaida Mikhailovna was awarded the title "Hero of the Soviet Union" on December 6, 1957. In 1965, the International Committee of the Red Cross awarded her the Florence Nightingale Medal. She became the third Soviet nurse to receive this award. She was also awarded the Orders of Lenin, the Red Banner and the Red Star. The memory of the Great Patriotic War is not only a tribute to the past, it is inextricably linked with the present and the future, it is necessary for our youth as the greatest moral guide, as support in any life trials.

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Hippocrates is the father of scientific medicine and surgery

Bocharova O.


A lot can be said about the great Hippocrates: for example, that he is the first doctor who rejected the theory that diseases are sent by the gods, that it is thanks to him that the Hippocratic oath is used to this day, just as medicine, singled out as a separate science, is also his merit. Many expressions of Hippocrates did not remain in the past, today they are often used and called "winged". Hippocrates left behind the terms that are also used in medicine. Adding to all this, the great doctor was left with a memory in the form of writing a novel in his honor and assigned his name to the crater of the moon.
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Strong Man - Man with Character

Bryzgalova E.V., Semenikhina E.S.


This article is devoted to great people with the willpower that helped them become a strong personality. On the way of becoming they did not think of failures, about failures, obstacles that could prevent them, because the only goal is to become meaningful to this world and contribute to it. On their way were: cold, hunger, sadness, joy, disappointment, pain, death, disease, but it did not break anyone and did not prevent becoming a hero. From those times and to date, there were archives with their merits, interesting stories, victories. The purpose of the article is to educate the reading, people who have given themselves in the medical sphere. The actions and achievements of the following people are described: N. Burdenko, Kashevar-Rudneva Barbarian Alexandrovna.
and a small part of the names of doctors working in the COVID-19 pandemic. Media materials

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):26-30
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Development of Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision in the Voronezh Region: Historical Retrospective and the Present

Bulgakova M.M., Nenakhov I.G.


Relevance:the article presents a historical retrospective and analysis of the current state of the sanitary service in the Voronezh region. The development of sanitary and epidemiological in the Voronezh region covers a vast period of time. From the 17th century to the present day, the service has undergone a lot of changes that have had a significant impact on the prevention and prevention of the spread of deadly and dangerous diseases among the population.

Purpose:the purpose of this study is to consider the main historical stages, the contribution of scientists, to consider the development of sanitary and epidemiological surveillance in the Voronezh region.

Methods:general methods of scientific research, analytical method.

Results:the paper examines the development of the sanitary service in the region, highlights milestones in its history, including the creation of the first sanitary inspection, the Voronezh regional center of SES, up to the formation of the structure of the Office of Rospotrebnadzor and the FBUZ "Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in the Voronezh Region" at the present time. Scientists and figures who have contributed to the development of supervision in Voronezh and the region are noted. It also emphasizes the importance of sanitary and epidemiological surveillance in the prevention and control of infectious diseases, as well as the need for further development and modernization of the service in the Voronezh region for a timely response to threats to the health of the population of the Voronezh region.

Conclusion:All of the above aspects underline the importance of the development of sanitary and epidemiological in VO.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):30-34
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Georgy Fedorovich Sinyakov is an Angel of the Nazi Concentration Camp

Borsyakova V.S.


This article is devoted to the life story of the outstanding surgeon Georgy Fedorovich Sinyakov. The memory from the past will always be relevant. Making its history, medicine develops and grows, improving in its ability, increasing the results of its actions, fulfilling the main task – treating people. By passing on medical traditions that are firmly connected with the understanding of the human personality, they always preserve the important values of the medical profession. Having devoted myself completely, passing on invaluable experience, now there is an opportunity to know and remember brilliant great people. The Great Patriotic War. Hard times accompanied by death, hunger, disease. Times that force people to become strong. Bringing with them not only horror, fear and death, but also a great time of hope and faith. Thousands of people have become heroes. Strong people whose names have gained immortality. Historical memory, whose value is of greater importance than the achievement of victory. For 75 years, a large amount of material has accumulated about the merits of medical workers during the Great Patriotic War. The purpose of the article is to educate the future generation, people who have devoted themselves to the medical field. Description of G.F.Sinyakov's activities and achievements. The materials were publications, interviews with participants of the Great Patriotic War.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):20-22
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The use of N.I. Pirogov's inventions in modern medicine

Vilesov V., Chernykh J.


N.I. Pirogov is a brilliant domestic surgeon, the founder of hospital and military field surgery, topographic anatomy, an outstanding scientist, organizer, teacher and public figure. The clinician's talent, fundamental education, diligence, high morality, patriotism make his legacy invaluable, significant and relevant.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):34-37
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Volodin A.


The article is devoted to the organization of the medical service during the Great Patriotic War. The author examines the role of sanitary trains, analyzes the problems of staffing and supply of medicines.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):37-40
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Sitnikova Valentina Panteleevna: Honorary Professor

Vysotskaya D.V., Gaponenko A.N.


Sitnikova Valentina Panteleevna is a magnificent woman, an excellent pediatrician, a talented nephrologist, an honorary professor and simply a favorite teacher of more than one generation of doctors!

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):40-41
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Development of transplantology in Russia

Gayduk V.A., Efimova U.K.


In this article the issue of transplantology development in our country, legislative regulation of transplantologists' activity of the 21st century, problems and prospects of this branch development are considered.
This direction in medicine is of great importance nowadays because with the help of transplantation there appeared a possibility to cure previously incurable diseases such as liver cirrhosis, cardiomyopathy, cystic fibrosis, rhinopathy, etc. The question immediately arises which scientists laid the foundation for the practice of organ and tissue transplantation.
The article shows the main developments in the field of transplantation in the pre-revolutionary, Soviet and post-Soviet periods.
The goals and objectives of our work are:
1. to study the normative and legal acts regulating transplantation issues.
2. to study the definition of transplantation and transplant recipient
3. to learn the practical experience of scientists in transplantology, their successes and failures
4. To identify the problems of modern transplantology
5. Suggest ways to educate the population about transplantation

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):41-46
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Gastroenterologist who has no equal

Dorokhova D.R., Makhovaya L.V.


The article characterizes the qualities of the outstanding doctor - gastroenterologist Alexander Alekseevich Zvyagin. The choice of the path of becoming, as a doctor, as his teacher and as a professor. The article also tells interesting facts from the biography of Alexander Alekseevich.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):46-47
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Doctors-writers in the history of Russia

Dudnikova A.D., Semenikhina E.S.


This article is devoted to the life and works of doctors- writers. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov and Mikhail Afanasievich Bulgakov have gone down in history not only as great Russian writers, but also people who know medicine from the inside. Each of them created a single collective image of a doctor who took root in society, and some characters became household names. Using examples from the lives of writers, as well as their works, we will see exactly how the opinion of Russian playwrights about medicine was formed and projected onto society.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):47-50
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“Doctor Liza” - a Person with a Good Heart

Durneva V.S., Ivanova A.A.


RELEVANCE. In our turbulent time, when there is more and more false information, it is necessary to know and honor the memory of great people - doctors. They are in difficult times for the country, saving the lives of many, risking their own. Various statements about our compatriot doctors are common in Internet resources, some of them are true, and some are full of hatred and anger, so it is important to talk, remember and write about these people, to convey to the “younger generation” of medical workers how important this topic is, to show by examples how to love not only your work, but also your Motherland, to cultivate patriotism in the hearts of medical students.

PURPOSE. An example of the life path of Glinka E.P. to convey to the younger generation of medical workers how important it is to love their work, the Motherland, to be merciful to the people around them.

MATERIALS AND METHODS. In the course of writing the article, information from Internet resources, scientific publications were used, reflecting the main milestones in the activities of Glinka E.P. To summarize the information, theoretical research methods were used, such as the synthesis and analysis of scientific and journalistic literature on a given topic.

RESULTS. The article reflected the main points in the life of Glinka E.P., and also showed that a paternalistic model of relationship is necessary and important in the work of a doctor between patient and doctor. For many people in her career, Glinka not only became a doctor, but a real savior, a “mother”. Perhaps this is the meaning of life - to become a worthy person who puts the needs of other people above his own. After all, if everyone had such character traits, then there would be no homeless people, wars, orphans in the world ...

CONCLUSION. The main principles of life for Dr. Lisa were mercy and the same conditions for providing medical care to everyone, regardless of gender and age, national and religious affiliation, as well as the class attitude of a person. The history of the life path teaches diligence, diligence and fortitude, because Glinka E.P. she saw everything from poverty to war, which tempered her character like steel. There is a sense of patriotism in her fate, because wherever “Doctor Liza” is located, she always thought about how to present such a new thing to the domestic healthcare system and how to improve the provision of medical care for the homeless, palliative patients [1]. The younger generation of students should honor the memory, learn from experience, qualities, such as mercy to the patient, respect for any person, and also, no matter how trite it may sound, love for the Motherland, their Fatherland.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):50-52
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A Lifelong Feat. Sheserenkina Valentina Gavrilovna

Zhalskikh E.A., Makhinova O.V., Povalyuhina D.A.


Relevance. The feat of medical workers participating in the Great Patriotic War is an example of a civil-patriotic position for posterity.

Target. Using general scientific methods of research, get acquainted with the historical material of the life and work of the doctor, teacher Shesterenkina Valentina Gavrilovna.

Methods. The general scientific method of research is used in the work. 

Results. Women doctors of the Great Patriotic War are brave, courageous, fearless warriors. Shesterenkina V. G. was devoted to her profession in wartime and peacetime. She devoted herself entirely to the treatment of her fellow villagers, showing responsibility and caring.

Conclusion. The selfless work of military doctors is an important page in history, an example for all generations. It is our sacred duty to always remember those who gave their lives defending their homeland, to take care of the people living with us who survived the war.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):53-54
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Nikolai Vasilievich Sklifosovsky - Outstanding Person in Russian Medicine

Zalessky D.V., Skokova N.N., Zubenko I.V.


This article is dedicated to the outstanding figure of Russian medicine Nikolai Vasilyevich Sklifosovsky. In medical circles, he is known as a Russian surgeon, military doctor, innovative scientist, doctor of medicine, director of the Imperial Clinical Institute of Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna in St. Petersburg, the author of works on military field surgery of the abdominal cavity. He made an invaluable contribution to the development of domestic and world medicine. N.V. Sklifosovsky was the first in Russia to perform gastric excision operations, to use a blind suture for excision of the bladder, make goiter operation, excision of tongue cancer with preliminary ligation of the lingual artery, removal of the larynx, and urinary hernia operation. He was not afraid to do the most difficult plastic surgeries and was constantly looking for new methods of treatment. For example, an operation on false joints entered the world literature under the name "Sklifosovsky's lock". He is credited with the introduction of antiseptics into Russian surgical practice, that is, active disinfection with the help of chemicals. He widely promoted the methods of antisepsis and asepsis and was one of the first in Russia to introduce both methods into surgical practice. It was a turn from old surgical treatments to new ones.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):54-58
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The role of Professor L.A. Zilber in the study of tick-borne encephalitis

Zakharova S.S., Dorokhina A.A.


The article provides a review of literary sources on the history of the discovery and study of tick-borne encephalitis by a group of Soviet scientists in the 30s of the XX century in the Far East. The selfless work and cohesion of scientists of various specialties (virologists, epidemiologists, entomologists, zoologist, parasitologist, pathologist, neurologists and laboratory assistants) made it possible not only to “discover” tick-borne encephalitis, but became the starting point for many domestic scientific virological schools throughout the USSR.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):58-61
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From the Work Experience of Zemskiy Feldsher Z. S. Sokolova

Zatsepina E.A., Makhinova O.V.


Relevance . This year marks the 157th anniversary of zemstvo medicine in Russia. In 2012, the Zemsky Doctor federal program was launched in the Russian Federation as part of the healthcare modernization program. She continues the best traditions of zemstvo medicine. The study of the invaluable experience of zemstvo physicians is an important condition for medical activity.

Purpose . Using historical and local history material, manuscripts of memoirs to get acquainted with the life and work of the zemstvo paramedic Sokolova Z.S.

Methods. The general scientific method of research was used in the work.

Results. Zinaida Sergeevna Sokolova worked among the peasants. She sought to make their life easier, to enlighten. Together with her husband K. K. Sokolov, they built an outpatient clinic with their own money, in which they regularly received patients. The medical care they provided was universal: they accepted adults and children, men and women, suffering from both acute and chronic diseases. She personified the type of a generalist physician with a wide range of knowledge and practical skills.

Conclusion. Nowadays The experience of zemstvo medicine remains an example in the development of health care systems and programs. Acquaintance with the biography of Zemstvo medicine devotees is an important component in preparing medical students for future professional activities.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):61-63
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Alexander Vladimirovich Pochivalov

Izmalkova A.A., Makhovaya L.V.


Purpose: To study the foundations of the formation of Alexander Vladimirovich as a pulmonologist, his scientific activities and professional merits.

Methods: Analysis of the professor's autobiography, literature review of articles.

Results: An analytical review of the articles and autobiography of Pochivalov A.V. was carried out, which made it possible to obtain information about his medical, scientific and pedagogical activities.

Conclusions: Alexander Vladimirovich Pochivalov is an outstanding doctor of our time, professor, associate professor of the department of propaedeutics of childhood diseases and polyclinic pediatrics. The merits of this scientist are known both throughout Russia and in various parts of our world. We are proud that we have the opportunity to be students of this talented person!

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):63-64
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Ильина K.S.


The question of heroism is the most important even in our time, because many people forget what a mark the war left on the soul. Many families were affected by the Great Patriotic War, so I want to always remember the exploits and heroism in the war. Special thanks to the medical women who made a huge contribution to the victory, because they saved lives on the battlefield, went at their own risk, thanks to them many soldiers saw bright days and won.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):65-66
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The History of Folk And Preventive Medicine in Ethiopia: the Study of Traditions and Challenges of Modernity

Ionova A.S., Nenakhov I.G.


This scientific article examines the history of folk and preventive medicine in Ethiopia, as well as the challenges facing modern medicine in this country. The authors of the study analyzed the traditional methods of treatment used by the people of Ethiopia and traced their evolution over the centuries. They also studied the country's modern medical system, including national prevention and treatment programs, and identified the main problems faced by modern medical practitioners in Ethiopia.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):66-69
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Ermolyeva Zinaida Vissarionovna defeated cholera. Back then, little was known about cholera, even about how it spreads

Kazakov V.V., Razuvaeva Y.Y., Ledneva V.S.


The article tells about the quiet feat of a microbiologist: Ermolyeva Zinaida Vissarionovna defeated cholera. Back then, little was known about cholera, even about how it spreads. And so the young doctor conducted a risky experiment on herself: she took a sample of water, isolated cholera vibrions and drank them. Less than a day later, Ermolyeva fell ill, this fact became proof that the disease spreads through water. With this discovery, Zinaida Vissarionovna saved thousands of human lives, because it was thanks to her developments that water chlorination standards were created. Her efforts largely ensured the victory at Stalingrad. Zinaida Ermolyeva is considered the mother of Soviet antibiotics. Its discovery has saved so many lives that even an approximate calculation is impossible. At that time, the drug penicillin had already been developed, but the Allies refused to sell the technology to the USSR. The authorities instructed Ermolyeva to create a similar drug. In 1930, together with I.S. Buyanovskaya, she discovered the enzyme lysozyme, a substance that slows down the development of microorganisms and makes up the body's defense system. The Nobel Prize-winning Professor Florey called her Madame Penicillin. She was a representative of the USSR in the World Health Organization (WHO). Work and science accompanied Zinaida Vissarionovna literally to the end of her life.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):69-71
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The Moral and Ethical Foundations of Medicine Established by E.S. Botkin

Kalinkina S.R., Barabanova M.V.


The importance of medical ethics as a whole, as well as of individual issues, has increased enormously in the context of modern scientific and technological progress. Within the framework of common traditions, each era has brought forward questions of professional morality. The year 2023 marks the 105th anniversary of the death of Evgeny Sergeevich Botkin, who was the last medical attendant to the family of Nicholas II. He voluntarily went to his death together with his patients, because he was ready for any fate that was prepared for the royal family, thus he followed his medical duty to the end, which defines his commitment to his profession.  The aim of the paper is to investigate the moral and ethical foundations of medicine laid down by E. S. Botkin. The article presents the main stages of life and professional path of Evgeny Sergeevich and his contribution to the development of national medicine. His scientific, pedagogical and social activities are described and his main biographical data are presented. His moral values and principles are discussed and described separately. Evgeny Sergeyevich Botkin understood that the clinical activity of a doctor requires not only practical skills, but also personal spiritual experience, the capacity for human communication, kindness and selflessness. His ethical views on medical duty later formed the modern principle of biomedical ethics - the principle of respect for the autonomy of the individual.

Relevance. The spread of multidisciplinary research in medicine (including the treatment of individual patients), the progressive use of technology in clinical practice, the increasing importance of the problem of risk in clinical medicine, the urgent need to solve fundamentally new philosophical, medical and legal problems put forward by the modern NTD, etc., make the philosophical study of the assumptions, basic concepts and trends in medical ethics relevant.

Purpose. To explore the moral and ethical foundations of medicine as laid down by Evgeny Sergeevich Botkin.

Materials and methods. The materials were works of E.S. Botkin - "The light and shadows of the Russian-Japanese war of 1904-5", works in "Pulmonology" magazine: "The sick in hospital", "What it means to "pamper" the sick", and also the book "The Tsar's Life-Medic. Life and Work of Evgeny Botkin", ed. by K.K. Melnik-Botkin and E.K. Melnik (France), compiled and completed by O.T. Kovalevskaya. - SPb. : ANO Publishing house "Tsarskoye Delo", 2010.

Methods used: systematic, historical, generalisation, analysis, synthesis.

Results. As a result of this research, the basic principles of Botkin's medical ethics were identified: a service-oriented attitude; assistance; respect for colleagues; fairness; unselfishness and uncompensated service; fidelity to one's duty as a doctor.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):72-74
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Kameneva S., Gaponenko A.N.


“The doctor should be a prudent person, beautiful, kind and philanthropic.”


