Vol 11 (2022): Materials of the XVIII International Burdenkov Scientific Conference on April 14-16, 2022

Акушерство и гинекология


Zhiveteva N.


Relevance. Pelvic presentation childbirth occurs in 3-5% of full-term pregnancies. The frequency of abdominal labor with pelvic presentation is 60-70%. The high risk of possible complications during abdominal childbirth dictates the search for safe and effective methods of correction of pelvic presentation of the fetus, therefore, today, external rotation of the fetus on the head (NPP) is increasingly heard in foreign and domestic literature.
The purpose of the study. To assess the feasibility and safety of NPP on the head during pregnancy closer to full term.
Materials and methods. A single-stage cross-retrospective study included 90 patients for the period 2020-2021, of which 30 patients with pelvic presentation who had an attempt at NPP (the main group), 30 pregnant women with pelvic presentation of the fetus who had a plan of delivery through the natural birth canal, 30 women - childbirth in the head presentation of the fetus (control group). All groups met the criteria for inclusion and exclusion from the study.
Results. The attempt of external rotation of the fetus to the head was successfully completed in 93.3% of pregnant women of the main group, in 6.7% it was not possible to change the presentation of the fetus as a result of the rotation. In 7.1% of cases of successful attempts to turn the fetus on its head, the fetus returned to its original position after 2 days. None of the above clinical cases required an emergency caesarean section. An analysis of the possible reasons for the unsuccessful attempt to turn revealed the following: the body mass index in this group of women was significantly higher compared to the patients who managed to turn, respectively 23.6 ± 4.4 and 30.5± 2.1 kg/m2 (p=0.035). The analysis of the outcomes of childbirth showed that in the main group 92.9% of cases were delivered through the natural birth canal, the remaining 13.3% - by caesarean section (p<0.05). NPP per head is quite effective and useful, as it allows to reduce the percentage of cesarean sections by 3.0 times (13.3 and 40.0% (p<0.05)), reduce the frequency of birth injuries (3.8% and 66.7%) by 18 times (p<0.05) and reduce perinatal morbidity (26.4 and 46.2%) by 1.75 times (p>0.05).

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Mirzoev R.I.


Chronic inflammatory bowel disease attracts the attention of many specialists. As a result, the resulting half-life of many pathological changes in the intrauterine organs during chronic disease of that organ. Differentiated systemic bedwetting in children with bronchiectasis has been reported to be temporary and fragmentary. The purpose of the study: the study was conducted on intrauterine devices in children with bronchiectasis.

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Obernixin K.I.


Relevance. The development of medical digital technologies goes in a number of directions: prevention, determination of diagnostic parameters, control of the course and effectiveness of treatment, consulting support and patient support. Mobile healthcare (mHealth) is a new direction in the IT field, focused on both the doctor and the patient. Digitalization, transition to electronic document management, development of telemedicine are the key tasks of the national project "Healthcare".
The purpose of the study. Develop a mobile application for pregnant women that allows you to quickly assess your health status. Basic requirements: simplicity of the interface, the possibility of autonomous operation without Internet access, concise design, compliance with current clinical protocols.
Materials and methods: object-oriented programming in the Java IDE integrated environment, current clinical protocols of the Russian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ROAG)
Results: a mobile application for pregnant women has been developed that allows for rapid self-diagnosis of abnormalities during pregnancy, psychological state, and health status. The software package includes three blocks: "My health", "My pregnancy", "My psychological state". The results of testing in each of the blocks determine the need for consultation with an obstetrician-gynecologist, a general practitioner, a psychologist of a women's consultation.
Conclusion: the introduction of mobile applications into the work of outpatient services, in particular women's consultations, will significantly increase the availability and quality of medical care, significantly reduce the financial costs of medical institutions for unreasonable appeals. The predominant use of software components that do not require Internet access allows the population of remote areas to receive reliable and up-to-date information about their health that meets all current clinical recommendations.

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Overko A.V., Golovko E.D.


Relevance. According to recent studies, with magnesium deficiency in the body, certain neurological symptoms occur, which in their clinical manifestations are similar to the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), which suggests the relationship of these phenomena.
The purpose of the study. To study the effect of magnesium citrate on the symptoms of PMS, to determine the effectiveness of its use.
Materials and methods. This study involved 65 patients aged 18 to 35 years with established symptoms of PMS. A comprehensive clinical and laboratory examination was carried out, including determination of the concentration of magnesium in the blood serum before and after therapy, ultrasound of the pelvic organs, as well as consultation with a gynecologist, neurologist and psychiatrist. By random sampling, all patients were divided into two groups of 32 and 33 people. Patients of the first group received magnesium citrate together with vitamin B2 for 2 months. The patients of the second group received only vitamin B2 (riboflavin) for the same time, and then, due to the lack of clinical effect, they were also prescribed magnesium citrate together with vitamin B2 for another 2 months.
Results. Before the study, all patients had complaints of headache, anxiety, depression, tearfulness in the absence of somatic pathology, which was one of the inclusion criteria. The analysis of the effectiveness of the use of drugs was carried out, including with the help of the Moos Menstrual Distress Questionnaire and examination by specialists (neurologist, psychiatrist). According to the results of the study, a significant decrease in neurological symptoms was revealed in patients of the first group who took magnesium citrate together with vitamin B2. The patients of the second group did not notice a positive effect, and therefore they were also prescribed magnesium citrate together with vitamin B2 for another two 2 months, after which they noted an improvement in well-being comparable to the results of the patients of the first group.
Conclusion. The results of the study suggest the effectiveness of the use of magnesium citrate preparations together with vitamin B2 in the treatment of neurological symptoms of PMS. Magnesium treatment is safe, well tolerated and affordable, which is confirmed not only by our research, but also by the data of domestic and foreign literature. However, the problem of the relationship between magnesium deficiency and PMS remains not fully understood, which makes it possible for further research on this issue.

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Eldarovna S.Z., Khusainbpyev D.D.


The purpose of the study: To study the possibility of the effectiveness of ultrasound as the most accessible method of identifying the causes of menstrual disorders.

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Turina I.


Aктуaльность: нa сегодняшний день aномaльные мaточные кровотечения (AМК) являются одной из нaиболее чaстых причин обрaщения женщин к врaчу-гинекологу. Нa долю дaнной нозологии приходится порядкa 80% выполняемых в гинекологическом стaционaре оперaтивных вмешaтельств. AМК являются ведущим этиологическим фaктором пaтогенезa железодефицитной aнемии и ткaневой гипоксии. Снижение aдaптaционных возможностей оргaнизмa, ухудшение кaчествa жизни обуслaвливaют социaльную и клиническую знaчимость AМК.

Цель исследовaния: провести срaвнительный aнaлиз современных методов хирургического лечения AМК по дaнным междунaродных исследовaний и действующих клинических протоколов. Оценить преимуществa и недостaтки, сделaть вывод об эффективности применения тех или иных методик в клинической прaктике.

Мaтериaлы и методы: срaвнительный aнaлиз зaрубежных и отечественных публикaций, содержaщих информaцию о современных методaх и подходaх хирургического лечения aномaльных мaточных кровотечений (в том числе с использовaние бaз дaнных).

Результaты: в ходе проведённого aнaлизa, были получены дaнные о современных методaх лечения острых и хронических AМК. Тaк, по дaнным междунaродных издaний, в случaях острого AМК лечение, глaвным обрaзом, нaпрaвлено нa гемодинaмическую стaбилизaцию пaциентa и предотврaщение дaльнейшей кровопотери. После проведения соответствующей инфузионной терaпии, нaпрaвленной нa коррекцию КОС и гиповолемии, необходимо осуществить мехaническую остaновку кровотечения с помощью диaгностического рaздельного выскaбливaния цервикaльного кaнaлa и полости мaтки. Aльтернaтивной методикой может стaть применение кaтетерa Фолея. В случaе хронического AМК вaриaнты лечения следует рaссмaтривaть относительно кaждой кaтегории в соответсвии с клaссификaцией PALM-COIN: гистероскопическaя полипэктомия, гистерэктомия, эмболизaция мaточных aртерий (ЭМA), высокоинтенсивнaя фокусировaннaя ультрaзвуковaя хирургия под контролем мaгнитно-резонaнсной томогрaфии.

Зaключение: В современном мире, среди всего многообрaзия хирургических методов лечения AМК, отдaётся предпочтение мaлоинвaзивным методикaм лечения, обеспечивaющим безопaсность, высокaя точность и нaпрaвленность лечебного действия. В совокупности с применением высокоэффективных препaрaтов инфузионной терaпии, мaлоинвaзивные методики лечения AМК являются перспективным и динaмично рaзвивaющимся нaпрaвлением в гинекологии. 

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Haprova K.O., Obernikhin K.I.


Relevance: Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common viral infection of the genital tract in the world. The peak period of infection for both women and men begins shortly after they become sexually active. The introduction of the virus into the body occurs when the integrity of the tissues is violated. HPV infects stem cells of the basal layer of the epithelium. The introsomal form of persistence determines the leading role of HPV in the pathogenesis of cervical cancer. The increase in morbidity, the high prevalence of unprotected sexual intercourse among young people, as well as the high mortality rate from cervical cancer determine the need to find new approaches to solving this problem, including the development of new methods for diagnosing HPV carriers.The purpose of the study: to identify and study the features of the phenomenon of arborization of cervical mucus in female carriers of the human papillomavirus.Materials and methods: microscopy of 100 native preparations of cervical mucus using the techniques of crystalloscopy and tachymetry at the Research Institute of EBM VSMU. N.N.Burdenko The obtained results were subjected to statistical processing in the software packages STATISTICA (StatSoft Russia 4.0) and Microsoft Office 2010.Results: during microscopy of cervical mucus preparations taken from female HPV carriers, a change in a number of crystalloscopic indicators was noted: the indices of structurality and crystallizability; the dependence of the degree of crystallization on the pH of the separated cervical canal was revealed; higher tachymetric indicators were established.Conclusion: the revealed changes in the crystalloscopic and tachymetric patterns may indicate a change in the physico-chemical parameters of cervical mucus in women infected with HPV.

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Chernykh A.D.


Cardiotocography is the main method for diagnosing hypoxic conditions in the fetus in the antenatal and intranatal periods.

The aim of this work was to assess the effectiveness of CTG at home using mobile communication systems.

We examined 102 pregnant women with various obstetric and extragenital pathologies at 32-40 weeks of gestation under observation in the antenatal clinic of the Central district of Voronezh.

Two clinically homogeneous groups were formed. The first group included 52 pregnant women who underwent traditional CTG in the conditions of antenatal clinic on stationary CTG devices with visual assessment according to FIGO. The second group consisted of 50 pregnant women who underwent CTG at home using a remote mobile CTG device. All CTG devices, including a mobile version, have the appropriate certification and permission for clinical use in the Russian Federation. The mobile version includes 2 sensors, straps for attaching them to the mother's abdomen and a mobile phone with an application that allows you to record CTG at home and send a cardiotocogram to the doctor as a PDF file for further decoding. In addition, clinical and anamnestic data, laboratory and ultrasound studies were taken into account.

The following results were obtained: normal non-stress test was detected in 51 (98.1%) cases in group 1 and 49 (98%) cases in group 2, p <0.05. A pathological test for the presence of hypoxia was detected in 1 case (1.9%) in the first group and 1 case (2%) in the second group, p <0.05. Critical cases were not detected in both groups, tEmp for all values ​​is 0. Spearman's rank correlation coefficient (rs) for two samples is 0.935 (H0 is rejected, the correlation is statistically significant).

Thus, we can conclude that the analysis of traditional and mobile versions of CTG did not reveal significant differences.

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Биохимия и клинико-лабораторная диагностика


Andreev P., Svetlana S., Makhina V.


Relevance. The human CDKN2A gene encoding the p16INK4A protein is located at locus 9 of the chromosome, which is subject to a high mutagenesis rate. Several tens of missense mutations have been described, accompanied by the replacement of one amino acid residue in the p16 INK4A polypeptide chain, as a result of which the binding activity of the protein against CDK4 is reduced. At the same time, the effect of amino acid substitutions on the binding affinity of p16INK4A with its dominant CDK6 ligand requires further clarification in light of the critical role of the p16/CDK6 complex in the regulation of mitotic activity in eukaryotic cells. In the present work, the biological consequences of replacing arginine at position 87 of the polypeptide chain with tryptophan are considered in the context of the affinity of the p16INK4A mutant type for CDK6. Target. Analysis of changes in the binding affinity and interaction interface of the R87W mutant type p16INK4A protein with the predominant cyclin-dependent kinase CDK6. Materials and methods. Structural and functional consequences of replacing arginine with tryptophan at position 87 of the p16INK4A protein polypeptide chain in the context of the formation of a molecular complex with cyclin-dependent kinase CDK6 were analyzed using structural bioinformatics and computer biology methods. Results. It was found that the replacement of the R87W amino acid residue is accompanied by changes in the secondary conformation, physicochemical properties of p16INK4A, and also in the interface of its interaction with CDK6. The predicted ΔG values ​​of binding and dissociation constants of p16/CDK6 ≈ -9.94 kcal/mol and ≈ 5.12e-08 M, respectively, while the predicted values ​​of ΔG binding and dissociation constants of the mutant type p16R87W/CDK6 ≈ -9.49 kcal/mol and ≈ 1.10 e-07M respectively. Conclusion. As a result of the pyrimidine > pyrimidine transition at position 21971100 of human autosome 9, which corresponds to the E2 exon of the CDKN2A gene, a missense mutation occurs, the essence of which is a nonsynonymous replacement of cytosine with thymine in the coding chain of the gene, as a result of which the complementary nucleotide adenine appears in the template chain . Thus, the elongation of the primary transcript is accompanied by the formation of a single tryptophan-coding codon UGG. Ultimately, R87W is replaced in the polypeptide chain of the p16INK4A protein, leading to changes in its secondary conformation, physicochemical properties, and energy profiles of the interaction interface with CDK6. The results of this in silico study demonstrate a decrease in the binding affinity of the R87W mutant type tumor suppressor p16INK4A to the cyclin-dependent kinase CDK6, illustrating the importance of conservation of the amino acid context in the region of the pre-loop turn of the ascending α-helix 3 of the ankyrin repeat in light of the inhibition of the G0/G1 and G1/S transitions by the p16INK4A protein.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:27-32
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Zolotukhin V.O.


Currently, a large number of medical studies are being conducted in which the pH-metry method is used. Traditionally, methods for assessing the acid-base balance in patients are limited to systemic monitoring, however, in recent years, non-invasive pH measurement methods have been developed to assess the intra- and/or extracellular pH of tissues and biological fluids. The aim of the study was to determine the mechanisms of interaction between bromothymol blue and a test system for rapid diagnosis of diseases of the genitourinary tract. The study was carried out on a carrier based on cotton fiber with cellulose filler. It has been shown that the sorption capacity of cellulose is influenced by the pH of the medium, the ionic strength, the nature of the solvent, and temperature. As a result of the study, the mechanisms of the mechanisms of interaction between bromothymol blue and the test system were identified, the conditions of fixation of bromothymol blue on cellulose were identified and the duration of preservation of the properties of the resulting chip in time was investigated.

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Влияние факторов внешней среды на здоровье человека


Abramyan A.A., Silkin A.V., Klyukin A.A.


Relevance. The use of air ambulance is the most important component of medical support, which, first of all, determines the effectiveness of medical care provided to various groups of the population.
Goal. To analyze the history of the development and application of aviation in medicine, as well as to try to justify further opportunities and ways to improve the air ambulance service in the Russian Federation.
Methods. There was a review and study of the literature that was devoted to this topic, the study of materials from the university archive, as well as the integration of information from historical sources about the development of air ambulance in our state from the beginning of the XX century to the present.
Results. In our country, the development of the air ambulance service was mainly through the introduction of specialized sanitary transport used during military operations and in peacetime in various emergencies. During the Second World War and in the post-war period, air ambulance was successfully used both for evacuation and for the provision of qualified medical care. The main advantage of the technical means used in this case was the ability to take patients out of the emergency zone with simultaneous monitoring of their condition and the possibility of carrying out the necessary resuscitation measures, including during flight, that is, on board these vehicles. The analysis of samples of transport, which was used in the past and is currently being used, showed their high efficiency, as well as the need for their use during emergencies. The use of this service has its advantages and disadvantages, which determine the expediency of using it in emergency situations of various kinds.
Conclusion. The use of sanitation during medical evacuation made it possible to significantly increase the effectiveness of providing medical care to the wounded and injured in emergencies of peacetime and wartime, thereby saving a large number of lives.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:35-38
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Eskina A.


The urgency of creating a block of educational films on water hygiene and water supply is caused by the COVID-19 epidemic and the associated transition to distance learning. Educational films provide an opportunity to demonstrate laboratory work carried out at the Department of General Hygiene of the N.N. VSMU. Burdenko, and to create a full-fledged understanding of this educational section for students.Purpose: to organize the training of students in a remote mode by means of laboratory work on water hygiene and water supply clearly shown in educational films.Materials and methods: the following research methods were used: theoretical and empirical (creation of educational films as an interactive learning tool; testing and interviewing students to assess the success of learning). The object of the study is the study of sanitary and hygienic requirements for the quality of drinking water and methods of water treatment at the present stage.Results. The end result of this work was the creation and use of four educational films on water hygiene and water supply in the educational process.Conclusion: Thanks to the creation of films, it was possible to sufficiently demonstrate the progress of laboratory work on water hygiene and water supply for medical, pediatric, dental, preventive medicine and pharmaceutical faculties.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:38-40
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Zatsepina E.A.


Relevance. It is well known that bad habits shorten life expectancy. One of the most harmful and widespread in the Russian Federation is smoking. This has been proven by numerous studies, but people continue to inhale the dangerous combustion products of tobacco and cause irreparable harm to their bodies. Nicotine is incredibly dangerous for a teenager, because important physiological changes occur at this age. The body has not yet formed and therefore is vulnerable to toxins that act on it more strongly than on an adult, the child quickly gets used to it. Most smokers get acquainted with cigarettes during adolescence, so it is important to conduct educational work among students in grades 5-9.
Target. Analyze and prepare material that can later be used to combat smoking among students of educational institutions.
Materials and methods. The review and analysis of the literature on this topic made it possible to study the materials and studies of Internet resources.
Results. Smoking has a detrimental effect not only on individual organs and their systems, but also on the physical and mental development of a teenager's body in general.
Conclusion. Smoking is perceived by adolescents as a habit associated with a strong deterioration in health in the distant future, at the moment causing almost no harm to them. This is an erroneous opinion, which is stated in the work.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:41-44
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Ivanova P.E., Nefedova D.S., Frolov A.Y.


Purpose: to determine the optimal pulse zone of the class.

Methods of the study: 32 second-year medical university students were under observation: 7 boys and 25 girls. The first pulse measurement was made in students at the end of the warm-up. The second measurement of heart rate-after the main part of the class (running for 10 minutes). For each student, the maximum heart rate used to determine the heart rate zone was determined by formula. A 6-minute run was chosen as the zone test.

Results: after the warm-up, 87.5% of the students' scores were in the pulse zone 1, and 12.5% were in the pulse zone 2. After the main part of the test 12% of the students belonged to heart rate zone 1, 78% to heart rate zone 2 and 10% to zone 3.

Conclusions: the results correspond to the norm, i.e. to heart rate zones 1 and 2. They relate to restorative loads, which is typical for physical activity of medical university students, because there are a large number of untrained people among students. High-intensity loads for them will not correspond to the functional state of the organisms, which will have a negative impact on their health.


Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:44-46
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Ignatova J.S., Kasymov N.O.


Relevance. The city of Voronezh is a rapidly growing, highly developed city. In this regard, the health of the population is considered one of the most important indicators, which, first of all, depends on the quality of the environment.
Continuous monitoring of the state of atmospheric air makes it possible to assess the risk to health among residents, including carcinogenic. In the presented article, the influence of the atmospheric air of a large city on the level of oncological morbidity of the population, the composition of the air in various districts of Voronezh, and an assessment of the carcinogenic risk were analyzed.
Target. Identification of the carcinogenic effect of atmospheric air and assessment of the risk of oncological diseases in the city of Voronezh.
Methods. Study of available documentation and literature;
Analysis of archival sources on the selected topic;
Obtaining official statistics
Results. Toxicants with the highest possible risk of affecting the population were identified and ways to minimize their impact on a living organism were determined. Also, the largest enterprises of the city of Voronezh were identified, in the emissions of which these carcinogens are present.
Conclusion. Given the peculiarities of the composition of pollutants and the proximity of industrial enterprises to residential areas, it is necessary to carry out systematic monitoring and measures to reduce emissions into the atmospheric air.

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Ionova A.S., Popov M.V.


Sleep disorder is a serious problem affecting human health. There are several types, for example, insomnia, narcolepsy, obstructive apnea syndrome, limb movement disorder and circadian rhythm disorder. Medical students are most likely to develop sleep disorders due to increased learning stress.
Studies were conducted in which the prevalence of sleep disorders among medical students was assessed. Socio-demographic data and sleep data were collected using questionnaires. 818 medical students studying for three years were interviewed. Almost half of the respondents have an awakening disorder due to late falling asleep. The most common sleep disorder is insomic, which manifests itself in a violation of falling asleep and maintaining sleep (53.8%).

Medical students are inclined to sleep disorders, and it is important to pay attention to this problem in time and solve it until the condition worsens.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:50-53
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Medinsky K.S., Amosha D.N., Baron A.S.


The influence of social and biological factors on the mortality of children under one year old living in the conditions of the DPR, an ecologically unfavorable region, which has also been subjected to military influence in the last 8 years, has been studied; the need for a clear organization of preventive and therapeutic measures. The work used statistical materials of statistical collections of the Republican Center for the Organization of Health Protection, Medical Statistics and Information Technologies of the Ministry of Health of the DPR for the period 2014‒2021, practical material of the sanitary and epidemiological service of the DPR; survey was carried out. The leading role of the influence of biological factors in the early periods of life has been established - this is gender, the nature of feeding, the number of abortions. Of the social factors, the main ones were determined by the level of per capita income, the culture of the mother, military operations. Despite the uniformity of the influence of these factors, the level of infant mortality in the main and control groups was different - the highest values ​​of infant mortality were determined in settlements with more intense hostilities and environmental pollution, which suggests the possibility of an indirect effect of these factors on the health of this age group. . Conclusion: the analysis of infant mortality has shown that factors of both a biological and social nature have a rather pronounced influence on its level. The role of the latter was decisive in almost all periods of the first year, while biological factors were the main ones in the neonatal period.


Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:61-64
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Lagunova O.R.


Relevance: Cervical cancer (cervical cancer) occupies the 5th place from all oncological diseases in women and the 3rd place in the structure of mortality. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), in 2020, more than half a million women got cervical cancer and 342 thousand women died from this disease. Which indicates the importance of the problem among the female population, we need to think about finding ways that can fix the situation.
Objective: Epidemiological analysis of the incidence of breast cancer in women in the territory of the Russian Federation for 2009-2019.
Methods: Retrospective epidemiological analysis of the incidence of breast cancer over a ten-year period. Statistical data processing using the Exsel package.
Result: On the territory of the Russian Federation, the incidence of breast cancer is registered annually. For the analyzed period, there is a tendency to increase the incidence, the accuracy of the approximation ratio amounted to R=0,953. The number of identified women with cervical cancer in 2019 by 18.01% more than in 2009. The uneven distribution of incidence, a measure of intensity in 2009 was 18,82 per 100 thousand of the population, and in 2019 amounted to 22,25 per 100 thousand population. The disease begins to be registered from the age of 20-24, the peak incidence falls on the age group from 40-49 years.
Mortality from cervical cancer annually, there is no tendency to increase, the mortality rate for 2009 and 2019 are on the same level, however, the peak mortality was installed in 2013 and made up 8.46 per 100 thousand population.
In the age structure of mortality, isolated cases are recorded already from the age of 20 for women, in the age group of 45-49 there is an increase in the mortality rate, which is stable at a high level until the age of 85 for women.
Conclusion: The epidemic process of breast cancer during the analyzed period is characterized by a persistent increase in morbidity and an upward trend, R= 0.953. The structure is dominated by mature women from 40-49 years, the incidence has been registered since the age of 20 in women. In the dynamics of mortality from breast cancer, the indicator has stabilized, but remains at a consistently high level of 8.11-8.46% per 100 thousand population. The predominant age in the structure of mortality is women after 45 years and up to 85 years, the indicator remains stable at a high level in this age range, but isolated cases are recorded from the age of 20. Identified women aged 40 to 50 years are a risk group and preventive attention should be increased for them and the effectiveness of diagnostic measures should be strengthened.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:54-57
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Murentsov V.


The presented article reflects the features of the NVNPP operation, its technical parameters of new power units. The main damaging factors in emergency situations at this power facility were determined, the levels of organization of radiation control and ways to minimize the impact of ionizing radiation both on the NVNPP employees and on the population of adjacent areas and environmental well-being were identified. The features of first aid in an emergency and the organization of evacuation measures to safe areas are noted. Adequate maintenance of the normal operation of radiation-hazardous facilities, which is the NVNPP, is impossible without the creation of a specific control system, which includes, in addition to a number of organizational measures, specific tasks to determine the level of safety in the operation of new nuclear reactors at the NVNPP. In addition, the procedure for ensuring the radiation safety of the population and personnel in the event of an accident at the NVNPP, as well as the procedure for evacuating the population, is revealed. Special attention was paid to objects that are subject to environmental monitoring and environmental control, laboratory control methods, as well as the ARMS system - an automated system for monitoring the radiation situation, and references were made to legal documents regulating activities in the field of radiation safety at NVNPP.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:64-69
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Martynov D.


In the modern world, despite advances in medicine, many people suffer from diseases associated with smoking. The coverage of this problem in the scientific community helps to draw public attention to this problem, contributes to the development of an effective concept for eliminating this social problem in the context of the implementation of the state anti-tobacco program.
Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:57-61
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Novik S.V.


Relevance: Fats are the main source of human thermal energy and a necessary part of a balanced human diet. At the same time, fats consumed by humans are not chemically pure substances, but are a fatty mixture that varies greatly in its composition depending on the type of products and ingredients used in the preparation. And the unbalanced systematic use of components of a fat mixture with food by a person can lead to the development of a number of diseases such as disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the cardiovascular system, etc. Therefore, products with a large amount of fat require special control and regulation of consumption by the population.

Purpose: to evaluate the fatty acid composition of fat-and-oil products sold in retail outlets in the Voronezh region according to its layout on the shopping malls.

Methods: laboratory, chromatographic, analytical, hygienic.


On the "Golden shelves" of retail chains there are products in the average price range. The cheapest samples of fat-and-oil products are located on a shelf that is above eye level at arm's length. The main differences in the fat composition among the compared samples were found in goods located on shelves at arm's length and on the lower shelves. A sample of butter contains PUFA in the amount of 0.29 g / 100g of the product, MNFA and NLC - 21.6 and 47.71 g / 100g of the product, which differs from the fat composition of both samples from the top shelf and samples from the "Golden Shelves". In the samples of margarine and spreads selected on the shelves at arm's length, PUFA is contained either at the same level - 8.78-8.89 g / 100 of the product, or in an amount 2 times higher than the PUFA content in the samples of spread and margarine from the upper shelves - 12.29-15.53 g /100 of the product. There was also an increased content of trans-isomers of fatty acids, rather than in the images from the upper shelves (0.48-1.26 g/100g of the product and 0.07-0.23 g/100g of the product, respectively).

The data of the conducted research can be used to make additions to the regulatory framework governing the conduct of risk-based supervision during scheduled inspections by officials of the Rospotrebnadzor Department.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:69-74
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Pobezhimova M.A., Popova M.M.


Relevance: This paper discusses the organization of the educational process at a medical university using electronic technologies, the development of preventive measures to prevent risk factors that have arisen in the process of a hybrid form of education during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In turn, the emergence of a pandemic has affected many areas of human activity. The rapid process of transition to remote learning caused a huge dissonance among students and needs to be regulated by sanitary and hygienic rules. It is this regulation that plays a key role in preventing risk factors that arise in the learning process, the impact on academic performance and the prevention of fatigue among medical university students.

Purpose: to identify hygienic problems of using electronic learning tools by medical students in distance education.

Methods: general scientific, hygienic, sociological, analytical.

Results: According to the results of the study, it was found that with the prevalence of the MOODLE platform in the learning process, the majority of respondents used a personal computer ((73.4% to 26.6%), while with the prevalence of the WEBINAR service, most of them preferred mobile devices (79.7 % to 20.3%) It should be noted that the speed of reading textbooks selected for the study by students from the screens of smartphones and personal computers differs, despite the similar design (from a PC screen - 58 ± 5s, from a phone screen - 65 ± 6c.) Carrying out a comparative analysis of students' fatigue indicators, no significant difference was found in the number of errors, speed and accuracy of perception among PC users, in contrast to users of mobile devices, where they were noted in terms of the speed of information perception (142 ± 7 and 164 ± 8 characters). (p>0.05)).

Conclusion: According to the obtained data, the choice of an electronic device by students to a greater extent depended on the orientation of teachers to various services in the implementation of their disciplines. In general, the majority of university students used a PC to work in the MOODLE system, and a mobile device to work in the WEBINAR service, which corresponds both to the orientation of the proposed systems and to the preferred choice of technology.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:74-80
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Pobezhimova M.A., Popova M.M.


Relevance: Vaccination as a way to fight infections has proven to be effective. To date, immunization against COVID-19 is a very controversial issue. The world is divided into two fronts - defenders and opponents of vaccinations. The proportion of the vaccinated population of the Voronezh region as of January 20, 2022 amounted to 55.4%. The paper addressed the issue of one of the topical methods of combating a new coronavirus infection - vaccination. To assess post-vaccination reactions, a survey of 671 residents of the city of Voronezh was conducted from June to September 2021.

Purpose: To evaluate the frequency of post-vaccination reactions after immunization against COVID-19.

Materials and methods: general scientific, hygienic, epidemiological, sociological using a questionnaire.

Results: According to the results of the study, it was found that in 48.81% of those who were immunized, post-vaccination reactions were not observed. The most common symptoms for the introduction of immunobiological preparations were weakness, soreness at the injection site and body aches (93.45%, 92.26% and 64.29%), followed by reactions at the injection site - 38% and an increase in body temperature up to 380C (36.61%). Significantly more often, pain at the injection site was noted with the introduction of the first dose of the drug, an increase in body temperature to 390C during repeated vaccination. Significantly more often, the duration of symptoms was observed in the first two days in relation to the 3rd-7th days after immunization (p=0.0003, CI 1.06-1.98, χ2-20.64). It was established that when vaccinating "Sputnik V" and "KoviVak" there were observed - pain at the injection site, weakness, body aches then, when using the drug "EpiVacCorona" - pain at the injection site, weakness, fever. The duration of symptoms of 1-2 days was observed after immunization with Sputnik V and KoviVak, after vaccination with EpiVacCoron, the duration of symptoms was 3-7 days. This study once again proved the importance of vaccination.

Conclusion: According to the data obtained, out of 671 people who took part in the survey, 336 were vaccinated. Of these, 48.81% did not experience post-vaccination reactions, and 51.19% had the most pronounced weakness, soreness at the injection site, and body aches. It is noted that the similarity of post-vaccination symptoms and their duration during vaccination with Sputnik V and CoviVac, in contrast to immunization with EpiVacCoron.


Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:80-84
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Poiminova P.Y., Protsenko A.S.


Sanaviation serves to provide access to qualified medical care to residents of cities and villages that are located far from hospitals, as well as to provide emergency assistance in conditions of insufficient transport accessibility and to deliver victims to medical institutions with the necessary equipment as quickly as possible. Priority is given to the most severe cases: patients with acute coronary syndrome, acute circulatory disorders of the brain, victims of a traffic accident with combined injuries, patients with severe burns, severe bleeding, acute surgical pathologies, complicated pregnancy, as well as (most importantly) with coronavirus infection.
Medical evacuation provides for compliance with a number of mandatory conditions, the main of which is the possibility of resuscitation measures for the patient or the victim during the medical evacuation. Such support can be possible only if there are qualified medical personnel and special equipment, that is, a life support module.
The Government of the Voronezh Region has developed regulatory documents that regulate the activities of sanitary aircraft in this territory. The main objective of this project is to introduce a system for transferring a number of functions of sanitation in the activities of aviation companies on a competitive basis, as a result of which the health of the region will be freed from the need for maintenance of aviation equipment, maintenance of personnel, obtaining fuel and lubricants, navigation, meteorological services, payments of flight fees, which significantly reduces the cost of using aircraft for emergency medical evacuation in the region.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:84-87
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Razuvaeva Y., Didenko A.V.


Distance learning has become an integral part of the education of modern schoolchildren due to the epidemic situation. The online learning format has its advantages: comfort, accessibility, individual approach, an increase in the duration of a night's sleep, an increase in academic performance and, as a result, an increase in motivation to study. But distance learning can also have a negative impact on the health of students: spending time at an electronic monitor increases 4-5 times, which entails a load on the visual apparatus, the musculoskeletal system, leads to sleep disorders, increased physical and mental fatigue. There is a violation of metabolic processes and a decrease in the body's resistance to infectious agents, which leads to increased access to doctors and a waste of health resources. 114 schoolchildren took part in our study. A quarter of schoolchildren noted a deterioration in their health. There was a significant decrease in motor activity, an increase in BMI, an increase in complaints of headaches, a decrease in visual acuity. 17% of schoolchildren believe that their health has improved. It is impossible not to note an increase in the duration of night sleep and an improvement in academic performance, which can have a positive effect on psychological health. Distance learning undoubtedly has both its positive features and a negative impact on the health of schoolchildren. To reduce the negative impact of online learning on the health of students, it is necessary to develop hygienic preventive measures in the current situation.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:87-90
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Timashova A.