Since ancient times, the profession of a doctor was considered an honorary one. A dynasty is not a vocation, not a profession, it is a name, it is the image of a family, its banner. To be like its representatives means to take everything that is most valuable from them, to develop, improve, improve this baggage, and pass it on to other generations. This article is devoted to the life of outstanding doctors - the Dobrotsky family.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):74-76
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Karpenko A.A., Korchinova J.Y., Lebedinets D.D.


This scientific article tells about the life path of an obstetrician-gynecologist Claudia Alexandrovna Smolyaninova. Her path from childhood to the present is traced, each stage of her life is described and all the steps that brought Claudius closer to her chosen profession are explored. Throughout her life, Claudia Alexandrovna worked tirelessly to achieve her goals. Her constant desire to help people captivate the spirit. The article shows a true love for the profession, which can serve as inspiration and motivation for future obstetricians.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):76-79
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The influence of Nikolai Nilovich Burdenko on the life of Voronezh

Kartasheva E., Semenikhina E.S.


Relevance: it is very important to know the history of your country and outstanding people. 
The purpose of this article: to tell about the famous person N.N. Burdenko, the great Russian, Soviet surgeon.
Key words: surgery, neurosurgery, medical faculty of Voronezh State University.
Method: search.
Results : data collection helped to study the role of the great N.N. Burdenko in the city of Voronezh.
Conclusion: Undoubtedly, N.N. Burdenko made a huge contribution to the development of the city of Voronezh. By his example, he makes students learn and develop in the field of medicine.
Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):80-81
pages 80-81 views


Карташов И.А., Moshurova L.V., Mahovaya L.V.


ACTUALITY. Allergology has always appealed to paediatricians. The development of industry, other environmental hazards - all affect a child's health. The profession of a paediatric allergist requires responsibility, clear analytical thinking, excellent memory, the desire to help young patients, the ability to never stop learning and mastering new knowledge and technology. Having chosen the profession, a person must be able to do his or her job with excellence to arouse inspiration in other people. To study the professional path and innovations of George Nestorovich Speransky.

MATERIALS AND METHODS. Printed sources, Internet resources. RESULTS. February 7, 1873 is the date of birth of the great Soviet pediatrician. Georgy Nestorovich became acquainted with the work of advanced European doctors. Returning to the Russian capital, Speransky begins to specialize in the treatment of newborn babies, thus becoming the first Russian neonatologist. From 1925 he heads the country's first chair of pathology of childhood, the staff of which dealt with the problems of infant feeding, digestive disorders, and the development of preventive measures to combat childhood mortality. In 1922 the journal "Materials for the Study of Early Childhood", later renamed "Soviet Pediatrics", and then "Pediatrics" was founded under the leadership of Georgy Nestorovich. For 47 years Speransky was the editor-in-chief. Since 1973 the journal has been named after the children's doctor. Already in the 1930-th Georgiy Nestorovich was able to estimate the significance of allergic reactions in paediatric pathology, which allowed to develop the soviet allergic school.

The life and professional activity of G.N. Speransky, the coryphaeus of the Russian pediatrics, passed in the span of two epochs: the Russian pre-revolutionary and the Soviet one. He became a moral and cultural bridge, transferring the best traditions of the pre-revolutionary medicine to the Russian pediatrics. The whole life of Georgy Nestorovich Speransky was imbued with love for children, which he tried to instil in his pupils.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):82-84
pages 82-84 views

Loyalty to the Profession in the History of My Family

Kolosova S.P., Makhinova O.V.


Relevance. The need to know one's origin, one's family, the history of one's family is common to all people. Such knowledge is necessary for every citizen of Russia to realize his roots, his involvement in the history of our great Motherland. When asked which profession is the most important, everyone will answer differently. But there are people whose work is more important than all the important things. Their life's work is the most necessary, the most difficult, the most responsible, requiring constant improvement. These are people who face the most important tasks - giving birth, saving lives, recognizing, preventing and treating diseases, ensuring the preservation and strengthening of people's health and ability to work. And these people are doctors.

Target. Using biographical information, show the significance of people who have become doctors.

Methods. The general scientific method of research was used in the work.

Results. Noble and important all over the world, the medical profession is becoming the most demanded today. It is very important to have teachers - mentors, it is even more valuable when they are in your family.

Conclusion. Brief information about the life and work of doctors who fought, worked for the sake of the lives of other people and the Motherland. To them, to their blessed memory, we gratefully dedicate our work. It is of great educational importance for the younger generation of medical students, and is an integral part of the educational process.


We often turn to the history of Russian medicine, to the origins of a kind, a dynasty. This valuable knowledge, memory, gratitude and respect are brought up in the family and passed down from generation to generation. Just like professions are inherited.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):85-86
pages 85-86 views

The Legacy of Ancient Greek Medicine: a Study of yhe Wealth and Historical Aspects of Medical Practice in Ancient Greece

Konstantinova A.A., Nenakhov I.G.


The scientific article explores the richness of ancient Greek medicine and its historical aspects. Ancient Greek medicine played a significant role in the development of modern medicine, and the study of practices and beliefs of that time provides valuable information about the evolution of medical practices over time.
The article discusses various medical approaches to treatment, as well as procedures and beliefs common in ancient Greece, their impact on the development of medicine over time. It highlights the contributions of famous Greek doctors, as well as various medical schools and institutes that existed at that time.
Exploring ancient Greek medicine, this article sheds light on the origin of certain medical treatments and beliefs that are still in use today. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the history of medicine and the significant role it played in shaping the world in which we live today.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):86-91
pages 86-91 views

Leo Bokeria: in love with the heart

Kostina A.


This man is a true doctor who values human life above all else. Leo Bokeria has been treating the hearts of children and adults for 58 years, performing 5-6 operations a day on an open heart. A man who saves thousands of people is still faithful to the oath of the great Hippocrates: a doctor should help anyone who asks for it.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):91-93
pages 91-93 views

The Teaching of the Theory of "Yin and Yang" in Chinese Medicine

Kostiuchenko A., Tselousova P.S., Ivanjva F.A.


The article focuses on the peculiarities of the formation of natural philosophy in traditional Chinese medicine, examines the existence of the theory of "Yin and Yang" and its application in modern medicine.
Chinese philosophers refer to the past as the highest value. Man occupies an important place, he is a necessary link between heaven and earth. For normal human existence, it is necessary to maintain harmony in all spheres of life. At the same time, special attention should be paid to health. To do this, it is necessary to maintain harmony between the opposing forces of energy "Yin and Yang". Thanks to the presence of such opposites as "Yin and Yang", it is possible to maintain the right way of life. To live in harmony is to balance the Yin and Yang energies in your body.
It is impossible not to agree with the idea that modern medicine uses traditional methods of treatment based on balance between "Yin and Yang". These are the ones that remain relevant to this day.
-determine the place of Natural Philosophy in the philosophy of ancient China
-study aspects of the theory of "Yin and Yang".
-to review methods of treatment that are based on the principles of "Yin and Yang".

Methods: Analysis of the chosen topic Results: To date, the Natural Philosophy of Ancient China still does not lose its relevance. Many practices are popular in medical practice both in Russia and in other countries.Conclusions: The activities of Chinese natural philosophers have contributed greatly to the development of medicine. The theory of "Yin and Yang" is relevant at all times. It is based on restoring the disturbed balance, which leads to harmony. To live in harmony is to balance the "Yin and Yang" energies in your body.


Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):93-97
pages 93-97 views

The Heroic Deed of Doctors on the Battlefields of a Special Military Operation . Alexander Agarkov

Kochegarova V.I., Makhinova O.V., Povalyuhina D.A.


Relevance. To know your heroes, defenders of the Motherland, patriots of the country who stood up for their people.

Target. To get acquainted with the participant of the SVO, doctor and teacher Alexander Agarkov.

Methods. The general scientific method of research was used in the work.

Results. Alexander Agarkov is a psychotherapist. He was in charge of the department of emergency drug treatment, now teaches at the Medical Academy. A. Agarkov is a participant in a special military operation, awarded the medal "For Courage".

Conclusion. After returning to his hometown, Alexander Agarkov put on a white coat again. He trains future doctors, supervises first-year students, conducts courage lessons for students and schoolchildren.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):97-98
pages 97-98 views

S.P. Botkin: Outstanding Teacher-mentor, Innovator, Public Figures

Kochegarova V.I., Makhinova O.V., Povalyuhina D.A.


Relevance. Deep, versatile knowledge, great talent, interest in everything new, dedication to his work, selfless daily work, willingness to respond to the sufferings of the patient, skill in healing and the desire to share his experience and knowledge in the name of man, the development of medicine in his country allowed S.P. Botkin deservedly to be on the Olympus of Russian medicine.

Target. Using biographical information, to show the importance of the scientist and his great contribution to the development of medicine and medical education in Russia.

Methods. The general scientific method of research was used in the work.

Results. S.P.Botkin was an innovator of domestic medicine. Under his leadership, the system of diagnostics, treatment of patients and teaching therapy to students and doctors was being rebuilt.

Conclusion. S.P. Botkin, an outstanding scientist and discoverer in the field of medicine, gave a lot of effort to improve medical services for the general population, especially the low-income part of it. The main goal was to improve the quality of medical work of city hospitals, taking as a basis the principle of "scientific medicine". S.P. Botkin was at the origins of professional medical training of women.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):99-101
pages 99-101 views


Krasova M.E., Pogorelova E.I., Panina O.A.


The article presents data obtained as a result of studying archival documents on the origin and development of continuing medical education in pediatrics from pre-revolutionary Russia to the present day. The article reflects the scientific, practical and pedagogical activities of the great pediatrician, scientist G.N. Spiransky, who is the founder of the Department of Pediatrics of the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):102-103
pages 102-103 views

Contribution of Markar Arustamov to The Fight Against Cholera in The Astrakhan Province

Krivonosova E.I.


Abstract. This article is devoted to the history of the study of cholera in the Astrakhan province at the end of the XIX century by Markar Ivanovich Arustamov.

Relevance. According to WHO, in 2021 the average incidence of cholera in the world was 1.9% (in Africa - 2.9%), which is well above the acceptable level of 1%. This figure was a record for more than ten years.

Purpose: to study the contribution of Markar Ivanovich Arustamov to the fight against cholera in the Astrakhan province

Materials and methods: research of literary sources; research of Internet resources; compositional analysis; synthesis; survey

Results. As part of our work, we conducted a survey among sixty-six students of Astrakhan State Medical University. Questions related to clinical manifestations of cholera, knowledge of the history of medicine of the native land:

  1. What are the clinical manifestations of cholera? (Jaundice staining of the skin, pain in the area of ​ the right hypochondrium – 16.7%; Lacrimation, itching – 3%; “Rice decoction”, dehydration – 68.2%; Diapedetic bleeding – 6.1%; Solid chancre – 6.1%)
  2. Is cholera research relevant nowadays? (Yes – 80.3%, No – 19.7%)
  3. Justify your opinion (“I do not know” – 54.5%, as well as “Cholera is not defeated”, “Outbreaks were sometimes detected in our region”, “The pathogen is still in reservoirs”, “High spread of the disease”…)
  4. What Astrakhan doctors do you know? (“I don't know” – 80.3%, as well as “Nesterov A.A., Myasnyankin A.A.”, “A.V. Burov, V.A. Ermolaev, V.E. Avedisyan, V.V. Belopasov, J.E. Torishnev”…)
  5. What are these Astrakhan doctors famous for? (“Studied plague, cholera and lepra”, “immunologist, doctor of medical sciences, specialist in especially dangerous infections”, “Contribution to theory and practice in various fields of medicine”)

Conclusion. Cholera is a serious infectious disease characterized by a high degree of contagiousness, which is not completely defeated today. The fight against it has been going on for several centuries. An invaluable contribution to the study of this disease and other especially dangerous infections was made by the outstanding Astrakhan epidemiologist Markar Ivanovich Arustamov.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):103-105
pages 103-105 views


Lavrenteva V.O., Machinova O.V.


Relevance. The most important institution in the life of every person is the institution of the family. In it, the formation of the personality takes place, moral values, interests, continuity of generations are formed.

Target. Using biographical information, show the significance of people who have become doctors.

Methods. The general scientific method of research was used in the work.

Results. It is no coincidence that the chosen profession brings joy not to one person, but gives life to many people. The noble and important medical profession is becoming the most sought after today.

Conclusion. A small excursion into the life and work of ordinary doctors, who devote their whole lives to people and their favorite work, is of great educational value for the younger generation of medical students, and is an integral part of the educational process.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):105-106
pages 105-106 views


Leshcheva M.Y., Lavlinskaya T.A.


In the modern world, each person dies in a different way: one due to an accident, another due to a long illness, someone simply ends his earthly journey. But, our history knows examples of the fate of people who were tortured to death in concentration camps created by the German invaders during the war. The most cruel of them in the whole world is Auschwitz. A large number of people during the war years will end up in death camps, where medical experiments will be conducted on them. 60 km in the south of Poland in 1940, a concentration camp complex called Auschwitz or Auschwitz was founded by the German authorities. It was built on the basis of the former barracks and existed until 1945. German doctors and professors conducted "medical" experiments in the camps on living people — men, women, children, and the elderly. In terms of the degree of thoughtfulness, technical organization and cruelty of the extermination of people to this day, Auschwitz is the most brutal camp of all existing in history. Most of those in captivity will die, but some, despite all the horrors that took place there, will manage to survive.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):106-108
pages 106-108 views

Nikolai Fyodorovich Gamaleia in the Fight for People's Health

Linevskaya M.A., Oleinikova A.A.


Relevance. N.F. Gamaleya began scientific and research activities in the field of microbiology and epidemiology in the laboratories of Russia, led the work on the rapid development of progress, created the initial experimental vaccine against tuberculosis at the All-Union Institute of Experimental Medicine, the developer of the first anti-vaccination and anti-tuberculosis drugs.

Target. Using the materials of the library fund, get acquainted with the history of the life and work of the famous scientist in the field of medicine N.F. Gamaleya.

Methods. The general scientific method of research was used in the work.

Results. N.F. Gamaleya was the scientific director of the Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, a scientific consultant to a number of institutes, and was an authority among the medical community in Russia. N.F. Gamaleya - Honored Scientist of the RSFSR, laureate of the State Prize of the USSR, was awarded two Orders of Lenin, the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.

Conclusion. N. F. Gamaleya conducted research and participated in major anti-epidemic measures, was an authoritative expert who made a great contribution to medical science. Acquaintance with the life and work of medical scientists is of great importance for students, it is an exception to the educational and educational process.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):109-110
pages 109-110 views


Likhacheva V.V., Razuvaeva Y.Y., Ledneva V.S.


This article tells about the dynasty of doctors – Bobrovih. A labor dynasty is a phenomenon in which people of the same profession pass on their skills and glorious labor traditions from generation to generation. Labor dynasties are not artificial, they are created and formed by themselves - naturally: young workers take an example from their elders, the elders admire the best, and so a working dynasty is formed, which becomes part of a large medical family. The article tells about who Viktor Ivanovich Bobrov is and for what merits he is still remembered. Every child inherits from his parents not only intellectual abilities, genes and even facial features, but also quite often their professions. The article tells about Bobrov's daughters, who continued the work of Viktor Ivanovich. The Bobrov family has its own special document, it is called "The list of merits rendered to the Russian Society of the Red Cross by the chief paramedic of the Ryazan Red Cross Hospital Viktor Ivanovich Bobrov." In this regard, it is now possible to meet whole generations of hereditary lawyers, actors and even doctors.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):110-114
pages 110-114 views

M.G. Tartakovsky – organizer of the anti-plague laboratory and the first its head (1899-1902)

Lobiyan E.D.


The article examines the life and work of the Russian epizootologist, microbiologist and pathologist M.G. Tartakovsky, his contribution as the organizer and head of the anti-plague laboratory. The following research methods were used: biographical method, systematization, generalization and analysis. His scientific works devoted to the study of cattle plague, avian plague and typhus, chicken spirochetosis, glanders, epizootic lymphangitis, and bacteriological techniques are being studied. The facts of Tartakovsky's participation as a supervisor at the Imperial Institute of Experimental Medicine are given. It was established that on the scientist's own initiative, several scientific institutes were opened and a museum of zooatology was opened.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):114-117
pages 114-117 views


Lukyanova I.A., Sotnikova M.S., Makhinova O.V.


Relevance. De medicina (About Medicine) is the only fully preserved ancient Roman medical work. It played an important role in the development of medicine.

Purpose. Using the materials of the library fund, get acquainted with the medical essay «De medicina» («About Medicine»).

Methods. The general scientific method of research was used in the work.

Results. The work «De medicina» («About Medicine») contains the experience of healers of the 1st century BC, a list of various diseases with a detailed description of the symptoms and advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


The history of medicine goes back thousands of years. We find information about this in the oldest and only fully preserved work in Latin by A.K. Celsus «De medicina» («About Medicine»)


Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):117-119
pages 117-119 views


Makarova E.A.


Ilya Tikhonovich Aseev is a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, doctor, surgeon, Honored Doctor of the RSFSR (1969), honorary citizen of Ramoni (2001).The life of Ilya Tikhonovich is an example of great love for people and dedication to the profession.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):119-120
pages 119-120 views

Valentin Valandi – Doctor from Chad

Mbaidegesem N., Nudjimanji Jackilamber G.


Abstract: the article examines the medical activity of Valentin Valandi, a recognized specialist in performing operations with obstetric fistulas, this problem affects Chad due to the huge size of its territory, lack of access to maternal and obstetric qualified care. Thanks to Dr. Valandi, the development of medicine in Chad has reached a new level. Electronic resources dedicated to the life of Valentin Valandi were studied, as a result of which his invaluable contribution to the development of medicine was clarified. The article mentions the international independent medical organization "Doctors without Borders". MSF was founded based on the belief that all people should have access to medical care regardless of gender, race, religion, creed or political beliefs and that people's medical needs are more important than state borders

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):120-122
pages 120-122 views

The Man Who Could Do It All

Mironenko A., Ulyanova L.V.


The article outlines the main milestones of the professional path of the outstanding surgeon and unique person Fedor Grigoryevich Uglov, reflects his contribution to the history of Russian medicine
Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):122-123
pages 122-123 views

I.P. Pavlov - the Greatest Physiologist

Mikhailov E.D.


This article talks about the life of the great Russian scientist-
physiologist I.P. Pavlov, about his scientific achievements, works and theories, his
cooperation with other world-class scientists who are also known to everyone and
stand on the same level as him. The outstanding scientist loved to collect.
Only one book could change the life of this man, and he
devoted his whole life, and he did it with the maximum passion, about which
the consequence will write in his famous letter to the youth. It also describes
cultural heritage after his death. At the end, the article ends with a letter from I.P.
Pavlova to the youth and its analysis.
Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):123-126
pages 123-126 views

Majid Samii: "a Man's Strength Is in His Brain"

Moradi A., Matveeva O.N.


Annotation: The article is dedicated to Professor Majid Samia, an Iranian by birth, who is rightfully considered one of the best practicing neurosurgeons and brain researchers; the article includes information found in electronic resources about his origin, studies at a prestigious university in Germany, scientific, medical and teaching activities. He conducted important research in the field of brain tumors, surgical recovery and reconstruction of the peripheral nervous system. Another great merit of this scientist is the foundation of the Hanover International Institute of Neurology. The article lists the honorary titles and merits of a medical scientist. The entire career of Professor Majid Samia is an example of selfless service to people and loyalty to the profession


Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):127-129
pages 127-129 views

At the Joint of Two Ages

Morozova A.E., Zubenko И.V., Skokova N.N.


The article is devoted to the outstanding Russian and Soviet surgeon Sergei Petrovich Fedorov, who made a significant contribution to the formation and development of domestic surgery. The biographical material is presented in such a way as to reveal the personality of the brilliant surgeon as much as possible. Particular attention is paid to the important scientific achievements and merits of Professor S.P. Fedorov. He created a modern operating room, the first endoscopic room in Russia and the first x-ray room, as well as a museum of pathoanatomical preparations. The scientist invented tetanus toxoid, and was the first to use it in Russia. The emergence of a new drug for intravenous anesthesia was the impetus for the development of abdominal surgery. In the treatment of oncological diseases, Fedorov was the first to use X-ray therapy and a mobile X-ray machine to remove tumors, and he, also tested the methods of treatment with fulguration. Sergei Petrovich Fedorov entered the history of domestic surgery as the "father of Russian urology" for his huge contribution to its formation and development, where much was created by him and named after him. The relevance of the material lies in the presentation of S.P. Fedorov’s views for the training of young surgeons. His organizational and pedagogical merits allowed him to create his own surgical school, whose students continue his work up to the present. The aim of the research is to increase the motivation for study and self-education in order to master the profession of a doctor, since the course of the history of domestic surgery is not included in the curriculum of medical universities.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):129-133
pages 129-133 views


Mukhtarova E.V.



Relevance. This article is dedicated to Gavriil Abramovich Ilizarov, a Russian doctor who invented a unique medical device. The Ilizarov apparatus, which has no analogues, has found use all over the world in the field of traumatology and orthopedics.


Using materials from the library collection and electronic resources, learn about the history of the Ilizarov apparatus.

Methods. The general scientific method of research was used in the work.

Results. G. A. Ilizarov is the author of more than six hundred scientific works in the field of orthopedics, traumatology and biomechanics, the author of two hundred eight inventions with copyrights. Under his supervision almost 60 candidate and doctoral dissertations were defended. He was an active public figure, people's deputy, but the main thing for him was always the patient.

Conclusion. Familiarity with the lives, activities, discoveries and inventions of medical scientists is important for students and is an integral part of the learning and educational process.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):133-135
pages 133-135 views

Ancient, Christian And Post-Christian Concepts of Human Health Formed During The Evolution of European Philosophy and Science

Myalkina S.A., Nenakhov I.G.


The article examines the evolution of European ideas about human health from ancient times to the present day. The authors noted how key philosophical and religious beliefs influenced our understanding of health, including the ancient Greek humoral theory, Christian ideas about the body as a temple of the Holy Spirit and the modern scientific approach. The article highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each approach and emphasizes the importance of a holistic understanding of health that takes into account the complexity of human experience.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):135-138
pages 135-138 views

The dynasty of famous doctors is the Vishnevsky dynasty

Nebrenchina S.D., Ulyanova L.


When their children become the successors of their parents' work, we can be sure that there is no case, there is no mistake, but there is complete confidence in their abilities and the correctness of the chosen path. Among the outstanding Russian surgeons, the leading place is occupied by the Vishnevsky dynasty, consisting of three generations [1,2,3]. The Vishnevsky family made a great contribution to the development of Soviet and Russian medicine.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):138-140
pages 138-140 views

Doctors in the Fight Against COVID-19. Isa Adievich Akhtaev

Орешкина M.S., Makhinova O.V., Povalyuhina D.A.


relevance. Not so long ago, there was a terrible pandemic of coronavirus infection all over the world. The number of cases grew exponentially, and there was no definite way to treat a new disease. Doctors sacrificed their health and lives to save each patient and alleviate his condition. One of these was Isa Adievich Akhtaev.

target To get acquainted with the doctor I.A. Akhtaev, who died in the fight against COVID-19. The materials of the Internet resource and mass media were used for the work.

methods. The general scientific method of research was used in the work.

results. Isa Adievich is an anesthesiologist-resuscitator, fought with coronavirus infection tirelessly. I tried to help everyone, put them on their feet as quickly as possible, ease the severity of the disease and prescribe the necessary treatment. He saved many human lives.

conclusion. Familiarity with the life and work of doctors is of great importance for students, is an integral part of the educational and educational process. We need to know our heroes

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):140-142
pages 140-142 views

Legend of Neurosurgery - Antipko Leonid Emilievich

Paveleva A.A., Troitskaya N.S., Ivanova A.A.


RELEVANCE. Future generations of physicians may benefit from learning how amazing the journey of becoming a doctor can be. Biography of L.E. Antipko is a vivid example of the perseverance, determination and steadfastness of a person who has decided to become a professional in his field. TARGET. Describe the life path of Leonid Emilievich Antipko and consider the contribution of his work to the development of neurosurgery. MATERIALS AND METHODS. Literary sources, electronic resources, personal memories of colleagues who have worked with him for many years have been studied. Theoretical research methods such as synthesis and analysis were applied. RESULTS. Antipko Leonid Emilievich from the first year was an active member of the student scientific circle on surgery, already in the second year of study he was able to independently perform an operation to remove the appendix, and by the end of the university he assisted in complex neurosurgical operations. He graduated from the Voronezh State Medical Institute in 1973 with a degree in general medicine. Internship was held in the Kalacheevskaya district hospital. Then Leonid Antipko began to work in the Department of Neurosurgery of VOKB No. 1. The surgeon was known far beyond the borders of his native city and was invited to the leading medical centers of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, as well as abroad: to the Czech Republic and Switzerland. In 1987 he defended his dissertation for the degree of candidate of medical sciences. In 2002 he was awarded the title of Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation. From 2006 to 2021, Leonid Emilievich headed the Department of Neurosurgery of the Road Clinical Hospital. Over the years, thousands of operations on the spine and spinal cord have been performed. Also, during his work in the department as a head, he wrote two monographs "Spinal Canal Stenosis", "Appointment with Dr. Antipko" and more than 40 printed works on topical issues of neurosurgery. [1,2] Leonid Emilievich died at 73- m year of life on March 19, 2023 and was buried at the Forest Cemetery of the city of Voronezh. CONCLUSION. “Oh, neurosurgery - and what a word! Sometimes it's hard to say, let alone understand. The vocation to be a doctor is nothing more than to treat us, to be able to experience and sympathize!” This small quatrain, written by a grateful patient, characterizes Leonid Emilievich in the best possible way. He was a great neurosurgeon of our time, a person to look up to.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):142-144
pages 142-144 views

History in Persons. Russian Doctor Nikolai Aleksandrovich Ovchinnikov

Pavlov R.Y., Terskikh A.P.


The article is devoted to one of the outstanding doctors of the XX century, Nikolai Alexandrovich Ovchinnikov, who worked for many years as a surgeon, and then took priestly orders, then a schema under the name of his spiritual father, the Optina elder Nectary, and devoted himself to serving God. In his life, he followed two basic gospel commandments: love of God and love of neighbor.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):144-146
pages 144-146 views


Palchikova A.A.


Relevance The feat of medical workers participating in the Great Patriotic War is an example of a civil-patriotic position for posterity.

Goal. Using the materials of the library fund, to trace the contribution of medical workers to the Victory of the Russian people in the Great Patriotic War. To get acquainted with the history of the life and work of a rural paramedic, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, A.D. Terekhova Methods. The general scientific method of research was used in the work.

Results. Women doctors of the Great Patriotic War are brave, courageous, fearless warriors. Terekhova Anna Dmitrievna, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, a paramedic, was devoted to her profession in wartime and peacetime. She devoted herself entirely to the treatment of her fellow villagers, showing responsibility and caring.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):146-148
pages 146-148 views

K. P. Pshenisnov and his Contribution to Plastic Surgery

Penkova I.E., Plotnikova E.A., Masneva I.E.


The article is dedicated to Kirill Pavlovich Pshenisnov, one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in Russia. Purpose: to analyze the experience of Kirill Pavlovich Pshenisnov. This surgeon has made and is still making great transformations in this area of medicine. He is known not only in Russia, but also abroad, because he completed an internship in the USA, participated in conferences in different countries, and wrote many scientific papers. Kirill Pavlovich has professional experience not only in plastic surgery, but also in general practice surgery and orthopedic surgery, is well-versed in vascular surgery, traumatology and orthopedics, reconstructive microsurgery. K. P. Pshenisnov currently holds the position of professor of the Department of Traumatology of the Yaroslavl Medical Academy. He wrote a textbook on plastic and reconstructive surgery, introduced many trends in unique operations to correct the consequences of not only life-acquired injuries, but also birth defects. The experience of this surgeon symbolizes the most important role of plastic surgery for any person who has an external physical disability, on the basis of which difficulties in other spheres of life could develop. Relevance: plastic surgery is gaining great pace of development and popularity in recent years. The accelerated spread of plastic surgery in larger and larger circles of society is associated with the adoption of "plastics" as the most effective way to adjust and harmonize the external and internal world in the shortest possible time, and this is also due to the increase in the number of qualified experienced plastic surgeons over the past  years. When working on the article, printed sources and electronic resources were studied.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):148-151
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Mentoring as a Factor of Professional Development and Motivation of Students of the Pediatric Faculty

Petrova M.A., Pochivalov A.V., Panina O.A.


The article presents the way of choosing the specialty of a pediatrician in modern conditions. Reflections on the peculiarities of the chosen profession of pediatrician, difficulties and victories over them are given. Special attention is paid to the issues of mentoring, the importance of personal example in becoming a doctor is emphasized.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):151-152
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V.P. Demikhov - The "Father" of World Transplantology

Pozdnyakova A.V., Makhinova O.V., Povalyuhina D.A.


Relevance. He is known to society as the "father" of world transplantology, who had to work in harsh conditions. On the one hand - loyalty to the profession, on the other - the constant overcoming of difficulties. This is how Vladimir Petrovich Demikhov worked.

Target. Using the materials of the library fund, get acquainted with the history of the life and work of V.P. Demikhov

Methods. The general scientific method of research was used in the work.

Results. Life of V.P. Demikhov is the story of a large-scale, talented personality with a difficult fate. He devoted himself to organ transplants. His experiments became world scientific sensations. They laid the foundation for many unique operations and directions in medicine. Foreign colleagues trained with Demikhov, foreign media wrote about him. His experiments were of great importance for the development of transplantology. The name of Vladimir Petrovich Demikhov is inscribed in golden letters in the history of medicine in the twentieth century.


Vladimir Petrovich Demikhov believed that he had lived a happy life. He implemented his ideas and experimental developments in the clinic, witnessed the saving of the lives of hopelessly ill people. He loved his work and deservedly bears the title of "father" of world transplantation.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):153-155
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Military Doctor and Great Scientist Alexander Vasilyevich Vishnevsky

Popova K.S., Makhinova O.V., Povalyukhina D.A.


Relevance Alexander Vasilyevich Vishnevsky made a great contribution to the development of domestic medicine. He is the creator of the monograph "Local anesthesia by the method of creeping infiltrate". The method of local anesthesia "according to Vishnevsky" did not have side effects and could be used in any conditions, which played an important role during the Second World War. A.V. Vishnevsky was the first to use anti-inflammatory and analgesic novocaine blockades and disinfecting oil-balsamic dressings, called the Vishnevsky Triad, and is also the creator of the popularly known Vishnevsky ointment. During his long medical practice, Alexander Vasilievich published more than 100 scientific papers. Target. Using the materials of the library fund, get acquainted with the history of the life and work of the famous doctor, prominent scientist A.V. Vishnevsky Methods. The general scientific method of research was used in the work. Results. The name of Alexander Vasilyevich Vishnevsky deservedly ranks among the great scientists who made a huge contribution to the development of domestic surgery. He entered the history of Russian medicine as a clinician, an outstanding surgeon and the founder of an innovative scientific school. The completely new methods of pain relief and treatment of wounds that Vishnevsky proposed played a huge role during the Great Patriotic War and saved thousands of Soviet soldiers. The method of anesthesia according to Vishnevsky became one of the leading Soviet surgeons in the operating activities. Available to ordinary surgeons, the method contributed to the penetration of surgery into ordinary medical institutions up to and including the rural district hospital. Conclusion. A.V. Vishnevsky was a scientist, doctor, patriot of his country and profession. He dealt with important issues of medicine and health care, researched and introduced new methods for diagnosing and treating patients. The method of local anesthesia proposed by Vishnevsky dramatically expanded the range of possible patients. This circle now included the elderly, as well as those who suffered from diseases that were completely incompatible with the anesthesia used before.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):155-158
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G. E. Sukhareva - founder of child psychiatry in Russia

Popova V., Makhinova O.V.


Relevance. The history of the development of psychiatry in Russia is of particular interest in view of the not very active popularization of this scientific field.


Target. To get acquainted with the historical material on the life and work of G.E. Sukhareva, the founder of child psychiatry in Russia, using general scientific methods of research.


Methods. General scientific method of research was used in the work.


Results. G.E. Sukhareva was one of the first researchers to describe autism as an independent, neurobiological condition. 


Conclusion.Studying the works of psychiatrist, Professor G.E. Sukhareva is an important component in the education of a medical student. 

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):158-160
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Sergey Petrovich Botkin, the History of the Formation of the Founder of Russian Medicine

Popova I., Chertok E.D.


Sergey Petrovich Botkin was an outstanding therapist and pathophysiologist, teacher and public figure, thanks to which he was able to bring new trends and ideas to the development of domestic medicine.
Purpose: Preservation and development of the traditions of Russian medicine in the XIX century, the problems of its formation on the example of the activities of Sergei Petrovich Botkin.
Methods: The analysis of Russian literary sources on the research topic is carried out.
Results: Sergey Petrovich Botkin is a Russian therapist, a public figure who created the doctrine of the body as a whole. He identified three criteria that are fundamental in the work of a general practitioner - to set up the patient to defeat the disease, to restore not the affected organ, but the body completely, to create an environment conducive to recovery; made medical education available to women in Russia. Sergey Petrovich was one of the first doctors to widely use laboratory tests (biochemical, microbiological); introduced body temperature measurement with a thermometer, auscultation, percussion, examination of the patient. Botkin also advocated the introduction of ambulances in the Russian Empire. In addition, he was the leader of the epidemiological society that fought against the spread of hepatitis A. He was the one who identified and described this disease, therefore hepatitis is also called Botkin's disease.
Conclusion: Outstanding activity and scientific achievements of Sergey Petrovich Botkin served as a significant foundation for the further development of domestic medicine in the XIX century, as well as the development of outpatient care to the population. The doctrine of pathogenesis proposed by him served as an impetus for changing the principles of treatment and the concept of the pathological process developing in the patient's body.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):161-162
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Potapova Z.S., Kryuchkova A.V., Semynina N.M., Panina O.A.


The article is devoted to the formation of mentoring in nursing. It touches on the historical aspect of mentoring, tells about the founders of the ideas of mentoring and the formation of the prestige of the profession of a nurse. Modern projects and events contributing to the development of mentoring in our university and our country are presented.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):163-164
pages 163-164 views


Potapova Z.S., Kryuchkova A.V., Kondusova Y.V., Panina O.A.


The article presents information about the formation and development of communities of sisters of mercy in Russia as a prototype of nursing. The formation of communities of sisters of mercy is one of the many facets of the development of nursing. The communities of Sisters of Mercy are an important milestone in the development of Russian medicine. It opened up the opportunity for women to gain new knowledge and realize their abilities. The creation of communities of sisters of mercy has become, in fact, a new stage in the development of domestic medicine. Moreover, this was expressed not only in the emergence of a new medical profession, but also in a radical change in the attitude towards those who need help.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):165-167
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Vladimir Aleksandrovich Pokrovsky – the Savior of Thousands of Women and Children

Ruchkina A.A., Masneva I.E.


This article is devoted to the life and scientific activity of Vladimir Aleksandrovich Pokrovsky. Purpose: to study the life of V. A. Pokrovsky and his contribution to medicine. Relevance: the younger generation of our country, especially students of medical universities, should know outstanding domestic doctors. The article describes the path of becoming a doctor, career achievements, as well as the personal life of V.A. Pokrovsky. He constantly worked with patients regardless of the time of day and the situation in the country. The main thing for him was the patient and the protection of his life and health. Vladimir Alexandrovich saved thousands of women and children. He also happened to be the head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Penza and Voronezh, in addition, he was engaged in scientific activities a lot and published a huge number of articles about new methods of treating complex diseases that are still used today. In conclusion, we can say that Vladimir Aleksandrovich Pokrovsky was a remarkable and outstanding person in the history of medicine, who was able to develop a school of obstetrics and gynecology not only in Voronezh, but throughout Russia. This is a huge contribution he made for us. Electronic resources and materials of a Large Medical Encyclopedia were used to write the article.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):167-168
pages 167-168 views


Rybkin I.A., Kryuchkova A.V., Kondusova Y.V., Panina O.A., Gridneva L.G.