The coronavirus infection COVID - 19, which broke out at the end of 2019, took doctors all over the world by surprise. There is no etiotropic therapy, the number of patients is increasing at a tremendous rate every day. Doctors have to use various combinations of antibacterial, antiparasitic drugs in the treatment. Under such circumstances, the risk of developing diseases of various organs and systems, inhibition of the natural microflora of the body increases; patients with such a chronic disease as type II diabetes are in a special risk group. The purpose of this work is to analyze the frequency and structure of antibiotic therapy in patients with coronavirus infection, on the background of type II diabetes mellitus during the first wave of the pandemic. A descriptive and evaluative retrospective study was carried out. We analyzed 112 epicrises of patients who were hospitalized at the Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1, most of them are residents of the Voronezh region. According to the results of the analysis, 100% of patients with COVID-19 on the background of diabetes mellitus received antibiotic therapy. Various groups of antibacterial drugs, antiparasitic drugs and their combinations were used. It turned out that the appointment of 4 groups of antibiotics with the same frequency occurred in normal and elevated levels of C-reactive protein. In patients with lung injury degree CT 4, reserve antibiotics, carbapenems, were used significantly more often. The data obtained can be explained by the severity of the condition of these patients.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:90-93
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Tkach A.


The article presents the results of a study to study the prevalence of tobacco smoking among medical workers of public health organizations in Simferopol. Anonymous survey of 75 respondents was carried out. The questionnaire included questions on the demographic and socio-structural characteristics of the sample, determining the causes and intensity of smoking, as well as individual attitudes towards tobacco smoking and the role of health workers in the prevention of tobacco use. Every fourth of the respondents (25.3%) has a commitment to this bad habit. The distribution of smokers by age groups was: 20-29 years old - 36.8%, 30-39 - 31.6%, 40-49 - 26.3%, 50-59 - 5.3%. The dependence of the prevalence of tobacco smoking on gender differences and the level of education has been established. The number of smokers is dominated by men (68.42%) with specialized secondary education. The average smoking experience of employees of treatment-and-prophylactic organizations is 11 years, the intensity of smoking from 10 to 20 cigarettes per day was found in 42.87%, over 20 cigarettes - 20%. The main motives determining smoking behavior are habit as a ritual; a tool that allows you to cope with negative emotions and stress, as well as a way to maintain performance. Low motivation of medical workers to quit smoking was revealed, which requires more active preventive work to correct addictive behavior.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:94-97
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Tcurkan A.A.


Relevance. In accordance with the criteria for assessing the severity of iodine deficiency diseases by WHO (2000), the situation with iodine deficiency in Voronezh and the Voronezh Region is regarded as mild with a tendency to transform into moderate severity. Therefore, at present, the issues of prevention of iodine deficiency diseases are still relevant in the Voronezh region.The aim is to study the awareness of various groups of the population of the Voronezh region about iodine deficiency and to raise awareness of people on the issues of iodine prophylaxis.Materials and methods. A survey of 678 people was conducted on awareness of iodine deficiency and iodine deficiency. Methods of statistical processing, the Microsoft Excel program and Statistica 12 were used. Based on the results of the study, a lecture presentation, information sheets and a booklet were prepared for a conversation with schoolchildren, teachers, and students.Results. When analyzing the results of the survey, less than half of both teachers and students, and less than 1/3 of schoolchildren, have knowledge that the Voronezh Region is a territory with iodine deficiency. The vast majority of schoolchildren, teachers and students are aware of the role of iodine in the human body, rural schoolchildren and students are more knowledgeable. Respondents rarely consume iodine-rich foods and use iodized salt, while 18% of schoolchildren do not even know about iodized salt. Medical students and rural schoolchildren were the most interested in obtaining new knowledge on iodine prophylaxis.Conclusion. Preventive actions on iodine prophylaxis, organized with the cooperation of educational and medical institutions, allow not only to voice the problem of iodine deficiency, but also to inform the participants of the action on all issues of prevention of iodine deficiency diseases using various communicative competencies.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:97-100
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Shishlova A.S., Gorodilova D.A.


Annotation. The article analyzes the medical support of those injured in man-made accidents on the territory of the Voronezh region. The specificity and classification of man-made accidents are considered, aspects of this type of emergencies that complicate the provision of medical care are identified. The features of the organization of medical support for those affected by man-made accidents, the types of medical care provided and the conditions for its provision are given.

The relevance of our work is due to the fact that in large cities there are many 
economic facilities that are dangerous for the population, and the timely provision
of medical care is important for saving lives. The purpose of our work is to study
the features of medical support for those affected by man-made accidents in the
Voronezh region. To achieve it, methods of analysis and synthesis of scientific
publications and literary sources on the topic under consideration were used.
To study the specifics of man-made accidents.
Consider the organization of medical
support for those injured in road traffic accidents in the Voronezh region.
To analyze statistics and assistance to victims of man-made accidents.

To achieve the goals and objectives set before us, such materials and research 
methods were used as: 1) collection and analysis of material in the field of the specifics of
man-made accidents; 2) collection of information on the websites of the Ministry of Internal
Affairs and the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the Voronezh
region in the field of traffic accidents and analysis of these data; 3) collecting information on hospital websites and contacting hospitals
using communication tools to analyze information on the number of beds in
certain departments.
1) The organization and implementation of medical support for those injured 
in man-made accidents form one of the most important sets of measures for the
general medical support of the population of the Voronezh region. 2) The activities of this complex are aimed at ensuring the timely provision
of the necessary medical care to the injured in the required volume, the prevention
of complications and the speedy restoration of their health. 3) The effectiveness of medical support for the injured depends on the advance
preparation of the medical service for actions during the emergency period, the
professional preparedness of medical workers and interaction with emergency services.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:101-103
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Shcherbakova V.


Relevance. Currently, the consumption of energy drinks among young people in Russia is increasing for various reasons. According to various sources, energy drinks are quite effective, but potentially dangerous to health.
The aim was to study the frequency and causes of the use of energy drinks among medical students, subjective assessment of health status and side effects after drinking drinks, analysis of the qualitative and quantitative composition of popular energy drinks.
Methods. With the help of the Google Form platform, a survey was conducted of 150 students of medical, dental and pediatric faculties, including MIMOS. During the evaluation of the survey results, statistical analysis methods were used using the statistical software package "IBM SPSS". Based on the results of the analysis of the research literature, 4 most popular brands of energy drinks among young people were selected and their qualitative and quantitative composition was analyzed and described.
Results. In the course of the study, the opinions of 150 students of N.N. Burdenko VSMU were obtained and analyzed about the impact of energy drinks on their performance and health, as well as the general attitude to the use of energy drinks.
Conclusion. Energy drinks are becoming more and more popular among young people every year, their use is also widespread among students of N.N. Burdenko VSMU. The paper presents data on the use of energy drinks, as well as the positive and negative sides of this product.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:104-108
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Yan K.S.


The article presents basic information about the level of physical activity in the life of students, as well as its subjective assessment of their own health status. The study was carried out using the anonymous questionnaire method. It was held on the basis of three higher educational institutions of the city of Voronezh with the participation of students of I, II, III courses. In a comparative analysis, it was found that the majority of medical university students assess their own state of health as "satisfactory" (50.8%), while their peers from technical universities - VSTU and VSUIT - gave a higher assessment of their level of physical health. Thus, the answers "good" and "excellent" prevail, amounting to a total of 73.3% for the technical university and 59.4% for the university of engineering technologies. It can be noted that there are significant differences between the level of motor activity of students of three educational organizations with different profiles of education. The best indicators of physical activity were recorded among respondents from VSTU, while these indicators are much lower among VSMU students. This is due to the fact that physical activity is largely determined by the availability of time free from training sessions, which can be used for physical exercises and other types of activity.
In order to solve the problem of lack of physical activity of students, it is advisable to make adjustments to educational programs, improve the infrastructure of educational institutions and plan physical education activities that allow students to lead an active lifestyle.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:108-110
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Внутренние болезни


Babkin M.O., Kondrashova J.А.


The article shows a scheme of the effectiveness of the use of various antithrombotic therapy in patients with myocardial infarction in the focus of the postinfarction period. Relevance. Myocardial infarction is one of the causes of disability and decline among the population of developing and export countries. For the prevention of secondary thrombotic complications and myocardial infarction, often fatal for patients with an early post-infarction period, lifelong maintenance therapy with antiplatelet agents. For this reason, the expected effectiveness of such therapy in patients with suspected post-infarction period. Objective: to evaluate the effectiveness of antithrombotic therapy with acetylsalicylic acid in combination with clopidogrel and ticagrelor in patients with acute non-ST elevation myocardial infarction in the identified postinfarction period. Materials and methods. For the study, 54 patients aged 58 to 74 years who had acute subendocardial myocardial infarction without ST segment elevation and without a pathological Q tooth, who were present in the postinfarction period, were identified. The patients were divided into two groups of 27 people. Patients from the first observation group were treated with acetylsalicylic acid 75 mg/day and clopidogrel 75 mg/day, in the second group - acetylsalicylic acid 75 mg/day and ticagrelor 180 mg/day (90 mg divided into two doses per day). To evaluate the effectiveness of therapy, the VerifyNow test system and the flow cytometry method with the determination of P-selectin expression were used. Results. It was found that aspirin monotherapy is not a sufficiently high-quality method for the prevention of cardiovascular complications. From the above results, it follows that both treatment regimens have a pronounced antithrombotic effect. However, the combination of acetylsalicylic acid and ticagrelor in general showed a more rapid decrease in P-selectin expression and PRU, resulting in a significantly greater effect. 1 patient from the first group and 2 patients from the second group were weakly receptive to the proposed choice, which subsequently occupied a special place in individual therapy and drugs. Conclusion. Thus, it was found that clopidogrel and ticagrelor are quite effective drugs in the context of the ongoing early post-infarction phase, which was manifested in a more pronounced use of control of platelet system parameters. It was noted that combination therapy with ticagrelor and acetylsalicylic acid has a more pronounced effect than therapy with clopidogrel and acetylsalicylic acid. However, the features of the features and the presence of mechanisms of resistance of patients to the approach to the use of these drugs should be strictly individualized.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:111-115
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Glavatskikh Y., Drobysheva V.R., Будневская ., Tokmachev R.E.


Topicality. One of the most frequent combinations of pathologies is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) associated with chronic heart failure (CHF). The comorbidity of these diseases often results in a pronounced deterioration in the well-being of such patients as well as a deterioration in the long-term prognosis, which requires further study of the progression mechanisms of CHF, Improving the diagnosis and treatment of this category of patients.
Target. Evaluate the influence of physical training on clinical flow, laboratory and instrumental indicators in patients with comorbid current of chronic heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with different emission fraction. Study the clinical pathogenic relationship between comorbid diseases COPD and CHF.
Materials and Methods. The study included a group of patients (n=80) with comorbid currents CHF and COPD (48 men (60%) and 32 women (40%), with an average age of 67.5±5.9 years.) By LV EF, patients were divided into two groups. Two subgroups were formed in each group, depending on whether physical training was included in the treatment programme. At the time of inclusion and 12 months later, they conducted a definition of tolerance to physical load, laboratory and instrumental examination. The statistical analysis was carried out with the help of the Statistica 10 software package.
Results. A follow-up survey 12 months later in subgroups undergoing physical rehabilitation revealed a statistically significant (p≤0.05) decrease in the N-terminal fragment of the natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP), the highly sensitive C-reactive protein (Hs-CRP), interleukin-1β (IL1β)interleukin-6 (IL6), tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha). There has been an increase in the tolerance of physical exertion, which is assessed with the help of 6MWT.

Conclusion. The combination of COPD and CHF amplifies systemic inflammation and myocardial remodeling processes determined by the level of the highly sensitive C-reactive protein, pro-inflammatory cytokines and NT-proBNP. The negative influence of the 6MWT on the functional status of CHF patients with different emission fraction has been established, which is manifested by the lower values of 6MWT and the ratio of 6MWD/6MWD(i). Physical rehabilitation of patients with comorbid COPD and CHF is accompanied by significant improvement of hemodynamic performance during load tests (6MWT), decrease of pro-inflammatory cytokines, high sensitive C-reactive protein, NT-proBNP.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:115-119
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Zemlyankina I.N., Butova L.R.


The economy, environmental factors, as well as modern conditions for the development of students - adversely affect their health. The trend of growth in the number of students who need specialized medical and psychological assistance, more sparing organization of the educational process is revealed. Students from all over the world have an increased risk for health reasons. This conclusion was obtained as a result of a contradiction existing in the system of higher professional education. It consists in optimizing the educational process of higher education institutions in order to maintain the health of students and simultaneously increase the intensity of the educational process in order to increase the level of knowledge of students. Every year, the number of reliable and thorough studies of social health factors in groups of children and adolescents increases, while a small amount of relevant information remains regarding the health of students. The reason for this is the lack of statistical indicators and the limited research opportunities in this group. The studies available to date, in relation to this problem, give alarming results. This indicates that the health of students, as well as the development of technologies that promote prevention and health protection, are, at the moment, insufficiently studied.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:122-124
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Drobysheva V., Glavatskikh Y., Будневская ., Tokmachev R.


Topicality. The progression of chronic heart failure (CHF) is associated with repeated hospitalizations and a decline in quality and life expectancy. The search for and development of effective treatment and prevention programmes is therefore timely and necessary today.
Target. Assess the impact of physical training on clinical flow, laboratory and instrumental performance in patients with CHF with preserved ejection fraction (EF) and CHF with reduced EF.
Materials and methods. The study included 160 patients with CHF (86 men and 74 women) with a median age of 72.2±8.8 years. The group split was based on the ejection fraction of the left ventricle (LV EF). In each group two subgroups were formed, depending on the inclusion of physical training in the treatment programme. At the time of inclusion and 12 months later, they conducted a definition of tolerance to physical load, laboratory and instrumental examination. The statistical analysis was carried out with the help of the Statistica 10 software package.
Results. A follow-up survey 12 months later in subgroups undergoing physical rehabilitation revealed a statistically significant (p≤0.05) decrease in N level of the terminal fragment of the natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP), the high-sensitive C-reactive protein (Hs-CRP), interleukin-1β (IL1β)interleukin-6 (IL6), tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha). There has been an increase in the tolerance of physical exertion, which is assessed with the help of 6MWT.
Conclusion. The physical rehabilitation of patients with CHF with both preserved and reduced LF EF is accompanied by a significant improvement in clinical flow, improvement of load-test indicators (6MWT), decrease of the level of pro-inflammatory cytokines, Hs-CRP, NT-proBNP.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:119-122
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Kalinina K.M., Checheleva V.S.


Relevance: for a long time studying the appointment of coraxan to patients with coronary heart disease, it was found that this drug significantly improves the quality of life of the patient and health indicators. Purpose: a real reasonable assessment of the effect of coraxan on HRV parameters in patients combining COPD with exertional angina. Materials and methods: the study was carried out according to all the requirements of the ethical committee, and also approved by it. Inclusion criteria and exclusion criteria were included - in two cases, patients gave informed voluntary consent. The main complex of studies was carried out on the basis of the "Voronezh Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1", amounting to 150 people. Both anamnestic and conservative methods, as well as hardware ones (“ETON”) were used. Conclusion: Thus, we have built a model that allows us to evaluate the effect of Coraxan when it is used in the treatment of patients with coronary artery disease after CABG and in conditions of conservative therapy with positive practical application.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:124-126
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Kravtsova A.V., Kobeleva E.O.


Relevance: Currently, about 195 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes mellitus (DM), more than 90% of whom are patients with type 2 diabetes. Mortality from cardiovascular diseases in patients with diabetes is significantly higher (more than 2 times in men and more than 4 times in women) compared with people without impaired carbohydrate metabolism.
Objective: To study the violation of the electrophysiological properties of the department using the dispersion mapping method in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus to identify disorders of the cardiovascular system.
Materials and Methods: This study included 100 patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and 30 healthy individuals. Results: When examining patients with type 2 diabetes, the presence of violations of the electrophysiological properties of the myocardium was revealed.
With dispersion mapping, the Myocardial Index (MI) was 23.48±2, in healthy people 13.7±0.85, which indicates early functional changes in the cardiovascular system. The number of heartbeats in the examined patients is 97.5±3, in healthy 79.4±2.8. In re-observed patients, as a result of the treatment, significant improvements in indicators were revealed: MI was 18.2 ± 2, which differs significantly from the initial indicators by 5.28% The number of heartbeats in re-observed patients amounted to 72 beats, which differs from the original figures.
Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:127-129
pages 127-129 views


Kudelin A.


Relevance: the actual problem of medicine as a science has always been the adherence of patients to the treatment prescribed by a specialist, because the effectiveness and speed of restoring the health of the person who applied for help has always depended on the exact and most strict execution of medical prescriptions [1]. The XXI century has made its own adjustments in this area of interaction between a doctor and a patient.
The purpose of the study: to assess the adherence of patients of different age groups to therapy at the outpatient stage, depending on the degree of their use of information technology
Materials and methods: The study was conducted using our own questionnaire on the use of information technologies by a particular patient in combination with the Morisky-Green questionnaire designed to assess patients' adherence to treatment, as well as the HADS anxiety and depression scale. Statistical processing was carried out using the Microsoft Excel program. All patients gave informed consent to participate in the survey.
Results: analyzing the data obtained using the Morisky-Green questionnaire, three groups were identified among the respondents: compliant (18 people), non-compliant (31 people) and the least committed to treatment patients (11 people).
After processing the data obtained using the HADS anxiety and depression scale, it turned out that the average level of depression and anxiety in compliant patients was higher than the corresponding indicators in non-compliant and least committed to treatment patients.
The results of their own questionnaire: 17 people give their preference to the Internet in the search for information, 35 respondents searched for information about their disease before visiting the attending physician, patients use technical devices with Internet access on average 4.5 ± 0.8 hours a day, and directly from the Internet, patients participating in the study consume information on average 3.8 ± 0.6 hours a day.
1. Based on the analysis of the above data, we can say that the patients who are most located and trust the knowledge obtained from virtual environments have an average age of 39.8 ± 4.1 years, since representatives of this age category are more socialized, as a rule, actively use the Internet in everyday life to communicate with their family members, colleagues and consumption of entertainment content.
2. Patients who use Internet resources as a source of information immediately before outpatient admission are more committed to the prescribed treatment than other respondents, at the same time they are characterized by a significantly higher level of anxiety and depression, which can negatively affect the treatment and recovery process.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:129-131
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Norvardyan A.


Relevance. According to the recommendations of the European Society of Cardiology, atherosclerosis of the arteries of the lower extremities in 25-72% of cases is accompanied by a significant lesion of the coronary arteries. In 20-30% of patients, 5-7 years after the onset of the manifestation of atherosclerotic and diabetic lesions of the arteries of the lower extremities, critical lower extremity ischemia (CLLI) develops. According to national and international studies, the main cause of death in these patients is acute myocardial infarction (AMI). Considering that cardiovascular diseases are the most common cause of death in patients with CLLI, the question remains whether the strategy of routine, preventive coronary angiography and coronary artery revascularization is justified in this category of patients in order to reduce the risk of cardiovascular complications in the future.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:138-139
pages 138-139 views


Nartova A., Nartov A., Ruchkin D., Sсhepalina A., Kitbalyan A., Potapov P.


Relevance.The rapid spread of COVID-19 and the high incidence of diabetes mellitus (DM) in Russia make it relevant to study DM as a risk factor for COVID-19 severity and mortality.

Objective.To determine the incidence of DM as a comorbidity in COVID-19 in the Russian population, to determine the influence of DM on the severity and mortality in COVID-19, to evaluate the effect of metformin in patients with DM on mortality from COVID-19.

Materials and Methods.We analyzed 386 medical records of patients hospitalized between 02.02.2020 and 21.03.2021 with COVID-19. Comorbidities and DM therapy were recorded. Patients were divided into 2 groups according to the presence or absence of DM. The duration of hospitalization, frequency of transfer to intensive care unit (ICU), mortality, data of laboratory and instrumental studies were analyzed. DM patients were divided into 2 groups: the first did not take metformin, the second took metformin - the duration of their hospitalization, ICU length of stay, COVID-19 mortality were estimated.

Results.Structure of comorbidities: 64.8% of patients had arterial hypertension, 40.9% had obesity, 22.5% had chronic kidney disease, 21.0% had DM, 10.9% had coronary heart disease, 10.6% had chronic respiratory disease, and 10.4% had atrial fibrillation. Hospitalization duration was 15.17±21.43days in the group without diabetes vs 13.68±5.85days with diabetes (p=0.633), ICU length of stay 7.9%vs13.6% (p=0.114), outcomes (9.5% died without diabetes, 14.8% with diabetes, p=0.168) were not statistically significantly different. Patients with diabetes had lower saturation on admission (94.30±3.5vs93.15±4.58, p=0.005), higher C-reactive protein (71.55±61.89vs106.09±83.24, p<0.001), they required respiratory support more frequently (p=0.027,39.35% of patients without diabetes vs56.7% with diabetes received it: 32.8%vs45.7% - oxygen therapy, 0.65%vs2.5% - noninvasive ventilation, 5.9% vs8.6% - invasive ventilation), administration of biological agents (18.0%vs28.4%, p=0.039) and acticoagulants (90.5%vs97.5%, p=0.044). 

No statistically significant differences were found between the groups of patients not taking metformin and those taking it: length of hospitalization (14.06±4.86vs13.09±6.25, p=0.232), ICU length of stay (16.7%vs7.5%, p=0.262), outcomes (mortality 22.2%and7.5%, p=0.089).

Conclusion.DM has no effect on the severity and mortality of COVID-19. This result was associated with more aggressive therapy in DM patients. Treatment of DM with metformin was not associated with a reduction in mortality from COVID-10.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:132-137
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Pankova D.


To improve pharmacotherapy and tactics of therapeutic treatment of patients with atrial fibrillation and concomitant non-coronary extracardiac pathology, it is necessary to take into account the physiological, hemodynamic, and structural and functional features of the course of the disease in such patients. The article reflects data on the geometric and electrophysiological remodeling of the heart chambers, most attention is paid to the state of the left atrium, changes in blood biochemical parameters, and emphasis is placed on the level of thyroid hormones. The work is based on a retrospective analysis of medical records of 29 patients hospitalized in the endocrinology and cardiology departments of the Smolensk Regional Clinical Hospital. All patients underwent clinical studies, including Holter monitoring and transthoracic echocardiography. An increase in the size of the left atrium in each group of patients, a lengthening of the corrected QTc interval, and changes in biochemical parameters, namely cholesterol and its fractions, blood electrolyte composition, and thyroid hormone levels, were revealed.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:140-143
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Petrikhina O.N.


Relevance. This article discusses the prevalence of concomitant diseases in patients with COVID-19, carried out a statistical analysis and identified the most common pathologies. Purpose: to identify the prevalence and type of concomitant diseases in patients with COVID-19.
Materials and methods: statistical and mathematical analysis, generalization, comparison. Results: During 6 months of 2021, 678 patients with the main diagnosis of COVID-19 underwent inpatient treatment at the VUZ VO VGKB No. 20. Among them, 2 groups were distinguished: men and women. The number of men in the total number of patients was 42.48%, women - 57.52%. In the course of further research in each group, patients were divided into 7 age categories. Among all groups of patients, the prevalence of comorbidities was determined: hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes mellitus, etc.
Conclusion: It is necessary for the doctor of the therapeutic department to correctly and timely identify comorbidities, as well as to know which of them occur quite often and at what age. The most common are hypertension and type 2 diabetes. Therefore, the diagnosis of comorbidities is essential for the proper management of patients with COVID-19.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:144-147
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Saydullayeva M.S., Kudratova F.M.


Objective: to identify the features of risk factors for the progression of damage to the cardiovascular system in patients with primary hypothyroidism

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:147-148
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Sedgaryan M.


Relevance. Chronic lower limb ischemia (CLLI) is associated with a two-fold increase in the risk of mortality, mainly from cardiovascular disease. Progression of coronary heart disease (CHD) and CINK stage 2B according to Fontaine-Pokrovsky leads to the development of large cardiovascular events in the hospital and long-term periods, can lead to the development of critical ischemia of the lower extremities, as well as amputations in the absence of treatment. The main goal in the treatment of these patients is to preserve the lower extremities and reduce cardiovascular risk, in particular, reduce the number of myocardial infarctions (MI). To date, there is no single point of view in choosing a strategy for the treatment of patients with stage 2B CLCI, in whom conservative therapy was ineffective, in combination with concomitant significant damage to the coronary arteries. Purpose. To evaluate the results of treatment in patients with CLII stage 2B in combination with coronary artery disease. Materials and methods. On the basis of the National Medical Research Center for Surgery named after A.V. Vishnevsky, the results of treatment in 92 patients with CLII stage 2B in combination with coronary artery disease were analyzed. Patients were divided into 2 groups: group 1 - PCI and lower limb artery stenting (LEA) and group 2 - PCI and open surgery for LA. Among 92 patients, 70 (76%) were men. The mean age of the patients was 65.7 ± 7.7 years. Angina pectoris II-III FC according to CCS occurred in 72 (78.2%) patients, painless form of myocardial ischemia - in 20 (21.8%). Single-vessel coronary artery disease (narrowing over 50%) was diagnosed in 23 (25%) patients, two-vessel lesion in 34 (36.9%), and three-vessel lesion in 35 (38%) patients. In 72 (78.2%) patients, a unilateral lesion of the ANC was diagnosed, in 20 (21.7%) - bilateral. Results. At the hospital stage, no MI, stroke, or deaths were observed in both groups. In the long-term period, the results were evaluated in 76 (82.6%) of 92 patients: group 1 - 37 (48.7%) and group 2 - 39 (51.3%) of 76 evaluated patients. In group 1, 2 (5.4%) patients out of 37 experienced 2 (5.4%) MI and 1 (2.7%) death due to pneumonia. In group 2, 1 (2.5%) of 39 had a non-fatal MI. There were 5 (12.8%) deaths in total: 2 (5.1%) MI, 1 (2.5%) oncology, 2 (5.1%) complications after COVID-19. Conclusions. 1. X-ray endovascular and combined strategies for the treatment of patients with CLCI in combination with coronary artery disease showed their safety and effectiveness. When performing 198 interventions in 92 patients (average 2.1 operations per 1 patient), no severe cardiovascular complications were observed. We suggest that timely PCI in patients with CLCI helps to avoid major cardiovascular complications.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:148-149
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Suleymanova E.


Relevance. This work is devoted to revealing the essence of such a disease as iris coloboma. Coloboma is a malformation and can occur as an isolated defect in healthy individuals or as part of a complex malformation syndrome. Incidence: 0.5–2.2 cases per 10,000 newborns [1]. Coloboma is most often associated with many other eye defects. The development and origin of this disease are little covered in the relevant literary sources, the analytical work carried out allows us to study and understand the structure and causes of the disease, its varieties and treatment from all sides.
Target. To study the features of the iris coloboma disease, analyze the specialized literature, and compile a comprehensive description of the disease.
Materials and methods. Foreign and domestic bibliographic sources were studied within the framework of the topic under study: publications and scientific articles, educational literature, dissertations. A content analysis, classification and comparison of what was studied, a synthesis of the information received on the current degree of knowledge of the genesis and treatment of iris coloboma was carried out.
Results and conclusions. As a result of the study, it was possible to find out all the subtleties and conditions for the inheritance and genesis of iris coloboma. The cause of the development of the disease is the unsuccessful closure of the anterior part of the fetal optic fissure. This is a non-progressive genetically determined disease, which is most often characterized by an autosomal dominant type of inheritance independent of sex. Evidence suggests that iris coloboma may also be associated with a heterozygous mutation in the helicase protein 7 chromodomain gene. However, there are cases of coloboma acquired during life as a result of physical trauma to the eye. Sometimes the disease is aggravated by concomitant colobomas of other structures of the eye: retina, optic nerve, lens or ciliary body. It can also be accompanied by microophthalmia, anophthalmia, glaucoma, etc.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:149-153
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Umarova L.S., Karimova S.A.


Objective: To study the features of the cardiovascular system in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:153-154
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Kharkovskaya E.


Relevance. Vascular diseases of the brain occupy a leading place in the hierarchy of medical and social problems at the present stage. Being the most common chronic disease, arterial hypertension is the most common cause of acute cerebrovascular accident. A significant proportion of post-infarction disorders account for cognitive disorders and disorders of the psycho-emotional sphere. The purpose of the work. To study the prevalence and severity of cognitive and psychoemotional disorders in hypertensive patients who have suffered acute cerebral circulatory disorders.Materials and methods. A group of patients was selected – 36 people, average age 65.16±3.2. The study used the following methods of clinical examination of patients, analysis of outpatient charts, the following scales were used: MMSE (M. Folstein, 1975), geriatric depression scale (GDS-15), VAS. The Statistica 6.0 program was used for statistical processing of the material.

Results. According to the results of the study, the target blood pressure was achieved in both groups, but to control blood pressure in patients of group 1, the use of three-stage or more antihypertensive therapy is required, and for patients of group 2, a combination of two drugs was sufficient, and only a quarter of patients in this group needed a triple combination. According to the MMSE scale, moderate cognitive impairment was detected in group 1 patients. The indicators of group 2 did not reveal significant cognitive impairments. In group 1 patients, according to the Geriatric depression Scale, probable depression was established, in group 2 patients there were no signs of depression. The scores of both groups on the VASH scale indicate a periodic feeling of dissatisfaction with their lives. Disorders of the psycho-emotional sphere can be a significant obstacle in achieving compliance with therapy. Conclusion. The results of this study can be used to plan neurorehabilitation programs for patients with hypertension who have suffered acute cerebrovascular accident.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:155-158
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Военная и экстремальная медицина


Denekin S.P., Manzhosov O.O., Marshalova V.A.


Purpose: To draw the attention of society to the history of Voronezh TСDM

Methods: analysis and study of materials and articles on the history of the centre

Results: Many articles and independent articles were found, reviewed and studied whitch made it possible to form a reliable history of the center.
Conclusions: Since its foundation, the Voronezh Center for Disaster Medicine has provided medical care to thousands of patients and has played an important role in the health care system of the region.
Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:159-162
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Krasova M.E.


In the presented article, the main tasks of the medical service and methods of their implementation in the conduct of military operations under the conditions of the aggravating effects of natural and climatic factors in the Republic of Afghanistan were outlined. Natural and climatic factors had a significant impact on the number and nature of sanitary and irretrievable losses. The war in Afghanistan (1979- 1989) became a new stage in the development of medical units and units engaged in providing troops, during which vast experience was gained in providing medical care in difficult conditions of mountainous and desert terrain. The training of medical workers providing military personnel of a limited contingent of Soviet troops in Afghanistan was carried out on the basis of experience gained during the Great Patriotic War. However, this conflict has made a significant contribution due to the peculiarities of the location of the country and, as a result, difficult climatic conditions [1]. This article attempts to reveal the main causes of the growth of infectious diseases among Soviet army servicemen. The peculiarities of the organization of medical care in the conduct of hostilities make a huge breakthrough in the development of medical science for the treatment of the population in peacetime, therefore, in this work, the experience used in Afghanistan was studied and analyzed, taking into account the complexities of the climatic region and the influence of this factor on wounded and sick servicemen in need of medical care. The result of the analysis of the medical and sanitary situation on the territory of Afghanistan was an increase in the number of military hospitals by pathology profile, the creation and application of a complex of sanitary and hygienic and anti-epidemic measures, which led to a significant reduction in sanitary and irretrievable losses [2].

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:162-165
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Tislenko V.A., Akulshina S.A., Antyufeeva A.S., Muradova A.S.


Relevance. Nowadays, there is a high probability of occurrence of emergency situations at economic facilities. This implies the need to inform the population and employees of these facilities about the consequences of possible accidents, the procedure for dealing with them.

Goal. Systematization of information about emergency hazardous facilities located on the territory of the city of Voronezh; study of the damaging factors of emergencies at economic facilities; study and analysis of ongoing measures to ensure industrial safety.

Methods and Materials. The study, analysis and generalization of literature, qualitative and quantitative processing of information obtained from the structure of the GOCHS in the Voronezh region.

Results. We have identified the main causes contributing to the occurrence and development of accidents; the factors on which the scale of the accident depends have been identified; the zone of possible fatal damage from suspected accidents has been established.

Conclusion. Based on the analysis, it was found that in order to reduce the danger in the event of an accident of various origins, it is necessary to provide enterprises with PPE, clear planning of the notification system and the order of action of the organization's forces, as well as close inter-organizational interaction.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:170-174
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Pavlenko L.S., Ermakova A.V., Laptev M.V.


Relevance. The relevance of this topic is to study the impact of the level of medical supply on the provision of timely assistance to the wounded and sick. Also, the paper considers one of the urgent problems of medical supply, the improvement of medical support and supply during hostilities.
Goal. To study the features of medical supplies during the war in the Republic of Afghanistan (1979-1989). To draw conclusions about the work done by the medical supply authorities.
Materials and methods. Study, systematization and analysis of the literature on the subject of the study.
Results. The peculiarities of the medical supply of the Armed Forces of the USSR during the military conflict in the Republic of Afghanistan were formed.
Conclusion. The results of the study prove the effectiveness of medical supplies for the troops of the 40th Army of the USSR in Afghanistan. At the same time, considerable work was done to improve the medical support of units and various military institutions, which later found its application in the Soviet Army.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:165-170
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Trufanova S.


The article presents an assessment of the state of the atmospheric air of the city of Voronezh for a ten-year period (2011-2020), identifies the main air pollutants, highlights the main factors affecting the state of the atmosphere, and presents the results of assessing the risk to public health from exposure to atmospheric pollutants.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:174-178
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Tyunina A.A., Popova M.M.


Relevance: VASO is one of the largest aircraft manufacturing enterprises of the Russian Federation, whose main activity is aimed at the production and testing of aviation and military equipment. The paper discusses issues related to the influence of the main groups of harmful production factors on human health and its offspring, the causes of various occupational diseases, as well as the establishment of measures and methods of prevention. According to the results of the study, in the period from 2015 to 2019, 42 cases of occupational disease in 30 people were registered at PJSC VASO. 11 employees were diagnosed with 2 or more diagnoses during the study period, where the age range of morbidity ranged from 56 to 59 years.
Objective: To assess the impact of harmful production factors on the health status of employees of PJSC Voronezh Joint-Stock Aircraft Company in the period from 2015 to 2019 and to analyze occupational morbidity depending on the influence of harmful factors.
Materials and methods: Analysis of statistical data of Rospotrebnadzor in the Voronezh region on occupational morbidity.
Results: According to the data obtained, the greatest share in the structure of chronic occupational diseases among such professions as "assembler-riveter" and "fitter for the manufacture and fine-tuning of aircraft parts" is occupied by diseases associated with the effects of physical factors of production, where the leading nosological form in this group is currently professional sensorineural hearing loss - 52.25%, and in the general structure of occupational diseases, the share of this pathology reaches 25.56%. Conclusion: According to the data obtained, 30 employees have at least one occupational pathology, 11 of which were diagnosed with 2 or more during the study period from 2015 to 2019. The detection of vibration sickness and professional sensorineural hearing loss in the assembler-riveter and locksmith for the manufacture and fine-tuning of aircraft parts is due to the prolonged exposure to harmful production factors.A woman by profession "painter", whose work is regularly exposed to organic solvents, has been diagnosed with occupational respiratory diseases: "chronic obstructive pulmonary disease", "bronchial asthma", "allergic rhinitis", which is associated with regular exposure to organic solvents. In order to prevent occupational diseases, a complex of organizational, technical, engineering, hygienic and therapeutic and preventive measures aimed at strengthening and preserving health has been carried out for a number of years.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:178-182
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Детские инфекционные заболевания


Abramova Y.S., Musatova V.V., Tsurova M.I., Zhdan D.V.


In December 2019, an epidemic of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 began. In the process of evolution, the infectious agent mutates with the acquisition of new properties, which causes an undulating course of the epidemiological process with the involvement of the child population in the epidemic process. The aim of the study was to identify the clinical and epidemiological features of the new coronavirus infection COVID-19 in children of the first year of life during the epidemic rise of the “3-4 waves of COVID-19”. Under observation were 49 patients with laboratory-confirmed by PCR method of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 at the age of 1-12 months, who came, as a rule, from family foci of infection. The main manifestations of the disease were predominantly subfebrile temperature in 87.7% of the observed, dry cough in 73.5% of cases and moderately severe catarrhal phenomena like nasopharyngitis in 41% of children. Pneumonia (CT-1 lesion area) was diagnosed in 46.9%. It was not accompanied by clinical signs of respiratory failure and a drop in saturation. The severity, to a greater extent, was determined by metabolic disorders, which were marked by a long-term persistence of an increase in the values ​​of blood lactate, LDH, CPK, GGTP, ALT and AST. The increase in CRP was infrequent 26.5%, was insignificant and quickly returned to normal within 10 days.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:183-186
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Инфекционные болезни и иммунология


Averina M.V.


Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education «Samara State Medical University» of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation

The Chair of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology

Scientific Heads: Ph.D., Associate Professor Konnova Tatiana VitalevnaPh.D., Associate Professor Konstantinova Elena Aleksandrovna


Annotation. Relevance. Tularemia is an acute zoonotic disease characterized by a wide distribution, the presence of natural foci, and periodic epidemic outbreaks. Natural foci of tularemia are distinguished by their persistence, longevity, and the ability to manifest themselves after many years of epizootic and epidemic well-being. The main ways and factors of human infection are contacts with infected animals, consumption of food and water contaminated by rodents. Less commonly, infection occurs during the processing and threshing of grain crops. The susceptibility of people to the causative agent of tularemia is 100%.

Purpose: updating the criteria for diagnosing rare highly contagious human epidemic diseases using the example of a clinical case of tularemia diagnosed in September 2021.

Materials and methods. Preliminarily, according to the literature, 16 clinical cases of tularemia that occurred in the Russian Federation and abroad over the past ten years were considered. Two cases of tularemia diagnosed in Samara in 2021 were also studied. Both patients were infected in the Komi Republic.

Results. The largest number of patients were aged 40 to 50 years, and 4 children under the age of 18 also fell ill. One patient was over 60 years of age. Patients underwent a standard general clinical examination, serological examination to detect antibodies to the causative agent of tularemia, ultrasound of the lymph nodes. In children with tularemia, compared with adults, prolonged febrile fever, inguinal lymphadenitis, and micro abscesses were more common. In patients over 18 years of age, abscessing cervical lymphadenitis, exudative pleurisy with serous hemorrhagic effusion, and myocardial dystrophy were more common. In clinical blood tests, leukocytosis, and an increase in ESR were observed. In biochemical blood tests, an increase in C-reactive protein was observed.

Conclusion. A special role in the diagnosis of tularemia is given to a thorough collection of epidemiological history and serological tests. Timely and properly selected antibiotic therapy, considering sensitivity to antibiotics, will help prevent complications of this disease.

Keywords: tularemia; highly contagious disease; lymphadenitis.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:187-191
pages 187-191 views


Goleva Y.V., Fedosova E., Pronina V.A.


The pandemic of a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) marked the beginning of 2020 and dictated new living conditions for all mankind. Vaccination is the only sure way to fight this infection. The level of collective immunity should reach 95-98%. The current specialists of the healthcare system are an example of a conscious attitude to their health for patients. Medical students represent particular interest in the issue of vaccination.
The purpose of our work was studying the commitment of Medical University students to vaccination. A voluntary anonymous survey of 1106 students of N.N. Burdenko VSMU was conducted in the period from September to December 2021. 584 first–year students, 107 second-year students, 55 third-year students, 48 fourth-year students, 109 fifth-year students and 203 sixth-year students took part in the survey.
During the conducting research, the number of vaccinated against COVID-19 was 66.9% (740 people): 53.9% of first-year students, 71.0% of second-year students, 81.8%, 87.5%, 78.9% and 86.7% of 3rd-6th year students respectively. Most of the students were vaccinated with Sputnik V (215 people), the second most frequent was Sputnik Lite (76 students), 28 and 20 people were vaccinated with Kovivak and EpivacCorona respectively.
A total of 33.1% of students were not vaccinated. Of all the respondents, 99 people (9%) do not plan to be vaccinated in the future. 34.2% of students (378 people) do not trust the quality of vaccines, but more than half of them (203) are vaccinated. Medical exemption is the second most common reason for refusal - 8.9% (98 people); 7.9% (87 people) did not reach the vaccination age, less often the reason for refusal was fear of post–vaccination complications (43 people - 3.9%) and other reasons (0.5% - lack of SNILS, disorganization, religious beliefs).
Students working in the "red zone" with patients with a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) (125 people) were vaccinated more often (94.4%) than their groupmates, and the percentage of patients with coronavirus infection among them was higher - 73.6%.
The commitment of medical university students to vaccination against the new COVID-19 coronavirus infection at the height of the fourth wave of the pandemic in the region was higher than the general level in the Voronezh Region and amounted to about 67% versus 42%. The proportion of vaccinated students working in medical institutions was 94%. Unfortunately, 9% of students remain convinced "anti-vaxxers". Among all the students surveyed, the highest commitment to vaccination was shown by senior students, including those working in practical healthcare.
Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:191-195
pages 191-195 views


Korotkova O.M., Nikeshena S.A.


Aim: a comparative analysis of the composition and characteristics of the microflora of the pathological discharge of the tonsils in patients who are to undergo surgery for paratonsillar abscess (analyses in 2021), and compare the data obtained with the situation in 2013, based on archival materials.
Methods: the results of microflora inoculation of swabs from the tonsils of patients performed before surgery to open a paratonsillar abscess, as well as tests for antibiotic resistance, were analyzed. The data were provided by the laboratory of the clinic "Center for Modern Pediatrics", for the period from September to December 2021. Next, a comparative analysis of the composition of the microflora in patients with archival data for 2013 was carried out (based on the materials of the thesis of A. I. Yartsev).
Results: Staphylococcus aureus becomes the most common pathogen (total 36 cases, 40.1%), while in 2013 its frequency was only 16.6%, and the most common pathogens were Streptococcus viridans (30.5%) and Staphylococcus epidermidis (25%). In the same study, Staphylococcus epidermidis was isolated from 4 patients (4.4%), but Streptococcus viridans was isolated from 22 patients (24.7%), i.e. the occurrence of opportunistic flora decreased, and Staphylococcus aureus increased significantly.
Conclusion: the microflora that causes paratonsillar abscesses has changed since 2013. In the first place in terms of the number of cases, was Staphylococcus aureus. This can be attributed to its increased antibiotic resistance (strains resistant to several antibiotics exist in every age group). There are also new pathogens (Moraxella catarrhalis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa), which also have antibiotic resistance.
Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:195-198
pages 195-198 views


Kudelin A.


Relevance. According to the Federal Service for Surveillance in Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare, the West Nile Fever (WNF) morbidity situation in the world and in the Russian Federation remains tense [1,2,3,4]. According to the data of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control of the World Health Organization in 2020, the average long-term incidence rate of West Nile Fever was 0.007 per 100,000 people. Most frequently, LZN occurs in the Mediterranean countries, as well as in the south of Europe and Asia. At present, climatic conditions on the territory of Russia are changing, and the trend of these changes will continue, possibly for a decade (Roshydromet). In this connection, and also taking into account activation of natural-anthropogenic foci, an increase in population morbidity of West Nile fever in the Russian Federation, especially in the Southern Federal District (in Astrakhan, Volgograd, Rostov regions, Krasnodar Territory, - 90% of all morbidity in the country) in Siberia and in the Far East is noted [3,4,6]. In Voronezh region West Nile fever was registered for the first time in 2010. Taking into account activation of natural and natural-anthropogenic foci as well as warming tendency on the whole planet the expansion of West Nile virus area is observed [3,4,6].
Objective of the investigation: to study clinical and epidemiological features of West Nile fever in the Voronezh region.
Materials and methods Were analyzed the case records of 23 patients treated in the Infectious Diseases Clinic (VOKIB) of the Voronezh Region. The diagnosis in all cases was laboratory confirmed by detection of West Nile virus antibodies - Ig M, lg G by ELISA method.
Conclusion. The incidence of West Nile fever is still registered in Voronezh Region. Further study of clinical and epidemiological peculiarities of the disease is necessary. Attention should be paid to early diagnosis of this naturally focal pathology.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:198-201
pages 198-201 views


Kukushkin V.


Abstract: the research topic is relevant due to the fact that the intestinal microbiome participates in the metabolic and epigenetic process, is actively involved with them in protective and coordinating functions. Human health, in turn, is connected with the biome. With dysbiosis, a violation of biome functions leads to pathological processes. The microbiota and the immune system constantly interact - with the dependence of the second on the first. Purpose: to determine the effect of various lactic acid products in combination with different bacterial groups on human immunity, analyze it, compare it. Methods: outpatient charts were copied, a questionnaire was conducted with parallel anamnesis, an examination with anthropometry and a laboratory examination - both at the beginning and at the end of the ten-day period of consumption of lactic acid products. Results: the formation of the body's immune system occurs under the dominant influence of the microbiota, as well as the microbial-tissue complex formed by it in the intestine. They also constitute the first line of defense (non-specific). It is the close connection of the immune system with the intestinal microflora that determines the degree of immunity of the body to infectious / non-infectious environmental influences. The level of resistance and the state of the intestinal microflora essentially determine the health of the body. Studies have shown an important positive role of lactic acid products in stimulating and maintaining intestinal microflora, and hence immunity. Conclusion: there is no doubt that the balance of the human intestinal microflora is of crucial importance for health and well-being. The consequence of probiotic therapy and suppression of conditionally pathogenic microbiota is an increase in the number of fecal bacteria (lacto- and bifido-) and the return to normal metabolic activity of the gastrointestinal microbiota. When intestinal epithelial cells interact with probiotic microorganisms, the resistance of cells against pathogenic viruses and bacteria increases. Summing up the presented data, it should be noted: knowledge about the human microbiota, the actions of probiotics has grown significantly recently, and food and drugs with them are already everywhere nearby in everyday life. One of the most important channels for optimizing the intestinal microbiota is their competent use. This in turn leads to the prevention of diseases and a healthy person.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:201-204
pages 201-204 views


Naidenko A.


Viral hepatitis A (HAV) still remains an urgent public health problem. In this study, we analyze the clinical and laboratory features of the course of HAV in patients older than 50 years in Voronezh and the Voronezh region for the period from 2018 to 2021. Under observation were 31 patients diagnosed with acute HAV, icteric form. The mean age of the patients was 54.3±4.2 years. The diagnosis was established on the basis of clinical and laboratory studies in accordance with the International Classification of Diseases of the tenth revision. The diagnosis was confirmed by enzyme immunoassay by detecting antibodies to the HA virus aHAV IgM in the blood. In most patients, the course of the disease was moderate. Most patients had a preicteric period according to the dyspeptic variant with an increase in body temperature. Such a diagnostic criterion for the classical course of HAV, as an improvement in well-being with the onset of jaundice, was observed in 1/3 of patients. Most of the patients were admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of hepatitis, unspecified. On examination, hepatomegaly was detected in 93.5% of patients. In the general blood test, half of the patients had normocytosis. Cytolysis indices averaged 15 norms. Biochemical indicators of cholestasis were also higher than normal in 100% of patients.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:208-210
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Lomtadze A.D., Ablaeva A.A., Tsimbal M.V., Shuklina K.R.



To date, COVID-19 continues to be one of the most pressing health problems since the end of 2019. The clinical picture of all infectious diseases has its own characteristics in the child population. Most often, asymptomatic and mild forms were the predominant variants of the disease in the structure of the morbidity of children with a new coronavirus infection. Currently, severe forms with the development of respiratory distress syndrome, multiple organ failure, and isolated deaths are also detected.


To analyze clinical and laboratory data on the course of a new coronavirus infection in children under the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Materials and methods

On the basis of the regional infectious diseases hospital in Voronezh, a study of the clinical features of the course of a new coronavirus infection was conducted in 352 children, whose diagnosis was established after the detection of SARS-CoV-2 virus RNA in a smear from the throat and nose by PCR.


The disease most often occurred in 81.8% of children in mild and moderate forms. The most common symptoms were hyperthermia and cough. Febrile temperature was observed in 47.1% of patients, subfebrility in 28.4%, hyperthermia in 14.2%. Over the course of each subsequent wave of the pandemic of a new coronavirus infection, the incidence of children with cough has increased significantly, to 91.2%. There was a tendency to increase the percentage of nasal congestion and rhinorrhea from 10.7% and 8.5% in the first wave to 57.6% and 42.3% in the third wave, respectively. Decreased sense of smell, taste disorders and clinical symptoms of gastrointestinal tract damage were most common in the second wave. According to computed tomography of the chest organs, there was an increase in the frequency of detection of pneumonia from 46.3% in the first wave of the pandemic to 69.3% in the third wave. Clinical signs of respiratory failure, decreased blood saturation developed in 11.8% of children of the third group. During the first and second waves of infection, there was a significant increase in the number of platelets during clinical recovalescence – 230 [180; 270]×109/ l vs. 280 [215; 340]×109/l. Thrombocytopenia, as an unfavorable diagnostic sign, was detected in 15.3% of the third group. Biochemical blood tests showed an increase in the level of transaminases, lactate, CK, LDH, C-reactive protein, ferritin. The children were treated according to modern clinical guidelines.


Throughout the observation, children of all ages were ill, the predominant age group was children of primary school age, regardless of gender. Basically, the disease occurred in mild and moderate forms, but gradually there was an increase in the number of severe forms.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:204-208
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Ozerova D.V., Kalashnikova P.M.


Structured abstract. In the history of the department, several scientific directions can be traced, depending on their relevance in a specific period of time. In the pre-war and post-war period, many regions of our country, including Voronezh, belonged to the natural focal disease of leptospirosis. Due to the significance of the problem in the 30s-70s of the last century, the Department of Microbiology carried out a huge research work in this direction. The staff of the department made a significant contribution to the study of the issue of leptospirosis under the guidance of the head of the department M. V. Zemsky. Thus, the second serovar of the pathogen was discovered and an optimal nutrient medium for growing leptospira was proposed. The role of migratory birds in the epidemiology of the disease was established and the therapeutic efficacy of penicillin in the treatment of experimental leptospirosis in animals was discovered. Based on the results obtained, the effectiveness of immunization with leptospirosis was evaluated, and the formation of post-vaccination immunity in irradiated animals was studied, a universal biological model from the wild was identified – speckled ground squirrels susceptible to all leptospir serovars. For the first time, experimental leptospirosis vaccines were obtained and approved for testing. After testing, the vaccine was transferred for mass production and was widely used in the national economy.Goal. To study the contribution of the department in solving the problem of leptospirosis infection in the pre-war and post-war period.Materials and methods. The study of the issue was carried out using the materials of the department, literary data and statistical indicators of WHO and Rospotrebnadzor.The results obtained. Based on the analysis of literary data and the study of historical materials of the Department of Microbiology, the huge contribution of the staff under the leadership of Mikhail Vasilyevich Zemsky in the study of the "mysterious" leptospira was noted. Thus, 2 serovars of the pathogen, Leptospira zemskovii, were discovered and the optimal nutrient medium for growing leptospira, the Zemskov renal medium, was proposed. In 1949, Associate Professor Zoya Mitrofanovna Bialik established the role of migratory birds in the epidemiology of the disease and their participation in the transcontinental and interstate spread of the disease. In 1950, the therapeutic efficacy of penicillin in the treatment of experimental leptospirosis in animals was discovered. In 1951, the staff of the department: Associate Professor Z. M. Bialik and assistants Z.N. Prikhodko, Y.P. Gorchakova and V.P. Popova evaluated the effectiveness of immunization with leptospirosis, and also studied the formation of post-vaccination immunity in irradiated animals. A universal biological model from the wild has been identified – speckled ground squirrels susceptible to all leptospira serotypes. In 1960, M.V.'s monograph was published. Zemsky's "Water Fever", in which he summarized and systematized the results of the study, as well as outlined ways of their practical use for the development of new methods of treatment and prevention. The following works were also devoted to this topic: "Essays on military field epidemiology", "The search for the mysterious leptospira", A collection of scientific papers of the Department of Microbiology (leptospirosis, intestinal and coccoid infections). During the period from 1948 to 1960, more than 60 scientific papers were published, a number of dissertations were defended. In 1966, experimental leptospirosis vaccines were obtained for the first time and allowed to be tested. After testing, the vaccine was transferred for mass production and was widely used in the national economy. Conclusion. The significance of the research work of the staff in the study of the "mysterious" leptospira from the natural foci of the Voronezh region has been established. In the pre-war and post-war period, the number of cases of leptospirosis was more than 1,500 per 100,000 people. Currently, the relevance of this infection in Russia is not great: the number of cases per year is 0.46 – 1.63 per 100,000 people. In Voronezh in 2021, only one case of infection with leptospirosis was detected. It is possible that it was the achievements of the department in the field of studying this infection in the last century that allowed solving the problem of leptospirosis in the 21st century. Currently, leptospirosis is not a common disease in the territory of the Russian Federation. However, it is impossible to exclude a change in the epidemic situation in the future, since this infection is a pure zoonosis and depends on population waves characteristic of rodents.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:210-212
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Laboratornaya diagnostika COVID-19 na molekulyarnom urovne v Kyrgyzstane

Sarieva B.


           Коронавирусная инфекция (COVID-19)  вызвала не только глобальную пандемию, но и указала на неподготовленность систем здравоохранения, и меры были приняты под давлением неотложных обстоятельств. Вспышка инфекции начавшаяся в марте 2020 года, все еще продолжается в Кыргызстане, и по состоянию на 2021 год было подтверждено более 86000 случаев заболевания и 1 426 летальных исходов. В настоящее время существуют различные методы, каждый из которых имеет свои плюсы и минусы как в лабораторной надежности, так и в диагностической интерпретации. Ситуация с используемыми методами и их специфическими применениями постепенно развивается по мере того, как болезнь становится серьезной мировой проблемой, и прилагаются значительные усилия для решения текущих проблем.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:212-213
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Sidorov V.V., Medvedeva E.A.


Relevance: A new coronavirus infection is rapidly spreading around the world within a short time interval, causing devastating damage to the health systems of most countries. Gender is a key predisposition factor for various diseases. Some studies have drawn attention to the male dominance in overall mortality and from infection caused by the new coronavirus. Objective: to study the gender characteristics of the course of a new coronavirus infection in patients living in the Voronezh region and treated in the covid department of the Higher Educational Institution of Higher Education, Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1 from April to August 2020. Materials and methods: the material for the study were hospital records of 101 patients (men - 44/43.56℅, women - 57/56.4℅) who were treated at the base: "Voronezh Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1" in the period from April to August 2020 with a diagnosis of "New coronavirus infection COVID-19", the average age of men was 57.01±2.27, women - 57.01±2.01 years. The diagnosis was established on the basis of data from clinical, laboratory and instrumental studies. Results: in this study, age, laboratory, radiological, clinical indicators, as well as the duration of hospital treatment, taking into account concomitant pathologies, were compared and analyzed depending on gender. Conclusion: there were no significant and significant differences in the nature of the course of a new coronavirus infection (Covid-19) between men and women.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:214-217
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Khvostova M.


Abstract. Relevance. In December 2019, a new coronavirus causing severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS-CoV-2) emerged in China. A number of studies have shown that people living with HIV (PLHIV) with well-controlled disease have no risk of more severe COVID-19 outcomes than the general population. However, there is also evidence to the contrary.
Objective: Study the course of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 in patients with well-controlled HIV infection using antiretroviral therapy.
Materials and methods. Case histories of 31 patients with COVID-19 were analyzed, of which 14 people had well-controlled HIV infection (group №1), and the remaining 17 people with COVID-19 did not have antibodies to HIV (group №2). All patients were hospitalized at the centre of the Voronezh regional clinical hospital N 8 or the Voronezh Regional Clinical Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS for the period from April 2020 to September 2021.
Results. Among patients of both groups, such clinical manifestations of a new coronavirus infection as fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, myalgia, headache, nasal congestion, anosmia, diarrhea were equally often observed. The stages of viral pneumonia according to the results of CT in patients of both groups were also comparable. Changes in laboratory parameters in both groups were also similar: leukocytosis, increased levels of CRP, ESR and D-dimer occurred with the same frequency. A small sample of patients does not allow us to reliably determine the mutual influence of HIV infection and COVID-19, however, this study did not reveal an increased risk of severe course and adverse outcomes of COVID-19 in PLHIV with well-controlled HIV infection compared with a group of patients without HIV infections.
Conclusion. The results of the study demonstrate that PLHIV with well-controlled disease are not at risk of worse outcomes of COVID-19 compared to the HIV-free population, which is generally consistent with the literature data.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:217-221
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Клиническая фармакология и фармакоэкономика


Abramyan A.A., Kiseleva A.I.


Relevance. As a result of an increase in the number of pathogenic microorganisms and their resistance not only to antibacterial, but also to antiseptic agents, the problem of pharmacotherapy of purulent-inflammatory processes is formed. Also, in the pathogenetic aspect of purulent-inflammatory pathology, the predominant role of the bacterial component should be highlighted. Moreover, in this case, the appointment of combined pharmacotherapy, including the appointment of both local and systemic use of medicines, is highly effective.

Goal. To study the features of the course of the wound process when using various combinations of pharmacological agents.

Methods. In the course of the scientific work, the material of foreign and domestic literary sources in the field of methods of modeling purulent wounds, methods of pharmacotherapy of this nosological group was analyzed, a chronic experiment on modeling purulent wounds and combined pharmacotherapy of this nosological group was conducted.

Results. The most positive dynamics of the wound process was observed in the combined pharmacotherapy of a purulent wound with the use of intra- hydrogen water, externally - Dioxomethyl-tetrahydropyrimidine + Chloramphenicol (Levomecol) (4 experimental group), where the disappearance of hyperemia, skin edema, the end of necrolysis, the appearance of granulations, epithelialization of the wound, reduction of discharge to scanty faster compared to the data of the 1st control group was observed.

Conclusion. A large volume of research literature on the modeling of purulent wounds in the experiment has been analyzed. The most optimal, accessible and sparing tactics of modeling purulent wounds in rats in the experiment was selected. The optimization of the pharmacotherapy of purulent wounds by the combined use of hydrogen water inside and local antibacterial agents is proposed.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:222-224
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Arustamyan A.


The problem of acute poisoning in recent decades has become particularly relevant due to the accumulation of a huge amount of chemicals in the environment. Assessment of their toxic effect can be carried out with the help of certain functional or structural changes in organs and systems, which is reflected in the clinical picture of poisoning and in shifts in laboratory parameters.

Objective: to determine the features of the clinical picture and laboratory data for poisoning of children in the Voronezh region with various substances.

Methods. The study was conducted retrospectively based on the analysis of medical records for 2019. In total, 45 case histories of children from 1 to 17 years old were analyzed, among them 27 girls.

Results. Drug poisoning was observed in 24 people (53%), in 8 patients – with psychotropic drugs, 11 people (24%) – were poisoned with alcohol and 7 (16%) - with unspecified substances, carbon monoxide poisoning - in 2 children (4%), and mushrooms in 1 child (2%).

Conclusions. An analysis of the medical histories of children who were admitted with poisoning showed that the clinical picture was significantly influenced not by the poisoning agent itself, but, for the most part, by the severity of poisoning. With a mild degree, weakness, nausea, pallor of the skin were noted, with more severe poisoning, changes in heart rate, BPD, depression of consciousness, toxic liver damage with corresponding changes in laboratory parameters were added. In order to reduce cases of poisoning, it is necessary to increase individual monitoring of children, strengthen the quality of work of psychologists in educational organizations and sanitary and educational work in educational institutions.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:225-228
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Kadyseva E.


The thesis presents a retrospective analysis of the case histories of 105 comorbid patients in the burn department in order to identify complications during treatment with apixaban.
Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:229-229
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Yan K.S., Nesterova A.V.


Relevance. Diseases of the respiratory system occupy a leading place in their prevalence among children of various age categories from year to year. According to statistical materials provided by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, 101,956 cases of respiratory pathologies were noted in 2020, which is 76% of the total number of registered diseases in patients with a diagnosis established for the first time in their lives. Despite the extremely wide range of antibacterial drugs on the modern pharmaceutical market, the chosen treatment strategy does not always lead to the achievement of the goal. For example, community-acquired pneumonia at the moment still remains one of the main causes leading to death among children at an early age everywhere, which indicates the need for a detailed examination of the drugs most commonly used in pediatric practice, identifying aspects of effectiveness or, conversely, their ineffective use.
Purpose. To study the properties of the drugs of choice for the treatment of community-acquired pneumonia of bacterial etiology in children, the range of antibiotics in pharmacies in Voronezh, to identify the demand for them and the main reasons explaining the lack of drugs.
Materials and methods. The study was conducted on the basis of pharmacies of private and state ownership in Voronezh during December 2021.At the first stage of the study, employees of pharmacy organizations were offered a list of drugs specified in the clinical recommendations for the treatment of pneumonia, with a request to indicate the drugs available. At the second stage, information was collected on the reasons for the lack of antibiotics, as well as an analysis of the information received.
Results. During the consideration of the availability of drugs of interest to us and the demand for them, it was found out that the choice of the drug depends more on the etiology of pneumonia and the severity of the child's condition. In the treatment of typical and atypical community-acquired pneumonia, the main emphasis is placed on such groups of antibacterial drugs as aminopenicillins, macrolides, cephalosporins, fluoroquinolones. Depending on the social status and material capabilities of the family, the pharmacy assortment includes drugs at a cost from the most expensive to cheaper analogues of the original generic drugs, identical to the original in composition and therapeutic effect, but produced by other manufacturers.
Conclusion. Rational antibiotic therapy underlies the therapy of typical and atypical community-acquired pneumonia of bacterial etiology. The correct approach in choosing medicines, taking into account possible side effects, the risk of resistance of the pathogen to a particular group of antibiotics allows the dynamics of the disease to acquire a positive character.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:232-235
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Loban D., Kruglikova A.


The goal is to analyze the consumption of medicines and financial expenses using the ABC/VEN analysis system. Methods. ABC-VEN-analysis of drug consumption in the Gomel Regional Clinical Skin and Venereological Dispensary for the period of conversion to fight COVID-19 infection from 01.10.2021 to 20.11.2021 using an automated workplace of a clinical pharmacologist "Pharmsuite". Results. The list of medications used during the treatment of infectious patients amounted to 53 drugs. Amount of funds spent: 71,911.63 bel. rub. ABC analysis meets the requirements: A accounted for 79.6% of spending, B - 15.4%, C - 5%, which is an indicator of the most optimal and recommended allocation of funding. Intra-group ratio: Vital - 12.50%, 25.00%, From 62.50%; Essential - 7.32%, 12.20%, From 80.49%; Non-essential - 0.00%, 0.00%, From 100.00%. Money spent: Vital - 46,625.99 bel. rub.; Essential - 25,118.15 bel. rub.; Non-essential - 167.49 bel. rub. Conclusions. ABC/VEN analysis makes it possible to ensure the rational consumption of funds and the use of medicines with proven effectiveness. The distribution of funds and the use of medicines correspond to the most optimal regulatory values. In the treatment of severe pathology in a pandemic, doctors treat the prescription of drugs carefully, because non-core specialists are engaged in treatment.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:230-232
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Лучевая и функциональная диагностика


Belyaeva A.A., Matveev K.E.


Annotation. Currently, the study of the respiratory system using computed tomography has become in great demand due to the spread of a new coronavirus infection. Unfortunately, many people do not have sufficient knowledge about this research method and its possible negative consequences. Due to the lack of necessary information, some patients are ready to conduct this study not only without a doctor's appointment, but also simply for the purposes of a preventive method of research, not realizing at all that they receive a huge dose of radiation.

Relevance. In recent years, computed tomography (CT) has become increasingly common in the diagnosis of a wide variety of pathological conditions. Over the past two years, interest in this method has increased dramatically due to the emergence of a new coronavirus infection, most often affecting the respiratory system with the development of polysegmental bilateral pneumonia. CT has become the method of choice in the diagnosis of COVID-pneumonia [1]. Moreover, this research method finds a place in a number of specific areas of medicine, for example, in pulmonology, traumatology, urology and other fields. At the same time, CT is not a "harmless" procedure, if we take into account that this method refers to radiation and is based on different absorption of X-ray radiation by tissues. Ionizing radiation has stachostic effects that do not have a dose threshold of occurrence, but the probability of which is proportional to the total dose received over a long period of time [2]. Therefore, the choice of this research method should be strictly justified by the presence of indications that only a doctor can determine. Therefore, the population should be informed about the negative effects that can occur with uncontrolled use of CT.

The purpose of the work. Find out if patients are aware of the possible side effects of CT. And also to evaluate the frequency of CT without a doctor's appointment.

Materials and methods. The study involved 68 people who had ever undergone a CT procedure. Everyone was asked to take an anonymous questionnaire on this topic.

The results obtained. During the study, 40 people answered the question "Have you ever had a CT procedure without a doctor's appointment" in the affirmative, 3 respondents had CT performed five times, 2 - four times. Of all the respondents, CT was prescribed by a doctor only in 49% of cases.

At the same time, 87% of those who participated in the study are aware of the possible harmful side effects of this procedure. 85% know about the use of X-ray radiation in CT. Only 2 respondents are ready to carry out CT when the first symptoms of ARVI appear, however, 24% of respondents consider the use of CT to be acceptable for preventive monitoring of COVID-19.


Based on the above, we can conclude that the majority of respondents are aware of the possible side effects of uncontrolled CT use, but not all of them understand that this harm is caused by the action of X-rays.

In addition, some respondents underestimate the degree of danger of possible side effects, as evidenced by the fairly frequent CT without a doctor's appointment, as well as the willingness to use this method for preventive monitoring of COVID-19.

Therefore, it is necessary to improve the quality of public awareness on this issue by conducting sanitary and educational work.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:236-237
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Zhurikhina A.V., Azarov G.E., Chernitsyn K.I.


Epithelial malignant ovarian tumors are actual problem today in terms of diagnosis and treatment stratification. Very often, there is a problem of delayed diagnosis of tumors, which leads to delayed treatment of these formations with chemotherapy, while the patient already requires surgical correction of his disease. This article discusses the latest methods of CT and PET diagnostics of malignant ovarian tumors, which are already widely used in the EU and the USA, advantages and disadvantages, their applicability, as well as their diagnostic value.

The purpose of this research is not only to tell about the latest methods for diagnosing malignant ovarian tumors, but also to assess the possibility of their use now, since not all methods of X-ray diagnostics using the same contrast agents are safe for health. Therefore, in our article we will discuss several radiopaque methods that are currently used. Our key purpose should be the final identification of the necessary diagnostic techniques and the possibility of their use right now with a view to their possible integration in practical medicine.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:237-241
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Kosimtseva A.