The article is dedicated to the "wonderful Russian doctor", a graduate of the Voronezh Institute, Georgy Fedorovich Sinyakov, for whom human life was the highest value. During the Great Patriotic War, a captured concentration camp doctor did everything to save the lives of soldiers, repeatedly risking his own.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):168-170
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A War without Epidemic

Ryaskova E., Semenikhina E.S.


During the war years, when not only "social distance", but even the choice of medicines was out of the question and had to make do with meager weapons like penicillin, potassium permanganate, streptocide. Soviet medicine had to pass serious examinations and strength tests. And she went through it.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):170-172
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The Most Unknown and Underestimated Scientist in the History of Medicine

Sevryukov K.D., Zubenko И.V., Skokova N.N., Tsouverkalov A.E.


This article is devoted to the activities of the scientist-bacteriologist - Vladimir Aronovich Khavkin, who made a great contribution to the development of world microbiology. Vladimir Khavkin was the first microbiologist who developed and applied vaccines against cholera and bubonic plague. Over the years, he worked on the creation of various types of vaccines, which made it possible to prove the infectious nature of pathogenic diseases such as cholera and bubonic plague, and prevent the spread of epidemics and pandemics around the world.  The article provides biographical information about Vladimir Khavkin, his scientific activity in the field of microbiology and bacteriology. His achievements became part of the bacteriological revolution, which had changed the world and contributed to the progress of mankind. The years of intensive work were crowned with success, and it was a revolutionary breakthrough in the development of the first vaccine against cholera, and then against the plague. As a result of successful vaccination against cholera and bubonic plague, more than four million people were saved in India. The scientist forever left his name in the history of medicine, keeping it in the name of his own vaccine "Khavkin's lymph".

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):173-175
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Doctors on the Front Line: The History and Contributions of Famous Medics During the Wars

Sainikova A.D., Nenachov I.


This article describes the extraordinary role of physicians and scientists in times of war. Wartime presents a particularly difficult challenge for physicians, who not only work at their best, but also face enormous ethical and moral dilemmas. While famous military leaders and heroic soldiers are often the protagonists in war stories, physicians and medical professionals who have saved and treated thousands of lives often remain in the shadows.
This article examines the contributions of prominent doctors and scientists to World Wars I and II. Without the contributions of these men, victory would not have been possible. The article details their innovative treatments, experience, and knowledge, which contributed to the development of medicine and helped save many lives.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):176-179
pages 176-179 views


Selivanova T.D., Kryuchkova A.V., Poletaeva I.A., Panina O.A., Gridneva L.G.


The article presents information about the history of the emergence of medical uniforms, the transformation of views about the purpose of medical clothing. Historical data from the times of antiquity to the present day are analyzed. The history of medical clothing has a centuries-old period of time. It was modified in accordance with the role played by the medical worker in society: from the epidemiological costume of the Roman and medieval doctor, from expensive robes decorated with precious stones, from the nurse's uniform (sisters of mercy), to the white doctor's coat as a symbol of helping in trouble.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):180-182
pages 180-182 views


Selivanova T.D., Kryuchkova A.V., Semynina N.M., Gridneva L.G., Panina O.A.


The article presents the evolution of domestic nursing in the historical aspect from the first prototypes to the present day. The issue of the emergence and development of active women's ministry and assistance to those in need in Russia, for which the prototype was the examples of communities of sisters of mercy in the West, is highlighted. The main purpose of the article is to familiarize with the history of nursing in Russia.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):182-184
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Medicine - on the Connection of the Earth and Space

Sigaeva E.A., Lezhenina S.A., Orekhova E.R.


This article is devoted to the life history and scientific and applied activity of radiobiologist V.V. Antipov. We would like to introduce readers to this great man, paying attention not only to his achievements in the field of space exploration, but also to his personal qualities. This paper describes the themes that run through the entire biography of Vsevolod Vasilyevich: patriotism, morality, the desire for development. The article is intended to help the modern generation to learn more about our illustrious compatriot, whose works to this day do not lose their importance and relevance in many areas of medicine and technology. The legacy left by V.V. Antipov is a truly priceless treasure for the history of our Motherland.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):184-186
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From Bloodletting to Biotechnology: The Evolution of Medicine over the Centuries

Sidnina I.S., Nenakhov I.G.


Over the centuries, medicine, like other fields of scientific knowledge, has undergone a large number of changes and developed.
The purpose of this study is to study the main stages of the development of medicine and demonstrate the progress made in medical science during its existence.
The research used materials of scientific literature on the history of medicine, textbooks and articles of specialized journals. The study was conducted using analytical and descriptive methods.
Results. This article highlights the main stages of the evolution of medicine over time: starting in the Middle Ages, when medical practice was saturated with superstitions and ritualistic beliefs, and ending with modern achievements in the field of biotechnology and genetic engineering. In the course of the research, key historical events, scientific discoveries and scientific achievements that shaped medicine as it is now were studied.
Conclusions. Over the centuries, medicine, like other fields of scientific knowledge, has undergone a large number of changes and developed.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):187-190
pages 187-190 views

The Life of the Anatomist and Surgeon Nikolai Ivanovich Pirogov (1810-1881)

Simion K.A., Chertok E.D.



Nikolai Ivanovich Pirogov (1810-1881) was an outstanding anatomist and surgeon, teacher and public figure with a significant amount of scientific work.

Purpose: on the basis of the analyzed literature sources to present the main achievements and results of the activities of Pirogov N.I.

Methods: The analysis of Russian and foreign literary sources on the research topic is carried out.

Results: Nikolai Ivanovich Pirogov is considered the founder of military field medicine. He thoroughly studied the structure of the human body, introduced advanced methods for the treatment of wounded soldiers, developed new surgical methods and techniques which include amputation named after N.I. Pirogov. He was the first surgeon who investigated systematically the morbidity and mortality associated with anesthesia. In particular, he was one of the first to apply ether anesthesia on the battlefield where the principles of military field medicine that he established remained virtually unchanged until the onset of the Second World War.

Conclusion: Pirogov N.I. was able to introduce the accumulated practical knowledge into scientific research related to anesthesiology and leave a mark in the history of Russian science. Each factor of N.I. Pirogov's creative activity is itself part of a special scientific research and in-depth study.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):190-193
pages 190-193 views

The Profession of a Doctor is a Feat That Requires Purity of the Soul and Purity of Thought

Sotnikova P.A., Zubenko I.V., Skokova N.N.


At present, unfortunately, young doctors know very little about outstanding compatriots and colleagues, about their deeds, which have forever remained in people's memory. In the history of Russian medicine, there are many worthy examples of the courage and dedication of people who have devoted their lives to medicine. One of these doctors who accomplished a feat in the name of people's lives is Simon Zelikovich Gorelik. This article deals with the life, work and feat of S.Z. Gorelik, an outstanding doctor and a wonderful person who sacrificed his life to save people. In the article, we’d like to draw the attention of modern youth to what character traits and personal qualities necessary for successful work a doctor should have, as well as their significance and importance when interacting with patients and colleagues. The aim of this work is to explain to future doctors the need for professional and personal growth, self-improvement throughout the life path. This article is recommended for modern youth to create and educate such qualities as humanism and patriotism, kindness, compassion and determination to self-sacrifice.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):193-196
pages 193-196 views

A Person Lacks a Century - Work and Creativity of Fedor Uglov

Strelnikova S.A., Zubenko I.V., Skokova N.N.


This article is dedicated to the brilliant Soviet and Russian surgeon, writer, active public figure, founder of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery Fedor Grigoryevich Uglov, a man who brought domestic and foreign surgery to a new level, saving people's lives for 75 years. F.G.Uglov founded his own school of surgery and brought up several generations of successful doctors dedicated to their work. The material selected for the article describes the life and work of Fedor Grigorievich in most detail, special attention is paid to his medical and writing activities, as well as personal views and life positions. The purpose of studying this material is to expand knowledge in the field of the history of medicine, a detailed study of the social activities and contribution to medicine of an outstanding domestic surgeon, as well as the patriotic education of young professionals, the development of interest in the study of medical sciences and additional motivation for students to study and further development. The relevance of the material lies in the need to study the views and discoveries of adults and experienced doctors for the successful implementation of young professionals in the profession and their development as true masters of their craft. This article is a tribute to a great specialist, whose achievements are the real treasure of our country.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):196-200
pages 196-200 views

Florence Nightingale. Sister of mercy.

Sukhorukova A.


       Annotation: Florence Nightingale - reformer and creator ofmodern nursing. Nightingale became widely known for writing textbooks for nurses, as well as charity. Her name has become a household name for a kind and selfless person.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):200-202
pages 200-202 views

The Development of Military Epidemiology During the Great Patriotic War

Titov D.E., Kobzistaya M.V.


The article is devoted to the feat of military epidemiologists during the Great Patriotic War. The experience of organizing anti-epidemic work during combat operations both in the troops and among the civilian population is shown

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):202-204
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Military Surgeon Ivan Danilovich Kosachev

Tikhonova P.A., Makhinova O.V., Povalyuhina D.A.


A lot of people whose outstanding successes contributed to the development of domestic medicine are firmly inscribed in history. Our task is to respect the work of the heroes and carry the memory of them through the generations. Among the people who selflessly work for the benefit of the country and the people, Ivan Danilovich Kosachev, a military field surgeon, professor of the Military Medical Academy named after S. M. Kirov, stands out.
The purpose of the work is to get acquainted with the biography and the main stages of the life of Ivan Danilovich Kosachev.
In the course of the work, current information sources were studied, a general scientific research method was used.
Ivan Danilovich Kosachev is a true professional in his field. Being a selfless, disciplined person and a highly qualified specialist, he made a significant contribution to the development of military field surgery, which helped save the lives of soldiers and civilians. Thanks to his works, invaluable experience was accumulated in organizing medical and sanitary support and providing medical assistance to victims of hostilities. No less important part of Ivan Danilovich's professional activity is work in peacetime: training of qualified personnel, a significant contribution to the development of the Kirov University, writing monographs and scientific papers.
The life path of I. D. Kosachev is rich in trials, which only a truly great man can cope with. His image serves as an example for modern youth, an ideal that a doctor should strive for.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):205-207
pages 205-207 views

An Outstanding Pediatrician, Scientist, Mentor - Our Countryman M.Ya. Studenikin

Tkachenko E.


Mitrofan Yakovlevich Studenikin was born on December 2, 1923 in the village of Listopadovka, Novokhopyorsk district, Voronezh province, into a large peasant family. Barely graduating from high school, a week after the start of the war in 1941, he was called to the front. He was wounded twice during the fighting. But, despite the difficult trials of his youth, Mitrofan Yakovlevich became an outstanding pediatrician, scientist and mentor who brought up not a single generation of wonderful doctors - experts in their field and made a significant contribution to the development of domestic medicine!

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):207-209
pages 207-209 views

Outstanding Doctors of Russia: Makhtieva Alla Baudinovna

Todasheva M.A., Isaeva E.L.



All corners of the world have their own "rescuers" and "heroes" whose names are widely known. Similarly, there are outstanding personalities in Russia. The contribution of each individual doctor is indescribably great.

When biological, social and technological progress is observed in society, when it undergoes major changes, then in many areas, in particular, in healthcare, new issues, problems and tasks appear that responsible people have to solve. The latter set grandiose goals and go to them, applying their deepest knowledge in the field of science and medicine in order to solve those endlessly arising problems. Therefore, this topic will always be relevant.

In this article we will talk about one of the most excellent specialists - Alla Baudinovna Makhtieva. This is a doctor who has achieved tremendous results on her professional path, starting with the fact that she was the rector of the once independently existing Chechen State Medical Institute, and ending with the fact that today she is the Chairman of the Association of Pediatricians of the Chechen Republic.


To mention the achievements of one of the best pediatricians in Russia and in the Chechen Republic, to preserve in the memory of many the contribution of this figure to medicine.

Materials and methods

The autobiography of Makhtieva Alla Baudinovna, information and feedback from students, data from various media platforms. Methods: analysis of autobiography, analysis of data from the media, a survey of students who are personally familiar with this teacher.


The information is fully presented and an analysis of the personal qualities and scientific achievements of A.B. Makhtieva is carried out.


In this vast world, there is no way to do without such "small" subunits, which together protect our world from diseases and ailments.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):210-211
pages 210-211 views

World Health Day: History, Traditions and the Role of Ministries and Departments in Maintaining the Health of the Population jf the Russian Federation

Trufanova S.D., Nenakhov I.G.


This work is devoted to the study of the history and traditions of the establishment of the World Health Day, as well as the role of national ministries and departments in ensuring the health of the population of the Russian Federation. The main purpose of the work is to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining health and preventing diseases. Various materials and methods were used in the work, including available sources, the WHO official website, official documents and reports provided by relevant agencies, statistical data on the health status of the population of the Russian Federation, as well as scientific articles and publications. WHO celebrates Health Day on April 7 in honor of the ratification of the UN Charter documents in the spring of 1948. It coordinates national health agencies, develops standards and recommendations, monitors sanitary standards and fights infectious diseases. In Russia, the Ministry of Health and Rospotrebnadzor monitor compliance with sanitary requirements, develop regulatory legal acts and implement national projects.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):212-215
pages 212-215 views

I. E. Dуadkovsky - a Progressive Thinker of His Time

Turisheva V.A., Makhinova O.V.


Target.  To get acquainted with the life and work of I.E.  Dyadkovsky.  Consider the relevance and significance of the work of a scientist for medicine. 

Methods.  The general scientific method of research was used in the work. 

Results.  Iustin Evdokimovich Dyadkovsky is an ordinaryprofessor at Moscow University, a therapist who was famous for his deep knowledge in various fields of science, which allowedhim to make his progressive medical conclusions.  Crowds of students came to his lectures on pathology, he was personallyacquainted with great writers and deservedly remains an outstanding scientist in the history of medicine. 

Conclusion.  The study of the works of Dyadkovsky I.E.  is of great importance for medical students, allows you to trace the evolution of ideas about human health, from the 19th century to the present day. 

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):215-217
pages 215-217 views

Contribution of the Outstanding Russian Scientist Ilya Mechnikov to The Development of Embryology, Bacteriology and Immunology

Ulyanova A.V., Selikhova E.A.


The article presents a comprehensive review of the contribution of the outstanding Russian scientist Ilya Mechnikov in the field of embryology, bacteriology and immunology. Mechnikov is best known for his pioneering research on the role of phagocytes in immunity, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1908. However, his contributions to embryology, especially his work on the development of the nervous system in invertebrates, have also had a significant impact on this field. In addition, Mechnikov's research on the role of microorganisms in diseases and his development of new methods for studying bacteria helped create bacteriology as a separate discipline. In general, this article highlights Mechnikov's interdisciplinary approach to scientific research and the long-term impact of his work on modern biology.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):217-220
pages 217-220 views

Outstanding Doctors of Russia: Diakonov Pyotr Ivanovich

Utina S.M.


Pyotr Ivanovich Dyakonov is a native of the Orel province, a representative of the Russian professorship, a doctor, a surgeon, a resident professor. He had a wide range of natural science interests, but devoted exceptional attention to topographic anatomy, introduced a large number of innovative operations and operational methods used in medicine to this day. P.I. Diakonov also intensively participated in the public life of the medical society, took part in natural science congresses and was actively published in journals, was a wonderful leader and a sensitive mentor for his students. It is also impossible to ignore the active social activity of a doctor associated with assessing the situation among the population concerning medical aspects and writing extensive research articles on these occasions, which were of great importance to the scientific medical community both then and at the moment of the development of modern medicine. It is also worth mentioning the direct practical significance of the developments of Pyotr Ivanovich Dyakonov in relation to domestic surgery and the current achievements of medicine, for the reason that its foundation was laid by him-one of the outstanding surgeons-innovators.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):221-223
pages 221-223 views

Pharmacy During the Great Patriotic War

Ushakova A., Semenihina Е.


This article is devoted to the activities of pharmaceutical workers during the Second World War. The memory of the war heroes and their exploits will always be relevant. The activity of pharmaceutical workers to provide medical equipment during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 is analyzed. The characteristics of the production activities of sanitary warehouses and medical-sanitary battalions are given, attention is paid to the work of pharmacists and pharmacists in besieged Leningrad. The significant contribution of Z.V.Ermolyeva was noted, thanks to which a laboratory for the production of native penicillin was organized. The purpose of the article is to educate the future generation about people who devoted themselves to the medical field in wartime. . The materials were publications, literature.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):223-225
pages 223-225 views

Organization of Medical Assistance in Wartime before and after the Introduction of Medical Trigger

Fedorova V.V., Shchegoleva V.E., Zubenko И.V., Skokova N.N.


The article explores the evolution of medical care during wartime in Russia, with a focus on the role of medical triage introduced by N.I. Pirogov. A detailed historical analysis of medical practice before and after the introduction of the triage system is provided, highlighting the significant impact this approach had on the efficiency and effectiveness of medical care during wartime. The article is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the history of medicine, particularly the development of military medicine. The historical context in which triage was introduced, as well as its impact on the organization of the medical service in wartime, is considered in details. In addition, this article highlights the challenges health workers face in providing care during conflicts, how triage has solved some of these challenges, and how it can be improved.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):225-229
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The Development of Transplantology in the Works of Vladimir Petrovich Demikhov

Filatova E.A.


The history of the formation of the founder of world transplantology Demikhov Vladimir Petrovich. His contribution to the development of the domestic branch of this science. The influence of prominent figures of Soviet medicine on the choice of profession among the younger generation.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):229-231
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Arab Scientist Unlocking the Secrets of the Heart

Hamdan I.M., Skokova N.N., Zubenko И.V.


This article is dedicated to the famous Arab medical scientist Ibn al-Nafis, who was an outstanding physician of the Renaissance, who proved himself as a scientist, teacher and doctor. His whole life was devoted to the treatment of patients and carrying out researches in the field of medicine. He made an invaluable contribution to the early knowledge of the pulmonary circulation. He was the first scientist to challenge the long-held Galenian claim that blood could pass through the interventricular septum of the heart, and accordingly held that all blood that reaches the left ventricle passes through the lungs. He also believed that there must be small communications or pores between the pulmonary artery and the vein. This statement preceded the discovery of pulmonary capillaries by Marcello Malpighi by 400 years. This era is given little attention by physiologists, but it is often regarded by some historians as the Islamic golden age.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):231-234
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Zemsky Doctor Smolyaninova Claudia Aleksandrovna

Kharchenko M.A., Makhinova O.V., Povalyuhina D.A.



get acquainted with the biography and work of a doctor.