This article discusses the importance of positron emission tomography in the diagnosis of coronary heart disease and the interpretation of various results. The purpose of the study is to analyze the effectiveness of using this visualization method, its impact on the organ under study and the issues of the correct interpretation of the final results. The material for the study was the results of research by domestic authors. Positron emission tomography is a relatively young research method that allows you to see the presence and development of benign or malignant formations, predict the dynamics of their development, identify the functioning of all body systems as a whole. Based on the conducted research, it can be noted that positron emission tomography has certain advantages in the study of heart diseases over other imaging methods, since we can identify individual areas of the lesion, clearly see the blood filling of tissues and evaluate metabolism, and based on this

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:242-244
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Serikova V., Pegusov M., Spitsyna I.


In the modern world, there is a negative dynamics of mortality from coronary heart disease, which is caused by late diagnosis of preclinical manifestations of the disease, insufficient effectiveness of conservative therapy. Also at risk are people suffering from diabetes mellitus (DM), overweight, impaired left ventricular function, as a result of which there are lesions of the coronary bed that are not amenable to surgical treatment.
According to statistics, men aged 35-45 years in most cases suffer from atherosclerotic changes in the coronary arteries. Basically, it is during this period that the initial lesions of the vascular bed of the heart are detected, later their calcification, which will spread along the course of the disease.
MSCT with non-contrast assessment of the coronary calcium index (CT-calcium scoring), as a screening method, is one of the most accessible in the diagnosis and further monitoring of the spread of calcification of the coronary arteries.
A noninvasive method is used to assess the density of calcium in the walls of the arteries, calcification is detected, which is the first stage of the formation of atherosclerotic plaque.
Objective: to study the condition of the vascular wall of the coronary and non-coronary bed in patients for the presence of calcification, to determine the degree of the pathological process, to analyze the data of clinical research, medical literature, to evaluate CT-calcium scoring as a method that at the early stages of the development of the clinical picture allows to identify the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.
Methods: The study is based on the method of calculating the coronary index (CI), developed by American cardiologist A. Agatston. For further differentiation of patients and structuring of the obtained data, the ranges proposed by the specialists of the Mayo Clinic were used, illustrating the content of calcifications in the walls of coronary vessels. The material for the study was taken from the protocols of coronary calcium MSCT on the basis of the federal network of diagnostic centers "MRI EXPERT". The authors also analyzed medical literature (medical collections of articles, textbooks) to solve this goal.
Results: At the conclusion of the study, a correlation was revealed between the clinical manifestations of coronary heart disease, heart failure and the amount of calcium diffused in the walls of coronary vessels. According to the study, calcification of the coronary bed is detected in the absolute majority of patients (41 (78.9%) people) with clinical signs of coronary artery disease.
Conclusions: Coronary calcium MSCT, in comparison with CT angiography, has less effect on the patient's body, while not losing its informative value. CT-calcium scoring has a high sensitivity, which allows this method to find them in the vascular bed at the early stages of the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.
This research method plays an important role in the early diagnosis of pathological changes in the vascular wall in asymptomatic patients with a predisposition to the development and a high probability of the disease.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:244-249
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Yatsenko V.D.


Every year, the number of women with various diseases of the mammary glands is growing at a tremendous rate. In this regard, it is of particular importance to study the effectiveness of X-ray mammography and other instrumental research methods in the diagnosis of breast pathologies.

The purpose of this study is to determine the role of X-ray mammography in the instrumental detection of breast diseases and the possibility of using other diagnostic methods to clarify its data.

The study presents data from various scientific articles reflecting the role of X-ray mammography in the diagnosis of breast diseases.

Currently, X-ray mammography is the main method of studying mammological diseases. It allows you to determine the nature and location of the pathological focus in time and with high accuracy. However, sometimes the results obtained during X-ray mammography need to be confirmed. In these cases, other instrumental methods of breast examination are used.

X-ray mammography is currently the leading method of research in the field of breast diseases. The clinical significance of X-ray mammography lies in the possibility of early diagnosis of diseases of the mammary glands, which is especially important when detecting oncopathology.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:249-254
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Alekhina A.


Researches of the effect of radionuclides on the human body remain relevant up to date. Their effect of penetrating the body is characterized by involvement of numerous systems of human body. The causal relationship of effects depleted uranium exposure has not been specifically defined, but people who live in zones of armed conflict, as well as armed forces personnel, had health problems of "unknown origin", and with remote symptomatic etiology. The risk of possible exposure is also may appear when manufacture of nose spikes for armor piercers and atomic energetics products. In view of these perspectives, depleted uranium, which used in various types of weapons, has been considered as the cause of complaints. Acute uranium intoxication is appeared in polytropic effect that is apparently depended on the resistence of the body. Getting into the internal milieu, depleted uranium exhibits radiation effect of exposure followed by alpha particles radiation. Long-term consequences after oral incorporation of depleted uranium with drinking water are matters of particular interest.

The study purpose is defined by assessing of morphofunctional state of the trachea and thyroid gland, united by topographic proximity and different by morphological heterogeneity, upon one month after a single oral incorporation of an aqueous solution of depleted uranium oxides.

General histological and histochemical staining methods on thin paraffin slices have been performed for studying on morphological and functional state of the trachea and thyroid gland

The results of the morphological and statistical analysis of the trachea wall upon staining with hematoxylin and eosin revealed changes in the structural components that determined deformation of its functionality a month after oral incorporation of an aqueous solution of depleted uranium oxides. Morphological diagnosis was characterized by a change thickness of the epithelial layer, its multi-rowed structure, the cellular composition of the epithelium, and the loss of special organelles. Modifying effect of depleted uranium is also extended to the glandular epithelium with exposure of secretory segments hypertrophy and excretory ducts. There was revealed the diffuse lymphocyte infiltration of the tracheal membranes and formation of lymph nodules. Histochemical analysis of hormone formation in the thyroid gland has demonstrated a change in the ratio of follicles according to the degree of iodization of colloid amino acids with accurate predomination of non-iodized amino acids of irregular shape with accurate smaller diameter against target parameters, with flat or low cubic epithelium, indicating a decrease of gland functionality.

The bioeffect of depleted uranium, independently from organ implementation and tissue organization, was prolonged indicating a functional inability.


Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:257-259
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Asimova A.A., Malikov J.I.


Modern psychological research proves that the aesthetics of the face has a significant impact on the quality of a person.life. Physically beautiful people are more successful, sociable, educated, socially attractive. Can you change your smile, which is a distinctive feature when you meet? This article describes a smile based on its anatomical components. The main parameters that are made up by a smile are the lip line and the smile line. The lip line is formed by the ratio of teeth to the lower lip, the visualization of their reprimand and laughter, the exposure of gums in a normal state and with an aesthetically unacceptable smile. The contribution of facial muscles, which play a leading role in the formation of a smile, is described. This article describes a harmonious smile, the factors that make up a harmonious smile, from the standpoint of aesthetic dentistry.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:255-257
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Durnikina E.N.


A defect in the ventricular septum is a disease in which the septal integrity between the right and left ventricles of the heart is impaired. The ventricular septum is predominantly composed of muscle tissue, and the upper part is much smaller - from fibrous tissue, it is called a membranous septum. As a result of this defect, blood from one ventricle to another occurs, which leads to a disturbance of the heart. One of the reasons for the formation of this pathology is acute myocardial infarction, which leads to a decrease in myocardial tone and reduction of its contractionary activity. Myocardial infarction is defined as myocardial necrosis in a clinical situation corresponding to myocardial ischemia. Myocardial infarction can be divided into several types, for example, ischemia due to primary coronary damage (for example, plaque rupture, erosion or fracture; coronary dissection). Myocardial infarction predominantly affects the left ventricle, and it is possible to extend the process to the right ventricle and atrium. IM of the right ventricle usually develops due to occlusion of the right coronary artery or dominant envelope artery. The main manifestations are an increase in the filling pressure of PWDs, often combined with heavy tricuspid regurgitation and reduced cardiac discharge.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:262-265
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Komarova A.S., Sorokina D.А.



The study is devoted to the study of morphofunctional features of the myocardium and organ localization of mast cells in the heart of laboratory animals. The experimental model included a group of intact animals and experimental modeling of chronic heart failure in Wistar rats. The study was carried out on the basis of the Research Institute of Experimental Biology and Medicine of the Voronezh State Medical University named after N.N. Burdenko together with the Department of Biochemistry (Voronezh) in 2019-2022.

The biomaterial was subjected to a standard sample preparation procedure followed by morphological staining. Histological examination and assessment of the morphofunctional activity of mast cells was carried out on 5 micropreparations of the heart wall of rats of two groups (intact and experimental). Micropreparations were analyzed using a Zeizz PRIMO STAR microscope under the guidance of researchers from the EBM Research Institute. Cells were counted over 30 fields of view, followed by recalculation per unit area (S=1 mm2). Analytical and statistical processing of the results was carried out using the ImageJ 1.51J8 and Microsoft Excel programs.

Полученные нами данные свидетельствуют о том, что популяция тучных клеток миокарда крыс характеризуется относительно небольшим объемом, вариативным функциональным распределением в зависимости от участия в адаптивном или патологическом процессе. В группе экспериментального моделирования хронической сердечной недостаточности установлено достоверное увеличение популяции тучных клеток с активизацией дегрануляции и секрецией биологически активных веществ в очаги ишемизированных участков миокарда.

Mast cells of the heart form a polyfunctional cell population. The reaction of mast cells further determines the course of such processes as restoration of the microenvironment, changes in the microcirculatory bed, regeneration, which is important for the regulation of processes, both under physiological conditions, and for the development of adaptive mechanisms under the influence of stressors.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:265-268
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Popov M.V.


Cervical cancer (cervical cancer) occupies one of the leading positions among oncological diseases in women. The increase in the incidence of breast cancer is reflected both in global indicators and in the Russian Federation. Increasing the detection of breast cancer in women of reproductive age requires the search for new approaches to understanding the morphogenesis of the disease. The study of the interaction of the tumor and the cellular microenvironment is one of the modern approaches to the study of cancer morphogenesis. Mast cells (TC) are one of the frequent representatives of the microenvironment with the potential for local regulation at the tissue and cellular levels. However, the role of TC in tumor morphogenesis has not been fully studied and is sometimes contradictory. The purpose of our work is to study the role of TC in the morphogenesis of breast cancer.
Materials and methods.
Histological examination of biopsy material obtained from 21 women aged 25 to 74 years was carried out. Immunohistochemically, chymase and tryptase in TC were detected using the appropriate antibodies. The analysis was performed using a Carl Zeiss Primo Star microscope, magnification x40, within 5 fields of view. The calculation of TC, cell granules and mast cell cytoplasts was carried out both in the tumor and on the periphery of the tumor process. The degree of degranulation of TC has been established. Static data processing has been performed. Data differences were considered statistically significant at the level of statistical significance <0.05.
The total number of mast cells is 424, of which the degree of degranulation 0 was 31.4% (133), the degree of degranulation 1 was 14.9% (63), the degree of degranulation 2 was 34.4% (146), the degree of degranulation 3 was 19.3% (82). The number of mast cell cytoplasts was 109, free mast cell granules 120. On average, there are 4 mast cells, 1 free mast cell granule and 1 mast cell cytoplast per visual field. The average age of the patients was 47 years, the oldest patient 74 years, the youngest 25 years. Among them, the proportion of women of reproductive age is 42.9% (9), non-reproductive age 57.1% (12).
Mast cells were found in all the studied cases. The distribution of mast cells was uneven both in the tissue of the tumor itself and in the invasive region. A different number of mast cells and mast cell components were found in different fields of vision, and a different degree of TC degranulation was established. However, no clear correlations of the studied indicators with other data have yet been obtained. Apparently, it is necessary to study TC in combination with other representatives of immunity. To establish the possible role of TC in oncogenesis is the next stage of our study.

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Aralova V.S., Antakova L.N., Shishkina V.V.


One of the key regulators of the cascade of inflammatory mediators are mast cells, which have a wide range of biologically active substances. In the pathogenesis of gastritis associated with H. pylori, various types of immunocompetent cells - macrophages, neutrophils, eosinophils, dendritic cells, T- and B-lymphocytes, as well as mast cells - are actively involved. The antigen presenting properties of mast cells are of interest in terms of interaction with Helicobacter pylori (H. Pylori).
Target. To assess tryptase-positive mast cells of the gastric mucosa in the immunopathogenesis of H. Pylori.
Materials and methods. 19 biopsies of the gastric mucosa with an unknown H. pylori infection status were studied. Using double immunofluorescent labeling technology, localization of tryptase-positive mast cells and H. pylori strains was detected.
Results. In patients infected with H. pylori (n=12), there was a statistically significant increase in the number of tryptase-positive mast cells by 2.03 times (177.99±30.55 vs 88.58±11.49, p<0.05 ). The quantitative indicators of mast cells in the group of patients with an unidentified pathogen (n=7), but with signs of a chronic inflammatory process of the gastric mucosa, were statistically significantly lower compared to the group of infected patients.
Conclusion. In gastrobiopsy specimens, colocalization of tryptase-positive mast cells and H. pylori strains was revealed, as well as an increase in tryptase secretion with an increase in bacterial contamination of the mucous membrane, which indicates a close involvement in the development of inflammatory reactions of the gastric mucosa.

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Alieva D.I., Zamanova L.A.


Structured annotation
Modern society, unfortunately, is subject to a significant number of diseases, both infectious and non-infectious etiology. In this scientific study, I would like to analyze and highlight the issue of the defeat of young people with such pathology as ischemic stroke. Strangely enough, but it is this disease that causes great excitement among doctors not only specialized institutions and hospitals aimed at treating the consequences of neurological pathology, but also ordinary part-time therapists who encounter such patients quite often in their practice.
Ischemic stroke is a violation of cerebral circulation with damage to brain tissue, a violation of its functions due to difficulty or cessation of blood flow to a particular department.
The purpose of my research is to identify the specific causes of ischemic stroke, its early diagnosis and effective methods of prevention.
So, we have made a statistical analysis of the results of studies of young patients who received therapeutic care on the basis of BUZ VOKB No. 1, clinical examples from domestic and foreign literature were also considered. In hospital conditions , patients were thoroughly and comprehensively examined as follows :
They were assigned as laboratory methods of examination:
UAC (erythrocytes, leukocytes, platelets, hemoglobin, CP)
Biochemical blood analysis : lipid profile (HDL, VLDL,LDL,cholesterol), glucose (glucose tolerance test for people with suspected diabetes) , ,CRP, creatinine, liver enzymes (ASAT, ALAT)
OAM: color, density, medium, presence of bacteria and cylinders , specific gravity, shaped elements of blood (leukocytes, erythrocytes)
And instrumental methods : MRI of the brain, ECG, echocardiography
During the analysis of the obtained data of laboratory and instrumental diagnostics, as well as medical histories, we have established the following possible causes of ischemic stroke.
Arterial dissections, the presence of rheumatic or infectious diseases in the anamnesis that provoked cerebral arteritis, in people taking narcotic drugs-thromboembolism from vegetations on the heart valves; also, women taking oral anticoagulants, which provoke all kinds of coagulopathy, for example, antiphospholipid syndrome, chronic stress and, as a consequence, spasm of the cerebral vessels, can be placed in a separate group. brain; drinking alcohol in large quantities and tobacco abuse.
Based on everything we have studied, we concluded that it is worth more in-depth and accurate diagnosis of the development of ischemic stroke in the early stages of its development, possibly with the use of more highly sensitive laboratory and instrumental examination methods, pay great attention to educational work with the young population, and do not forget about the role of prevention of relapses in those who have already faced this young age.

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Internet addiction emong students

Atajanova A.B., Altybayevna A.E., Sergeevna S.R.


PURPOSE. To study the level of Internet addiction among medical students using the Chen Internet Addiction Scale, developed by S.-H. Cnen, 2003, China.

MATERIALS AND RESEARCH METHODS. To achieve this goal, a survey was conducted using the "Chen CIAS Internet Addiction Scale" among 4-6 year students of the educational establishment "Gomel State Medical University". Statistical processing of the data obtained as a result of the study was carried out using the "Chen Internet Addiction Scale CIAS" allows you to diagnose not only the presence or absence of Internet addiction, but also to qualitatively determine the severity of certain symptoms that characterize the structure of addictive behavior. The CIAS (Chen Internet Addiction Scale) test consists of 26 questions and includes 5 rating scales: Compulsive Symptoms Scale, Withdrawal Symptoms Scale, Tolerance Scale, Intrapersonal and Health Problems Scale, Time Management Scale. In addition to the scale assessment, 2 types of overscale criteria are proposed - integral (key) symptoms of the Internet addiction itself, including the first 3 scales and the criterion of the negative consequences of Internet use (the last 2 scales). The sum of all scales or the total score is an integral indicator - a general indicator of the presence of Internet addicted behavior. Based on the results of primary analysis and adaptation, Moscow researchers propose the following thresholds for assessing Internet addicted behavior when using the Chen scale. From 27 to 42 - the minimum risk of Internet-dependent behavior, from 43 to 64 - a tendency to develop Internet-dependent behavior, from 65 and above - a pronounced and stable pattern of Internet-dependent behavior [1]. During the survey, 116 students were interviewed: 55 ( 47.4%) males and 61 (52.6%) females. Of these, 45 (39%) students of IV, 41 (36%) students of V, 30 (35%) students of VI courses. The average age of the respondents is 21.6.

RESULTS OF THE RESEARCH. As a result of the questionnaire, the minimum risk of developing Internet-addicted behavior was revealed in 23 (20%) students, the tendency to the emergence of Internet-dependent behavior was 57 (49%). Formed and stable Internet-dependent behavior is 36 (31%) among the surveyed students. Symptomological interpretation of the minimum risk of Internet-dependent behavior: Among the respondents, compulsive (Com) symptoms were detected in 5 students (21.7%); withdrawal symptoms (Wit) in 4 (17.3%); a scale of tolerance (Tоl) in 3 (13.3%); intrapersonal and health problems (IH) in 7 (30.4%); time management (TM) in 4 (17.3%) Symptomological interpretation of the propensity to develop Internet-dependent behavior: Compulsive (Com) symptoms were observed in 8 (14.1%) respondents; withdrawal symptoms (Wit) in 15 (26.3%); tolerance scale (Tоl) in 7 (12.3%); the scale of intrapersonal and health problems (IH) in 17 (29.8%); time control scale (TM) at 10 (17.5%). High levels of scores were noted on the IH (intrapersonal and health problems), Wit (withdrawal symptoms), and TM (time management) scales. This means that students with such symptoms experience a feeling of being compelled to be in the Internet space, a desire to "enter the network" that they cannot cope with, it is difficult for them to overcome themselves, which is why they have health problems: headaches, feeling heaviness in the back, as well as decreased visual acuity, asthenopia, etc. Monitoring of formed and stable Internet-dependent behavior: Compulsive (Com) symptoms were observed in 5 (13.9%) students; withdrawal symptoms (Wit) in 9 (25%); tolerance scale (Tоl) in 4 (11.2%); intrapersonal and health problems (IH) in 11 (30.5%); time control scale (TM) at 7 (19.4%). High scores were found on the IH (intrapersonal and health problems), Wit (withdrawal symptoms), and TM (time management) scales. IH (intrapersonal and health problems) and Wit (withdrawal symptom) were more prevalent, and TM (time management) was high. It follows from this that students without access to the network experience discomfort, as well as anxiety and irritation, an obsessive desire to enter the network, which they cannot cope with, it is difficult for them to overcome themselves, it is more difficult to suppress this desire. When the Internet is disconnected or unavailable, being offline for a certain period of time, they believe that they are missing something important, while feeling anxiety and annoyance. the level (49%) of the propensity to develop Internet-dependent behavior. Surprisingly, 31% of respondents have a well-formed and stable Internet-addicted behavior, and the minimum risk of Internet-addictive behavior is only 20%. Thus, the study made it possible to confirm the relevance of this problem, as well as the harmful effects of the Internet on health. and the possibility of self-realization of the younger generation.

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Boyko M.V., Yelisheva E.A.


This paper presents an analysis of the literature regarding Parkinson's disease with COVID-19. Evidence is available regarding post-viral parkinsonism at the clinical and molecular levels. The world is currently under stress from the spread of the new coronavirus infection SARS-CoV-2. Of particular concern is the increased vulnerability of patients living with chronic diseases, including neurological conditions such as Parkinson's disease and other neurodegenerative diseases. Parkinson's disease (PD) is a slowly progressive, chronic disease associated with damage to dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra, leading to neurotransmitter imbalances. There is currently no clear evidence that the presence of Parkinson's disease increases the risk of susceptibility to COVID-19 or that COVID-19 increases the risk of Parkinson's disease, although, as noted in the literature, there are reports of worsening Parkinson's disease symptoms in infected patients, particularly those of older and older age.

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Buchneva K., Nemchinova V.A.


Epilepsy is the most common neurological disorder in children and adolescents. Recent studies have shown that valproates are associated with the greatest risk of malformations as well as cognitive, behavioural disorders. Lamotrigine is associated with minimal. Aim: To study Lamotrigine efficacy and tolerability in children, adolescents in mono- and combined antiepileptic therapy, taking into account patients' reproductive potential.Prospective investigation was carried out, including examination of medical history, clinical course, study of ambulatory records, video electroencephalographic monitoring during sleep and wakefulness, and laboratory and functional diagnostics.Results were analyzed using Lamotrigine as part of combined and monotherapy. Sixty-eight patients aged 3 to 18 years (mean age 12.5 years), 69% of whom were girls (n=47) and 31% boys (n=21), were included in the study.

Results: Lamotrigine showed efficacy and good tolerability in monotherapy and combination therapy for a wide range of epileptic seizures and forms of epilepsy, and was most effective in controlling bilateral tonic-clonic seizures with or without focal onset and absences, including absences with eyelid myoclonia (in Jivons syndrome). The absence of adverse events was achieved by a slower rate of titration (in 6.25mg to 12.5mg increments once every 2-3 weeks).

Conclusion: Lamotrigine is the drug of first choice in monotherapy and rational forced polytherapy for all forms of epilepsy in girls and young women, providing long-term safety in female patients of reproductive potential.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:282-285
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Byvaltseva A.Y.


Relevance. In almost all published studies, it was noted that with COVID-19, in addition to impaired function of the respiratory system, a third of patients (30%-35%) show signs of damage to the nervous system. There are descriptions of various neurological diseases that complicate the course of coronavirus infection or are its special clinical manifestation. One of the neurological complications of COVID-19 is meningoencephalitis (ME).

Purpose. To present a clinical case of a neurological complication after a coronavirus infection.  

Materials and methods. To analyze internal and world literature on neurological complications of COVID-19. The clinical case was analyzed based on the materials of the medical history. An examination was made and the results of the examination of a patient being treated at the Budgetary healthcare institution of the  Voronezh region "Voronezh City Clinical Emergency Hospital" №1 were analyzed.  

Results. The following studies were performed: neurological examination of the patient, lumbar puncture, PCR test, computed tomography of the brain, computed tomography of the chest, electroencephalography. Meningoencephalitis is manifested by psychomotor agitation, headache, meningeal symptom complex, unsteadiness when walking, depression of consciousness.

Conclusion. This work confirms the neurotropic effects of COVID-19. The virus, penetrating the blood-brain barrier, can cause meningoencephalitis, as a complication of a coronavirus infection. It also contributes to the exacerbation of chronic diseases (polysinusitis, otitis media) and complicates the course of concomitant somatic diseases.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:285-289
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Dudkin N.Y.


Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a demyelinating disease of the nervous system that has a variety of neurological symptoms. It causes certain difficulties in diagnosis. MS occurs most often at a young age and can lead to disability of patients without proper treatment. This also determines the socio-economic consequences of disease. To prevent such an unfavorable development, it is necessary to verify the diagnosis as quickly and accurately as possible and start disease modifying therapy (DMT). Currently, the method of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and MRI criteria for MS are widely used, which allows to confirm the diagnosis with sufficient accuracy and prescribe appropriate treatment.

The purpose of the study is to show the importance of MRI criteria and their place in a standardized diagnosis of MS.

The main research method is the analysis of various sources of information about MRI diagnostics of MS (Russian and foreign open Internet publications, reports of the regional and federal levels, etc.), highlighting important points, and summarizing them.

Results. There is a fairly complete information about the MRI criteria of MS, the history of their development and a detailed description, and their place in the unification of MS diagnostics.

Conclusion. Based on the obtained data, it can be concluded that MRI criteria are extremely important in the diagnosis of MS and they take a leading position in it. Their use significantly eases verification of the diagnosis and differential diagnosis with other diseases, and allows us to draw conclusions about the presence of the disease, its variant, and the progression of the disease during repeated studies.

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Korotkova O.M., Nazarets T.N., Chernyshova D.С., Shuteinikova S.A.


Aim: analysis of the results of various psychological tests, assessment of the nature and impact of psychological rehabilitation on the quality of life of cancer patients.

Methods: the following tests and questionnaires were used to analyze the mental state of patients: the Beck questionnaire, the TOBOL questionnaire, the scale for express psychological diagnosis of semi-structured depressive disorders (the D-N scale and the MDP-D scale, neuroses), the Eysenck mental state self-assessment test.

Results: patients with harmonious, ergopathic and anosognostic types of attitude to the disease accounted for 70%.
Patients with anxious, hypochondriacal, neurasthenic, melancholic and apathetic type of attitude to the disease accounted for 10%.
Patients with sensitive, egocentric, dysphoric and paranoid types of attitude to the disease accounted for 20%.Conclusion: psychological therapies are aimed at improving the survival of cancer patients and gaining skills to solve the problems they face, increase support and teach the person the skills to change negative thinking.
Conclusion: psychological therapies are aimed at improving the survival of cancer patients and gaining skills to solve the problems they face, increase support and teach the person the skills to change negative thinking.
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Kuslivaya A.


SARS-COV-2 infection impairs endothelial function and promotes hypercoagulability (a prothrombotic state), increasing the risk of ischemic injury. The virus binds to the angiotensin-converting enzyme receptor (ACE2). In large quantities, it is found in smooth muscle cells and in the endothelium of blood vessels. A cascade of reactions is triggered, accompanied by the release of pro-inflammatory substances - cytokines. The level of D-dimer increases. The balance between ACE1/angiotensin 2 is also disturbed, which also contributes to tissue damage. Consequently, neurological complications are more associated with hypercoagulability. Consider the risk factors that contribute to the occurrence of ischemic stroke (IS): advanced age; pathology of the cardiovascular system (atrial fibrillation, myocardial infarction, myocarditis, artificial valve), atherosclerotic vascular disease (mainly the vessels of the head and neck); increased blood concentration of cardiac troponins, D-dimer, fibrin, natriuretic peptide, its precursor NT-proBNP. COVID-19-associated IS not only does not always develop against the background of an atherosclerotic process, and, therefore, has an original pathogenesis, which was discussed above. If atherosclerosis is present, the course of the infection worsens and the risk of developing IS increases. The severity of IS is determined not only by the size of the ischemic area and the localization of the focus in the brain substance (GM), but also by the course of the underlying disease. Patients suffer a stroke during the acute period of coronavirus infection against the background of hyperthermia and often pneumonia. in the carotid vascular pool (similar to the thrombotic occlusion syndrome of a large artery). A significant difference between COVID-dependent and atherothrombotic IS is the absence of a thrombus connection with an atherosclerotic plaque and the presence of signs of inflammation of the vascular wall. Inflammation and edema of the arteries of the vascular pool, in which cerebral infarction develops, which can be regarded as acute vasculitis. Unlike standard treatments based on the use of antiplatelet and lipid-lowering therapy to prevent atherothrombosis, anticoagulants show better results in patients with coronavirus infection. In The article considers the most striking clinical case from our study.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:297-300
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Naidenko A.


Relevance. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic autoimmune disease that affects the myelin sheath of nerve fibers in the brain and spinal cord. [one]. Often the disease affects young people who are actively engaged in labor and social activities, leading to disability or a deterioration in the quality of life. In addition, the number of people suffering from this disease is steadily growing [3,4,5]. As early as 1868, Jean-Martin Charcot noticed that the incidence of MS has an uneven geographical distribution (more common in areas with a cold and humid climate). Previously, there were no works describing the epidemiological situation with MS in the districts of the Voronezh region. The study of patterns in the epidemiology of this disease can play an important role in understanding various aspects of MS.

Target. To assess the dynamics and main trends in the epidemiology of MS in the Voronezh region over a five-year period.

Materials and methods. A retrospective analysis of epidemiological data on the incidence of MS in the Voronezh region for 2015-2019 was carried out. The study plan included a sample of patients with newly established verified diagnosis of MS. The obtained data were statistically processed. Based on the results of the analysis, a conclusion is formulated.

The objects of the study were patients living in the Voronezh region, with a first-time diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. The information was obtained by analyzing the reports submitted to the epidemiological service of the Voronezh region.

Main results of the study

The indicator of the share of MS in the structure of demyelinating diseases (DZ) in the Voronezh region from 2015 to 2019 increased by 7.8%, and the incidence rate decreased by 0.9 per 100 thousand population. According to the results of the study, it turned out that the districts of the Voronezh region with the highest rates of occurrence of DZ are Pavlovsky and Olkhovatsky, where this figure was 1.2 per 100 thousand of the population. In addition, the Olkhovatsky district has the highest intensity indicator in RS (8.9 per 100,000 population). The area with the lowest detectability of MS is Borisoglebsky. It is also worth noting that in many districts, 100% of the detected DZs are MS. These include: Buturlinovsky, Verkhnemamonsky, Gribanovsky, Kalacheevsky, Novousmansky, Olkhovatsky, Pavlovsky, Rossoshansky, Semiluksky. In the city of Voronezh, the frequency of detection of DZ over the studied 5 years increased by 0.08%, and the proportion of MS among these diseases decreased by 2.9%.

Conclusion. According to the results of the analysis of the epidemiology of MS in the Voronezh region, geographical heterogeneity and an increase in the proportion of DZ were noted.

The analysis was carried out for 5 years preceding the pandemic of a new coronavirus infection (2020-2021).

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:300-302
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Orekhova D.D., KHIMICHEV I.Y.


Relevance: the main task of educational work is to graduate healthy medical students. But, if we take into account the complexity of studying at a medical university, everyday problems and troubles, the need to earn money, combining work with study, then it becomes clear: attempts to forget about all this for a while result in the abuse of surfactants (for example, alcohol), coupled with the rapid formation of addiction.
Objective: to extract information about the spread of the use of surfactants among students studying in the fifth year; to identify the relationship between the level of anxiety and the use of surfactants, as well as mental and behavioral changes in the actions of students with the abuse of surfactants and an increased level of anxiety.
Methods: in our article, we have focused on the social. surveys conducted among students. We conducted a "CAGE" test for the presence of alcohol dependence, we also used the method of obtaining the alcoholic "characteristics" of the interviewee using the "PASS" questionnaire, and at the end we gave students the opportunity to answer questions as part of the Hamilton depression scale test.
Results: after the conducted studies, the relationship between the level of anxiety and the use of psychoactive drugs becomes clearly visible and noticeable: people who have a lower level of mood and anxiety are more likely to have regular consumption of surfactants according to the above-mentioned questionnaires.
Conclusion: our survey made it possible to identify the degree of prevalence of the use of surfactants (alcohol) among 5th-year students of VSMU: many students systematically consume alcoholic beverages due to stress due to heavy workload in terms of training and the difficulty of combining work and study. Among students who use psychoactive substances and have an increased level of anxiety, there is a higher percentage of the presence of deviant behavior. The widespread use of "strong drinks" among fifth-year students implies the implementation of changes in prevention and teaching programs for future professionals.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:302-304
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Orekhova D.D., KHIMICHEV I.Y.


Relevance: the study of the special characteristics of the sexual profile of students is of great importance. It raises a whole list of questions in connection with the awareness of students on this topic, their values in matters of sexual behavior, their opinions about entering adulthood.
Objective: to obtain information about the degree of expression of empathic abilities; to identify the features of sexual behavior in the form of a peculiar profile among 5th-year students of VSMU; to compare the results obtained among foreign and Russian fifth-year students.
Methods: in our scientific article, we relied on the methodology of V.V. Boyko "Diagnostics of the level of empathy". Then the students were asked the question: "What, in your opinion, is the ideal age for the onset of sexual activity?"
The next stage was the methodology for assessing the sexual profile, which includes fourteen fundamental scales that reflect the ranking of forms of sexual behavior.
Results: in response to the question about the age of entry into sexual life, the girls replied that they consider the interval from 18 to 19 years to be ideal, the male part of the respondents preferred a younger age (16-17 years) for the beginning of sexual life. Most of the interviewed students, after passing the empathy test, received the following result: the identification channel firmly took the leading position. We also created a sexual profile for 5th-year students of VSMU on the basis of a questionnaire. At the end of the study, we compared the results obtained among foreign and Russian fifth-year students: according to the results of the test "Methodology for assessing the sexual profile", selectivity and expressiveness prevail in the former, jealousy and expressiveness prevail in the latter.
Conclusion: obtaining information about the degree of expression of students' empathic abilities is extremely important. Both groups of students equally believe that love is the highest feeling. Scrupulousness and sacrifice are also expressed in equal values.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:305-307
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Slashcheva E.


Cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy (CADASIL) is a rare hereditary disease caused by a mutation of the Notch3 gene located on chromosome 19q12. Clinically, TSADASIL is associated with recurrent subcortical cerebral strokes, migraine, cognitive disorders, convulsive syndrome, progressive dementia.
Objective: to expand the understanding of the features of the clinical picture of the TSADASIL syndrome, which will further assist in the early diagnosis of cerebrovascular diseases, and the choice of a drug therapy strategy.
Methods: the data were obtained by collecting anamnesis of life and disease, analyzing the patient's medical history, laboratory and instrumental research methods.
Results: based on the results of anamnesis of life and disease, general and neurological examinations, laboratory and instrumental studies, we were diagnosed with cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy. Structural focal epilepsy with bilateral tonic-clonic seizures with a rare history.
Conclusion: the described case demonstrates a significant variability in the manifestations of the clinical picture of the TSADASIL syndrome. Diagnosis of TSADASIL and other arteriopathies is quite complicated, as it requires additional genetic studies in outpatient settings for timely diagnosis and development of effective therapy.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:307-311
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Sorochina V.V., Leonov S.A., Polygina A.F.


At the time of 2020, the birth rate of children with a body weight of less than 1000 g was less than 1%. The survival rate of children with extremely low body weight ranges from 12.5% - 66.7%. This mortality is associated with the immaturity of the body systems, including the nervous system.The immaturity of the central nervous system is expressed in the early extinction of physiological reflexes, imperfection of thermoregulation, muscle hypotension. These facts show that children with extremely low body weight lag behind in neuropsychological development from their chronologically healthy peers. Also, children with ENMT often suffer from various neurological disorders: cerebral palsy, epilepsy, etc.There are many methods of assessing the NPR in children using various lines of development as an assessment. However, there is no unified, standardized scale that could be used universally, both in relation to the age of children and their nationality. Only in Russia, during the neurological examination of an infant, 2-3 scales are used at a time.The purpose of this work is to consider the most used and relevant methods of assessing NPR.To consider the selected issues, the following methods and scales of assessment of the NPR were selected: the Denver test, Assessment of the level of psychomotor development of a child by L. T. Zhurba and E. M. Mastyukova, Griffiths psychomotor Development Test, Bayley Infant Development Scale, Newborn Behavior Scale, the GNOME test, the Test of the development of children of the first year of life O. V. Bazhenova, Indicators of early childhood NPR according to N. M. Aksarina, G. V. Pantyukhina, K. L. Pechorina.To reveal the problems, the following methods were used: collection and analysis of literary sources, maintaining statistics on the use of NPR survey scales, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of child survey methods.Results. Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some methods have not previously been used for the study of children with ENMT, other methods are actively used in modern practice. The main disadvantage of the methods considered is their redundancy of items and tests, which leads to an increase in the duration of the examination and discomfort for the child during the examination, but each of them, except for the Denver test, is more specific than a screening method.Conclusions. The scales considered by us are actively used in the practice of a neurologist and pediatrician. It is necessary to note the absence of both highly sensitive and highly specific methods of NPR research. In this paper, we have systematized a list of methods for studying neurological status, which will make it easier for a clinician to choose the necessary method of examining a patient, and for a researcher to develop a universal scale.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:311-314
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Suminov V.V., Antsiferova E.V.


Relevance this research is comparative analysis of the prevalence of multiple sclerosis on based on statistical data and different factors for future researches more detailed in the framework of scientific statistic on territories of the Russian Federation and abroad.
Objective: to basic scientific research of indications of prevalence of disease in territories of regions of the Russian Federation in different parts and also in territories of other countries for future analysis and more detailed researches in future.
Materials and methods. We considered the statistic data of comparative of multiple sclerosis considered on different regions of Russian Federation, which were taken from different resource – scientific researches, which were conducted on the territories of regions, comparative analysis of data in the framework this statistic research.
Conclusion: The findings reflect epidemiology of multiple sclerosis. They show a decrease of prevalence of multiple sclerosis in south and east vectors in the territory of Russian Federation and abroad; difference of prevalence of disease in dependence on age, gender, race, place of residence and ecological factors in difference regions of country.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:314-317
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Khoroshikh A., Yazova E.


Relevance: is a result of high prevalence of vegetative dystonia syndrome, diagnostic difficulty and possibility of developing chronic diseases of various systems of the body. Quality of life of adolescents with vegetative dystonia syndrome is closely linked to adaptation in society, daily activity, capacity to learn. It may affect their social realization in the future.
Purpose: to assess quality of life of adolescents with vegetative dystonia syndrome.
Materials and methods: 61 patients aged 12 to 17 years were examined. 27 conditionally healthy individuals aged 15 to 16 years were interviewed. A.M.Wayne questionnaire, Spielberg–Hanin anxiety scale, The Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory, Visual Analogue Scale of pain, Kerdo index, results of Dagnini-Aschner and orthoclinostatic tests were used.
Results: all patients in the main group were divided into two subgroups: adolescents with severe vegetative disorders 62,3% and adolescents with moderate vegetative disorders 37,7%. Physical, emotional and role indicators of quality of life were significantly lower in the first subgroup in comparison with the second subgroup. No differences in social indicators between subgroups were received.
Physical and role indicators were significantly lower in the main group in comparison with the main group. The best results in both control and main groups were obtained in the social scale, the worst- in emotional scale.
Conclusion: quality of life of adolescents with vegetative dystonia syndrome is significantly lower in physical and role scales. Physical functioning depends on the severity of vegetative disorders. Psychosocial functioning is not connected to the anxiety level.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:317-321
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Saveok K.E.


  • The relevance of the topic. The number of women with a history of breast cancer in Russia approached 58612 cases per year. This problem is relevant not only in Russia, but all over the world. Particular attention should be paid to intra-flow papilloma (GDP), which is considered an optional precancer. In clinical practice, a number of its symptoms are often associated with breast cancer (breast cancer), and the unclear true causes of their occurrence often give rise to doubts about the treatment tactics for these conditions, especially in the absence of direct indications for surgical treatment.
    The purpose of the study. To assess the risk factors for breast cancer against the background of intra-flow papilloma.
    Materials and methods.
    The object of the study were patients of the age group from 30 to 84 years.
    • All the subjects were divided into two groups: the first (control), which included healthy women without breast pathology. The second group consisted of patients with complaints of pain in the mammary gland, as well as discharge from the nipples of various consistencies and having long-term results in the development of breast cancer. The surveys were conducted in the period from 2012 to 2016. In addition to instrumental and laboratory diagnostics, various clinical cases were analyzed to confirm the results and accumulate data. Results. It was found that in 6% of cases, patients with intracurrent papilloma were subsequently diagnosed with breast cancer. These data are confirmed not only by the examination, but also by the results of the analysis of the patients. Such results are worrisome, because such a probability is considered high and there is a significant risk of developing relapses of the disease within 4 years.
      The development of dyshormonal-proliferative processes in the mammary glands, such as intra-flow papilloma and the occurrence of breast cancer in all examined cases, suggests the influence of estrogens on the development of the tumor. At the same time, after resection of tissues with pathology, antiestrogenic treatment should be carried out. Findings in patients with suspected VPP presence of various changes in the structure of breast tissue, allow us to conclude about the autoimmune response of duct walls to the presence of pathological secretions in them. Conclusion.
      1. The incidence of breast cancer in patients with VPP is 5.8% according to our data;
      2. The presence of VPP in patients with anamnesis is one of the risk factors for the development of breast cancer;
      3. In order to prevent the development of breast cancer in patients with breast cancer, a wide sectoral resection (quadranectomy) is indicated;
      4. If multiple GDPs are detected, we recommend performing a subcutaneous mastectomy.
Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:322-324
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Galda O.


Relevance: The universal prevalence of obesity in children and adolescents is a huge problem for world health. Studying the mechanisms of thyroid gland influence on this pathology, can make a significant contribution to the understanding of obesity pathogenesis.
Objective: To study thyroid changes in children with different degrees of obesity
Materials and Methods: Retrospective analysis of case histories of patients undergoing inpatient treatment in the endocrinology department of the Voronezh Children's Clinical Hospital with a primary diagnosis of exogenous-constitutional obesity and morbid obesity.

Results: Twenty-seven case histories of children were analyzed. Of these, 15 (55.6%) were boys and 12 (44.4%) girls. There were 6 children (22.2%) with 1st degree obesity, 8 (29.7%) children with 2nd degree obesity, 6 (22.2%) children with 3rd degree obesity, and 7 (25.9%) children with morbid obesity. Of the total group of children, 7 patients had a history of diffuse nontoxic goiter. In the group of children with 1st degree obesity, the median age was 12.5 years, TTG 4.52±0.51 uIU/ml, with 2nd degree obesity the median age was 14.5 years, TTG 4.63±0.64 uIU/ml, with 3rd degree obesity the median age was 9.5 years, TTG 4.75±0.40 uIU/ml. In the group of children with morbid obesity, the median age was 7 years, TTG 5.35±0.59 uIU/ml.
Conclusion: In the study sample of children, there was an increase in TTG concentration, proportional to the severity of obesity.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:325-328
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Kameneva S.


Since the beginning of the pandemic, it was believed that children did not actually become infected with a new coronavirus infection, however, in 2021, the first cases of infection with a new “British” strain of COVID-19 were recorded in Russia, which turned out to be more contagious for children. After an infection caused by the British strain of SARS-COV-2, the phenomena of post-covid syndrome (PCS) can be traced.
Purpose: to study the follow-up of children who have had COVID-19.
The study was conducted in 50 children aged 7 to 17 years old who had COVID-19, on the basis of the BEI VO "VGKP No. 1" DP No. 2.
The materials were outpatient cards, questionnaires, objective and laboratory data obtained during the examination of children, a month after the infection with COVID-19.
During the study, cases of a new coronavirus infection were studied in 50 children, 19 children were additionally examined a month ± 5-7 days after the illness. It was found that 68% of children suffered from a new coronavirus infection in a mild form, 32% - in a moderate form. Sense of smell disorders during illness were noted by 14 children (boys - 71%, aged 13 ± 3.6 years). Disturbances from the side of the central nervous system were revealed in the form, mainly, of parosmia in boys and neurocirculatory disorders against the background of PCD in girls. In conclusion, we can conclude that all children who have recovered from COVID-19 need dispensary observation and, if necessary, therapeutic, preventive and rehabilitation measures.
Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:328-330
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Kolesnikova A.A., Ivanova A.A.


Relevance. Feeding a baby with breast milk (GM) is a natural type of feeding of children from birth [1]. Despite the benefits of breastfeeding, in Russia, according to 2020 data, only 39.2% of children received natural feeding before the year. This is especially true in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic [4].
purpose. To evaluate the effect of GW on the natural resistance (ER) of children under one year old.
MATERIALS AND METHODS. The study was conducted on the basis of the BUZ IN "VGKP No. 1" children's polyclinic No. 2. The object was 50 outpatient cards (f.112 /y) - the history of the development of children who reached the age of 1 year at the time of the study. Statistical, descriptive research methods and analysis were used.
Results. All children were divided into 2 groups depending on the duration of GW: group 1 – the first 6 months of life and group 2 - up to 12 months of life. Assessing one of the indicators of physical development - body weight (MT), it was revealed that in group 1, 75% had an average MT, 15% had a deficiency of MT and 10% were above average. In the 2nd group (93%) of children had an average MT, only 7% were above the average MT, and not a single child was deficient in MT. To assess the effect of GW on ER, the incidence of ARI in the first year of life was studied. It was revealed that 29 children (58%) did not have ARI in the first year of life, of which 37.9% were on GW up to 6 months, 62.1% of children - up to 12 months. 21 children (42%) were ill with ARI 1 or more times, 42.9% of them were on GW up to 6 months, 57.1% of children up to 12 months. So, there were 1.6 times more children of the 2nd group who did not get ARI, compared with children of the 1st group.
Differences in the duration of GW depending on the method of delivery: 60% of children were born naturally in group 1 versus 77% of group 2. In groups of children, depending on the order of childbirth: 65% of children were born from the first birth in the 1st group versus 60% in the 2nd group. In groups, depending on the supplementary feeding of newborns in the maternity hospital and the duration of GW: 55% of children received supplementary feeding in the maternity hospital in group 1 against only 3% of children in group 2.
Conclusion. GW has a positive effect on the formation of a child's EP and on physical development, which is the prevention of diseases. When choosing the nature of feeding, the advantage should be given to GW and factors that increase its duration.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:330-333
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Krutskikh E.Y., Astanina E.D., Chertok E.D.


Relevance: Russia is currently one of the attractive countries for medical education of foreign students, whose goal is to acquire the qualification of a highly professional doctor.
Purpose: To investigate the motivation of students from India to choose the country and medical university for their studies, as well as their opinion about the educational process at the Burdenko Higher Medical School.
Methods: An anonymous questionnaire was administered to 36 5th year students from India. The questionnaire included questions on motivations for choosing the profession of physician, reasons for choosing Russia and N.N. Burdenko State Medical University to pursue medical education, preliminary ideas about the future profession, evaluation of training in full-time and distance format.
Results: the age of Indian students is slightly higher than that of Russian students, with a significant predominance of young men, which is explained by the specifics of obtaining secondary and higher education, as well as religious restrictions in their country. The most important factor in choosing a medical profession in India is family traditions and parental advice, but some students decide to study medicine, as the profession of doctor is prestigious and highly paid in India. The choice of a Russian university to study is due to the accessibility of education, friendly international relations between Russia and India, good feedback from friends and the safety of their stay in Russia.
The initial perception of the profession did not change for most students during their studies, with a fifth of students noting that they had developed an awareness of a greater level of responsibility. The majority of students have positive impressions of the learning process at Burdenko State Medical University. Increased practical training and an increased number of video lectures were among the wishes noted. Also, most students prefer the face-to-face format of classes, which allows more communication with the lecturer and the acquisition of practical skills. For distance learning, it is difficult for students from India to use the Webinar platform.
Conclusion: most students from India made their choice of doctor's profession, country and medical university consciously, based on family traditions, positive feedback from friends, information about the availability of education in Russia. Also, most students adequately imagine the difficulties of the medical profession and are prepared for them. The main difficulties in mastering the educational programme are related to the technical aspects of the transition to the distance learning format.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:333-336
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Matykin А.


Relevance. Diabetic kidney disease (diabetic nephropathy) is a specific progressive kidney disease in diabetes mellitus, leading to the development of terminal renal failure [1]. According to the Federal Register of Diabetes Mellitus (DM), 23% of patients with type 1 diabetes have chronic kidney disease (CKD), 13% of them need renal replacement therapy [2].The main criterion of CKD, determining its stages, is a decrease in the glomerular filtration rate (GFR). Currently, various formulas are used to calculate the GFR.
The purpose of the study: to conduct a comparative assessment of various formulas for determining GFR in children with type 1 diabetes.
Materials and methods: A retrospective analysis of the case histories of the 51st patient of the "VODKB No. 1", hospitalized with a diagnosis of E10 - type 1 diabetes mellitus, was carried out. The GFR was calculated using the following formulas: Schwartz 1976, Schwartz-Lyon, Schwartz "bedside", Qvr (age-dependent), Qrost (growth-dependent), Lund-Malmo revised, European Consortium (EKFC).
Results: when comparing the GFR calculated according to the above formulas, some differences were revealed. In children with type 1 diabetes, GFR, according to the Schwartz formula of 1976, was significantly higher (126.76 ± 16.37 ml/min/1.73 m2), compared with GFR calculated by other formulas (83.39 ± 10.59 ml/min/1.73 m2) according to the Schwartz-Lyon formula, (89.95 ± 11.82 ml/min/1.73 m2) according to the Schwartz formula "bedside", (89.81 ± 14.95 ml/min / 1.73 m2) according to the formula Qvr (age-dependent), (92.71 ± 13.53 ml/min/1.73 m2) according to the formula Qrost (height-dependent), (92.48 ± 10.1 ml/min/ 1.73 m2) according to the formula Lund-Malmo revised (87.03 ± 14.58 ml/min/ 1.73 m2) according to the formula of the European Consortium (EKFC).
Conclusion: According to the conducted research, differences in GFR indicators calculated by various formulas have been established. This applies more to the Schwartz formula of 1976. This formula overestimates the results of the GFR. The maximum correlation was established between serum creatinine and GFR, calculated according to the formula "Schwartz "bedside"" (-0.707) The revealed results among the studied patients indicate the continuation of the search for the most optimal evaluation of GFR in type 1 diabetes in children.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:336-339
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Nazarova A.S., Selivanova E.S., Chertok E.D.


Relevance: in order to train qualified medical specialists it is necessary to form a complex of professional knowledge and skills among medical university students and the ability to critical thinking, which will allow finding individual approaches to the treatment of patients with various diseases. Competent academic knowledge as well as a proper motivation of the student are important for the successful achievement of these goals.

Purpose: to analyze the opinion of senior students of N.N. Burdenko VSMU about studying at the medical university.

Methods: a survey was conducted of 494 medical students of 4-6 courses about the motivations of choosing a doctor's profession, ideas about the future profession before entering the university, the reasons for choosing N.N. Burdenko VSMU and a specific faculty, impressions about studying at the university in full-time and on-line learning.


Results: the majority of students have chosen the profession of a doctor consciously, but about 25% of students made a choice because they think that medicine is a prestigious profession.

The choice of the university and faculty was based on personal preferences, recommendations from friends and relatives, the presence of a local Government direction, the number of entrance points scored and a lower cost of training. Preliminary expectations from the training were met of the most of the students with the exception of students of the pediatric faculty. Among the negative reasons are insufficient practical training and insufficiently respectful attitude on the part of junior course teachers. Objective and subjective learning difficulties are highlighted. For most students medicine is the final professional choice but 22.4% are disappointed in the medical profession or plan to combine medicine with work in another profession.

60.2% of students like the distance learning format because it allows them to combine study and work, gives them more free time and easier participation in the educational process, especially when passing exams. More than a third of students are not satisfied with the distance learning format which does not allow for close contact with the teacher, discuss issues in detail and get the opportunity to work with patients in practice.

Conclusion: the distance learning format cannot be a full-fledged substitute for full-time but only its complement. For a more specific acquaintance of future applicants with the profession of a doctor and the principles of training at the N.N. Burdenko State Medical University, it is advisable to expand career guidance work in schools and within the framework of the Pre-University of the N.N. Burdenko State Medical University.


Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:339-342
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Pisotskaya J., Ustuzhanina D.V.


Bronchial asthma (BA) is a heterogeneous disease characterized by chronic airway inflammation and respiratory symptoms. To date, 348 million patients worldwide suffer from asthma. In Russia, the prevalence of bronchial asthma among children and adolescents is about 10%.
The aim of the study was to analyze the course of the disease and the experience of using targeted therapy in a 15-year-old patient with BA.
Materials and methods: a retrospective analysis of anamnestic data, the course of the disease, laboratory and instrumental diagnostics, methods of treatment in patients with bronchial asthma who were treated in 2021 in a specialized department of the State Budgetary Institution of Health "Children's Regional Clinical Hospital" of the Ministry of Health of the Krasnodar Territory was carried out (GBUZ "DKKB" MH KK) and received targeted therapy.
Conditions: the study was conducted on the basis of the State Budgetary Healthcare Institution "DKKB" of the Ministry of Health of the KK, data were collected on patients in the Krasnodar Territory receiving targeted therapy for BA. The selection criteria were: the experience of asthma and the duration of targeted therapy.
Inclusion criteria: a 15-year-old patient with severe BA for more than 10 years who has been receiving targeted therapy for 8 years.
Exclusion criteria: The study did not include patients with less than 10 years. of asthma experience and less than 8 years of targeted therapy.
Results: it was revealed that in 2021, 38 patients of the Krasnodar Territory receive targeted therapy. Some patients were not included in the study due to non-compliance with the selection criteria. Thus, the study included a patient suffering from asthma for more than 10 years with a duration of targeted therapy of 8 years. 



Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:343-346
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Popov M.V., Anatolyevna L.A.


In the group of systemic vasculitis, ANCA-associated variants are singled out separately, which have a progressive course with frequent kidney damage and the development of renal failure. The frequency of occurrence of this pathology is 0.2-0.6 per 100 thousand population, data on the frequency in children are practically absent. ANCA-associated glomerulonephritis in children has been little studied, there are only isolated publications in this direction
The aim of the work is to analyze the course and prognosis of ANCA-associated glomerulonephritis in children.
Materials and methods
A retrospective and prospective follow-up of 6 patients was conducted from 2005 to 2021 on the basis of the VODKB No. 1 Medical Center, during which data from medical histories were collected and analyzed, as well as a clinical examination of patients who were in the cardiorheumatology and nephrology department in 2021. Materials of histological examination of 2 patients were studied. Statistical data processing was carried out using the IBM SPSS Statistics 26.0 program.
Anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies were detected in all children: in 4 MPO ANCA, in 2 P- ANCA. Accordingly, microscopic polyangiitis was diagnosed in 4, granulomatosis with polyangiitis in 2. In 100% of patients, proteinuria and hematuria, anemia were detected in urine tests. In 2 patients there was a decrease in IgG, in 1 patient IgM was reduced. Four patients had signs of renal insufficiency already at the onset of the disease. Nephrobiopsy was performed in 2 patients. The morphological picture indicated lesions of the glomeruli of the kidneys, small-caliber vessels with signs of inflammation, necrosis, thrombosis. During the first 5 years from the onset of the disease, a fatal outcome was noted in 3 patients (50%). In this group, everyone was diagnosed after 6 months from the onset of vasculitis.
In the course of the study, it was established that in our small group of patients, girls were more often observed, the age of all at the beginning of the disease was more than 10 years. Difficulties in the diagnosis of this variant of glomerulonephritis are noted. Positive ANCA (MPO and P) are crucial in the diagnosis. Due to the small number of patients, it is necessary to continue monitoring.
Based on the results of our analysis and analysis of international literature data, it was found that ANCA-associated glomerulonephritis is a serious disease in children with a progressive course and an unfavorable outcome in half of the patients during the first 5 years. Prognostically unfavorable signs are renal failure at the onset of the disease, damage to the cerebral vessels and late diagnosis.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:346-349
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Rudakova A.A.


Relevance: at the moment, obesity is considered one of the most common chronic diseases in the world. The growth rate of people suffering from this disease allows us to consider the problem as a global epidemic of the XXI century. Therefore, the chosen topic is relevant today.

The aim of the study is to reflect the current picture and trends in the epidemiology of obesity both locally and globally.

Materials and methods: analysis of domestic and foreign publications, statistical data on the Voronezh region, Russia and the world.

Results: there is a rapid increase in obesity and overweight all over the world. The disease, which was previously considered characteristic of countries with high socio-economic development, is becoming increasingly widespread in low- and middle-income countries. Africa, South and East Asia, as well as the countries of the Pacific basin occupy leading positions in the prevalence of obesity. Russia is in the middle of the ranking of countries in terms of morbidity: 19.6% of the population. In Voronezh and the Voronezh region, there are trends of an increase in the prevalence of obesity, among children under 14 years of age – by 1.3 times, and the adult population - by 1.5 times.

Conclusion: the negative dynamics of obesity contributes to the development of preventive measures aimed at preventing the further spread of the disease among the population. The basis consists of state support measures, the activities of medical institutions and their employees, as well as self-control, which consists in observing the principles of a healthy lifestyle. This pathology increases the risk of developing a number of diseases, worsens the quantity and quality of life.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:349-352
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Sibileva A.


The urgency of the problem is associated with a high incidence of congenital malformations and insufficient information content of traditional epidemiological indicators for its assessment. We proposed to use as an indicator the rate of birth of children with congenital anomalies and malformations per 1000 live births instead of the traditional indicator of incidence based on the number of children's population. The research program provided for the calculation of an indicator of the frequency of detection of congenital malformations per 1000 live births based on data from the Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation on the number of newly identified children with congenital anomalies and birth rates. According to the results obtained, the highest rates of the occurrence of defects were noted in the Ivanovo (436.1 per 1000 live births) and Oryol (390.8 per 1000) regions. The situation is recognized as the most unfavorable in the territories where in 2020 the frequency of detection of congenital malformations per 1000 live births is significantly higher than the average for the district, and against 2019 there was a significant increase or the dynamics is not statistically significant – in the Vladimir, Tambov and Tver regions. The most prosperous regions with the lowest values and without a tendency to their growth are the Voronezh, Kaluga, Kursk and Moscow regions.
Keyword: сongenital malformations, frequency of occurrence, territorial differences, reproductive health, protection of motherhood and childhood.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:353-355
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Stepanova A.


Relevance: non-hospital pneumonia is an urgent problem for the pediatrician, and in recent years there has been an increase in the incidence of the disease. In actual practice, especially in outpatient settings, the main challenges for the paediatrician are early diagnosis and rational therapy. This is due to the high prevalence and similarity of some clinical manifestations with other respiratory diseases of infectious nature. Despite advances in medicine, the rate of complications and deaths in children is rising. The main reason is late diagnosis or inadequate therapy without regard to the specific clinical manifestations of the disease.
Purpose: to identify possible diagnostic and treatment errors in the study of case histories.
Materials and methods: the study was carried out on the basis of State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education N.N. Burdenko Voronezh Children's Clinical Hospital from 2015 to 2021. Statistical software STATISTICA Base was used.
Results: during the study, the most common mistakes were incorrect prescription of antibiotic therapy, combination of ABP with antifungal and antihistamine drugs, continuation of treatment until the radiological picture disappeared rather than until clinical symptoms regressed.
Conclusion: the error rate in the diagnosis and treatment of pneumonia is approximately 20%, and only one third of patients are correctly diagnosed in the first days of illness.


Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:355-358
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Syryh E., Alieva S., Kucher O.A.


Relevance. Currently, hemophilia, leading to the formation of arthropathy, is an urgent problem in the practice of a pediatric hematologist. According to modern concepts, hemophilia is an X-linked hereditary disorder of plasma hemostasis resulting from a deficiency or absence of blood coagulation factor VIII (hemophilia A) or IX (hemophilia B). The disease primarily affects boys. The prevalence of hemophilia A is 1 case per 10,000 people; hemophilia B - 1 per 50,000 people. One of the main clinical manifestations of hemophilia is hemarthrosis, leading to the occurrence of arthropathies. Replacement therapy with factors VIII and IX is carried out in order to prevent bleeding. But despite the constant administration of clotting factors, some patients with hemophilia develop joint damage of varying severity. Hemophilic arthropathy that occurs in children with severe manifestations of the disease often leads to disability. Such studies will help to choose the most effective treatment regimen for patients with a high risk of developing arthropathy.
Objective. To study the prevalence of arthropathies among children in the Voronezh region with severe and moderate forms of hemophilia receiving prophylactic administration of coagulation factor VIII or IX, and to compare the frequency of joint damage in children with hemophilia depending on various factors.
To identify the frequency of development of arthropathy in children of the Voronezh region with hemophilia, including depending on age;
To determine the frequency and severity of the development of hemophilic arthropathy in children under various regimens (multiplicity) of the drug for substitution therapy;
Determine the frequency and severity of the development of hemophilic arthropathy with various types of input factor (plasma, recombinant);
Conduct a comparative analysis of the frequency and severity of arthropathies in patients with hemophilia, depending on the above factors.
Materials and methods. The outpatient records of 32 patients with moderate and severe hemophilia observed in the oncohematological center of the VODKB No. 1 were analyzed. Hemophilia was diagnosed on the basis of clinical data, anamnesis data, and data from a study of the level of factor VIII and IX in the blood serum. The severity of hemophilia was assessed according to the WHO classification of hemophilia according to severity: severe - with the level of the missing factor less than 1%, moderate - with its level from 1 to 5%. The presence and number of affected joints were assessed according to medical records.
Results. All children were divided into two age groups: from 0 to 9 years old (11 patients) and over 9 years old (10-18 years old) - 21 patients. The boundary age criterion of 9 years was chosen according to WHO recommendations, due to the onset of puberty at this age. Hemophilia A was diagnosed in 27 patients (84.4%), hemophilia B - in 5 patients (15.6%). All patients were male. A severe form of the disease occurred in 11 patients (34.4%), moderate - in 16 patients (50.0%), the remaining 5 people (15.6%) had a mild form of the disease.
All patients received replacement therapy with the missing clotting factor as a prophylaxis: either plasma factor was used at a dose of 30–40 U/kg (9 patients, 28.1%) or recombinant factor at a dose of 40–50 U/kg (23 patients, 71 ,9 % ).
Discussion. The overall incidence of arthropathy in children with hemophilia living in the Voronezh region was 68.75%.
In children under 9 years of age, this frequency was slightly lower (63.6%) compared with the group of older patients (71.4%). This may be due to the longer duration of the disease.
The frequency of administration of the drug for replacement therapy (2 or 3 times a week) did not significantly affect the incidence of hemophilic arthropathy. In children receiving replacement therapy 2 times a week, joint damage was detected in 60% of cases. In children receiving replacement therapy 3 times a week, joint damage was detected in 100% of cases.
The most significant influence on the incidence of hemophilic arthropathies was exerted by the type of factor administered: those who received the plasma factor had arthropathy in 70% of cases, and those who received the recombinant factor had arthropathy in 60%.
Conclusion. Thus, arthropathies are the leading complication in children suffering from hemophilia, a hereditary disorder of plasma hemostasis. The decisive factor in the aggravation of this disease is age - every year the number of affected joints increases. The frequency of drug administration increased depending on the number of affected joints: arthropathy of 3 or more joints was accompanied by replacement therapy 3 times a week, in contrast to the defeat of one and 2 joints - 2 times a week.
Key words: hemarthrosis, arthropathy, hemophilia, recombinant factor, plasma factor.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:358-362
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Ustuzhanina D.V., Pisotskaya J.V.


Congenital hyperinsulinism (CHI) is an inherited disease characterized by inappropriate hypersecretion of insulin by pancreatic beta cells and leading to hypoglycemia. The incidence of CHI, according to the literature, is on average 1:30,000 - 1:50,000 live births.
Purpose: to evaluate the features of the course of congenital hyperinsulinism in children in the Krasnodar Territory.
Methods: a clinical observational cohort study of children who were examined in the endocrinology department of the children's regional clinical hospital in Krasnodar from 2017 to 2020 was carried out. Inclusion criteria - patients with congenital hyperinsulinism. From the case histories, anamnestic, laboratory, instrumental data, results of genetic and functional research methods were obtained.
Results: the study group included 9 patients, of which: boys - 2 (22.2%), girls - 7 (77.8%). By age, the patients were distributed from the neonatal period to 6 years. The average age was 2 years.
When evaluating complaints in 100% of cases, the following were revealed: refusal to eat, weakness, difficulty in stool, periodic abdominal pain, shortness of breath, drowsiness, anxiety between feedings. Seizures were observed in 75% of cases.
From the anamnesis of life, we found that the majority of patients 6 patients (67%) were born from a difficult pregnancy. Cytomegalovirus infection was diagnosed in 3 patients (33.5%). Intrauterine growth retardation was noted in 3 patients (33.5%).
The diagnosis of CHI in children was established at different times: in the neonatal period - 2 people (22.2%), in infancy - 4 people (44.4%), in pre-school age - 2 people (22.2%) and in preschool age - 1 person (11.1%).
In the course of the study, based on the results of daily monitoring, 100% of cases revealed hypoglycemia below 2.7 mmol / l, an increase in insulin over 30 μU / ml, C-peptide, and a low level of ketone bodies.
According to the morphological form of CHI, after PET-CT with 18F-DOPA, the observed group was classified as follows: focal form - 2 patients (22.2%), diffuse form - 7 patients (77.8%). According to the results of a genetic study, the following mutations were identified: KCNJ11 - 4 patients (44.4%), GLUD1 - 1 patient (11.1%), ABCC8 - 1 patient (11.1%) and in 33.3% of cases molecular no genetic pathology was found.
According to the results of the fasting test against the background of insulinostatic therapy, 100% of patients had euglycemia, normalization of insulin levels, and an increase in the level of ketone bodies to normal values.
Conclusion: 9 people with CHI were identified in the Krasnodar Territory. Conservative treatment was carried out in 6 patients (66.7%); operative - 3 patients (33.3%).
Key words: children, congenital hyperinsulinism, hypoglycemia.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:362-366
pages 362-366 views


Utochkina L.A., Boiko E.N.


The relevance of the presented work lies in the fact that about 300 million radiological and radionuclide examinations are regularly performed in Russia, of which 11 million are CT scans. The pandemic has increased this figure by hundreds of times, including in children. At the same time, a number of scientific studies have proved the emergence of negative health effects that are directly related to the radiation exposure of patients.

The purpose of the work is to assess the lifetime risk of radiological and radionuclide examinations for different age groups, particularly in children.

The study is based on materials collected at the Voronezh Regional Clinical Consultative-Diagnostic Center. Calculation methods were used to estimate lifetime radiation risk. More precisely the lifetimĕ risk of distant health effects during radiological and radionuclide examinations can be calculated using absorbed doses in certain organs as well as individual tissues and dependence on their sensitivity to radiation and on age based on a linear non-threshold model. In order to assess the justification of the amount of diagnostic information obtained by the amount of prescribed interventions, a study was conducted and an analysis of personal radiation risks in children according to standard indicators such as sex, age, anamnesis, and according to the stage of CT, i.e. the degree of lung damage, was performed. Lifelong radiation risk was calculated using ICRP nominal risk coefficients taking into account age-related radio-sensitivities as well as using a linear nonthreshold model. As a result, it was found that the effective dose in children is twice less than the effective dose in adults, which is of particular importance in assessing radiation risks in children. A particular danger of ionizing radiation is the possibility of further development of stochastic effects; accordingly, the higher the radiation dose, the higher the probability of adverse effects.