The general scientific method of research was used in the work.


For selfless work, for devotion to her work, Smolyaninova Klavdia Alexandrovna was awarded the medals "For Labor Distinction", "For Valiant Labor", awarded the honorary badge "Gratitude from the land of Voronezh", in 1985 she was awarded the high title "Honored Doctor of the RSFSR" and on behalf of the Soviet of the USSR, she received the medal "Veteran of Labour".


The combination of a sharp mind, maternal kindness, a heightened sense of civic duty and deep medical knowledge made Smolyaninova Claudia Alexandrovna an example for all subsequent generations who have chosen the difficult path of medical practice.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):234-236
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Sergey Vladimirovich Gauthier - an Outstanding Transplantologist

Khokhlova A.G., Kochetkova I.E., Proskurina O.I.


The article will focus on the professional activity of one of the Russian surgeons and transplantologists Sergey Vladimirovich Gauthier.  Nowadays medicine has reached unprecedented heights, new branches of medicine are emerging, thanks to which the number of lives saved increases tenfold. For example, transplantology gives people a chance for a quality life. Sergey Vladimirovich Gauthier is a prominent figure in the field of transplantology and surgery in general, and his technologies and techniques are widely used among medical institutions around the world.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):236-238
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Prisoner Doctor of the German Concentration Camp G.F. Sinyakov

Khristosenko V.Y., Starodubceva D.V.


Relevance of the research. The name of Georgy Sinyakov remains largely unknown outside the medical community. The article, which focuses on his life and work, is very important for preserving the memory of this remarkable man whose feat in the war years, became an example of courage, compassion and love for his fellow man.

Aim of the research. The aim of this study is an attempt to popularize among the younger generation, the achievement of Dr Georgy Fedorovich Sinyakov, who lived in the last century. Methods of research. In the article descriptive, logical, casual methods are used.

Analysis. G.F. Sinyakov was a Soviet surgeon who proved himself a hero during World War II. Sinyakov was captured in 1941 and placed in a concentration camp. He began to treat the injured and quickly become famous among the prisoners. Dr Sinyakov not only treated. Risking his own life, he organized a secret group that helped the prisoners escape from the camp. The article describes the activities of G.F. Sinyakov in the camp. Particular attention is given to the efforts he made to save human lives. The significance of his exploits during the Great Patriotic War as an example of heroism and human courage is emphasized.

Results. Dr Georgy F. Sinyakov is a striking example of a Soviet doctor who did the impossible during the war, saving the lives of the wounded in the concentration camp. His achievements during the war have been integral to our history, as well as an example of high professionalism and humanity of medical profession.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):238-242
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Opening New Horizons in Medicine: Science and Practice of N.V. Sklifosovsky

Khristosenko V.Y., Starodubtseva D.V., Zubenko И.V., Skokova N.N.


This article is devoted to the life and achievements of Nikolai Vasilyevich Sklifosovsky, an outstanding Russian surgeon and founder of the Russian Surgical Society. Sklifosovsky became one of the leading surgeons of his time, making important contributions to the field of medicine, including the development of new surgical methods and technologies. His scientific work continues to be used in medical textbooks and research today. He was the first to use local anesthesia during operations, which made it possible to carry out more complex operations, and also developed a special apparatus that made it possible to maintain anesthesia during the operation. His methods of antisepsis and asepsis proved effective in reducing the number of postoperative infections and deaths. Despite the resistance of some experts, Sklifosovsky's methods began to be widely used and proved to be very effective. Thus, the article describes the life path of Nikolai Sklifosovsky, who became a symbol of the medical community not only in Russia, but throughout the world. He made a huge contribution to the development of domestic medicine, taking care of the health and well-being of people throughout his life. Today, Sklifosovsky's life and work inspire medical professionals, and he remains an important figure in Russian culture.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):242-245
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Traditions of Medical Science. Medical Terms and Well-Known Concepts Related to the Coronavirus Epidemic

Tsukanova A.A., Makhinova O.V.


Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):245-247
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The Story Is in The Faces. Russian Doctor Claudia Vasilevna Burtseva

Chernova M., Terskikh A.


The article tells about the life of the founder of the medical dynasty, Honored Doctor of the RSFSR, honorary citizen of the Lipetsk region Claudia Vasilyevna Burtseva, about the periods of her formation, life during the Great Patriotic War, her contribution to the development of the Lipetsk region.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):247-250
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Lipetsk Regional Clinical Hospital

Chesnokova A.V., Talybova A.R., Proskurina O.I.


This article discusses the history of the establishment and development
of the Lipetsk Regional Clinical Hospital. Currently, the Lipetsk Regional Clinical
Hospital is one of the most modern hospitals in the Central Chernozem region. It
provides highly qualified assistance in complex clinical situations using modern
advanced medical technologies, control over statistical accounting, carrying out
activities for the specialization and training of medical personnel, studying the
health indicators of the population.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):250-252
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Life and Professional Activity of the Therapist Vera Ivanovna Chichkanova

Chichkanova A.A., Makhinova O.V., Povalyukhina D.A.


Goal. Using the materials of the library fund, get acquainted with the history of the life and work of the therapist of the Tula region, Chichkanova (Haderer) Vera Ivanovna

Methods. The general scientific method of research was used in the work.

Results. Chichkanova (nee Haderer) Vera Ivanovna was an outstanding doctor of her time. Having survived the Second World War, having miraculously received a medical education because of her German origin, she devoted her whole life to her professional activity, was a true patriot of Russia, actively engaged not only in medical issues, but also actively participated in the social and political life of her region.

Conclusion. 02.12.1966 Vera Ivanovna Chichkanova was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, medals. By decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR dated October 23, 1978, Vera Ivanovna Chichkanova was awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labor with the award of the Order of Lenin and the Hammer and Sickle gold medal for her great achievements in the development of public health.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):253-254
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Studies Dedicated to the Outstanding Professors of the Ryazan State Medical University

Shevchenko E.A., Trusova M.A.


The article provides an overview of research on the life and work of the professors of the Ryazan State Medical University; scientific publications are systematized by topic, in each group there is an example of the most interesting work. On the basis of the analysis of the publications, the authors make the conclusions about the necessity of studying the works devoted to the university professors for the purpose of professional and general cultural development of medical students.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):254-258
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Nadezhda Troyan – the Legend of Soviet Intelligence Service and medicine

Shirokova K.V., Uakushkina U.S.


Relevance of the research. Reconsideration of medical workers’ feat during the Great Patriotic War causes interest because of rising tension in contemporary international relations and increased armed conflicts.

Aim of the research. In the article on the example of Nadezhda Troyan we seek to preserve the memory of the Great Patriotic War and its heroes, who fought desperately for a peaceful sky above our heads.

Research methods. Ideographic and logical methods have been used.

Analysis. Nadezhda Viktorovna Troyan is one of the most outstanding figures in the history of the Soviet state. During the war with Nazi Germany the brave and strong in spirit woman worked as a scout and nurse of the guerrilla unit «Storm». The article focuses on the major events of her biography before and after the war. Her merit in wartime is highlighted. The achievements of Nadezhda Troyan will not leave anyone indifferent. After the Great Patriotic war, the young Soviet spy chose medicine as her profession and for many years taught medical students at the Sechenov Institute. Dr Troyan operated, and was actively engaged in scientific and social work. The paper is intended for a wide range of readers, who not only want to know the main events of the Great Patriotic War, but want to get acquainted with outstanding personalities of this difficult period for our country.

Results. The study showed the significant contribution of women doctors to the victory over the Nazi invaders. On the example of Nadezhda Troyan we see multifaceted bravery of Soviet women during the Great Patriotic War.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):258-261
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Professional Continuity of Generations in My Family

Shiryaev R.G., Skokova N.N., Zubenko I.V.


This article is devoted to the professional succession of the Shiryaev’s family living in the city of Tambov. There are a considerable number of professions where the professional generations’ succession plays a positive role, helps to develop, make new discoveries and achieve high results. The continuity of generations is based on the transfer of experience, traditions and values inherent in the family. One of the most reliable ways to maintain a successive connection is to pass on to children the main features of your profession. It is known that the continuity of generations plays an important role in shaping the personality of a future doctor and in developing professional skills. Using the example of this family history, it is shown how the older generation helps the younger members of the family choose the field of professional activity. Undoubtedly, it must be noted that the doctors’ dynasties deserve special respect and close attention, because from generation to generation they contribute to the transfer of accumulated experience, the exchange of knowledge and continuous achievements in professional improvement.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):262-264
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Discovery of Penicillin - the Beginning of a New Era in Medicine

Shishkina P., Makhinova O.V.


Relevance. The constant development of medicine and the most important discoveries in this area have changed human consciousness, influenced life and continue to improve the quality of people's lives.

Purpose. Using publicly available materials, get acquainted with the history of the discovery of penicillin, assess the significance of the event.

Methods. The general scientific method of research was used in the work.

Results. By making discoveries, scientists make a huge contribution to the development of various fields of science. Medical discoveries change life and a person, improving them. Acquaintance of students with the discoveries of scientists is an important component of the process of education and study of the history of medicine.


The history of medicine goes back thousands of years.  We find information about this in the oldest and only fully preserved work in Latin by A.K.  Celsus «De medicina» («About Medicine»)


Medicine; opening; penicillin.


The discovery of penicillin brought medicine to a new level in the treatment of various diseases. Salvation from death, prolongation of life, improvement of the quality of life are the main and important results of this discovery.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):264-265
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Preventive Medicine of Ancient Russia

Shugai S.S., Nenakhov I.G.


The article discusses the methods of preventive medicine in Ancient Russia. The study is based on various historical sources, including the "History" of Herodotus, the "Izbornik of Svyatoslav" and the medical treatise of Evpraxia "Alimma"; describes the use of baths, soap-like substances, sulfur and embalming methods for disinfection in Russia. The article also contains information about the hygiene culture of Ancient Russia, including the use of wooden sidewalks, aqueducts and "House Building", documents outlining preventive measures common at that time. The study also discusses the contribution to the development of preventive medicine in Ancient Russia of such famous scientists and doctors as Danilo Samoilovich, Thomas Badger-Moiseev and Yuri Kotermak-Drohobych.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):265-268
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Eduard Kamoyevich Grigoryan - Stages of the Life Path

Shumeeva A.A., Lebedinets D.D., Zubenko I.V., Skokova N.N.


This article discusses the life path and achievements of the surgeon-urologist Eduard Kamoevich Grigoryan. The article provides biographical data and the stages of his formation as a doctor. It should be noted that not every person can become a doctor, since this path requires from a person not only serious knowledge and skills, but also high responsibility, mercy, patience and willpower. For Eduard Kamoevich Grigoryan, these qualities have always been important, since he always wanted to help people and understand the intricacies of the functioning of the human body. Despite the complexity of the profession, he once decided to take this step and became a successful doctor, able to make important decisions and save people's lives.  Eduard Kamoevich is a real enthusiast of his work in medicine and considers it an integral part of his life. He is convinced that the medical profession requires from its representatives not only high qualifications, but also constant additional education and personal development.Eduard describes his work as a source of joy and satisfaction, as he helps people and sees the results of his work. The article contains information about interesting clinical cases from the practice of Eduard Kamoevich, which may be useful for medical students.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):268-271
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Women in Dentistry: Looking Back in History

Shunevich I.A., Skokova N.N., Zubenko I.V.


This article analyzes the historical process of women formation in Russian dentistry over the entire period of its development, and also provides information on the dynamics of the number of women dentists in Russia. As you know, the progress of science depends on the continuous development of society, which is an inalienable merit of all scientists who have left their mark on history or are doing so at the present time. All of them devote their lives to science, regardless of whether it is a man or a woman. For centuries, women, making great efforts, tried to break through social foundations and the rights that restrict them in any branch of science, especially in medicine. But despite direct prohibitions on getting an education at universities and other educational institutions, women did not give up trying to achieve their recognition in the field of any science through hard work. So, the path of women in achieving acceptance into society on an equal footing with men in the field of medical education was thorny, but nothing could prevent them from leaving their mark on history, as well as inspiring subsequent generations of women to study and work in the field of dentistry.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):271-275
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Yunusova M.H.


The names of outstanding and bright personalities are stored in our memory as valuable relics. One has only to remember them, and we are blinded by their brilliance and splendor again. At all times, society has been actively interested in them. Regardless of the historical epoch, their main features were discussed, their character, preferences, and views were determined. Researchers were interested in the question of what allows a person to stand out and prove himself as a great personality, leaving an indelible mark. In particular, medicine focuses its attention on those people who have shown themselves noticeably in healing. Hippocrates, for example, draws attention to spiritual values, he admires the intelligence, honesty and decency of a person: "A doctor should be a prudent person by his disposition, beautiful, kind and humane." No wonder the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates said: "All professions in the world are from people, and only three are from God - a judge, a doctor and a teacher." Speaking about people who have devoted themselves to medicine, they are attracted by the colorful personality, its originality, the ability to overcome difficult situations and manage them ...

Purpose: The purpose of this article is the desire to talk about many years of work, about the merits and achievements in the scientific field of an outstanding specialist of Russia and the Chechen Republic, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, associate professor Isaeva Elina Lechaevna, as well as save this data in people's memory.

Materials and methods: It is based on the autobiography of Elina Lechaevna Isaeva, data from questionnaires, as well as statements from students.

Results: High professionalism of E.L. Isaeva, her personal qualities are described, attention is focused on her successes.

Conclusions: An outstanding personality, Elina Lechaevna, who works hard throughout her life and achieves her goals. The role of such people in the development of scientific activity in the Chechen Republic and throughout the country is invaluable.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):275-277
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The Wonderful Doctor of Bryises Resurrects from the Dead

Azarova A.A., Zulaeva K.V., Ivanova A.A.


Relevance. In the history of Russia, there are many famous doctors, nurses, orderlies who, at the cost of their own lives during the war, brought the Great Victory closer. The contribution that each of them made cannot be overestimated, because millions of people were saved thanks to their work. You need to know, remember and be proud of great people in order to inspire yourself to do good deeds and fulfill your professional duty with dignity.
Purpose. To study the difficult medical path of the great surgeon Georgy Fedorovich Sinyakov.
Materials and Methods. Internet resources, interviews. Methods: descriptive, search, analytical.
Results. Georgy Sinyakov was born on April 19, 1903 in the village of Petrovskoye, Voronezh region. In 1928, he graduated from the Medical Faculty of Voronezh University and went to the city of Shakhty, Rostov region, where he honed the skills of a surgeon.
Georgy Sinyakov got into the international Kustrin camp, located near Berlin, in May 1942. Soviet prisoners were not treated in any way and this was the case before the appearance of Georgy Fedorovich. In order to be allowed to work in the infirmary, he had to perform a stomach resection in the presence of local doctors. Being weakened, hungry, with hands trembling from the cold, Sinyakov flawlessly performed a complex operation, after which he took the position of a surgeon in the infirmary and did everything possible to make life easier for prisoners of war. Georgy Fedorovich created an underground resistance committee in the infectious barracks, where escapes were planned. He developed a special ointment based on fish oil, which was disgusting in appearance and smell, gave wounds a purulent appearance, but coped with wound healing with great success [1]. Thanks to this, the Germans had no questions about the death of prisoners. The Germans took out the "dead" along with all the corpses to the moat, from where they "resurrected" at night. Hundreds of lives were saved during their stay in this camp.
Conclusion. Sinyakov Georgy Fedorovich went down in history as an outstanding surgeon and man. His difficult life path is a clear example of the manifestation of perseverance, courage and heroism. While in captivity, Sinyakov saved the lives of more than 3,000 prisoners of war, regardless of his state of health and the likelihood of being killed for organizing escapes. That is, no matter what, he has not lost his human qualities, remaining true to himself and his profession.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):278-281
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Artamonov M.V., Masneva I.E.


The purpose of the article is to give an idea of a man who was devoted to his profession all his life and, literally, gave his heart to people, to tell about a rural paramedic, to show the path that the heroine of the article, Ksenia Fedorovna Seregina, had to go through to fulfill her dream. And she went to this dream stubbornly and persistently. Both in a regular school and in a paramedic-obstetric, she studied only with "excellent" and graduated from educational institutions with a red diploma. The emphasis is on the difficult childhood of the future medic. I had to experience and survive a lot. The desire to become a paramedic appeared out of desperation, so as not to starve. But later, with her whole life, Ksenia Fedorovna proved the correctness of her choice of profession and made everyone believe in it. She always considered the main thing for herself - to be useful to people. Help them. Fight for their health. And this is the VOCATION! It is safe to say that this article will help many to make the right choice of a future profession. The article also touches on the topic of new technologies in medicine, which will not only combat the consequences of the disease, but also affect the causes of the disease.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):281-284
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Belogurova Raisa Fominichna and the Succession of Generations

Belogurova M.M., Masneva I.E.


Relevance: the article deals with the problem of generational succession in the medical profession. The problem of choosing a profession by the younger generation, the problem of generational succession in the medical field has been particularly acute lately. Purpose: to tell about childhood in the difficult war and post-war years, life, studies and practical activities of Belogurova Raisa Fominichna, a graduate of the Voronezh State Institute named after N.N. Burdenko, a veteran of labor, awarded the honorary title "Best by profession". Methodology: the conditions are considered, including the relationship between the older and younger generations, aimed at creating a favorable environment that allows the younger generation to choose the right way of life. The ways of increasing the motivation of the younger generation to medical activity, to the occupation of an active life position by young people, are outlined, using the example of the perception of the basics of the medical profession by a granddaughter from her grandmother. Results: the article attempts to reveal the main conditions and reasons that can motivate a young person to make an informed choice in favor of practicing the medical profession through the succession of generations. Conclusion: the article is addressed to both medical students and a wide range of readers interested in medicine and facing the dilemma of choosing a future profession.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):285-286
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A.I. Volodin: the Beginning of the Medical Dynasty

Volodin A.A., Zhukova V.A., Masneva I.E.