As a result of the entire study found that ionizing radiation is a particular danger due to the possibility of further development of stochastic effects, based on the findings, we can conclude that children are many times more exposed to lifetime radiation risk than adults, so the amount of diagnostic should be much greater than the amount of radiation damage received.

In conclusion, we would like to note that the emergence of such a significant volume of conducted lung CTs in children now serves as a starting point for the study and calculation of individual radiation risks in children, as in previous years there were not so many studies.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:366-368
pages 366-368 views


Cherkasova A.Y., Safronova K.V., Kolomatskaya V.V., Chernyavskaya D.R.


Relevance. The pandemic of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 is currently one of the most pressing problems in all countries of the world. The disease affects not only adults, but also children, who make up 7% of the total number of infected in the Russian Federation.
Target. To study the features of the clinical picture of COVID-19 in children in the Lipetsk region and the city of Lipetsk, who were hospitalized at the State Healthcare Institution "LOKIB".
Materials and methods. A retrospective analysis of medical records of case histories of 210 children aged from 1 day of life to 17 years was carried out.
Results. Data on the course of COVID-19 in 210 children being treated at the LOKIB State Health Institution, Lipetsk, are presented. In most cases, the disease in children proceeded in a moderate form. Based on the collected data, the clinical picture showed an increase in temperature in 180 patients (85.7%), of which subfebrile fever occurred in 73 children (40%), febrile - in 68 children (38%), high - in 39 children (22 %). Cough bothered 118 people (56%), signs of intoxication (myalgia, nausea, general weakness, headache, loss/lack of appetite) in 185 children (88%). Some patients experienced dyspeptic phenomena such as vomiting (9%) and diarrhea (14%). Skin rashes were observed in 18% of children. There were 6 people in the intensive care unit, no deaths were noted. Treatment depends on the severity of the disease, with a moderate degree, protocols are used for the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, and pneumonia.
Conclusion. Among children, mild and moderate variants of the course prevail. Severe forms occur in the presence of anomalies of the constitution, chronic diseases.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:368-371
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Профилактическая медицина


Volynkina E.


E.A. Volynkina

Supervisor: T.N. Petrova, I.O. Elizarova

Voronezh N.N. Burdenko State Medical University

Department of preventive medicine

Department of hospital therapy and endocrinology

Relevance. Diabetes mellitus is a disease which is called the"pandemic of the XXI century". The total number of people with diabetes in the world has more than doubled in the past 10 years, and by the end of 2019 was 463 million people. At the same time, type 2 diabetes occurs in 92% of the total number of patients. The results of the Russian epidemiological study NATION showed that the specified diagnosis is identified only in 54% of cases, and the real number of people suffering from type 2 diabetes in Russia is at least 10 million people (about 7% of the population). Type 2 diabetes is the cause of macrovascular complications, which lead to disability and an increased risk of death. At the same time, it is a socially significant disease that can be prevented. It is important to ensure the dissemination of information about type 2 diabetes and its prevention methods among the population in order to increase active longevity and reduce overall mortality.

The purpose of the research is to assess the level of knowledge of medical school students about type 2 diabetes and ways to prevent its development.

Materials and Methods. This investigation was carried out at N.N. Burdenko State Medical University as part of the "Endocrinological Dictation". A total of 201 participants (80% were students, among whom 42.3% were 1st year students and 20% were residents) took part in an anonymous questionnaire survey. The dictation included 17 test questions with one correct answer, which the respondents had to give. The questions were related to early detection and prevention of diabetes mellitus.

Results. The results of the research showed that 45% of the respondents pointed out the presence of a family member with diabetes and 64.2% knew what glycated hemoglobin was. However, the level of knowledge concerning the issues of prevention and detection of type 2 diabetes among the respondents was insufficient.

Conclusion. Thus, the results indicate the need to increase the awareness of students on the prevention of diabetes mellitus and its early detection.


Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:372-374
pages 372-374 views


Krasikova A.A., Kuzmina I.A.


Abstract: it is established that students of medical University have features of prevalence and character of a course of diseases of eyes. Refractive errors, inflammatory eye diseases, strabismus, diseases of the optic nerve and retina occupy a leading place in the structure of eye morbidity among students.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:374-376
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Психиатрия с наркологией


Epikhina T.V., Volkova S.A.


Educational activity of students is connected with emotional experiences, achievement of the set goal and overcoming of difficult situations, especially during examinations. At the present moment there are no unified data about adequate methods of diagnostics and study of this type of stress and its consequences. However, control of psycho-emotional state of students and its timely prevention can allow to reduce the risk of psycho-emotional disorders.

Objective. To study and analyze correlation between sensorimotor parameters of attention deflection tasks and peculiarities of bioelectrical activity of frontal brain areas of students in different periods of study. Study of peculiarities of autonomous regulation in anxious subjects during intersession and exam periods.

Materials and methods. Two stages of the study were conducted: pre-examinations and examinations. We examined psychometric data using Spielberger-Hanin questionnaire (personal and situational anxiety), cognitive task with the dot-probe test, specific features of alpha rhythm power in EEG recordings of frontal leads, salivary cortisol level, and heart rate variability.

Results. The study showed average and high levels of situational and personal anxiety, typical for students in the first years of study, which was reflected in peculiarities of their emotional attention, bioelectrical activity of the brain, and changes in vegetative parameters. During the examination period, a high tone of sympathetic regulation was observed in all study participants, but the predicted increase in cortisol levels in saliva was observed only in the study participants who passed the exam "successfully," and the opposite pattern was observed for "unsuccessful" students.

Conclusion. Thus, the frontal asymmetry of the bioelectrical activity of the brain, vegetative and hormonal status can be used as markers of the manifestation of psycho-emotional stress.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:377-381
pages 377-381 views


Kucher O.


Mass murder is the taking of the lives of a large number of people (more than two), carried out almost simultaneously or in a short period of time. Recently, there has been a tendency to increase mass shootings in Russia. The greatest resonance in society is caused by the events of shootings in educational institutions. For this category of crimes, they singled out their own term- schoolshooting (literally translated "school shooting"). Such attacks on the school are distinguished by the seeming senselessness of the events taking place, surprise, demonstrativeness and lack of logic in the actions of the attackers. In 2014, Harvard University conducted a study according to which the number of mass murders is growing every year. Interest in this topic is caused by the relationship between crimes of a similar nature and psychopathological deviations of shooters.
The purpose of the study: To determine the main psychopathological symptoms among school shooters, as well as to identify the most common drug-psychiatric diseases of shooters.
Materials and methods: Method of theoretical analysis of scientific literature on psychiatry, narcology, criminology, with regard to this problem; generalization of the material of foreign and domestic literature; sociological research using the Taylor, Hamilton, Montgomery-Iceberg scales, testing and statistical survey of students and schoolchildren.
The results of the study: At the moment, no specific reason leading to the formation of the identity of a mass shooter has been identified. Among the leading problems are: difficulties in family relationships, signs of autism, fascination with computer games with elements of cruelty, social isolation, psychopathological painful dormant soil, the use of narcotic substances, surfactants, possibly a combination of the above factors.
Discussion. It is established that 60% of mass murderers die or resort to suicide. According to American researchers, 61% of schoolshooters were diagnosed with depression during their lives, and 78% were prone to suicidal thoughts.
Conclusion. First of all, a schoolshooter can be characterized as a person poorly integrated into society, this, along with a constant decrease in self-esteem and identity problems (primarily gender), leads to depression. Against this background, a strong negative experience (unwanted separation, quarrel, financial losses, conflicts in the family or bullying) can lead to the activation of revenge fantasies, which eventually become obsessive.
Keywords: mass shootings, school shooting, school shooters, suicide.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:381-386
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Психология и поведенческая медицина


Boev D.S., Perelygina D.O.


Relevance: The relevance of this topic lies in the fact that the formation of the psychology of children in the prenatal and postnatal period is of great importance for the harmonious development of the child in the future.
Indeed, at present the attention of many psychologists around the world is drawn to the problems of early childhood.
This interest is far from accidental, since it turns out that the first years of life are the period of the most intensive and moral development, when the foundation of physical, mental and moral health is laid. The future of the child largely depends on the conditions under which it will proceed.
The influence of the mother's relationship with the unborn child is extremely important for its development.
Objectives: Our main goal was to study the impact of maternal psychological support during the period of infancy of a child, using the method of collecting empirical information according to the methods: PARI E. Schaeffer and R. Bella in the adaptation of T. V. Neshcheret, assessment of the neuropsychic development of young children ( modification by S.N. Kostromina). Methods of data processing were the methods of qualitative and quantitative, statistical analysis.
Results: Analysis of the research results showed that the provision of psychological comfort to the child by the mother, all kinds of support for the child, encouraging him create conditions for his accelerated harmonious development.
Conclusion: In general, according to the results of the study, it can be concluded that the children of those women who attended specialized courses and prepared for the birth of a child develop more harmoniously both physically and mentally, compared with the children of those women who the birth of a child was not specially prepared.




Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:387-390
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Assessment of the prevalence of increased anxiety in high school students

Matvienko M.


Relevance: increased anxiety in high school students leads to exhaustion, development of neurotic states, conflicts with other people and can adversely affect the results of the Unified State Exams.

Aim of the work: to assess the prevalence of increased anxiety in high school students of the gymnasium named after A. V. Koltsov.

Materials and methods: the syndrome of increased anxiety was assessed in 55 students of the gymnasium. «Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale» (HADS) has been used for the initial detection of anxiety symptoms, «Integrative anxiety test» - for assessment of anxiety syndrome.

Results: anxiety symptoms were identified in 52,8% tenth graders. Girls are twice more likely to have these symptoms than boys (60% against 33,3%). The highest prevalence of anxiety symptoms was observed in chemical-biological class. In most cases personal anxiety prevailed over situational one. The average score of anxiety on HADS and the level of personal and situational anxiety in girls were higher than in boys. Asthenic symptoms and anxiety about prospects dominated in the structure of the anxiety syndrome.

Conclusion: high prevalence of anxiety symptoms, especially in girls, confirms the need of activities for their early detection and correction.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:391-394
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Сестринское дело


Ishutin R.


Normal vision is a great blessing for any person. The modern way of life and its rhythm have sharply increased the load on the eyes. In the world there is a significant increase in eye pathology, and above all myopia. Experts say about the "epidemic" of myopia in young people.

Under conditions of intense visual load, for the preventive purpose, it is necessary to actively carry out a complex of health-improving measures for the normal functioning of the visual analyzer. This is a mandatory adequate general physical activity, a balanced fortified diet, the presence of periods of active and passive rest for the eyes.

Vision hygiene includes the optimal mode of visual work, competent organization of the workplace, performing gymnastics for the eyes, dosing the time of work with electronic devices.

Questioning students showed awareness of the majority of respondents in the prevention of myopia. The focus on a healthy lifestyle, awareness of the existence of factors that negatively affect the eyes, will help young people maintain eye health and normal vision for many years.


Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:395-398
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Koryukina E.V.


Human health is 50% dependent on a person's lifestyle. Every day a person exposes his body to various harmful factors. After the manifestation of the primary symptoms of a disease, a person begins to think about the state of his health and the lifestyle that he leads.

In this regard, recently, the problem and the need to form a healthy lifestyle has become more relevant. Timely, competent medical recommendations on the observance of a healthy lifestyle will allow the population to form useful healthy lifestyle skills.

Therefore, the purpose of the work is to study the main activities of a nurse in promoting a healthy lifestyle among the population.

The study was conducted by means of a questionnaire, in 2022 on the basis of the Burdenko State Medical University, as well as using social networks. 100 people participated in the survey.

As a result of the survey, it turned out that 50% of respondents do not consider it necessary to adhere to the elements of a healthy lifestyle.

As the survey showed, the population is gradually losing interest in their health.

It is important to popularize healthy lifestyle among young people in order to maintain health at a more mature age. To do this, it is necessary to use not only medical resources, but also nursing staff.

One of the main directions of the nurse's work is the popularization of healthy lifestyle among the population. For this purpose, preventive talks and lectures are held not only in medical, but also in educational institutions.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:398-402
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Likhachova V.


The school of motherhood is one of the forms of preventive work of medical personnel among the population of our country, which consists in teaching pregnant women, young fathers (future parents), the rules of child care. The purpose of this school is to reduce the risk of developing pathology during childbirth, during pregnancy, the postpartum period and the newborn period. The main areas of work of the school of motherhood: 1. Psychological preparation for motherhood, prenatal preparation 2. Training in general recommendations during childbirth and pregnancy 3. Explain to future parents the current aspects of newborn care. 4. Popularization of natural feeding 5.To increase the interest in the care and awareness of future fathers. The role of a nurse in the organization and work of the maternity school: 1. Informing future parents in an accessible form. 2. To update the awareness of the expectant mother on pregnancy and childbirth. 3. Show and work out a set of exercises for pregnant women

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:402-405
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Minushova O.Y.


Relevance: The quality organization of care for patients with renal insufficiency has become increasingly important in recent decades due to the increase in patients with renal insufficiency.

Purpose: to study the features of the professional activity of the nursing staff of the Department of Nephrology and Hemodialysis. 

Methods: Scientific and theoretical. Method of quantitative and qualitative analysis. Comparison of indicators of the study of statistical data of patients.

Results: During the study period, 24 patients from Borisoglebsk and the villages of the district were on the hemodialysis procedure in the Department of Nephrology and Hemodialysis of Borisoglebsk. Two types of this procedure are carried out in the hemodialysis department: HDF Post Dilidion; HD. 13 people undergo the first type of procedure. According to the second - 11 people. The change in the weight of patients on hemodialysis before and after the procedure varies from 0.85 kilograms to 4 kilograms. An analysis of the dialysate sodium level in patients showed that its content ranges from 136 mmol to 140 mmol, which does not contradict the norm. The dialysate can contain from 135 to 145 mmol/l of sodium, on average - 140-142 mmol/l. Elisio 19N; Elision 21N. Bicart B, Medelen KK-A-3 are mainly used as a concentrate. The work of the department nurse is based on the job description.

Conclusions: The change in the weight of patients on hemodialysis before and after the procedure varies from 0.85 kilograms to 4 kilograms. This fact indicates a good level. It is desirable to achieve this weight by the end of each hemodialysis procedure. The sodium level of dialysate in patients undergoing hemodialysis in the Department of Nephrology and Hemodialysis on the basis of the Borisoglebsk Regional Hospital was used as normal. As a dialysate are used: Polyflux 210 H; Elisio 19N; Elision 21 N. The work of a nurse in the Department of Nephrology and Hemodialysis requires strict adherence to approved standards.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:405-411
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Molchanova A.A.


Neonatal sepsis is a generalized purulent-septic infection characterized by the presence of a primary focus and circulation of infection in the blood. It is newborns who fall into the risk group for the occurrence of purulent septic diseases (GSI), since their immunity is not strong enough to fight pathogenic microflora. Therefore, the purpose of the work is to study the knowledge of the population about sepsis and GSI of newborns, for planning further preventive measures. The study was conducted by questionnaire, in 2021. 50 people participated in the survey. The study of public awareness of neonatal sepsis showed that not all respondents are aware of this disease, its treatment and preventive measures. Ignorance about GSI can lead to negative consequences.

Despite the work of medical workers, their preventive measures, lectures and conversations, there is a need to use the mass media and the Internet more widely to update information.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:411-413
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Erkinovna G.A., Rasulova S.R.


The aim of the study is to conduct diagnostic studies that allow us to scientifically substantiate the development of an integrated approach to diagnosis, taking into account the component of vertical growth in patients with distal occlusion.

Correlations of vertical and horizontal ratios of the jaw bones have been revealed, which will allow the orthodontist to predict the likelihood of aggravation or self-regulation of the problem. Thus, the conducted diagnostic studies allowed us to scientifically substantiate the development of an integrated approach to diagnosis, taking into account the component of vertical growth in patients with distal occlusion.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:414-415
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Bayazova O.A., Nurmetov N.S.



Composites are dental materials used for the treatment and restoration of teeth. Today, the range of composite materials is very wide. Each of them has its own positive and negative properties. One of the most important quality indicators is polymerization shrinkage, which we would like to test and compare during the experiment.

Purpose. Compare and analyze composite shrinkage of dental materials.

Materials and methods. Theoretical, empirical and mathematical research methods were used to determine the composite shrinkage.

Results. Composites were chosen, which are most often used in the daily practice of a dentist therapist. An experiment was carried out, during which the relationship between the fullness of the composite and polymerization shrinkage was revealed.

Discussion. The main value of the work lies in the fact that we tried in the laboratory to place the composite in the conditions in which it is in the oral cavity. We were able to consider the polymerization shrinkage of various composite materials.

Conclusion. As a result of the study, we found that the Restavrin composite (Technodent) has the highest polymerization shrinkage, and the lowest SDR (Dentsply).

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:415-417
pages 415-417 views


Belyaev R.


On the basis of 16 teeth (8 multirooted and 8 single-rooted) we performed a clinical study to evaluate the temporal effectiveness of ossification and to compare the healing rate in single-rooted and multirooted teeth. During the treatment we used instrumental treatment of the root canals by means of manual files - K-reamer, Hedstroem, Protaper, root canals obturation was made by means of gutta-percha cone and Endometasone Siler. After the treatment we evaluated the ossification of the apexes of the teeth we had previously treated 6 months later on the basis of targeted X-rays. As a result of the study, we found that the rate of bone regeneration in the apex area of single-rooted teeth is 40% higher compared to multi-rooted teeth. The results tell us that the anatomy of canals in single-rooted teeth lends itself to more thorough instrumentation and irrigation compared to multi-rooted teeth. We should also note that we did not use the technique of temporary obturation with calcium-containing preparations as a result of treatment, which allowed us to avoid not only the number of patient visits, but also to reduce the time interval for healing of periapical lesions.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:417-421
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Bizyakina A.


At the moment, in dentistry, not only caries plays a huge role in the pathology of the tooth, but also non-carious lesions, the development of which is not associated with the metabolic characteristics of microorganisms in the oral cavity. Fundamental and practical modern research has led to a significant understanding of the biochemical aspects of dental hard tissues. Much attention is paid to mineral metabolism and the effects of macronutrients on the oral cavity. However, many justifications and theories still do not allow us to fully understand the causes of most pathologies. Purpose: To verify the relationship of non-carious lesions (wedge-shaped defect, abrasion, erosion, osteoporosis of the jaw bones) with impaired mineral metabolism. Methods. The goal of the work required the analysis of scientific research and publications based on the study of theoretical aspects of oral fluid and tissue biochemistry. The state of tissues and microorganisms of the oral cavity is the most significant in the formation of acid-base balance. As a result of this interaction, changes in the condition of the teeth occur, which affect the formation of carious and non-carious lesions. The composition of the surface layer of the teeth includes up to 96% of inorganic (mineral) substances, organic substances and water. Results: As a result of the study, the main processes accompanying the metabolism of inorganic substances in the oral region were considered, the physiological significance of mineral metabolism for hard tissues of the tooth was established, and the interaction between its violation and the development of pathological changes in the hard tissues of the teeth, leading to diseases of a non-carious nature. Conclusions: In the course of the work, an analysis of specialized, educational, scientific literature was carried out in relation to the study of non-carious lesions. The relationship between the violation of mineral metabolism and the appearance of non-carious lesions of the teeth as a result of demineralization processes is shown.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:422-428
pages 422-428 views


Gosteva Y.A.


The purpose of the study: to identify the clinical manifestation of diabetes mellitus in the human oral cavity, to determine the algorithm of preventive measures after diagnosing the disease in order to minimize its harmful effects on the human body, in particular on the oral cavity and periodontium.
Materials and methods. Diabetes mellitus is, first of all, an endocrine disease that is directly related to impaired glucose uptake and develops with a lack of the hormone insulin. As a result, it is possible to develop a disease such as hyperglycemia, a condition in which the level of glucose steadily rises. This disease is chronic. Such types of metabolism as protein, carbohydrate, fat, water-salt and mineral are violated. This disease is typical for humans, as well as cats and dogs. Diabetes mellitus is divided into two types: 1. Insulin-dependent (type 1). Young people are often affected by this type. The cause of this type is the death of pancreatic cells (about 90%). This type of diabetes mellitus develops as a result of a decrease in immunity or a viral infection. In this case, the body's ability to produce insulin disappears. The treatment for this type of disease is insulin therapy according to the basal-bolus scheme.2. Insulin-independent (type 2). With this type of diabetes, insulin can be formed in the body on its own, but the cells lose their sensitivity to it and do not perceive it. The second type is hereditary and occurs mainly among people over 40 years of age. With this disease, treatment with biguanides is prescribed. Symptoms of diabetes mellitus. - a constant unquenchable feeling of hunger and with it a sharp weight loss; - Frequent urination, the amount of urine can increase up to 9 l / day; - enlargement of the parotid glands; - itching of the skin and mucous membranes, their inflammatory lesions; - muscle weakness and headache; - X-ray examination in patients shows diffuse osteoporosis and atrophy of the alveolar bone of varying severity. Symptoms of diabetes mellitus in the human oral cavity. inflammatory infectious diseases of the gums and massive dental deposits are noted; - dryness in the oral cavity, a feeling of thirst and burning, xerostomia; - dryness, inflammation, cracks in the red border of the lips, as well as the development of seizures in the corners of the mouth; - a decrease in salivary secretions. One of the initial symptoms diabetes mellitus, there is an increase in the parotid salivary glands. This leads to dry mouth, i.e. xerostomia. Xerostomia contributes to the development of diseases such as gingivitis, candidiasis, stomatitis, caries. Gingivitis is an inflammatory process in the oral cavity (localized), resulting from the "start" of immune and inflammatory reactions in the host body by bacterial endotoxins, antigens and other virulent factors. Over the course of life, the condition of periodontal tissues worsens, there is an active development of signs of chronic generalized periodontitis of the middle or severe. These signs are accompanied primarily by destructive processes in the bone tissue, as well as severe tooth mobility, loss of periodontal attachment and an increase in periodontal pockets. The risk of periodontitis increases with a lack of control of diabetes. It is worth noting that timely treatment of periodontitis can affect glycemic control and can help prevent the occurrence and development of diseases such as cardiovascular disease and nephropathy. Treatment of periodontitis in diabetes mellitus is a mandatory procedure and cannot be considered as optional. Examination of patients with diabetes mellitus allows you to pay attention to the fact that in such patients the risk of developing non-carious lesions of the hard tissue of the teeth is much higher. One of the most common comorbidities in diabetes mellitus is oral mucosal candidiasis. Its manifestation is characterized by thinning and dryness of the bright red mucosa. Against the background of systemic immunosuppression, there is a high risk of developing diseases of the oral cavity membrane of a chronic course, in the event of which the repair period during surgical interventions is lengthened, and the process of engraftment of implants worsens. Such diseases are lichen planus, recurrent aphthous stomatitis, recurrent viral, fungal and bacterial stomatitis. Treatment, removal and prosthetics of teeth in patients with diabetes mellitus. Dental treatment in such patients can occur only in the compensated stage of the disease, however, in the case of a serious infectious disease treatment can also occur in the uncompensated stage of diabetes mellitus after taking a dose of insulin, and after treatment, the patient is prescribed antibiotics and analgesics. Anesthesia is also used only at the stage of compensation for this disease; in any other case, the use of local anesthesia is acceptable. Prosthetics in patients with diabetes mellitus is carried out exclusively by a dentist who has certain knowledge and skills in working with this disease and is able to competently draw up a treatment plan that is acceptable for people with this diagnosis. Dental prostheses for patients with diabetes must meet all the requirements for the correct distribution of the load, and also be made from certain materials that can be used in this disease. It is unacceptable to use cobalt-chromium, nickel-chromium alloys. In this case, only a gold-platinum alloy is preferred, and removable dentures should only be with a titanium base.
The option of implantation is also considered in the presence of diabetes, but only by a competent specialist who is familiar with all the nuances of working with such patients.Extraction of teeth can also be carried out in people with diabetes, however, only in the morning after taking insulin (the dose should be increased). Otherwise, there is a risk of developing acute inflammation. Rinse your mouth with an antiseptic before surgery.
Modern research.One new study, published in Preventing Chronic Disease, shows that people with diabetes are twice as likely to lose teeth as people who don't have the disease, and that this probability is also related to a person's race. . According to statistics, patients of the Negroid race have a higher risk of tooth loss than the representatives of the Caucasian. To conduct this study, a total of collected data on more than 37 thousand patients. Thanks to additional analyzes, it was found that in 1999-2000. patients with diabetes were 34% less likely to have at least 21 teeth compared to relatively healthy people.

Preventive oral care for diabetes mellitus.

The rules of preventive oral care include:

- Twice a year it is obligatory to visit a dentist for a complete examination and professional oral hygiene;
- Brushing and rinsing teeth after each meal. If there is no bleeding gums, then the use of a brush of medium hardness is acceptable;
- Daily used toothpaste should not contain highly abrasive substances, antibacterial substances, as well as strong peroxides;
- Since patients with diabetes are often people with hypersensitivity, the most preferred are pastes based on silicon dioxide, which remove dental deposits without damaging the enamel;
- Mouthwashes should never contain alcohol.

As a result of the study, the basic definition of diabetes mellitus and its types were studied. Also, possible symptoms were considered, both of a general nature and purely dental manifestations, the possibilities of treatment and extraction of teeth in this disease, as well as preventive oral care for diabetes mellitus.Discussion.
Thus, diabetes mellitus has a great impact on the state of the body and the health of the oral cavity, which will directly affect the dental interventions of specialists.
In the course of the work, a sufficient amount of specialized, educational literature, scientific literature was analyzed, on the basis of which a relationship was revealed between the state of the oral cavity and teeth and diabetes mellitus.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:428-432
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Dobrina J.


The profession of a dentist implies daily work with people. The communication is based on clarifying the patient's anamnesis and complaints, determining together with him the further treatment plan. The health and quality of life of the patient directly depends on the quality of the dentist's work. That is why it is especially important to identify the first signs of professional burnout, timely correction of the work and rest regime, a variety of leisure activities and the use of various options to combat it from the experience of colleagues.The problem of professional burnout is becoming particularly relevant at the present time, a time replete with routine and stress, characterized by irregular work schedules.This study aims to determine on the basis of the dental polyclinic of the Burdenko State Medical University which percentage of dentists already have symptoms of professional burnout, as well as to identify methods of preventing and combating this syndrome. To do this, an anonymous survey of 35 dentists of different ages was conducted. After analyzing all the data, a tendency to the emergence of professional burnout syndrome was revealed after 5 years of professional activity. So, with work experience from 5 to 10 years, professional burnout occurs in 85.7% of cases, from 10 to 30 years - in 100% of cases, and with work experience over 30 years – in 80% of cases. These indicators indicate not only the development of the syndrome, and a decrease in performance, but also a general deterioration in the health of dentists who require additional measures to prevent this syndrome.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:432-435
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Kryukov A.



Abstract. Modern dentistry occupies one of the leading positions in terms of the number of undesirable immune reactions. The variety of dental materials, the lack of knowledge of the causes of intolerance to dental materials, the lack of universal, fast and affordable means of diagnosing allergic status directly in the patient's chair, insufficient prevention, limited time for collecting anamnesis, lack of materials for laboratory diagnostics indicates the urgency of the problem of allergic conditions at a dental appointment. . Target. Actualization of the problem of allergies in dentistry, the formation of an idea of ​​the basic materials that can cause an immune response, the study of the main clinical manifestations of allergies and ways to prevent it in the practice of a dentist. Materials and methods. To assess the frequency of occurrence of cases of adverse reactions at a dentist's appointment, 980 respondents aged 18 to 35 were interviewed using the method of anonymous Internet questioning. Results. The frequency of adverse reactions to dental appointments was 1.53% of the respondents. In the group of respondents from 18 to 25 years old, allergy to local anesthetics was in the first place, immediate reactions were the main part of them. Conclusion. The main materials causing adverse reactions in dentistry are presented. The main types of immune responses and their clinic, as well as types of diagnostics and prevention of allergic conditions are considered.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:436-439
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Marinkina A., Zhurbenko V.


Currently, the most common dental disease of the hard tissues of the teeth is caries. Caries is a pathological process that manifests itself after teething and is characterized by the processes of enamel demineralization. This pathology affects both temporary and permanent teeth. During pregnancy, many factors affect the condition of the dental system. Such factors include a lack of minerals, vitamins, hormonal restructuring of the body.
Goal. The purpose of this work is to determine the assessment of the prevalence of dental caries in pregnant women suffering from gestational diabetes mellitus.
Methods. The main research method is to determine the Green Vermillion Oral hygiene index and the caries intensity index.
Results. The results of the study showed a significant deterioration in the condition of the hard tissues of the teeth in pregnant patients who suffer from gestational diabetes mellitus. When analyzing the results, a high level of caries intensity was determined and an unsatisfactory level of oral hygiene was revealed.
Conclusions. Thus, we can say that the changes in the body of a pregnant woman significantly affect the health of the dental system.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:440-441
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Pashkina A.A., Shepeleva M.V.


The use of various structural types of intraoral retainers in the orthodontics clinic has been increasing over the past years. The personalized approach and the complexity of the clinical management of individual groups of patients revealed the need to separate the devices for retaining the achieved results after active orthodontic therapy into removable and non-removable ones. The increasing number of recurrences of dental anomalies and deformities after treatment with a bracket system strongly indicates a pronounced problem of achieving stable results of orthodontic treatment in adolescents and adult patients. Therefore, the relevance of this work is due to the complexity of the choice and clinical application of the entire spectrum of these designs, due to the lack of a single differentiated and personalized retention period protocol. Goal. The aim of our research was to develop modern innovative approaches to the use of various types of retainers in the practice of an orthodontist to minimize the recurrence of dental anomalies and deformities.Research objectives:To study the effectiveness of standard retention methods in adolescents and adults.Evaluate the possibility of a combination of removable and non-removable retainers.To estimate the duration of the retention period when using different types of structures. Materials and methods: In the course of the study, a comprehensive diagnosis and statistical analysis of the results of the retention period was carried out using various types of retainers after orthodontic correction using modern non-removable multibonding equipment in 120 patients with a history of violations of the position of individual teeth, dentition and malocclusion aged from 14 to 35 years. The study period was 18-24 months.In the process of complex orthodontic diagnostics , the following methods were used:- Clinical method of examination in accordance with the recommendations of WHO (1985) and T.F. Vinogradova (1988).- Biometric analysis of diagnostic models of jaws.- X-ray analysis of targeted intraoral radiographs and orthopantomograms of the jaws;- Photometric method;- Statistical analysis of the results of the study was carried out using the STATISTICA 6.0 application software package from StatSoft Inc. When studying the data, the evaluation of the studied features in groups was carried out, the comparison of groups was carried out, the relationship of features was studied using parametric and nonparametric methods, depending on the type of distribution.Results: in the course of the conducted scientific and practical research, we obtained results indicating the complexity of the approach to the implementation of the retention period in orthodontic patients. The main problem at this stage of orthodontics development is the lack of a structured approach to the stage of retaining the achieved results.Conclusions: In our study, we proved a scientifically and clinically sound approach to retention as differentiated and personalized. Only by considering each clinical case as an individual can we achieve sustainable results of orthodontic treatment.

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Sagova D., Glazatkin A.


Abstract: Based on the extensive range of available scientific data on the importance of a healthy diet, it becomes obvious that irrational nutrition, which is a key risk factor for the development of carious lesions of the hard tissues of teeth, especially in childhood, is most easily correctable with the help of standard preventive measures.

The purpose of the study: to determine the features of eating behavior and its effect on the condition of hard dental tissues in children and adolescents using the global European system of indicators of dental health (hereinafter EGOHID), as well as on the basis of morphological and biochemical data on the enamel of a human tooth in childhood.

Materials and methods: The research was conducted in Voronezh city schools among children aged 12 and 15, with the consent of parents. The examination was carried out in accordance with EGOHID-2005 (European Global System of Dental Health Indicators).

The children were divided into two age groups: group 1 – 12 years old, 2 - 15 years old. An anonymous questionnaire was conducted in each group to identify the frequency of taking sugary drinks and foods, as well as the frequency of brushing teeth. WHO - 2013 questionnaires were used in the survey.

The data obtained were analyzed. The results were processed using the standard block of the IBM SPSS Statistics 23 program[1].

During the examination of patients, a study of the cariesogenicity of plaque was carried out by assessing the change in the color of methylene red at different stages:

stage 1 - after taking a sweet product (candy)

Stage 2 – an hour after taking a sweet product (candy) with a ban on snacks in the form of easily digestible carbohydrates.

The assessment was carried out on a 3-point scale from yellow - at a pH of more than 6.0 to red - pH from 5.0 to 6.0.

Also, during the examination of patients in both age groups at both stages, a smear of the substrate was taken from the neck surface of the tooth with the addition of a drop of 3% ferric chloride solution. The obtained materials were subjected to microscopic examination at a magnification of 40 times[2]. This study allowed us to judge the amount of short-chain fatty acids in the substrate at each stage of the examination.

Results: Thanks to the EGOHID system, it was found that in 15-year-olds the prevalence of carious lesions is 91%, while in 12-year-olds this indicator is 77%

Conclusion: Eating disorders such as frequent consumption of easily fermentable carbohydrates contained in various sweets create an increased risk of developing carious lesions in children and adolescents [3].

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:445-447
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Sidorova M.