This article is devoted to the labor activity of Volodin Alexander Ivanovich. Purpose: to tell about the life path of Volodin A.A., his achievements in medicine. Relevance: today, the need for knowledge of one's own history has acquired particular importance. We learn a lot about famous people of the past: generals, outstanding representatives of art and science, statesmen of the past, and, of course, about doctors. Dozens of books have been written about the fates of Pirogov, Botkin, Sklifosovsky, Burdenko, Ilizarov during their lifetime. However, the history of medicine is developing now: new people are coming to replace the doctors of the past, about their lives almost nothing is known. This publication is aimed at eliminating such injustice, it was created with the aim of expanding knowledge in the field of medical history of the Voronezh region. It reflects the contribution of a contemporary doctor to the maintenance of public well-being in the field of health, which is expressed in immeasurable human labor, daily endurance, dedication to the chosen profession, compliance with its moral principle. Alexander Ivanovich is a follower of the ancient branch of medicine - surgery, which is not just a science, but an art (the etymology of the word chirurgia is "needlework, craftsmanship of hands"), which cannot be fully displayed on paper. So, this article is an attempt to capture the history, part of the professional path of A. I. Volodin, which characterizes him as a noteworthy specialist from among the surgeons of the Voronezh region.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):286-288
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Astapova Olga Gennadievna – Professional Dentist

Gladkaya T.S., Masneva I.E.


This article is devoted to the life of Olga Gennadievna Astapova. Purpose: to study the life of Olga Gennadievna Astapova, her achievements in medicine. This article describes her life, special moments and the history of her career growth. The relevance of the article lies in the desire to tell more about the doctors of our Voronezh region. Astapova Olga Gennadievna works in the field of general dentistry, successfully providing services for the treatment of oral diseases. Her profile includes the treatment of caries, diagnosis of the general condition and other manipulations. Olga Gennadievna successfully finds application of her knowledge in the treatment of pulpitis. The main direction of its activity is surgical dentistry. As a doctor with an education in pediatrics, she works in the department of pediatric dentistry. Its main task is not only the treatment, but also the prevention of dental diseases in childhood. She is a delicate and competent pediatric dentist who knows how to find an approach to any child. In conclusion, we can say that Olga Gennadievna is a doctor with golden hands and a big heart, a professional in her field, who has given more than a dozen years to work in the field of healthcare. Electronic resources were used to write the article.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):288-289
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Starodubova Valentina Ageevna: Keep up Always and Everywhere

Degtyareva K.S., Masneva I.E.


The article is dedicated to the outstanding Honored doctor, Candidate of Medical Sciences, chief physician of the Rovensky District Hospital of the Belgorod region, veteran of healthcare, Starodubova Valentina Ageevna. Having the highest awards and worthy knowledge, Valentina Ageevna worked hard, followed her mission for more than 50 years, put her heart and soul into patients, saved thousands of lives. Raised decent children and grandchildren. Now she is on a well-deserved rest. Purpose: to tell about the long-term and conscientious work of Valentina Ageevna Starodubova, her education received at the Dnepropetrovsk Medical Institute in the specialty "Medical care", professional and life path, merits and achievements. The relevance of the article lies in the desire to tell more about the doctors of our country, who deserve sincere gratitude, admire their enthusiasm, professionalism, active lifestyle, and enthusiasm for life. The article is based on a conversation with Valentina Ageevna, which took place in early January 2023, and a record of her memories of her work. Conclusion: the article is addressed to both medical students and a wide range of readers interested in medicine and facing the dilemma of choosing a future profession.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):290-292
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Gospozha Penicillin - Yermolyeva Zinaida Vissarionovna

Isaeva A.N., Zubenko I.V., Skokova N.N.


This article is dedicated to Zinaida Vissarionovna Yermolyeva, an outstanding Soviet and Russian epidemiologist, academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, laureate of the USSR State Prize. The article provides biographical data, stages of her life path, her scientific and pedagogical activities. In 1942, she was the creator of the Soviet penicillin Krustozin, which saved hundreds of thousands of lives of Soviet soldiers during the Great Patriotic War. In addition, Zinaida Vissarionovna was one of the founders of the All-Union Society of Epidemiologists, Microbiologists and Parasitologists, which became one of the largest organizations in the field of medical science in the USSR, made an invaluable contribution to the study of microbial ecology and the development of methods for combating infectious diseases. She was one of the first scientists in our country who began to study the possibility of using phages, i.e. viruses that infect bacteria as a means of combating bacterial infections. Z.V. Ermolyeva was also engaged in teaching, was a professor and the head of the department of microbiology at the Moscow Medical Institute named after I.M. Sechenov.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):293-296
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Khramochkina T. N.: Overcoming Difficulties and the Path to Professionalism

Kirpileva O.A., Masneva I.E.


The article is devoted to the professional path of a surgeon — Tatiana Nikolaevna Khramochkina. Relevance: many students deeply experience problems and failures in their studies, an article about their personal experience of getting an education and working as a surgeon can become a motivator for young specialists, inspire them to new achievements. Purpose: to describe the life experience of a doctor with many years of work experience, to tell about the difficulties in studying and about the specifics of the specialty from the practical side. Materials: personal notes, diaries and archival documentation. Methods: collection of information from interviews with a surgeon, analysis of the data obtained, generalization of experience, conclusion of conclusions. Results: the professional path of Honored surgeon Tatiana Nikolaevna Khramochkina is described, the details of training at a higher educational institution and practical aspects of working as a general surgeon, as well as a proctologist surgeon are revealed. Conclusion: studying the biography of the doctor Tatiana Nikolaevna Khramochkina, we managed to make sure that it is possible to cope with most failures with a goal, patience and diligence. In order to become a true professional in his field, it is necessary to constantly improve the skills of the chosen specialty. Khramochkina T. N. is an example of incredible perseverance and complete dedication to her profession.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):296-298
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E.I. Ovsyannikova: There are such People - Surgeons

Kuroplina M.S., Masneva I.E.


Purpose: to tell about the doctors of our country, namely about the conscientious work of surgeons working in the hospital of the city of Povorino, Voronezh region. Relevance: the article deals with the problem of generational succession in the medical profession. The article is devoted to two doctors from the same family who chose medicine as the main business and meaning of their lives – mother and daughter Ovsyannikov. Mother, Svetlana Valentinovna Ovsyannikova, after graduating from secondary school No. 22 in Povorino, entered the pediatric faculty of the Medical Institute, after which she began her professional career in 1997. Currently, she is the chief physician of the CRH Povorino. The story of Svetlana Valentinovna Ovsyannikova's professional life continued in the fate of her daughter, Elizaveta Ivanovna, whose childhood was spent in the surgical department of the hospital among doctors and patients. Elizaveta Ivanovna followed her mother's path. She graduated from the medical faculty of the Voronezh State Medical Academy named after N.N. Burdenko and works as a surgeon in the same Povorinsky hospital. These women have the main thing inherent in surgeons - "to try to do everything possible and impossible for the health of those people who trust them  their lives."

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):298-300
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Sergey Alexandrovich Voronov - Victory Over Aging

Mukhina N., Antonenko P.V.


The article deals with the fate of the famous doctor Voronov, a surgeon who wanted to restore eternal youth to his patients. He was world famous as he became the founder of theories of rejuvenation with the help of hormones. The scientist took all his experiments seriously. However, there was a lot of controversy regarding the methods and results of rejuvenation.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):300-302
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Features of the Internal Picture of the Health of School Graduates and Primary School Students of a Medical University

Orekhova E.R., Astashchenko A.P., Shilnikova D.V., Sayan K.S.


Purpose: Promotion of a healthy lifestyle is an indisputably important part of educational work in the field of medicine. However, it is possible to evaluate its effectiveness in practice only with the help of a detailed analysis of the attitude to public health.

Methods: The questionnaire "Internal picture of health" by Berezovskaya R.A. was used as a method.

Results: The article provides detailed information about the formation of the internal picture of health, its fundamentals, components, factors that can affect its formation, especially in young people. The article presents data comparing the indicators of the internal picture of health in young people from different regions of Russia, including the city of Voronezh, over the past 5 years.

Conclusions: The data obtained allow us to conclude that modern young people (school graduates and first-year students) they do not fully understand the role of the factors that make up a healthy lifestyle, regardless of the level of educational programs; they demonstrate an unformed understanding of the relationship between maintaining a high level of health and the possibility of achieving life values.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):303-305
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The Attitude of Future Doctors to Euthanasia. Medical and Philosophical Aspects

Smelyanskaya T.S., Shekhovtsova V.B., Povalyuhina D.A., Makhinova O.V.


Euthanasia is one of the problems that worries a huge number of people around the world. To date, this procedure is allowed in Luxembourg, Switzerland, the Netherlands and a number of other countries, but in Russia euthanasia is prohibited by law, as in many countries where, regardless of the voluntary nature of the decision, it is considered murder, an illegal act.
The purpose of the study is to determine the attitude of medical university students to euthanasia.
The general scientific method of research and questionnaire were used in the work.
There are several types of euthanasia, but they have the same outcome – getting rid of the torment, pain and suffering that a deadly disease brings.
The test results showed that most of the students have a positive attitude to euthanasia, as well as most of the students believe that when this procedure is allowed, it should be performed by a medical professional.
Despite the fact that euthanasia is prohibited in Russia, terminally ill patients receive all the necessary assistance in hospital departments and special institutions. The young population perceives this problem ambiguously. Moral values and ethical views of doctors are formed in the student years, so the coverage of this controversial issue should be included in the training program of future specialists.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):305-307
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Lubyanov Vladimir Ivanovich - Surgeon from God

Sapin I.K., Lukina A.E., Masneva I.E.


A doctor is one of the oldest and most unique specialties. People who have the skills of healing diseases have always and everywhere had honor and respect. Dynasties of doctors deserve special respect and close attention, it is in families with established traditions that future doctors are brought up, whose devotion and loyalty to their chosen profession has no boundaries. Purpose: to tell about Vladimir Ivanovich Lubyanov, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, military surgeon, the most talented representatives of this profession, who devoted his whole life to it, and about his family, which is also directly related to medicine. Relevance: the article raises the issues of personality formation and the complexity of choice in critical situations, talks about the indisputable axioms of life, discusses complex and fascinating cases concerning medical practice. Methods: to write the article, materials from interviews collected during a personal conversation with Vladimir Ivanovich Lubyanov, a great surgeon, and his wife, an equally important obstetrician-gynecologist, were used. Conclusion: the article will be interesting even to those readers who have nothing to do with medicine.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):307-310
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Outstanding Medical Women Who Changed the World

Smolnyakov I.O., Mukhina N.


The article is dedicated to women who were able to achieve success in the most difficult field - medicine. Thanks to their discoveries, they made a real revolution in the scientific world, proving that they are high-class professionals. These representatives of the fair sex were not afraid of difficulties and achieved recognition, and sometimes even world recognition, having confirmed their talent in medicine.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):310-312
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Bokeria Leo Antonovich – Cardiosurgeon

Vorzheva M.V., Vlasova T.A., Masneva I.E.


Purpose: to study the life path of Leo Bokeria and his achievements in cardiac surgery. Relevance: the successes in medicine that Leonid Bokeria has achieved can serve as a good example for medical students to strive to develop their knowledge and move forward. This article describes the path of becoming a cardiac surgeon. Bokeria studied well since childhood and dreamed of going to medical school, just like his older sister. He entered Moscow the second time. Studying was difficult for Leonid, but every year the interest appeared more and more. He started going to a foreign language club. Then he was invited to the scientific experimental circle at the Department of Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy. There students conducted research on animals in a pressure chamber. From that moment on, Leo Bokeria developed an interest in cardiac surgery. In 1972, according to the drawings of Bokeria, the world's first baro-operative was created. First, he operated on simple heart defects, then used a heart-lung machine, and also opened a children's department that has no analogues. His method made it possible to operate on terminally ill children in a pressure chamber. Bokeria, together with other prominent doctors, created a hyperbaric oxygenation laboratory. After a business trip to America, he tried for the first time to have an operation to isolate the left atrium in Moscow, which he successfully succeeded. In conclusion, it should be said that Leo Antonovich Bokeria is a talented cardiac surgeon who has made numerous discoveries in the field of medicine and saved a huge number of lives.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):313-315
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Hero of Russia Vladimir Alexandrovich Belov

Galkina A.V., Povalyukhina D.A., Makhinova O.V.


Goal. To get acquainted with the biography and work of a military doctor who took part in combat operations during the Chechen War.

Methods. The general scientific method of research was used in the work.

Results. For selfless work, for bravery in battle, for dedication to his work, Belov Vladimir Alexandrovich was awarded the "Golden Star" of the Hero of Russia on July 21, 1995.

Conclusions. Speaking about the war, people always remember the brave soldiers who fought steadfastly for the fate of their country. Many of them sacrificed their own lives for our happy future. Only during the First Chechen War, about 5,000 Russian servicemen were killed. However, we must not forget that true heroism and fearlessness were shown here not only by soldiers, but also by medical workers. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov wrote: "The profession of a doctor is a feat. It requires dedication, purity of spirit and purity of thoughts." This quote can be safely attributed to Vladimir Alexandrovich Belov, who was awarded the "Golden Star" of the Hero of Russia on July 21, 1995. During the Chechen War, 6 military doctors received this award (4 of them posthumously). Belov was the first.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):315-316
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A Doctor who Dedicated his Life to God and People

Gurova O.O., Bobkova M.O., Masneva I.E.


This article is about the outstanding physician-surgeon St. Luke, confessor, Archbishop of Simferopol. The purpose of our work: to get acquainted with the biography of the saint, to study his contribution to science, to analyze the features of his medical practice, to learn about the help of an unusual doctor that people receive to this day. With his life, the saint showed what the work of a real doctor should be. Despite the numerous difficulties encountered on his life path, he always remained a real person: he received patients free of charge in his home, did not violate his life principles, did not get angry at injustice, was loyal to the Fatherland and was always ready to help. The relevance of this article is due to the fact that currently not all doctors are ready for such dedication, which was shown by St. Luke. He loved his patients so much that he treated them like his children, brothers and sisters, was ready to sacrifice time, strength, forgetting about himself, provided financial assistance to those in need. To write this article, the literature was used, which tells about the life and scientific works of the archbishop. In conclusion, we can say that every medical worker should imitate the life of a great doctor, learn from him love, dedication, high moral qualities and professionalism.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):316-319
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Tambov Marh of Archbishop Luke

Eremina D.S., Povalyuhina D.A., Makhinova O.V.


Relevance. Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Valentin Feliksovich Voyno-Yasenetsky (Archbishop Luke, St. Luke of Crimea) is known as a surgeon, scientist, author of world-famous works on anesthesiology and purulent surgery, laureate of the Stalin Prize of the first degree, spiritual writer, doctor of theology, who devoted his whole life to medicine, giving all of himself to his profession and faith. In 2000 he was canonized as a saint among the Cathedral of New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia.

Target. Using the materials of the library fund, get acquainted with the history of the life and work of the famous doctor and clergyman Valentin Feliksovich Voyno-Yasenetsky during his stay in the city of Tambov.

Methods. The general scientific method of research was used in the work.


Valentin Feliksovich Voyno-Yasenetsky made a great contribution both to the development of the system of providing medical care to the population of the Tambov region in a number of profiles, the improvement of surgical practice and advanced training of practicing doctors, and to the revival of the spiritual life of society, strengthening the faith and fortitude of people.

Conclusion. Valentin Feliksovich Voyno-Yasenetsky was a talented doctor, a deeply religious person, a patriot of his country and profession, and dealt with important issues of medicine and health care. In Tambov, much attention is paid to perpetuating the memory of this unique doctor and saint, glorifying his name and heritage.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):319-321
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Devi Prasad Shetty - "Henry Ford" of cardiac surgery

Krutskikh E.Y., Manisha S., Chertok E.D.


Relevance: It is very important for today's generation of doctors to know how eminent personalities built their lives and careers. Devi Prasad Shetty's contribution to cardiac surgery in India as well as global science is immense. Dr Shetty is the founder of Narayana Health, which has a network of 21 hospitals and medical centres across the country. Through economies of scale, Dr Shetty has made heart surgery accessible to the common Indian.Objective: to uncover and showcase Devi Prasad Shetty's contribution to cardiac surgery in IndiaMethods: to explore Dr Shetty's professional contribution to cardiac surgery in IndiaResults: Dr Devi Shetty has been very instrumental in reducing the cost of heart surgery. He is the first cardiac surgeon in India to venture into the complex processes of neonatal open heart surgery. He performed the world's first open heart surgery to close a hole in the heart using a microchip camera. He used an artificial heart for the first time in India and performed India's first surgery using stomach blood vessels to bypass blocked arteries of the heart. He also performed the first dynamic cardiomyoplasty surgery in Asia. He is also responsible for introducing the concept of conveyor belt heart surgery, which aims to reduce the cost of surgery and achieve zero mortality. Conclusion:Dr Shetty is a renowned cardiac surgeon in India and founder of Narayana Health, which has a network of 21 hospitals and medical centres across the country. Through economies of scale, Dr Shetty has made heart surgery affordable for the common Indian

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):321-323
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Biography and Life Path of the Physiologist Alexander Vasilyevich Zavyalov

Kunitsyna E.A.