Relevance. SARS-CoV-2 is one of the most dangerous RNA viruses. It causes COVID-19. The emergence at the end of 2019 of diseases caused by the new coronavirus has already gone down in history as an international emergency. In addition to damage to the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, COVID-19 also affects the tissues of the oral cavity, causing a long-term decrease in local immunity, and is the cause of the exacerbation of various chronic diseases of the oral cavity and the emergence of new pathologies.
Among the causes of problems are the weakening of the local immunity of the oral cavity, the deterioration in the supply of tissues with oxygen and nutrients against the background of a low intensity of blood flow and the reproduction of harmful microflora. All of these factors occur in patients who have had COVID-19, even in a mild form.
Methods. We decided to study the course of generalized periodontitis in people who had this dangerous infection. To conduct the study, it was decided to compare the manifestations of coronovirus infection in the oral cavity, as well as to study the influence of post-COVID syndrome on the development of diseases in the oral cavity, the duration of the course and the dynamics of recovery. To do this, we identified a group of patients who had a history of a coronovirus infection and compared the course of moderate generalized periodontitis with a group of patients with other general somatic diseases, but who did not have COVID-19.
Results. During the observation, it was found that the first group of patients who had COVID-19 a month ago had a more aggressive and prolonged course of chronic generalized periodontitis of moderate severity than the second group of patients who had never had a coronavirus infection. groups - 15 days, the onset of the remission stage - 10 days after the exacerbation. The duration of the exacerbation of the disease in the second group is 10 days, the onset of the remission stage is 5-7 days after the exacerbation.
Conclusions. A longer and more aggressive course of exacerbation of periodontitis in the first group of patients is due to a previous coronavirus infection. COVID-19 and ongoing therapy against it have a negative impact on the tissues of the oral mucosa. The oral cavity is attacked by SARS-CoV-2, so its condition should be given maximum attention.
Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:447-450
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Volunteer activity as a tool for mastering the future profession among students of the Faculty of Dentistry

Hodzhaeva V.


Relevance of the topic. The volunteer movement, which is actively developing in many universities in Russia, carries not only a socially significant, but often a professionally oriented role. Students who are actively involved in volunteering acquire important skills: communication with colleagues, continuous communication with people in need of help, because the profession of a dentist is based not only on manual skills, but also on well-structured communication with patients.
The purpose of the study is to show, using the example of volunteering, the development of the skills of the profession of a dentist among students of the Faculty of Dentistry. Materials and methods. Volunteer squad “Smile at the World”, created on the basis of the Kursk State Medical University in 2017. The participants of the detachment are students of 1-5 courses of the Faculty of Dentistry, the total number is 18. The main activity of the detachment is the dental education of children of preschool and school age through health lessons, thematic lectures, game forms of education
Results. Volunteer group "Smile to the World" carries out its educational mission in the field of prevention of dental diseases through various forms of presentation of material. Lectures and quizzes are effective activities, during which volunteers develop communication skills. On an individual basis, students demonstrate to children the skills of competent home oral hygiene, work out with each brushing technique on models of dentition, which makes it possible to acquire the skill of individual work with the patient, mastering manual skills.The annual event of the detachment is the examination of 1st year students of the Faculty of Dentistry in order to identify the dental status, which also has a positive effect on the development of manual skills by volunteers, the training of clinical thinking, including the differential diagnosis of certain dental diseases. Preparing a lecture course for high school children enables student volunteers to strengthen their knowledge in the field of general and preventive dentistry, helps to acquire the skill of analyzing a large amount of scientific information, followed by its design and proper presentation for the patient.
Conclusion. Thus, it was found that the activities of students within the volunteer team have a positive effect on the further development of the profession of a dentist. Communicating with people, developing empathy, conducting educational activities, striving to help society, as well as possessing sufficient knowledge in one's professional environment are some of the important requirements for a dentist. Graduates of the detachment, who graduated from the university and began to carry out professional activities, note that it is easier for them to find contact with patients and can more successfully and confidently apply their manual skills.



Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:451-452
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Shabanov D.


The increase in life expectancy of the population of Russia implies an increase in the number of gerontological patients at a dental appointment. For successful treatment of this category of patients, it is necessary to know the psychological, physiological and, most importantly, dental features associated with age.

Relevance: At the dental appointment there is a special category of patients - gerontostomatological. The reality is that the state of the oral cavity in recent years, according to statistics, has been deteriorating significantly due to a significant change in the environmental situation and the quality of life in general. Aging patients a priori need all specialized types of dental care: therapeutic, surgical, orthopedic. An important problem is the treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa.

Purpose: This study is to analyze the features of dental care for the elderly.

Materials and methods: the analysis of primary medical documentation of age patients who applied for help to the dental clinic of the Voronezh State Medical University named after V.I. N.N. Burdenko for one reporting year (in the period from 12/21/20 to 12/20/21 with diseases of the oral mucosa)

Results: An analysis of the appealability of gerontostomatological patients with diseases of the oral mucosa is presented;

This problem was previously dealt with by E.V. Sidova, F.N. Paleev, O.N. Startseva M. (educational manual "Fundamentals of Geriatrics for Primary Care Physicians", 2019), O.I. Doroshina, Yu.V. Lebedev, L.V. Tokarskaya. Yekaterinburg (textbook "Gerontopsychology" 2020).

The dental portrait of elderly patients is described in detail in the work of the same name by Cheremnykh A.I., Russkikh I.S.

When writing this article, scientific and methodological literature was used, as well as the actual data of polyclinic case histories.

Conclusion: Analyzing the presented data, it should be noted that the appeal of age patients for dental care is significant. This applies to all narrow specialties of the dental profile. Oral mucosal diseases are no exception. The basic requirements for a primary care physician are still the same: correctly diagnose, adequately treat: if necessary, involve relevant narrow specialists.

Age patients with diseases of the oral mucosa make up the vast majority of those who seek medical help. It should be noted that patients belonging to the group "Elderly" aged 55-74 years prevail among other groups. Patients from the "long-livers" group are rare.

When analyzing the appealability of gerontostomatological patients according to the nosological forms of mucosal diseases, it should be noted that oral candidiasis is the leader among other diseases of this group, and in two age groups: “Elderly” and “Old”. According to the frequency of referral, patients with glossalgia phenomena take the second place, and with manifestations of lichen planus of the oral cavity, the third.

Precancerous conditions of the oral mucosa occur in various diseases (lichen planus, leukoplakia); from the doctor require special attention.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:453-456
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Управление в здравоохранении


Abasov A.R., Markin D.A.


Relevance. The COVID-19 pandemic has huge implications for WHO and the world at large. From December 31, 2019 to the present, the number of infected exceeds 410 million people, the number of deaths is more than 5.8 million people.

Target. In our work, we analyzed the results of the activities of the Voronezh Regional Clinical Center for Disaster Medicine in organizing medical care for patients with a new coronavirus infection COVID-19.

Materials and methods. The study was based on: the method of expert assessments, statistical data analysis

Results Using the method of expert assessments, statistical analysis, the important role of the KUZ VO "VOKTSMK" in the provision of medical care in the fight against COVID-19 was determined.

Conclusion. KUZ VO "VOKTSMK" contributed to the creation on the basis of LMO of a system of staged medical care, the provision of timely specialized, including high-tech, medical care using various equipment

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:457-460
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Bondarenko E.


Relevance. The conducted research is devoted to the problems of school health care and its popularization.
Aim. To analyze the attitude of modern parents to school health care, to determine its prospects, based on research in domestic and foreign periodicals.
Methods. In the course of the research, analytical, statistical, empirical methods, as well as methods of induction, deduction, abstraction, analysis and synthesis were used. In the course of the survey, the results of scientists' research published in periodicals, as well as materials of scientific and practical conferences were used. An anonymous survey of 234 respondents living in Shakhty was conducted, revealing their attitude to the organization of school health care.
Results. The main problems of school health care and its prospects are identified. There is a shortage of staff among medical workers, lack of funding, poor equipment of medical offices in schools, a significant decrease in their functionality. Modern parents are not aware of the work schedule of doctors and nurses at their child's school, are often not familiar with them, do not know where their child can seek help if necessary during classes. Many people note dissatisfaction with the work of medical personnel and medical and pedagogical workers in the protection of children's health.
Conclusion. Medical staff in modern educational institutions is undeservedly deprived of the attention of the authorities and the public. The majority of respondents are not satisfied with the organization of school health care.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:460-462
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Buturlakina A.A., Afanaseva A.A.


Relevance. Competition improves and modernizes business processes. In order to ensure that demand for the product is maintained, certain instruments are applied.  One such tool is delegation, through which functions are carried out     marketing and outsourcing. Marketing promotes the health organization in the health care market that  increases the recognition and loyalty of patients to this clinic.

Objective. To assess the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing in the health-care system, to analyse the degree of introduction and stages of development in Russia and abroad.

Methods. Comparative analysis of the methodological approach to the study of outsourcing in the health-care system: the case of the Russian Federation and  abroad used.

Results. Outsourcing helps delegate responsibilities, that other organizations can do to help with medical business. The article discusses the main trends and benefits of outsourcing for health care, coverage of domestic and foreign health care.

Conclusion. Key issues identified and examined  impeding the active introduction of the methodology in highly specialized areas of medicine in the Russian Federation. Further prospects for outsourcing for Effective management of health organizations and improvement of quality of care public health services.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:462-467
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Vecherina A.I., Zakharcheva A.A.


Relevance. At the moment, the personnel crisis is recognized by the world community. The shortage of healthcare workers is, to date, 4.3 million. Employees. The question of the lack of personnel providing primary medical care against the background of an excess of doctors of a narrow profile is relevant. Also, every year there is an increasing migration of medical personnel to large cities and more prosperous countries.
It is also important that the number of doctors per capita in Russia is greater than in more developed countries, but at the same time our country is inferior in terms of the quality of medical care and, in general, in terms of public health. In some regions, the shortage of medical personnel reaches 50%.
The purpose of the study. To consider the branches of workforce development that are based on social guarantees and are oriented towards the convergence of the interests of the employee and health care institutions in order to achieve a high result of work to preserve the health of the population.
Materials and methods. The article uses methods of description and comparison, the logical method.
Results. It is noted that in the first half of 2019, the number of medical personnel in the Central Federal District decreased by 3.5 thousand people. In the Voronezh region, this figure was 451 medical workers (1.4%). In the first half of 2020, this figure was 2.8 thousand people.
Conclusion. Almost 500 settlements with a population of up to two thousand people are unable to provide first aid services in inpatient facilities; the shortage of junior medical personnel is more than 130,000 people; the shortage of doctors is more than 250,000 people; the total figures for non-closed vacancies exceed 50% of the approved staffing. In the structure of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to create as many programs as possible to motivate the involvement of all potential healthcare personnel.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:467-470
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Kiyatkina O., Scherbakova V.


Relevance. Currently, as argued in the research literature, there is a rejection of the old, traditional (patriarchal) model of the family, where the head is a man. In this model, there is a particular hierarchical sequence of "father - mother - children". Today's young families are undergoing a transition from the old model to a newer, "transitional" model, which has completely different values. In this model, the equality of all family members prevails, and the importance of the personal opinions of each of them, even of the children, is emphasized. On the other hand, it cannot be said that human relationships themselves have undergone some changes - they have not. People are still subject to feelings, they still love their parents, their partner, their children. The modern family model has only brought a more pronounced emotional component and mutual support for each other.

Objective. To study attitudes towards family, family life of different age groups of pediatric faculty.

Methods: statistical analysis, descriptive, also using Google Forms platform 1800 students of pediatric faculty, as well as 150 young specialist doctors were surveyed. An oral survey was used to obtain the opinions of 50 faculty and staff members.

Results. Opinions of different age and professional groups (students, professionals, and educators) were obtained and analyzed during the study. However, the similarity of views of most respondents regardless of age and other social factors is noted.

Conclusion. Nothing stands still in the modern world, and the institution of the family is also changing. Many people are increasingly abandoning the traditional family structure towards more equality in terms of sharing family responsibilities and raising children. Even so, many things remain important and unchanged, such as the importance and significance of formal marriage.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:473-477
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Zhdanov V.A.


Brief summary.

Relevance. Modern ways of academic communication appear within five years and find application in academic and scientific technologies in the form of novel types of conferences, presentations and disputes.

The research objective. The aim of this article is to learn more about new ways of presenting information at modern scientific and academic events. This topic is of particular interest to those who is going to become a doctor or researcher.

Methods. The design of the research is observational and historical study.

Results. In the article the modern ways of giving scientific and academic information in the form of presentations, meetings, parley, scientific reports are considered. New types of scientific and academic events, such as panel discussion, poster presentation, pitching and TED conference are observed.

Conclusion. Rapid changes in science, media and Internet technologies lead to the emergence of new formats of the scientific and academic events. What is more, in modern circumstances the community needs new educational tools that can serve as online learning platforms. The new types of delivering information at conferences and training that we have considered correspond to all modern challenges and can be used by students and teachers for their successful work in academic and scientific fields.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:471-473
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Korotkova O.M., Sorokina V.V.


Aim: the purpose of this study is to systematize information about the biographies of the department's employees who participated in the Great Patriotic War, their military path and scientific achievements.
Materials and methods: the main method of this study is the analysis and comparison of literary sources. In this work, the basis is archival documents, historical notes, as well as data given in the project "Memory of the People". Results: the missing information about the military path of the employees of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology was systematized and supplemented. Conclusion: the historical search is a thorny path to comprehend the past. Not all great names are presented in this article.
Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:477-478
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Martynov D.


Museum complex of VSMU N.N. Burdenko serves as an example of an innovative direction in pedagogical science - museum pedagogy. The educational space of the museum, created on the basis of our university, is of great importance in the educational process, as well as the cultural development of youth.
Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:479-482
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Merzlikina L.E.



Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:482-486
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Nazarova A.S.


Relevance: According to official statistics, as of January 31, 2022, 213852 cases of coronavirus infection were detected in the Voronezh Region, of which 194168 people recovered. However, after an infection, the quality of life of patients is significantly reduced, as post-Covid syndrome is formed. Medical organizations offer patients with a new coronavirus infection to undergo an in-depth examination of the body, but they face the problem of low motivation of the population to undergo medical examination.

Objective: To organize a project, after the implementation of which a reduction in the risk of primary disability and mortality of the population of the Voronezh region will be achieved, as well as the restoration of the respiratory and nervous systems of the body in 450 residents of Voronezh, Buturlinovsky, Novokhopersky, Borisoglebsky, Pavlovsky, Rossoshansky, Khokholsky districts of the Voronezh region who have suffered a new coronavirus infection in mild, moderate and severe degrees.

Materials and methods: In order to implement the stages of the medical and social project on the territory of the Voronezh Region, coordination was carried out with the Department of Health of the Voronezh Region and interaction was established with the administration of medical organizations.


Based on the questionnaires of the Montreal Cognitive Scale and the Munsterberg test, as well as tests for the diagnosis of depression, the project team determined the level of decrease in the activity of the emotional and psychological sphere in patients who underwent COVID-19.

Methods of pulse oximetry, spirometry, as well as functional respiratory tests (Genche test, Stange test) were used to determine the indicators of the respiratory system.

To restore the above indicators, patients were recommended to perform breathing exercises proposed by the project team within a month.

Results: patients who suffered a new coronavirus infection in mild, moderate, severe severity from Borisoglebsky, Rossoshansky, Khokholsky, Pavlovsky districts of the Voronezh region were trained in self-control skills in the process of restoring the respiratory and nervous systems of the body during the implementation of the medical and social project "Life after COVID-19"


Conclusion: In conclusion, I would like to note that as a result of the project, it was possible to achieve not only quantitative, but also qualitative results among patients. 

Patients noted an improvement in well-being and an increase in performance indicators.

(according to the project's check-studies).

In most medical organizations, the stages of the project were carried out together with in-depth medical examination, thereby increasing the level of motivation of the population to undergo examinations

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:486-489
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Rakhimova S.


A comparative assessment of the epidemiological situation in the regions implies a comparison of statistical indicators characterizing the level of morbidity. Since February 2020, Covid-19 morbidity statistics have been constantly covered in the media. In particular, daily reports are published on the number of new cases of infection, deaths and recovery in the Russian Federation as a whole and in the regional context.Purpose: The purpose of the article was to develop a model for a generalized assessment of the severity of the epidemiological situation in the region.Methods: The study was conducted on the basis of data on the incidence of Covid-19 in the regions of the Central Chernozem region, presented on the website "Coronavirus statistics by regions of Russia" [1] in 2021-2022. Relative morbidity rates are normalized, and a generalized indicator is calculated based on them.Results: It is demonstrated that the proposed model allows us to determine the rating of regions according to the severity of the epidemiological situation, taking into account data reflecting the specifics of the disease. Its application is used to evaluate the rating of the regions of the Black Earth region on the incidence of Covid-19.Conclusions: The proposed model can be used in scientific research to determine the rating of regions according to the severity of the epidemiological situation and to assess the effectiveness of measures taken to prevent the development of the disease.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:489-491
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Silkin A.V., Klyukin A.A., Abramyan A.A.


Relevance. 2022 marks exactly 390 years since the birth of Anthony van Leeuwenhoek, the great Dutch biologist, microscope designer, founder of scientific microscopy.
Target. To get acquainted with the biography of a brilliant self-taught scientist, the discoverer of microbes and his great contribution to biology.
Methods. Review and study of the literature that is devoted to this topic. The study of materials from the archives of the university. Consolidation of information from historical sources about the life of Anthony Van Leeuwenhoek.
Results. Leeuwenhoek had a great influence on the development of scientific microscopy. After learning the craft of a grinder, he became a talented lens maker. Installing the lenses he made into special metal frames, he skillfully assembled microscopes and with their help carried out innovative research at that time. Although the lenses that he created were relatively small and not comfortable enough, nevertheless, it was with their help that the most important discoveries were made. Throughout his life, Leeuwenhoek made about twenty-five microscopes, nine of which have survived to this day.
Conclusion. Knowledge of biographical information about world-famous scientists is an essential step in preparing students of medical universities for their future professional activities [1].

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:492-494
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Stepanova A.


Relevance: The COVID-19 pandemic has created a special interest in medical knowledge among people who are not professionally involved in health care. This is due to the relevance of first aid for life-threatening conditions to loved ones and the lack of information on this topic. Although first aid is a part of the life skills syllabus at schools, vocational schools and universities, training is often formal, and the skills learned are often forgotten over time. Most sudden deaths occur mostly outside medical facilities, so in real life situations, only someone who is on hand and knows how to administer PPE will be able to help the victim before the paramedics arrive.

Objective: To create a mobile app for training and first aid as adaptable as possible.
Materials and methods: Development of the app started in October 2021 and is still ongoing. It is created using the Capacitor platform version 3.

Results: The application is created on the basis of the Order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia dated 04.05.2012 N 477n and suggests the content of algorithms of actions under 8 emergency conditions: lack of consciousness, respiratory and circulatory arrest, external bleeding, foreign bodies of upper airways, injuries in different areas of the body, burns and effects of high temperatures, thermal radiation, freezing and other effects of low temperatures, poisoning. The design of the app implies sound and animations.

Conclusion: the app is intended for all those willing and obliged to provide first aid. It will be useful for non-medical people and medical students as well as non-urgent medical workers.

Key words: first aid, mobile application, emergencies.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:495-497
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Tyunina A.A., Baydikov D.G.



Carbohydrates are one of the main micronutrients, along with fats and proteins. They play an important role in energy and plastic metabolism. The variety of carbohydrates determines their important biological role. The main sources of carbohydrates and their features in the nutrition of students of N.N.Burdenko VSMU have been studied.

Purpose: To identify the main sources of carbohydrates in the diet of students of our university. Evaluate their nature and compare them with regulatory documents.

Materials and methods: To achieve this goal in the 2021-2022 academic year, we conducted a survey by questionnaire. 35 students of the medical and preventive faculty of the first year of N.N. Burdenko VSMU (8 boys and 27 girls) were interviewed. The sample size was not calculated beforehand.

Results: Based on the survey, the average characteristics of the daily diet were calculated. The weight of carbohydrates was 280 g and 244 g for boys and girls, respectively. At the same time, carbohydrates account for 52% in boys and 56% in girls of the daily diet.

Conclusion: Carbohydrate-based nutrients play an important role in the nutrition of students, as they are the main source of energy.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:497-499
pages 497-499 views


Fedortsov A.A., Bulygin Y.O.


Relevance: Considering the trend of recent years to increase the volume of public investment in the healthcare sector, as well as the current epidemiological situation in connection with the pandemic of a new coronavirus infection, it is necessary to ask questions about the most rational use of available resources, attracting new personnel to the above-mentioned area and improving the quality of services provided. At the same time, there are a number of problems in public health that complicate the process of its development and reduce the satisfaction of the population with the work of budgetary organizations. It is their solution that should become the primary task of the organizers of modern Russian healthcare. This article is aimed at creating a comparative description of the budgetary and private health care systems, as well as highlighting the organizational and other aspects that can be adopted by state and municipal institutions from private ones in order to improve their functioning and improve the quality of medical care provided.

Objective: To compare the positive and negative sides of public and private health care systems. Suggest ways to improve the functioning of state and municipal organizations, as well as improve the quality of medical care provided by modernized approaches used in private organizations.

Materials and methods: The paper studied, analyzed and summarized information posted on the Internet in the form of scientific articles and concepts for the development of the health care system through mental analysis, full induction and comparison. It took 30 days to conduct the research and write the article (from January 11 to February 10, 2022).

Results: The study revealed that both studied Russian healthcare systems have an emphasis on the following characteristics: efficiency of management and use of resources, attitude towards modernization and innovation, customer focus and individualization of approaches to diagnosis and treatment, as well as the speed and availability of services. At the same time, on average, in budgetary organizations, the above characteristics have a negative connotation (low quality of patient care, great inertia towards the perception of innovations, etc.), and in private ones they are positive (increased service quality of the services provided, rapid implementation of modern information systems), although and there are a number of exceptions. The solution of the identified problems should consist of both organizational measures (for example, regular assessments of the effectiveness of organizations, both external and internal), and socio-economic ones, in the form of measures provided by the state to stimulate the development of public-private partnerships.

Conclusion: Summarizing all of the above, it is necessary to take into account that the identified positive and negative aspects of the budgetary and private systems, as well as approaches to their organization, are a consequence of both the general state policy regarding health care and the attitude of each individual citizen to their health and the service sector responsible for him. Therefore, it is important not only to engage in modernization, but also to promote the idea that taking care of one's health is the responsibility of every person.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:499-504
pages 499-504 views


Fedortsov A.A., Manzhosov O.O.


Relevance: Cases are recorded when the remuneration of workers with the same medical specialty varies significantly, moreover, even within the same city. This fact served as one of the reasons for the creation of a pilot project by the Government of the Russian Federation, which approves a number of new requirements for the system of remuneration of medical workers in state and municipal institutions.

Purpose: To determine the attitude of employees of municipal and state medical organizations to the new wage system approved by the pilot project of the Government of the Russian Federation of 06/01/2021 No. 874.

Materials and methods: Study and analysis of documents of the Government of the Russian Federation and scientific literature that contribute to the disclosure of the chosen topic, conducting a survey of medical workers in Google - form, statistical processing of the results.

Results: The study involved 372 employees of municipal and state medical organizations of the Voronezh and Belgorod regions in the following age groups: 18-25 years old - 16 (4.3%) people, 26-36 years old - 58 (15.7%) people, 37-45 years old - 98 (26.3%) people, 45 and older - 200 (53.8%) people. It turned out that not all respondents are satisfied with their wages, but at the same time, only 21.5% of all respondents have a desire to change jobs. Attitudes towards equality in the issue of remuneration of medical workers are more positive than negative. The majority of medical workers are in favor of joining the pilot project in their region and argue about the need to expand it to the entire territory of Russia, and almost half of all respondents (47.8%) believe that its implementation will favorably affect the degree of employee satisfaction with the remuneration system. A rather small percentage of respondents (11.6%) believe in the successful implementation of the project on the territory of the Russian Federation, which is almost three times less than those who assume its failure (30.1%).

Conclusion: Most of the interviewed workers have a positive attitude towards the changed wage system, they believe in the success of the pilot project and its expansion beyond the initially selected regions. At the same time, the part of the survey designed to assess satisfaction with the current wage system showed a low level of satisfaction. As a result, the pilot project created by the Government of the Russian Federation should be considered expedient and justified.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:504-508
pages 504-508 views


Chechekina D.


The social conditionality of the health quality of modern society actualizes the scientific and practical significance of the issues of preventive medicine focused on the prevention and minimization of adverse effects on the physical and social health of the population of multiple environmental risks. At the same time, practical healthcare is not free from difficulties that prevent the implementation of preventive tasks in full. These include the discrepancy between the volume of theoretical developments and the degree of their practical application. Another problem is that preventive medicine in Russia is still among the most underestimated types of medical care. As a result, the preservation of health as a norm and the daily culture of life is not perceived by a significant part of Russians as a priority value.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:509-511
pages 509-511 views


Sharipov T.I., Dautbaev D.G.


Relevance: a lot of scientific publications have been published about Alexander Eduardovich Rauer, which covered his scientific and practical activities. Despite this, a generalization of data on his scientific and practical achievements will help determine Rauer's contribution to the development of surgery.
Purpose: to study the contribution of Alexander Eduardovich Rauer to the development of surgery.
Materials and methods: collection and analysis of various bibliographic sources with the search for facts showing new aspects of the practical and scientific activity of Alexander Eduardovich Rauer
Results: A.E. Rauer, during his rich and eventful life, fought the plague, participated in wars, and studied at various scientific institutions. As a result, he defended his dissertation on abdominal surgery, proposed a new plastic bladder, operated on various injuries received by soldiers at the front. Despite the fact that the literature provides data on his operations on the middle and lower third of the face, in the manual of Rauer and Michelson "Plastic surgery on the face" plastic surgery was found for pathology of the eyelids; with defects in the eye bed, the absence of eyebrows and eyelashes, as well as forehead wrinkles.
Conclusion: As a result of the analysis of literature data, it was found that Rauer has scientific achievements in the field of abdominal surgery, urology, plastic surgery, not only in the lower and middle, but also in the upper third of the maxillofacial region. The practical activities of Rauer made it possible to save and rehabilitate many soldiers who suffered in the wars of the 20th century.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:511-514
pages 511-514 views



Astafeva O.O., Arepeva A.A.


Stomach cancer is the most common type of tumor worldwide. Currently, various methods are used to treat this disease, including the use of targeted therapy. This is one of the priority directions of pharmacotherapy, which is based on blocking the growth of cancer cells necessary for carcinogenesis by interfering with the mechanism of action of specific target molecules. It is characterized by a directed effect on the cancer, its receptors, DNA and other structures, which leads to a slowdown in the further spread of metastases. This is the difference from other methods, for example, from chemotherapy, which affects the growth of all cells capable of rapid division. One of the drugs used in targeted therapy is Trastuzumab. It is a synthetic antitumor drug containing recombinant monoclonal antibodies that have activity against a membrane protein of the HER₂ tyrosine protein kinase type.  The article demonstrates the use of this drug among cancer patients of the Lipetsk regional Oncological dispensary, analyzes the side effects, their number, strength of manifestation, as well as the spread among patients. It is noted that Trastuzumab combines efficacy with fewer side effects, which makes it a priority in prescribing for patients with HER2-positive tumor status.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:515-516
pages 515-516 views


Ulianov I.A., Ulianova A.V.


A lot of promotional brochures of manufacturers and even scientific articles have been written about the beneficial properties of birch sap, but experimental evidence of diuretic properties is not presented in the literature.
The aim of the work was to determine the diuretic properties of birch sap.
Materials and methods. The study was conducted in April 2021 on 30 laboratory mongrel male rats aged 6-8 months, whose weight varied between 250-340 grams. After 10 days of quarantine, the animals were weighed and distributed into containers of 5 individuals. A special moisture-absorbing diaper Le Artis 60x60 cm for pets was previously fixed to the bottom of each container. After that, a drinking bowl with drinking water was installed in each container on the first day. After 24 hours, the diaper was weighed, the container was cleaned, a new diaper was attached and the animals were launched. On the second day, birch sap was poured into the drinking bowl. After 24 hours, the diapers were weighed again.
Results: the average weight of the diaper after the use of drinking water was 36.2 g, and after the use of birch sap - 45 g.
Thus, it was determined that when using birch sap, animals secrete 24.3% more fluid (p<0.05).Conclusion - based on the presented results, it can be concluded that birch sap increases the amount of fluid released. This information proves the expediency of conducting further studies to substantiate the use of birch sap as a diuretic.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:517-518
pages 517-518 views



Akinshina A.V., Misikova J.A., Uymanova A.A.


In the modern world, there is a wide range of drugs that contain a large number of antioxidants. In the human body, a physiological process of lipid peroxidation takes place, which is involved in the renewal and maintenance of the functions of biological membranes, cell division. The role of antioxidants in this process is expressed by inhibiting the oxidative process and neutralizing the action of free radicals; there is also evidence to prevent the destructive effect of free radicals on cells and slow down the aging process of cells [1]. The article presents an experience that evaluates the antioxidant activity of medicinal plant materials in order to use it as adjuvants for the treatment of diseases associated with cognitive impairment.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:519-521
pages 519-521 views


Levchuk Y.


The presence of counterfeit pharmaceutical products is one of the threats to the development of the pharmaceutical market in Russia. The reasons for the introduction of drugs of inadequate quality (substandard, falsified and counterfeit) are the high cost of original drugs, the imperfection of the legislative framework, high tariffs for the release of drugs to the market and others.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:521-522
pages 521-522 views


Netseva E.Y., Saratovtseva Y.D., Sadakina E.P.


In this article methods of marketing research of different objects of pharmaceutical market and also their role in practical pharmacy are discussed. There are presented authors who had done marketing research of medication of different pharmacological groups on federal, regional and local pharmaceutical markets in the period from 2017 to 2021. Some of the theoretical aspects of marketing research in pharmacy are laid in the foundation of pharmaceutical help, which is an integral part of improvement of Russian healthcare system.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:522-527
pages 522-527 views


Uymanova A.A.


This article examines the popularity and interest in transdermal systems of the population and pharmaceutical workers of Voronezh and the Voronezh region.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:527-529
pages 527-529 views

Физиологические механизмы адаптации в норме и патологии


Volynkina E.A., Kungurova D.M.


E.A.Volynkina, D.M.Kungurova

Supervisor: Cand.Sc.(Biology), doc.V. A. Semiletova

Voronezh N.N. Burdenko State Medical University

Dep. of Normal Physiology

Relevance. Modern man is influenced by the increasing number of stress factors, which have a great negative impact to the functional state of the body. One of the methods, which contributes to growing of efficiency and helps to make the health better, is Sand-art therapy. Due to this methodology there are activation of the right hemisphere of the brain and actually hemisperic synchronization. So owing to it there are opportunities to show creativity and to make yourself feel better. Using the special quality sand has a directly impact to the development of tactile sensitivity, fine motor skills and movements’ coordination. Additionally, it has a relaxing effect and contributes to normalization of some cardiovascular parameters. Besides, the influence of light and shadow promotes the development of associative thinking, which in total with the other mechanisms ensures a positive outcome. 

Objective of the study.  To analyze the effect of a Sand-art therapeutic session on the functional state of a person.
Materials and methods. The complex research of physiological and psychological parameteres was carried out among the 22 participants. The average age of the participants was 20+1,2 years. The criteria for inclusion in the group was the absence of cardiovascular diseases and color perception defects. Informed consent was obtained from each participant. Analysis of the studied parameters was performed before the Sand-art therapeutic session and after it. Drawing with sand of a special fraction was performed on a special table equipped with a backlight creating a background for the process. The respondents were asked a questionnaire, which consisted of questions, allowing them to assess their condition before and after Sand-art therapy. For the purpose of assessing psychological status, a Lusher test and simple visual-motor reaction were carried out before and after Sand-art therapy. Statistical processing was made with the help of Excel and IBM SSPS Statistics 26.
Results.According to the results of the research, changes in the parameters of the simple visual-motor reaction test and the Lusher test were revealed, as well as the characteristics of the first and last drawings depicted during the Sand-art therapy session.
Conclusions. Thus, the results testify to the significant influence of the Sand-art therapy session on the functional state of the person.


Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:530-534
pages 530-534 views


Karpikova T.S., Sidelnikov K.I.


Relevance. Speleoclimatotherapy as a non-drug method of preserving and strengthening human health is becoming increasingly popular [7]. Speleogical chambers are open in polyclinics, sanatoriums, and enterprises. Adults and children are actively recovering from seasonal viral bronchopulmonary diseases, undergoing preventive treatment, speleoclimatotherapy is used as a method of recovery after Covid-19. Objective. The study of the influence of speleoclimatotherapy on the psychological state of a person. Materials and methods. The study involved 16 volunteer students of the 2nd year of N.N. Burdenko VSMU, aged 18-20 years. The course of speleoclimatotherapy consisted of 10 sessions of 60 minutes each and was conducted in a stationary ground-based speleocamera at a temperature of 18-22 ° C. The conditions for entering the group were the absence of an acute period of viral or bacterial infection, the absence of mental and all forms of drug addiction, the absence of blood diseases, pulmonary tuberculosis in the active stage, cancer, the absence of pregnancy, exacerbation of chronic diseases, changes in the anatomy of the nasal passages. Self-feeling, activity and attitude were determined using the SAN test, personal and situational anxiety - using the Spielberger test. The analysis of the received data was carried out using the Excel software package, version 16, and IBM SPSS Statistics 26. Results. The well-being of more than 70% of the subjects worsened on the 3rd day of speleoclimatotherapy and improved relative to the first and third days on the 10th day of speleoclimatotherapy. The activity of students increased from the 1st to the 3rd and by the 10th day of speleoclimatotherapy, while the quartile range increased slightly by the 10th day of speleoclimatotherapy. The mood of more than 70% of the subjects worsened on the 3rd day of speleoclimatotherapy, and by the 10th day of speleoclimatotherapy, half of the participants improved, and half of the participants worsened relative to the first and third days on the 10th day of speleoclimatotherapy. Personal anxiety increased in more than 70% of the subjects from the 1st to the 3rd and by the 10th days of speleoclimatotherapy. The quartile range increased by the 3rd day of therapy, and decreased by the 10th day. And situational anxiety decreased in more than 70% of subjects by the 3rd day of speleoclimatotherapy, and increased in more than 70% of subjects by the 10th day of speleoclimatotherapy relative to the first and third days on the 10th day of speleoclimatotherapy. Conclusion. These changes in the recorded indicators can be explained from the standpoint of adaptation theory. Thus, the 3rd day of speleoclimatotherapy corresponds to the stage of anxiety, which is reflected in the reduced indicators of well-being, mood, personal and situational anxiety. The 10th day of speleoclimatotherapy corresponds to the resistance phase, which is characterized by an increase in self-feel, activity, attitude.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:534-537
pages 534-537 views


Kozlova A.D.