Alexander Vasilyevich Zavyalov is one of the most memorable faces of the Soviet and Russian scientific community in the field of physiology, professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS), performed significant public work for which he got to the Doctor of Medical Sciences, he embodied his great work in the walls of Kursk Medical University, where he also occupied an important place, heading the Department of Physiology.It is worth noting his life path, which dates from 1933 to 2003, he found it in medicine and service to it.
Goal.To get acquainted with the biography and work of the outstanding physiologist Alexander Vasilyevich Zavyalov.
Methods. The general scientific method of research was used in the work.
During his long service as the head of the department at the university, which together with his scientific work is 25 years, he was able to write 250 scientific papers, 9 certificates for inventions and patents.He was distinguished by a special ability to see the potential and capabilities of people, so his team included highly qualified specialists from different fields, about 36-45 people. It is also impossible not to pay attention to the amazing monographs: "Correlation of physiological functions in norm and pathology". In the practical part, I would like to mention a number of devices and devices for functional diagnostics and physiotherapy, as well as the device "Skat", which belongs to the class of electrical stimulators. For the invention, which was well appreciated by foreign researchers, he received an honorary gold medal at a special exhibition in Brussels in 1977.
As a scientific mentor, A.V. Zavyalov began a large-scale selection of specialists in the field of clinical pharmacy, nurses with higher education, workers in the field of chemical and pharmaceutical production.Also, with the arrival of the Doctor of Medical Sciences, the Kursk Medical Educational Institution has undergone major changes. One of the most significant was that it turned from an institute into a university.He has trained six doctors of sciences and more than forty candidates. Such colossal achievements could not but be noted within the walls of a state institution, therefore, in 2011, according to the idea of architect-restorer Tretyakov S.V., a commemorative plaque was unveiled.By the decision of the Academic Council, the Department of Normal Physiology was named after Professor A.V. Zavyalov.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):323-325
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Leonova M.A., Plotnikova A.V.


Relevance. The doctor's mission is to protect health, to preserve human life and improve its quality, to respect the personality and dignity of a person. Medical activity is based on high ethical, moral and deontological principles. A highly moral, cultured doctor with deep medical knowledge is a true professional.

Target. Using publicly available materials, to study and analyze the work of the founder of medicine Hippocrates from the point of view of ethical standards of the doctor.

Methods. The general scientific method of research was used in the work.

Results. We can formulate the basic ethical principles of a doctor set forth by Hippocrates in his essay: the principle of "do no harm", respect for the patient, care for his health, assistance, care and saving of life, preservation of medical secrecy, improvement in the profession, professional solidarity.

Conclusion. The text of the Hippocratic Oath has become the oldest ethical code of conduct for a doctor. It has preserved the spirit of the medical oath, its ethical orientation.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):325-327
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Nikolay Alexandrovich Semashko: THE Legend of Soviet Medicine and the Creator of a Unique Healthcare System

Mezentseva E.A., Masneva I.E.


The article tells about the outstanding Soviet doctor and statesman Nikolai Alexandrovich Semashko, who created a unique healthcare system that provided free medical care for all citizens of the USSR. The article describes the principles and features of this system, as well as Semashko's contribution to the development of medicine and public life of the country. The purpose of writing the article: to show the importance of creating a healthcare system and Semashko's achievements in the field of medicine. The relevance lies in the following: Semashko's ideas remain significant today and influence the development of medicine in Russia and other countries of the world. Printed sources and electronic resources were used to write the article. Nikolay Semashko is a role model for the younger generation. Thanks to this brilliant doctor, medicine has reached a new stage, people have received free medical care, which has affected the reduction of mortality in the country. This is a doctor with a capital letter, who was able to instill in people care about their health and thus improve the economic and social situation in the USSR. In modern society, the healthcare system continues to develop, relying on the basis that this great man came up with.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):327-329
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The Contribusion of V. I. Shumakov to Russian Medicine

Morcheva N.N., Masneva I.E.


This article is devoted to the life and research of V. I. Shumakov. The purpose: to study the achievements of Valery Ivanovich Shumakov in the field of medicine, his contribution to scientific and educational activities. Relevance: Nowadays, technologies do not stand still and the topic of transplantology is one of the most advanced, so it is impossible not to tell about the contribution of the most successful doctor and professor of this industry. V. I. Shumakov is a well-known transplant doctor and surgeon who has made a huge contribution to the development of transplantology. This article contains information about his medical career and achievements, about how he became the father of transplantology in Russia. He wrote many scientific articles, conducted the first successful operations in the USSR: kidney, heart transplantation, simultaneous liver and pancreas transplantation. He is the author of 200 inventions, many scientific articles, was the director of the Research Institute of Transplantology and Artificial Organs. This person has a leading role in the development of clinical transplantation, he was the first to introduce the use of artificial organs into clinical practice, and also created the journal "Bulletin of Transplantation and Artificial organs". In conclusion, we can say that V.I. Shumakov brought a large amount of knowledge to medicine and still remains one of the outstanding scientists in the history of Russian medicine. Electronic resources were used to write the article.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):329-331
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Pavel Pavlovich Lvov

Samotsvet M.A., Masneva I.E.


Purpose:  describe the biography of Professor of medicine P.P. Lvov, the motivation for his choice of the profession of a doctor. To show his difficult path in achieving medical education, the main reasons and turning points in his professional activity that defined him as a remarkable military field surgeon and general surgeon, an outstanding maxillofacial surgeon, innovator, teacher, researcher and scientist. To show his achievements in medical practice, science and pedagogy. Relevance: the article reveals the continuity of generations in the medical profession, its science, pedagogy, practice, as an example for imitation, using the example of the biography of Pavel Pavlovich Lvov. The necessity of hard work for mastering the profession of a doctor is shown, an example when "beginners" in the medical profession, with their own work and talent, achieve professional heights, receive support from reputable scientists and practitioners, even in conditions of social catastrophe. The moral prestige of the medical profession is demonstrated as a guide for young people when choosing a life path. Methodology: An attempt to summarize and compare information about Professor P.P. Lvov, from the media, medical, special historical literature, the Internet and the family archive. Result: during the work on the article, confidence in the correctness of the choice of the future profession, pride in domestic medicine and its workers, the desire to justify kinship in the chosen field, confidence that the conscientious work of a doctor will always be rewarded with a good memory for many generations has increased. The confidence that such feelings will arise in the reader will make the choice of a future profession more conscious.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):331-336
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Ivan Mikhaikovich Balinsky

Volodina O.V., Koboztva S.Y., Masneva I.E.


The purpose of this article is to study the contribution of the scientist Ivan Mikhailovich. Balinsky. The relevance lies in the great role that Balinsky I.M. had on the development of the psychiatric school in Russia. Various research methods were used: analysis, synthesis, abstraction, generalization, etc. As a result, the role of I.M. Balinsky in the development of clinical and scientific psychiatry in Russia was revealed. I.M. Balinsky opened or helped in the opening of a number of psychiatric hospitals. I.M. Balinsky taught students, helped his superiors, systematized existing knowledge, introduced various concepts, identified the causes of phenomena. Listeners of his lectures of the psychiatric course noted their usefulness, practical orientation. In the first, general part of the lectures, an important role was assigned to the description of the etiology and pathogenesis of mental illnesses; among the causes of insanity were called moral, physical and somatic, the influence of various other diseases was noted. In the second section of the lectures, the clinical forms of diseases are divided into primary and secondary. I.M. Balinsky's lectures have remained for many years one of the most important and sought-after manuals on psychiatry. Balinsky identified the causes contributing to the development of mental illness. The foundation of clinical and scientific psychiatry in Russia is justifiably associated with the name of I.M. Balinsky.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):337-339
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Leila Seymurovna Namazova-Baranova - President of the Union of Pediatrics

Dzhanaeva M.S., Kurganova E.S., Zubenko I.V., Skokova N.N.


This article is about an amazing and interesting person Leila Namazova-Baranova. She is a scientist - pediatrician, pediatric allergist - immunologist, professor, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation. For this amazing woman, nothing is impossible, because in addition to her favorite profession, Leyla Namazova-Baranova is an excellent translator and journalist. The article provides information about the stages of the life path and the formation of Leyla Seymurovna as a doctor. Particular attention is paid to the work as a scientist - pediatrician. Leyla Namazova-Baranova made a huge contribution to the development of pediatrics, allergology and immunology. Currently, Leila Seymurovna is an Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation and an amazing practicing doctor, for whom children are the real meaning of life, the whole Universe and a grandiose future.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):340-343
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Rebekkah Mukhina - Hero Doctor of Voronezh

Kantari J.E., Masneva I.E.


This article is devoted to the life of  Rebekkah Matveevna Mukhina. Purpose: to study the life of R.M.  Mukhina. Relevance: currently, there is a need to popularize domestic heroes, especially heroes of the medical field. Knowledge of historical figures, at first glance, does not seem so significant, but upon closer examination it turns out that inspiration and motivation can be found in their actions, it educates a person, forms his personal qualities, during the study he develops, creates and learns his "I", joins the national culture. Conclusion: doctor Mukhina is the person whose feat future doctors and compatriots should know and remember. The pediatrician saved a lot of people during the Great Patriotic War, constantly put herself in danger, taking care of others and giving all of herself to work. This article describes her life, the special moments of her biography, the path she took to take her place. Rebekkah Matveyevna Mukhina, who suddenly appeared in the hospital, taking care of the wounded better than herself, is a brave woman worthy of the title of a national hero. Methods: printed sources and electronic resources.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):343-345
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A Man with a Kind Heart is Georgy Fedorovich Sinyakov

Krivosheya S.O., Masneva I.E.


The article is devoted to the life of Georgy Fedorovich Sinyakov. Purpose: to tell the incredible story of the kindest soul of a man, a surgeon, a participant in the Great Patriotic War, and to remind people that we should not forget about those heroes, thanks to whom we can now smile, laugh, build careers and create families. Unfortunately, the past is gradually being forgotten. People are less and less interested in the exploits of their ancestors. But history is very important in everyone's life. It enriches us spiritually, plays a big role in the harmonious development of a person as a person. This is the relevance of this article. The surgeon made a huge contribution to the history of medicine, to the well-being of people's destinies during the Great Patriotic War. The article tells about the life of a doctor, how he got to the front, what he had to go through in difficult times, how he coped with the obstacles that arose in his way. Having gained the authority of the Germans, he helped the prisoners escape from the camp. He was a truly talented surgeon. Sinyakov knew exactly how he could help the patient. In the treatment, he used special ointments, the recipe of which he developed independently. After the end of the war, he moved to Chelyabinsk, where he worked as the head of the surgical department of the medical and sanitary unit. Until 1974, he was an assistant at the Department of Faculty Surgery at the Chelyabinsk Medical Institute. He was particularly modest and did not like to talk about his exploits, because heroes do not need fame. In conclusion, we would like to say that Georgy Fedorovich is truly a great man who saved the lives of thousands of people. Electronic resources were used to write the article.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):345-347
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The Feat of Medical Women During the Great Patriotic War

Myskova M.O., Ozhereleva D.E., Pitenko A.D.


Relevance of the research. Professional and civil feat of medical workers that toiled hard during difficult wartime years, has steadily attracted the attention of researches, who investigate into history of domestic medicine. Turning to biographies of women in medical profession of the Great Patriotic war period is useful for fostering patriotism and high moral qualities of younger generation.

Aim of the research. The study aims to show on the example of Agaponova (Germanova) Olga M., Tusnolobova Zinaida M. and Konstantinova Kseniya S. the heroism of medical women during the Great Patriotic war and their contribution to victory over fascism.

Methods and materials. The research is based on both published materials and oral evidence. Analytical, comparative and descriptive methods have been used.

Results of the research. Fragile Soviet women, doctors and nurses, on equal with the military risked their life, selflessly saving the fighters. Konstantinova Kseniya S. sacrificed her life in the frontline. The biographies of this publication’s heroines differ. Nevertheless, they attest to these women’s high professional skills, devotion to their country, strong call of duty.

Conclusion. The contribution of medical women to the great victory is hard to overestimate. Their high expertise, spiritual and moral qualities should be an example for further generations.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):347-352
pages 347-352 views


Medcine during the Great Patriotic War

Astakhova V.G., Berchiyan I.O., Masneva I.E.


The article is devoted to the organization of medical and surgical care for Soviet soldiers during the Great Patriotic War, which became a great test for our people. Huge human losses, loss of resources. There could have been much more human losses if not for the selfless work of Soviet doctors. They brought a lot of fighters back into service, brought them back to life. The lives of wounded soldiers directly depended on the actions of medical personnel. The most common injuries in war are from firearms. Therefore, the provision of surgical care was very important. This assistance had to be timely, well-coordinated, competent. To achieve this, a strict procedure of the entire medical service was necessary. Relevance: the organization of timely surgical care during hostilities is not lost even today. Despite the appearance of new drugs, tools and devices, new modern equipment, experience in first aid in military conditions, experience in establishing medical work, the distribution of injured soldiers according to the degree of injury and condition means a lot now. Printed sources were used to write the article.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):353-355
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Achievements of Russian Medicine in the Field of Pediatric Surgery

Brykova A.S., Golumeeva A.D., Masneva I.E.


This article is devoted to the achievements of contemporary doctors in the field of pediatric surgery. Relevance: every day thousands of doctors of our country save the lives of patients, doing it selflessly and with full dedication, so we need not only to turn to them for help, but also to publicize their exploits – to develop the traditions of medicine. Objective: to study interesting cases of children's operations performed in recent years in various hospitals in Russia. Materials: global Internet, electronic resources, news site "Arguments and Facts AIF.RU ". Methods: analysis of the fundamentals of the professional activity of surgeons, synthesis of conclusions, generalization of experience, comparison and other theoretical methods of research. Results: 3 operations of various specifics, conducted for the first time in Russia, are described, the talent and experience of professionals in their field are revealed, the significance of their contribution both to the life of their immediate patient and in the life of the entire population is shown. Conclusion: studying the information on this topic, we managed to make sure that there are many outstanding, intelligent and resourceful doctors around us, serving for the benefit of the people of the country, in the name of preserving children's life, not only using, but also multiplying the experience available in the history of medicine.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):355-357
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Unrecognized Genius in the History of Medicine

Vlasova A.S., Zubenko I., Skokova N.N.


The article is dedicated to the great surgeon of the Military Medical Academy Nikolai Sergeevich Korotkov, who discovered more than a century ago a method for measuring blood pressure in humans. This research method has been tested for centuries in medical  practice and has become the standard for measuring blood in healthy and sick people suffering from various cardiovascular diseases. This discovery marked the beginning of a new era of the development in cardiology - the doctrine of hypertension, which study until that time was carried out with difficulty. The article reveals the significance of  Korotkov's method for the development of medicine in general, describes in detail the circumstances of this discovery and the method of listening to Korotkov's tones. The biographical data of Nikolai Sergeevich Korotkov are given, with the help of which one can trace the difficult path of becoming from a student at the Kharkov, Medical University to a senior surgeon at the Peter the Great Hospital. The article describes the difficult trials in the form of wars, poverty and diseases that Nikolai Korotkov had to face in his life. The surgeon’s discovery is still used all over the world nowadays, so the Russian genius rightfully deserves recognition and gratitude from all mankind.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):357-361
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Medical Scientists Changed the World

Golovko I.I., Zubenko И.V., Skokova N.N., Tsouverkalov A.E.


This article is devoted to the most significant periods in the formation and development of anesthesiology and resuscitation, as a separate medical discipline, in the light of the most important discoveries and inventions of Russian and Soviet doctors. Particular attention is paid to two Soviet medical scientists who changed the world: Vladimir Alexandrovich Negovsky, the largest pathophysiologist, creator of resuscitation, and Naum Lazarevich Gurvich, who was one of the founders of the scientific school for the study of the electrophysiology of the heart and nervous system. V.A. Negovsky is known to doctors all over the world. He deservedly bears the title of father of national resuscitation. He developed a new approach in the study of thanatology and extinction processes, where the main factor determining whether a person can survive or not is the brain. It is the degenerative processes that occur in the brain, due to hypoxia during cardiac arrest, that can lead to disability or death of the patient. V.A. Negovsky proved that only after the death of the brain can one speak of biological death. Another great scientist N.L. Gurvich studied the electrical activity of the brain and developed new methods for the treatment of nervous diseases. One of the most significant achievements of Gurvich was the creation of the first electroencephalograph in the USSR - a device for measuring the electrical activity of the brain, which made it possible to significantly improve the diagnosis and treatment of nervous diseases.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):361-364
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Psychology of emotions

Erofeeva A.M., Tsouverkalov A.E.


The relevance of this research lies in the need to build and establish communication, which is impossible without the key knowledge of the manifestation of emotions, which is important for tracking the emotional state. Based on the works of P. Ekman, the article analyzes emotions as complex phenomena with verbal and non-verbal means, considers bodily expressions of emotions that manifest themselves during certain actions. Factors are singled out as a result of which emotions are manifested and the processes occurring in the human brain when they appear are studied. As a result of observations and comparisons, the main characteristics of basic and mixed emotions were determined, including: fear, surprise, anger, joy, sadness, disgust. All these emotions are defined as universal. They are not an example of learned reactions they do not depend on the place of birth. Emotional intelligence was analyzed, which allows you to control your emotional state and the state of other people. Knowledge of language plays an important role in the expression of emotions, as well as the body with its non-verbal means - body posture, eye contact, movement, tempo and timbre of speech, volume and tone of voice, facial expression, will help to acquire the necessary emotion recognition skills.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):364-366
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Kolmakov S., Tsouverkalov A.E., Skokova N.N.


The paper deals with the relationship between intelligence and emotional burnout of healthcare workers as a psychological problem.

The aim of the work is to understand the relationship between a developed intellect and the ability to protect oneself from emotional burnout, which is especially important for healthcare workers. The paper provides examples of research by specialists and psychologists dealing with issues of emotional burnout. The relevance of the work is to investigate and understand the causes of emotional burnout for healthcare workers and ways to minimize the occurrence of the condition. In conclusion, the idea is given of further study of this problem, the search for the necessary preventive measures and overcoming this phenomenon through the development of emotional intellect.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):367-369
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Bolgova Valentina Vasilyevna – 35 Years of Helping Children

Klepova P.A., Masneva I.E.


The article is devoted to Bolgova Valentina Vasilyevna – a modest medical worker, a nurse of the children's department of the city hospital of Livny, Oryol region. She devoted 35 years of her medical practice to sick children, literally nursing premature babies, many of whom were abandoned by their parents. Subsequently, Valentina Vasilyevna became a mentor to graduates of medical schools and colleges, with whom she shared her rich experience and supervised their activities. Relevance: the desire to convey information about the doctors and nurses of the Oryol region. After analyzing open sources, it turned out that there is very little information about the people of medicine of the Oryol region. In this regard, the relevance of the article is to replenish information about the wonderful people of my native land – about those who all their lives, without sparing themselves and their strength, have been taking care of the health of other people, both adults and very young, and helped them – about medical workers. Materials and methods: materials from an interview with Valentina Vasilyevna Bolgova were used to write the article.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):369-370
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Path from Nurse to Doctor of The Year – a Success Story

Kretova E.N., Zubenko I.V., Skokova N.N.


This article is devoted to Kretova Galina Mikhailovna - an outstanding Voronezh doctor-oncologist of the VOVOKB No 1. Particular attention is paid to biographical data and achievements in medicine. It is known that the profession of a doctor is still considered prestigious and great and occupies an important place in the life of society. Many people from childhood decide to associate their entire future life with this profession. Galina Mikhailovna is no exception: she has shown interest in medicine since childhood and, thanks to her dedication, has achieved high results in her studies and medical practice. Her life path is a vivid example of the fact that for a successful career in medicine it is necessary to devote yourself fully to this profession. Analyzing her entire life path, we can say with confidence that for a person who wants to connect his future life with medicine, it is necessary to be completely immersed in the profession and give everything to his beloved work. One of the important tasks that G.M. Kretova is doing at present is the creation of individual treatment plans for cancer patients and direct interaction with VOKOD at the stage of monitoring combined and complex treatment. Her approach to medical and organizational activities in the field of oncology corresponds to the highest qualification category, which she has earned due to her professionalism and continuous professional development.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):370-373
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The Role and Types of Communication in the Professional Activity of a Doctor

Zimina A.O., Tsouverkalov A.E., Masneva I.E.


The issue of communication culture is relevant at all times and plays an important role in any activity. Interaction with others allows you to both receive and provide the right amount of information. The profession of a doctor implies daily contact with a large number of people: with patients, their relatives, colleagues, employees of other organizations. It is important to be able to find an approach to each person, regardless of their social status, position and purpose of communication. Having communication skills ensures success in the professional activity of any specialist. The ability to formulate speech and correct communication begin to accompany a medical worker from the very threshold of the university and continue throughout his professional activity. It is important to constantly work on the skills of both verbal and nonverbal, external organizational communication, to show tolerance towards communication partners. Successful treatment depends not only on the knowledge and practical skills of the doctor, but also on his talent to communicate with patients, their relatives, colleagues. Therefore, the fact remains beyond doubt that communication is an integral part of any professional activity, and especially the activity of a doctor. Electronic resources were used to write the article.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):373-375
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Family Traditions and Dynasties in Medicine

Moiseenko E.R., Zubenko И.V., Skokova N.N.


It is known that medicine is one of the most important and interesting aspects in human life. The issue of development of this sphere will always remain relevant. More and more young professionals are entering this profession. Often, a love of medicine is instilled from childhood. This can be fully done when the family has already had doctors who set the pace for the younger generation, forming and developing their own traditions and dynasties in the medical community. This article analyzes the formation of medical dynasties in the Belgorod region. The relevance of our study lies in the recognition and respect of previous generations of medical professionals by modern doctors and their desire to preserve and continue existing traditions and dynasties. The aim of this work is to systematize information about the medical dynasties of the Ilins - Polegenko, Fedulaevs - Moiseenko, Vernigorovs - Moiseenko, Based on the processed information, it can be argued that there has been a medical dynasty and the formation of several generations of doctors, as well as certain medical traditions in one family for almost a whole century.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):375-378
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Risk Factor for Suicidal Behavior of Students with Internet Addiction During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Popova E.V., Tsouverkalov A.E.


Internet addiction is recognized as one of the most common types of non-chemical addictive disorders and has significant negative social, medical and economic consequences. In the context of a pandemic and self-isolation, the introduction of distance learning into the widespread practice of schools, lyceums and colleges contributes to a long stay of young people in the virtual space of the Internet.

  The purpose of the study was to study family factors that cause the risk of developing suicidal behavior in adolescents with Internet addiction.

Materials and Methods: 100 students aged 18 to 21 years old, studying at N.N. Burdenko Voronezh State University and not having psychological disorders, were chosen as the object for the study. An anonymous survey method in a social network was used to compile the data obtained.

Results: the study showed that the presence of Internet addiction is associated with the type of gaming activity, the duration of the gaming experience and the stage of dependence on role-playing computer games, virtual communication in social networks. The presence of unfavorable micro-social factors increases the risk of suicidal behavior.

Conclusion: family factors have a significant impact on the formation of Internet-dependent behavior in adolescents, which is expressed during the pandemic, which creates the need for a set of preventive measures aimed at reducing the risk of suicidal behavior.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):381-385
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Children's Homes of the Voronezh Region and the City of Voronezh

Ogorodnikova M.A., Masneva I.E.


This article is devoted to a brief overview of the development of children's homes in Voronezh and the Voronezh region. Purpose: to study the history of the formation of state assistance to orphans and children left without parental care. Relevance: children's homes are a big country of small citizens of our state with their tragedies, laws, and difficult destinies. Orphanages are being created in Russia with the support of the state for orphans and children left without parental care, where comprehensive medical, social and pedagogical assistance is provided to them. Children are brought up there from birth to 4 years old. On the territory of the Voronezh region there are: 1) since 1940, the Voronezh MUZ "Children's Home", currently the Voronezh Regional Specialized Children's Home, which is located at the address: Voronezh, Leningradskaya str., 132d.; 2) since 1943 - the Voronezh Regional Specialized Children's Home (GUZ "VOSDR"), is located at: Voronezh region, Voronezh (Somovo), Sukhumskaya str., 16.3) since 1943, the Pavlovsky Specialized Children's Home has been opened at the address: Voronezh region, Pavlovsk, Vorovsky str., 33. The state provides huge social support to orphans and children left without parental care. The invaluable contribution is made by medical workers, psychologists, educators and teachers who have devoted their lives to helping young citizens of our country.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):379-381
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Bioprinting Technology in the Modern World

Sevriukov K.D., Tsouverkalov A.E., Zubenko I.V.


The purpose of the study was to search for and familiarize with new innovative processes in medicine, in particular, such areas as bio-printing, printing of organic tissues, bio-prototyping, organ replacement, and implants that have become widespread and used. The study considers the use of 3D technologies to create analogues of some parts of the human body. In particular skull, bones, skin, eyes, blood vessels, etc. For the study, original Internet sources were used. The results of the work of research institutes and hospitals in Australia, Great Britain, and the USA are presented. Attention is drawn to the research and application of innovative technologies in Russia, in particular in the medical centers of St. Petersburg. The study is of undeniable interest to those who are interested in innovative processes in medicine, the development and application of biotechnology in everyday life.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):385-388
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Sezina A.V., Tsouverkalov A.E.


This article deals with the relevance of microwave radiation, which is becoming more common and is found in many household and industrial devices. The impact of microwave radiation on the body can lead to various diseases, including cancer. Therefore, an urgent issue is to increase the body's resistance to microwave radiation. The experiences of domestic and foreign scientists are considered, which confirm that regular physical activity helps to strengthen the immune system, improve the functioning of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as accelerate metabolism. As a result of improved overall health, the human body becomes more resistant to the effects of microwave radiation. This article presents review of some sources on the importance of increasing the body's resistance to microwave radiation through systematic gymnastic exercises. A comparative study of the sensitivity of trained and untrained white mice to microwave radiation is considered. The features of increasing the body's endurance to a variety of pathogenic factors with the help of physical exercises have been studied.

The purpose of the study is: 1. To study the influence of physical training on resistance to microwave radiation. 2. Duration of radiation resistance after gym exercises. 3. Determination of methods that affect the body's resistance to radiation

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):388-390
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Suslova E.V., Tsouverkalov A.E., Efimova T.V.


The article deals with the difficulties that arise in the translation of medical texts. The purpose of the article was to identify the problems faced by students and professional translators of industry-specific medical papers using the example of French vocabulary from the field of urology. The relevance of this work is determined by the growing interest in articles and research in the field of medical sciences, the authors involved in the translation of medical papers are indicated and cited, specific examples of the vocabulary of urological subjects are given, variants of its translation are also presented, the correspondence between the vocabulary of French and Russian languages is shown, the lexical frequency of terms and their synonymy are indicated. The study conducted by the authors is of interest to everyone who is interested in and deals with the issues of medical translation.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):390-393
pages 390-393 views

Medical Dynasty of the Udovenko Family

Udovenko M.A., Zubenko I.V., Skokova N.N.


This article is devoted to the dynasty of medical professionals of the Udovenko family living in the city of Pavlovsk, Voronezh region. Particular attention is paid to the founder of this dynasty - Udovenko Tatyana Tikhonovna. The biographical data of each member of this medical family and the path of their formation in the profession is described in detail. The article notes that, love for medicine is often instilled from childhood. This can be fully done when the family has already had doctors who have set the pace for the younger generation, forming and developing their own traditions and dynasties in the medical community. The relevance of this article lies in the recognition and respect of previous generations of medical professionals by modern doctors and their desire to preserve and continue existing traditions. It is known that the continuity of generations plays an important role in the creation of a future doctor personality and in developing professional skills. Using the example of this family, it is shown how the older generation helps the rest of the family members to choose the sphere of professional activity. Undoubtedly, the dynasties of doctors deserve special respect and close attention, because from generation to generation they contribute to the transfer of accumulated experience, knowledge gained and continuous improvement in the profession.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):393-396
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Traditions of Medical Science. Latin Roots in Word Formation

Khodykina A.V., Kulagina S.A., Makhinova O.V., Povalyuhina D.A.


Relevance. The application of the acquired competencies in scientific and practical activities is the main goal of studying Latin, the professional language of medicine and foreign languages.

Target. Using search and research methods, consider words with Latin roots in Russian, English, and German. Learn to conduct comparative word-formation analysis for a deeper understanding and enrichment of vocabulary, reading scientific literature in a foreign language.

Methods. The methods of search and research are used in the work.

Results. The comparative word-formation analysis of lexical units in Russian, English and German demonstrates their Latin origin.

Conclusion. Medical professionals, medical students should remember about the origins of modern science, about the connection of the links of a single science from antiquity to the present, use language competencies in the study of scientific literature in a foreign language.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):397-400
pages 397-400 views

35 Year Parth to Medicine

Yuryeva S.E., Zubenko I.V., Skokova N.N.


This article provides information about the outstanding cardiologist, professor, teacher of the Tambov State University Voronin Igor Mikhailovich, who devoted his whole life to scientific work and helping people. Particular attention is paid to his achievements in the field of science. It is noted that with his participation, for the first time in the region, operations of transvenous electrical destruction of the atrioventricular node with atrial fibrillation were performed. I.M. Voronin took an active part in organizing the departments of cardioreanimation and arrhythmology. He organized the only laboratory in the Central Chernozem region engaged in sleep research. Thanks to his labor activity, Voronin I.M.  was awarded the highest qualification category in the specialty "Cardiology", got the degree of doctor of medical sciences and the academic title of professor. Studying his biography and the stages of his life path, one can come to the conclusion that those who are sincerely in love and devoted to their profession, who are ready to receive new knowledge every day and wholly devote themselves to their profession, become real doctors.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):400-403
pages 400-403 views

Great Cardiac Surgeon - Nikolai Amosov

Yakushkina U., Shirokova K.V., Zubenko И.V., Skokova N.N.


Until the end of the 19th century, it was difficult for people to imagine that it was possible to carry out surgical manipulations on such a complex organ as the heart, which was also considered to be the center of a person’s spiritual life. Now such operations are successfully and widely used. This article is dedicated to Nikolai Mikhailovich Amosov - the famous Soviet surgeon, scientist and writer, doctor of medical sciences, holder of many academic titles and awards. Thanks to this man, the formation and rapid development of Soviet, and then Russian thoracic surgery and cardiac surgery took place. The article describes his biography and discusses in more detail the moments that had a significant impact on the worldview and the choice of the path of a doctor. Particular attention is paid to the work of Nikolai Amosov during the Great Patriotic War and his methods and practice in the field of cardiac surgery. This article will be relevant for a wide range of people, especially for people who are interested in medicine or in any way connected with it. The aim of the work is to preserve the memory of domestic surgeons, as well as to increase interest in learning and motivation of students of medical educational institutions.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):403-406
pages 403-406 views

Doctors of the XX century, who glorified Russian medicine

Efimenko V.A.


Relevance: Nowadays, a doctor is a general specialist who knows the symptoms, knows how to properly examine, and also make a diagnosis. Medicine, as a science, is constantly developing, new diagnostic methods are being discovered, as well as ways to treat patients. The profession of a doctor was considered, and is still considered one of the most difficult professions. After all, modern doctors are constantly saving lives.
Purpose: to tell about the famous achievements of Russian scientists in the field of medicine at the turn of the second millennium.
Keywords: medicine, discovery, doctor, century, science
Methods: search, research
Medicine is the greatest science containing all the information about the human body.
Discovery is the acquisition of early knowledge that is not known to anyone.
A doctor is not a job, but a vocation, a person who is ready to devote his whole life to helping people.
A century is a period of progress.
Science is an activity focused on the development and systematization of knowledge about the activity.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):406-408
pages 406-408 views


Zubenko S.S., Pochivalov A.V., Panina О.A.


Pediatrics is a relatively young science, it has become an independent discipline since 1860. One of the outstanding Russian pediatricians is a well-known member of the Union of Pediatricians of Russia, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation and expert of the World Health Organization Vladimir Kirillovich Tatochenko, who made an invaluable contribution to the development of pediatrics. This article is devoted to the life and work of Vladimir Kirillovich Tatochenko. The purpose of my work was to study the biographies of Vladimir Kirillovich Tatochenko through the works of scientific authors and the texts of V.K. Tatochenko himself.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):408-410
pages 408-410 views


Kasymov N.O., Pogorelova E.I., Panina O.A.


The article presents the main historical milestones of the formation of pediatrics in Russia as a discipline and provides biographical information about the life, pedagogical, scientific activity and work of academicians-pediatricians of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and Lenin Prize laureates

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):410-412
pages 410-412 views


Kisser K.A., Pogorelova E.I., Panina O.A.


During the days of the siege of Leningrad, pediatricians, scientists of the Leningrad Pediatric Institute, combining their knowledge, physical and mental strength, did a great job in providing medical care and preventing diseases of children of different ages. The result of which was thousands of saved children's lives, as well as gaining tremendous experience in extremely difficult conditions.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):412-413
pages 412-413 views


Lipovtseva E.I., Pochivalov A.V., Panina O.A.


In the second half of the 19th century, important events took place in the field of medical science and practice, which are considered a real breakthrough. The names of great medical scientists remained associated with these changes. One of these scientists was Stepan Fomich Khotovitsky (1796-1885), whose main scientific interests included obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, forensic medicine and medical police (hygiene), and infectious diseases. He is known as the first Russian pediatrician, one of the founders of the St. Petersburg pediatric school.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):413-415
pages 413-415 views

Professor V. F. Snegirev - Russian gynecologist

Nikulina D.S., Semenikhina E.S.


Vladimir Fedorovich is the founder of the national gynecology. Thanks to the medical and scientific activities of Dr. Snegirev, gynecological discoveries in Russia surpassed the achievements of gynecology in other countries. Snegirev raised the status of the Russian gynecologist all over the world. In one of his speeches, Vladimir Fedorovich said: "There is not a single section in gynecology where the Russian name does not occupy an honorable place."
And such a high position of gynecology in the field of domestic medicine is the result of highly qualified activity of V.F. Snegirev.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):415-417
pages 415-417 views


Pobezhimova M.A., Nenakhov I.G.


Relevance: the popular notion of the unsanitary conditions of the Middle Ages is challenged by looking at the existence of public baths, the use of soap and water, and the creation of sewer systems in some cities. By analyzing historical evidence and archaeological finds, the article seeks to provide a more accurate understanding of medieval hygiene practices and how they relate to our modern practices.
Purpose: dispel major misconceptions about hygiene practices in medieval Europe.
Methods: general methods of scientific research, analytical method.
Results: the data obtained shows that medieval Europeans were not completely ignorant of hygiene and developed various methods and ways of maintaining cleanliness and preventing diseases. The poem "The Romance of the Rose" deals with aspects of both enlightenment and the delusions of people of that time in matters of self-care. The article also explores how these results can help us evaluate the historical evolution of hygiene practices and examines the influence of cultural and economic factors on their development through numerous examples of the life and life of people of that time.
Conclusion: medieval Europe is rich in myths about its unsanitary conditions. Europeans understood the importance of cleanliness and personal hygiene, which contributed to her undeniable fight against infectious diseases.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):417-420
pages 417-420 views

Fyodor Petrovich Haaz is a German with a Russian soul

Smelyanskaya T., Shekhovtsova V.B., Povalyuhina D.A., Makhinova O.V.


Many great people have left their mark on the history of our country, but practice shows that every year the young population increasingly forgets the discoveries that were made, the immeasurably valuable contribution that was made to science by these scientists. One of these people was Fyodor Petrovich Haaz, a man who conducted extensive charitable activities and explored the mineral waters of the Caucasus.
Goal. Get acquainted with the biography and work activity of the doctor.
Methods. The general scientific method of research was used in the work.
Results. Fyodor Petrovich Haaz is a German who served for the benefit of the Russian people. He was one of the German scientists who studied mineral springs in the Caucasus. After conducting a lot of research, Haaz proposed using all the natural factors of the mountainous area for medicinal purposes.
Being the chief doctor of Moscow prisons, he began charitable activities for the benefit of prisoners. Haaz considered prisons as a place of repentance and awareness of their mistakes by prisoners, and not as a place of punishment and revenge on a person.
Conclusion. Fyodor Petrovich Haaz, made a huge contribution to medicine in our country. He is undoubtedly an example for people who have decided to connect their lives with medicine.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):420-422
pages 420-422 views

Kushch N.L. – the Outstanding Doctor of the Donetsk Region

Bukharov B.A., Proskurina O.I., Proskurina A.N.


A doctor’s profession in all times and in all countries is considered to be respected and honored. Doctor is an intelligent person, who never stops studying and strives to get new knowledge every day. [1] This article highlights the principal moments of the biography and professional activity of one of the outstanding pediatric surgeons Donetsk region Nikolay Leontievich Kushch. He was a great scientist, talented teacher, wonderful children’s surgeon, founder and organizer of pediatric surgery service in Donbass.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2023;12(S1):422-424
pages 422-424 views

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