For the third year, the whole world lives in the conditions of the spread of a new infection COVID-19, [1] so each of us is in a state of stress to one degree or another. Aromatherapy is one of the popular recreational methods. In this regard, the purpose of our work is to study the effect of aromatherapy (orange and pine oils) on a person's simple visual-motor reaction.

The study involved 21 volunteers aged 18 to 21 years.

The subjects were at rest, inhaling aromatic oils of orange and pine. Each subject signed an informational consent, underwent a questionnaire and a study of a simple human visual-motor response (pPMT). Statistical data processing was performed using Excel and IBM SSPS Statistics 26.

The results of the study made it possible to state the high effectiveness of the effect of aromatherapy on the functional state of a person. It has been established that orange oil eliminates psychoemotional arousal, relieves fatigue, increases visual-motor response and fallacy, which, we believe, is associated with calming effects. Pine oil tones and saves from exhaustion. Also, the study revealed some sexual sensitivities and gender differences in responses to the aromatic effects of pine.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:537-539
pages 537-539 views


Khachirova V.V.


Relevance. Age-related changes in the breast often entail an increase in the risk of developing diseases and their complications. Knowledge of the structural and functional features of each stage of breast formation helps the doctor to recognize pathological changes and prescribe the right therapy.
Target. The purpose of this work is to identify patterns of changes in the mammary glands in different periods of a woman's life by analyzing and summarizing the publications of domestic and foreign authors, as well as summarizing data on the x-ray and ultrasound picture of changes in the structure of the mammary glands at different stages of ontogenesis.
Materials and methods. When writing the article, the data obtained during x-ray mammography and ultrasound examination of the mammary glands of patients from different age groups, foreign and Russian articles were studied, analyzed and summarized.
Results. The paper shows that continuous changes in the structure of the mammary glands occur under the influence of hormonal factors. Their formation is also influenced by such features of the anamnesis as pregnancy, abortion and lactation. The development of the mammary gland can be divided into main periods, each of which has characteristic features of the hormonal status and, as a result, the distinctive features of the structure of the gland, which is reflected in the x-ray and ultrasound picture of the organ.
Conclusion. In order to correctly interpret the results of the study, radiologists and ultrasound doctors should take into account the relevant features of mammary gland imaging in routine practical work.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:543-547
pages 543-547 views


Tcurkan A.A.


Relevance. The Voronezh Region is a region with a natural iodine deficiency. Every year, the indicators of primary and general morbidity of thyroid pathology remain at a high level. Therefore, the study of the quality of life in patients with thyroid pathology with different hormonal profiles is relevant.
The aim is to study the features of the hormonal profile and psychological status of patients with thyroid diseases in the region with mild iodine deficiency and assess their quality of life.
Materials and methods. A survey of patients and students of the medical University was conducted using the SF-36 questionnaire. To assess the quality of life, the data of patients with thyroid diseases having different hormonal profiles were compared with a group of healthy patients without thyroid pathology. We performed a comparative analysis of the quality of life of students and healthy patients. Methods of statistical processing, the Microsoft Excel program and Statistica 6 were used.
Based on the results obtained, it was found that in patients with nodes in the thyroid gland, the normal hormonal background provides a higher level of both physical and psychological components of health compared with patients with hypothyroidism. Patients with nodular formations in the thyroid gland with its normal function, who do not require surgical treatment, as well as healthy patients, have similar indicators of physical, vital, social activity and mental health. Patients with autoimmune thyroiditis with reduced thyroid function, compared with patients with normal function, note a restriction of physical activity, daily activities, the presence of pronounced pain, a low assessment of health status, decreased vital activity and the presence of psychological distress. The absence of thyroid pathology and its normal hormonal background determine high quality of life indicators.
The conducted study on the quality of life showed its decrease in comparison with practically healthy individuals, both in patients with normal thyroid function and in patients with hypothyroidism. With a decrease in thyroid function, the quality of life suffers on six of the eight analyzed scales, while affecting the physical component of health to a greater extent than the psychological component of health. In healthy people, the quality of life is affected by age.
Keywords: hormonal profile, psychological status, thyroid diseases, quality of life.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:547-551
pages 547-551 views


Morozova T.V., Shkarupina K.A.


The relevance of the topic of food status research lies in the appearance of an increasing number of overweight people and an obsessive desire to lose weight. Factors in the development of many diseases are insufficient motor activity, ignoring the principles of rational nutrition, overeating, which is aimed at satisfying psychological and social needs.
The little-studied nature of the issue at this point in time does not make it possible to fully judge the impact of eating behavior on physical development. In particular, there is a need to create adequate methods for an objective assessment of nutritional status.
The purpose of our work was to study the nutritional status of a person.
Students of Voronezh State University (74 people aged 19 to 29 years, 49 of them girls and 25 boys) were involved in the study.
To assess the peculiarities of eating behavior, the surveyed students were asked to answer questions from two tests: a Dutch questionnaire and a questionnaire "Attitude to eating".
Most of the students' test scores differed from the norm, which indicates a violation of the harmony of nutrition. All participants were informed about their nutritional status. Students whose indicators differ from the norm were recommended to seek help from specialists.
Preventive work to prevent various eating disorders is a very important component. It will help prevent the development of diseases and will help to begin the formation of a stable psyche.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:540-542
pages 540-542 views

Физическая культура и медицинская реабилитация


Gurkina D., Kirichenko D.S.


Relevance: the main task of sports training of athletes is to achieve the highest results, therefore, it is important to search for such methods of improving physical qualities that allow him to get the maximum training effect.
Key words: athletics, alactic anaerobic process, interval method, training process, sports, sprinters.
Purpose: to substantiate the necessity and effectiveness of the interval method for its frequent use in the preparation of sprinters.
Materials and Methods: In the study, a test for speed-strength qualities was used - a 60-meter run. There were three successive races with rest breaks. Testing was performed by young athletes. The results were evaluated using a stopwatch.
Results: As a result of testing, it turned out that a rest interval of 30 seconds was less effective than a rest equal to a minute, that is. the results of each individual run (second and third sets) were worse when the rest interval was 30 seconds
Conclusion: the conducted observations confirmed the percentage of low effect of rest intervals within 30 seconds and the hypothesis of the interval training method in the preparation of sprinters. Interval exercises of maximum power, with 1-3-minute rest pauses, contribute to the development of alactic anaerobic abilities.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:552-553
pages 552-553 views


Inyakina D.A., Simonova M.K.


In this article, we consider the difference in the indicators of physical qualities among students involved in the volleyball section and students of the main health group. The purpose of our work is to conduct an experiment, with the help of which it is possible to draw a conclusion about the physical preparation of two groups of students. To analyze the data, a study of 20 students was conducted. Special exercises were proposed to assess the physical quality - strength. Strength is the ability of a person to overcome external resistance or counteract it through muscular effort. Strength can also be interpreted as the ability to show muscular efforts of a specific magnitude. The main exercises that helped to draw a conclusion about the physical fitness of students are "timed push-ups", "lifting the torso for a minute", "long jump". Further, for a long period, the dynamics of strength indicators was observed and recorded. Based on the results, we came to the conclusion that the dynamics of the group of volleyball players is much better than that of students involved only in physical culture. This result was expected, as volleyball players train regularly, therefore, they cope with the task faster.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:554-556
pages 554-556 views


Kiseleva A.S., Perelygina D.A.


Relevance: In modern society, a sedentary lifestyle is a widespread phenomenon resulting in physical inactivity. The consequence of this is the development of serious diseases of various organ systems.
Muscles affect the cardiovascular system, in particular the venous tone. A sedentary lifestyle leads to blood stasis in the pelvis and lower extremities.
Hypodynamic people do not tolerate even small physical activities, because the weak heart muscle is unable to keep the heart working properly. To prevent this, the heart and blood vessels need regular exercise. Therefore, it is important to exercise throughout our lives.

Aim of the study: to analyse the change in the level of physical activity among N.N. Burdenko State Medical University students under the new life conditions caused by COVID-19

Materials and Methods: A questionnaire was posted on Google platform with 168 students of different faculties of N.N. Burdenko Medical University in the age category from 17 to 25+ years old.
Static processing of the data was carried out using graphical tables and charts.

Results and discussion. The statistical analysis of the data obtained showed that 78.6% of the students surveyed controlled their physical activity and 21.4% did not.

On average 48.1% of students walk 5000-10000 thousand steps a week. And 15.4% take 1000-5000 thousand steps.

44.6% of those surveyed have no additional physical activity. 55.4% have additional physical activity in everyday life.

Analyzing the presence of chronic diseases in the surveyed group, the results showed their presence in almost all students. At the same time 35.3% - are diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

1. More than 75% of N.N. Burdenko State Medical University students pay attention to analysis of their physical activity by means of mobile devices and fitness bracelets.

2. More than half (55.4%) of the surveyed students engage in additional different types of physical activity 1-2 times a week at home, in a gym or other sports and recreational facilities in Voronezh.

3. 46% of those surveyed do not pay attention to additional physical activity, and a large number of people under the age of 30 have cardiovascular system diseases, which is an unfavourable prognostic sign. Subsequently, this group of people is most susceptible to developing heart and vascular disease.

4. Motor activity improves the rheological properties of the blood, being a preventive measure of thrombosis, which is especially relevant in Covid-19 conditions

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:556-561
pages 556-561 views


Prosvetov S.G., Dorokhov A.Е.


The article discusses aspects of the essence of the leader in team and non-team sports. The aim of the work was to conduct a study with the help of which it is possible to identify the features that distinguish formal and informal leaders from other athletes. Data were received from 47 athletes of the sports teams of N.N. Burdenko VSMU, VSTU, MBOU Secondary School No. 28 and the national team of the Voronezh region in athletics. The need for deeper, knowledge-intensive measurements to obtain the most extensive indicators, as well as to cancel the generalization of athletes by groups, as this reduces the accuracy of the study. As a result, as expected, the current leaders showed themselves to be more patient, ready to fight and independent. In the track and field team, where there is no leader as such, the most successful athletes had results in the study above other athletes.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:569-572
pages 569-572 views


Kulikova E.V., Levchenko L.E.


Objective: to compare the results of physical fitness of students engaged in anaerobic exercises using the Cooper test.
Methods: the study was conducted in the premises of the fitness center of Voronezh, in the gym ("Red"), in the premises of the Voronezh State Medical University named after N.N. Burdenko, as well as training at home. Four target groups of students participated in the study. The first and second visited specialized institutions, and the third and fourth studied at home in their free time using a fitness bracelet to measure the following indicators: pulse, time (stopwatch).
The authors conducted the Cooper test to assess physical fitness, for five months, in which the time of the test was recorded. For additional assessment of physical parameters, pulse measurements in all subjects were carried out monthly, during training and during exercise

Results: As a result of the studies conducted with the applicable Cooper test, the first group of students is the most prepared. According to the testing, the indicators of the first group have high values. The lowest values are noted in the fourth group. Good productivity is observed in the third group. In the second group, there are no significant changes, it has stable results in terms of the test. It was revealed that the pulse rate depends on physical fitness and on the type of physical activity.

Conclusion: in the course of the study, the strengths and weaknesses of the physical fitness of all groups of students were revealed. All subjects were satisfied with the results, which is why it can be argued that the Cooper test serves as a motivation to improve the physical fitness of students.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:561-566
pages 561-566 views


Nematova M.E., Gunov S.V.


Diseases of the musculoskeletal system in children and adolescents are a very common disease both in the Kursk region and in other regions of Russia. Often these disorders appear due to the omission of any pathologies at an early age, when correction is possible by massage and physical therapy (therapeutic physical culture), as well as the influence of various factors on the child's health, both external and internal. According to the results of a survey of parents, it was found that in the Kursk region, 79.5% of parents receive recommendations regarding exercise therapy and massage for the purpose of prevention, children in 70.6% of families have diagnosed problems with the musculoskeletal system, neurologists and district pediatricians are the authors of recommendations regarding exercise therapy and massage more often than other specialists. Parents show the greatest interest in giving massages to children in private clinics, in fact, the maximum proportion of respondents turn to state polyclinics or receive services at home.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:567-569
pages 567-569 views


Samokhina V.S., Asyamova D.N.


Relevance: during the world lockdown, the problem of physical development and health occupies one of the central places. Students are in rather closed conditions, as a result of which the mode of motor activity is severely limited. In addition, the problem of the development of physical qualities remains relevant, taking into account modern health-saving technologies for the qualitative solution of professional tasks.

Objective: to develop a methodology for improving the coordination abilities of university students based on the dance direction "hip-hop" and its further use in practical physical education classes as a means of developing physical qualities.

Methods: the study was conducted during distance learning of students (coronavirus pandemic) at home. The study involved a group of 3rd year students (10 girls and 5 boys) in the age category of 19-20 years. The authors conducted a Romberg test to assess coordination abilities on two tests for maintaining balance. The time of maintaining balance in the "heel-toe" pose and the "heron" position were recorded. Also, the subjects were assessed the technique of performing a combination of basic steps "hip-hop", according to six criteria. Trainings were conducted twice a week for four months, with regular recording of test scores, to assess the effectiveness of the impact of dance style on the development of coordination abilities in students.

Results: as a result of the conducted research, it was revealed that most of the participants engaged in dancing significantly improved their coordination abilities, sense of rhythm, ability to improvise and express the individuality of the performer.

Conclusion: after analyzing the data obtained, we concluded that it is necessary to include modern dance systems ("hip-hop") in the practical classes of students as a means for the development of physical qualities

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:572-576
pages 572-576 views

Философия и гуманитарные дисциплины в XXI веке


Dudnichenko V.


Purpose: to find out whether philosophy is an integral part of the formation of the personality of a future doctor.

Methods: Theoretical.

Conclusions: Thanks to philosophy, the most important qualities are formed, without which it is impossible to imagine a real specialist.


Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:577-579
pages 577-579 views


Izmalkova A.


Relevance: Everything that is happening with Russia and in Russia now is a logical continuation of its centuries-old history. Understanding historical processes in the context of the Russian Revolution and the peculiarities of the national character provides the key to solving many problems of our time. In the article, the author raises the global theme of the role of the Russian people in world history and in the spiritual life of mankind.
Purpose: To study the influence of global historical processes on the fate of Russia. At the same time, the author considers this in the prism of the worldview views of the Russian philosopher Nikolai Berdyaev. The author traces the formation of Berdyaev as a philosopher and the smooth evolution of his views.
Materials and methods: Berdyaev's original works were used, as well as journalistic materials by various authors. The article uses the methods of empirical research - observation and comparison, theoretical research - abstraction, analysis, idealization, mental modeling. The nature of the revolution and its impact on the fate of Russia are analyzed. The characteristic features of the national character, its influence on the state structure and international relations are investigated.
Results: The ways of Russia's revival in the context of Russian history and the peculiarities of national character are proposed.
Discussion: The article does not fully disclose the excessive religious orientation of Berdyaev's philosophical views and some unscientific explanation of historical processes proceeding from this
Conclusion: In conclusion, the author outlines the ways of Russia's revival based on the teachings of the Russian philosopher. It consists in scientific and technological progress, active creativity, openness to the world and new ideas.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:579-583
pages 579-583 views


Ryzhkova E.


The purpose of this work is to analyze the essence of love, its manifestations, and also to understand what is meant by this concept - passion, affection, or something more that can determine the meaning of all being.

Methods: analysis, comparison

As a result of the study, it was determined that love will be studied for many more centuries, but only one thing will remain unchanged - no matter what love is, between a man or a woman, between a mother and children, or is it love for one's neighbor - it will forever remain the meaning of life on earth.

Conclusions: Having considered love in various periods of the history of philosophy, having considered all aspects of its manifestation, we can conclude that this is one of the most beautiful things that can be in a person. After all, she encourages him to change his inner world, to reconsider his views on life, as well as on everything that surrounds him. Therefore, this feeling has a huge impact on the development of the individual, making it unique, inimitable. Love is the stronghold of the whole human soul, the whole human essence, because without it neither faith nor hope can exist in the hearts of people.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:583-585
pages 583-585 views


Цуркан А.А.


Relevance. Humanity is always concerned about family issues. Traditional family values are strong in Russia. In 2020, a number of amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation were adopted, in particular on the protection of the institution of marriage as a union of a man and a woman. Of particular interest is the perception of the role of the family by young people, so this study is relevant.The purpose is to identify the features of the formation of family values among students under the influence of their future profession and to promote the popularization of the family by improving educational and extracurricular work with students.Materials and methods. A questionnaire has been developed to study the attitude of young students to the family. A survey was conducted of 48 students of Voronezh State Medical University named after N.N. Burdenko (VSMU) and 36 students Voronezh State University (VSU). A comparative analysis of the survey results was carried out. Methods of statistical processing, the Microsoft Excel program and Statistica 12 were used.Results. A comparative analysis of the results of the student survey showed that the family is different in the representation of medical students and non-medical students. VSMU students would like to build their family on the basis of love, during their student years. The family must have one or two relatives or foster children, whom they would like to raise both independently and with the support of relatives. For doctors, the family is primarily a continuation of the family. VSU students believe that the necessary condition for starting a family, along with love, is the completion of education and the age of 26 - 35 years. The family does not have to have children. At the same time, most want to raise children on their own. For non-doctors, family is primarily a psychological comfort.Conclusion. Preserving traditions, building a family taking into account the precepts of the ancestors is a unanimous conscious choice of the majority of students. Modern youth have a desire to have several children and a willingness to raise foster children. Family for most students is, first of all, procreation and psychological comfort. The profession of a doctor, to a greater extent than others, contributes to the formation of an attitude towards the family as the most expensive and important thing for every citizen. The developed list of measures to improve educational and extracurricular work with students will contribute to the popularization of the student family.Keywords: family values, students, extracurricular work

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:586-589
pages 586-589 views


Chernykh V.


Relevance: The study is devoted to the problem of distortion of cognitive functions due to a large number of information flows, which has acquired special importance in the era of the global crisis.
Purpose: To study the relevance of the problem, to analyze the literature on the topic of distortion of cognitive functions. Determine the percentage of people affected by information flows.
Methods: Analytical, statistical, empirical methods, as well as methods of induction, deduction, abstraction, analysis and synthesis were used in the course of the study. A survey of 2,500 respondents was conducted, as a result of which the influence of information flows on the cognitive functions of students was revealed.
Results: During the study, it was possible to determine the degree of influence of information flows on the intellectual abilities of respondents.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:590-592
pages 590-592 views

Формирование профессиональной компетенции средствами иностранных языков


Strizhakova E.


Background: The limited knowledge of medical terminology among first-year medical students leads to the need to use different dictionaries for translating medical texts, which do not always correctly reflect the essence of the information presented in the scientific literature. The parallel text can be used by the student as an extra material from which one can take necessary terms and knowledge for translation, which will improve the comprehension of the original text.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the advantages of translating scientific medical articles using the method of "parallel texts" in comparing with translation using an electronic dictionary.
Materials and methods. Translation of scientific and medical texts using an electronic dictionary and the "parallel texts" method.
Results. A total of six Russian-language articles dealing the same issues as the original English text were used as parallel texts in the translation of the initial article.
Conclusions: The method of "parallel texts" is more time-consuming and labour-intensive, but it allows to achieve greater adequacy in the translation of medical terms, expands significantly the volume of cognitive information obtained during translation, and contributes to the development of students' skills during the work with scientific medical texts.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:593-595
pages 593-595 views



Belyakova N., Dorodnova V.P.


Relevance: In industrialized countries, according to some estimates, smoking contributes to mortality of about 80% of men and 60% of women, and in developing countries, 45% of men and 20% of women. In the Russian Federation, 23.1% of the adult population is addicted to nicotine.
Methods and materials. A retrospective analysis of the medical records of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis who received treatment in the day hospital of the anti-tuberculosis dispensary named after A.I. Smoking status was determined using a survey. According to laboratory data, the sensitivity of tuberculosis microbacteria to anti-tuberculosis drugs was determined. Also, according to X-ray or CT scans, residual changes in the lungs were found at the time the patient was discharged from the hospital.
Discussion of the results. From 2019 to 2021, 202 patients with respiratory tuberculosis were observed for treatment in the day hospital of the anti-tuberculosis dispensary. dependence, more severe forms of tuberculosis were recorded, and there was also resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to drugs.
Regular inhalation of tobacco smoke and its chemical compounds leads to the formation of multiple and extensive drug resistance, which complicates the treatment process. The solution to the problem is quitting smoking, which is not only part of effective treatment, but also the prevention of many diseases, including tuberculosis.
ConclusionTobacco. smoking is widespread among patients with tuberculosis of the respiratory organs and accounts for 61.38% of all patients treated in the day hospital of the KUZ VO VOKPTD named after. N.S. Pokhvisneva in the period from 2019 to 2021 inclusive.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:596-599
pages 596-599 views


Grishkova M.D.


The surgical method of treatment is important in terms of radical recovery of patients with tuberculosis. Postoperative relapses of the disease largely discredit this method. The purpose of this study is to study the risk factors and characteristics of postoperative relapses of respiratory tuberculosis. Materials of examination of 32 patients with postoperative relapses of respiratory tuberculosis for the period 2009-2018 were studied. All patients were observed and treated at the Yaroslavl Regional Clinical Tuberculosis Hospital. There were 24 men and 8 women. The largest age group is 30-49 years old (25 patients). Among the patients there were 21 urban residents, 11 rural residents. A comparative analysis of the severity of clinical forms of tuberculosis before surgery and at the time of relapse showed that relapses in 21 out of 32 cases had a more unfavorable course than the forms of the disease before surgery. The terms of postoperative relapses up to 3 years were established in 6 patients, from 3 to 5 years - in 8 patients and more than 5 years - in 18 patients. Early relapses were 18.7% (6 patients) and late relapses were 81.3% (26 patients). Drug resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis during relapses of the disease was established in 40.6% of cases (13 patients), including multiple and wide - 31.3% (10 patients). A significant increase in the drug resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis was diagnosed in comparison with the data of the same patients at the stage before surgical treatment. The materials of postoperative relapses of tuberculosis and IT-monitoring of the prevalence of drug resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the Yaroslavl region were compared. Contacts of the operated patients with bacterial excretors at the terms remote from surgical treatment were revealed. The main risk factors for postoperative recurrence of tuberculosis have been established - social, epidemiological, as well as those associated with the lack of observation in the anti-tuberculosis dispensary. In conclusion, recommendations are formulated for individual monitoring of operated patients in a tuberculosis dispensary.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:599-603
pages 599-603 views


Zaplavnova U., Bykov V.M.



Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:603-604
pages 603-604 views


Sergeicheva E.


Relevance: Diagnosis of tuberculosis infection is difficult due to the lack of specific clinical and radiological signs of the disease. In the presence of contraindications from skin immunological tests, alternative methods of examination are used.
Objective: To evaluate the significance of the T-Spot.TB test in the diagnosis of tuberculosis infection in children and adolescents with medical suspensions for infectious diseases.
Materials and Methods. During the study, 137 medical records were examined and analyzed. Criteria of inclusion in the study: age from 1 to 17 years, presence of medical rejections of skin immunologic tests.
Results and their discussion. In 40% of the cases the children were not regularly examined for tuberculosis infection. Coronovirus infection, infectious mononucleosis, frequently recurrent herpes simplex virus dominated the structure of infectious pathology. As a result of examination of children by T-spot, 58% of children were negative and 38% were positive. In 31% of children with positive T-spot after additional examinations microcalcinates in the lung tissue were revealed, in 4% of children residual changes after tuberculosis were revealed.
Conclusions: T-Spot.TB plays an important role in the diagnosis of tuberculosis infection in children and adolescents who have medical withdrawals from skin immunologic tests. Every third child with infectious pathology was not examined for tuberculosis every year. Coronovirus infection and herpes simplex virus predominate in the structure of infectious pathology in children and adolescents. A positive T-Spot.TB test result is an indication for preventive therapy.


Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:608-610
pages 608-610 views


Pugacheva E.A., Borzilova A.A., Zazulina E.A.


Relevance. Currently, tuberculosis is one of the most important health problems. According to the latest WHO data for 2019, about 10 million cases of tuberculosis were detected on the planet. The steady decline in the number of cases in the Russian Federation (RF) indicates a positive trend on this issue, however, against the background of a decrease in the total number of patients, the proportion of the number of people with this pathology among the adult population of urban and rural areas has remained virtually unchanged for 11 years. In addition, it should be noted that despite the use of new chemotherapy regimens, in recent years there has been a decrease in the effectiveness of treatment of patients with this disease, this is facilitated by an increase in cases of drug resistance (LU), as well as frequent forms of pulmonary tuberculosis, which tend to rapidly develop a destructive process and massive bacterial excretion. The introduction of alternative therapies will increase the effectiveness of the treatment of the above-mentioned forms of tuberculosis, for this purpose, collapse therapy is used in combination with chemotherapy.

Goal. To evaluate the effectiveness of complex treatment of patients with destructive forms of pulmonary tuberculosis, both with and without drug resistance of the pathogen, using methods of collapse therapy.

Materials and methods. The current research, foreign and Russian literature for the period 2010-2021 on the presented topic were analyzed.

Results. Collapse therapy is a method of treating pulmonary tuberculosis aimed at reducing the volume of the affected lung and partial convergence of the walls of the cavity, by introducing air into the pleural or abdominal cavity.

The most important aspect of studying collapse therapy is to determine its prognostic significance in the treatment of destructive and LU forms of pulmonary tuberculosis. A number of studies have determined that this method increases the effectiveness of treatment against the background of rational chemotherapy.

Discussion. Taking into account all the above results, it should be said that collapse therapy is definitely an effective method of treating destructive and LU forms of pulmonary tuberculosis.

Conclusion. The importance of this type of treatment is increasing due to the steady growth of antibiotic resistance and the spread of destructive forms of pulmonary tuberculosis. IP and PP undoubtedly predict good results at an early stage of treatment, which is confirmed by the studies described above.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:604-608
pages 604-608 views

Medicine without frontiers


Borodina V.R., Us M.A.


Objective: study of the prognostic value of the 6-minute walk test distance (6MWT), NT-proBNP level, left ventricular (LV) diastolic dysfunction in the progression of atrial fibrillation (AF) in CHF patients.

Materials and research methods: 96 patients with CHF of the second or third functional class (FC) according to NYHA, who were included in the regional register of CHF patients in September-November 2014, took part in the study. The definition of the functional class of CHF was carried out according to the results of a six-minute walk test. The average follow-up period was 35±2 months. Routine examinations were carried out by researchers every 3 months. Annual clinical and laboratory-instrumental examination: Nt-proBNP level, ECG, halter ECG monitoring (24H ECG), echocardiography. Two groups of patients were formed depending on the clinical course of AF: group 1 - patients without arrhythmia progression (n=65) during the observation period, group 2 - patients with arrhythmia progression (n=31).

Results: In patients with progression of AF, the results of 6MWT were 33 m lower compared to group 1 (p=0.0159). The average level of Nt-proBNP when enrolling patients in the study, obtained by ELISA in the group of patients without AF progression, was 1.7 times (p <0.001) lower than in patients with identified AF progression. At the time of inclusion of patients in the study, according to the results of echocardiography, there was no significant difference in the value of LVEF in both groups (43.03±1.23 and 44.18±0.65%, p=0.08). LV CSR (4.11±0.07 and 4.06±0.06 cm, p=0.46), LVESD (5.63±0.09 and 5.25±0.05 cm, p=0,77), LA size (4.51±0.12 and 4.46±0.14 cm, p=0.32), left ventricular (LV) posterior wall thickness (1.24±0.05 and 1.27±0.02 cm, p=0.71) and interventricular septum thickness (1.19±0.03 and 1.24±0.02 cm, p=0.09) also did not have significant differences in the compared groups.


Conclusions: Thus, in patients with CHF, the predictors of AF progression with the transition of arrhythmia to stable forms can be an increase in the level of Nt-proBNP, impaired relaxation of the myocardium (diastolic dysfunction), and a decrease in 6MWT distance.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:611-612
pages 611-612 views


Glavatskikh Y.О., Drobysheva V.R., Tokmachev R.E., Budnevskaya S.A.


One of the most frequent combinations of pathologies is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) associated with chronic heart failure (CHF). The comorbidity of these diseases often results in a pronounced deterioration in the well-being of such patients as well as a deterioration in the long-term prognosis, which requires further study of the progression mechanisms of CHF, Improving the diagnosis and treatment of this category of patients.

Evaluate the influence of physical training on clinical flow, laboratory and instrumental indicators in patients with comorbid current of CHF and COPD with different LV EF. Study the clinical pathogenic relationship between comorbid diseases COPD and CHF.

The study included a group of patients (n=80) with comorbid currents CHF and COPD,with an average age of 67.5±5.9 years. By LV EF, patients were divided into two groups. Two subgroups were formed in each group, depending on whether physical training was included in the treatment programme. At the time of inclusion and 12 months later, they conducted a definition of tolerance to physical load, laboratory and instrumental examination. The statistical analysis was carried out with the help of the Statistica10 software package.

A follow-up survey 12 months later in subgroups undergoing physical rehabilitation revealed a statistically significant (p≤0.05) decrease in the pro-inflammatory cytokines. There has been an increase in the tolerance of physical exertion,which is assessed with the help of 6MWT.

The combination of COPD and CHF amplifies systemic inflammation and myocardial remodeling processes determined by the level of the pro-inflammatory cytokines and NT-proBNP. The negative influence of the COPD on the functional status of CHF patients with different EF has been established, which is manifested by the lower values of 6MWT and the ratio of 6MWD/6MWD(i). Physical rehabilitation of patients with comorbid COPD and CHF is accompanied by significant improvement of hemodynamic performance during load tests (6MWT), decrease of pro-inflammatory cytokines, hs-CRP, NT-proBNP. 

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:612-615
pages 612-615 views


Drobysheva V.R., Glavatskikh Y.O., Tokmachev R.E., Budnevskaya S.A.


Relevance The progression of chronic heart failure (CHF) is associated with repeated hospitalizations and a decrease in the quality and duration of life. In this regard, the search and development of effective treatment and prevention programs are relevant and necessary today.

The research objective To assess the effect of physical training on the clinical course, laboratory and instrumental parameters in patients with CHF with preserved (CHFpEF) reduced (CHFrEF) ejection fraction.

Methods The study included 160 patients with CHF (86 men and 74 women) with an average age of 72.2±8.8 years.  The separation into groups was made on the basis of the left ventricular ejection fraction (LV EF).  In each group, two subgroups were formed depending on the inclusion in the therapeutic program of physical training. At the time of inclusion and after 12 months, a determination of exercise tolerance, laboratory and instrumental examination were carried out. Statistical analysis was carried out using the Statistica 10 software package.

Results Re-examination after 12 months in subgroups undergoing physical rehabilitation revealed a statistically significant (p≤0.05) decrease in the level of N end fragment of natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP), highly sensitive C-reactive protein (hs-CRP), interleukin-1 β (IL1 β), interleukin-6 (IL6), tumor necrosis factor - alpha (TNF - alpha). There was an increase in exercise tolerance  , evaluated using 6MWT.

Conclusion Physical rehabilitation in patients with CHF with both preserved and reduced LV FV is accompanied by a significant improvement in the clinical course, an improvement  in stress tests (6MWT), a decrease in the level of pro-inflammatory cytokines, hs-CRP, NT-proBNP.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:616-618
pages 616-618 views


Malikov D.I., Shamsiddinova M.S.


Objective: to identify the dependence of the decrease in heart rate variability and cardiovascular tests for the diagnosis of diabetic cardiac autonomic neuropathy (DKVN) in adolescents and seniors with type 1 diabetes mellitus

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:618-620
pages 618-620 views


Rezbayena A.M., Isakulov U.A.


Objective: to study the comparative characteristics of calcium-phosphorus metabolism and the activity of alkaline phosphatase in blood serum, depending on the state of bone mineral density (BMD) in children with chronic bronchitis (CKD).

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:620-621
pages 620-621 views

Investigation of fatty acid metabolism and toxicity in HepG2 human hepatoma cells

Szirmai K., Sarnyai F., Csala M.


The sustained increase in free fatty acid (FFA) levels is associated with obesity and is responsible for initiating various cell-damaging processes (lipotoxicity). The accumulation of ceramides (Cer), diglycerides (DG) and triglycerides (TG) plays a significant role in this phenomenon. The harmful effects of saturated fatty acids (SFA) (e.g., palmitate - 16: 0) exceeds those of the cis unsaturated fatty acid (UFA) (e.g., oleate - 18:1 cis-Δ9), in addition, the later are able to reduce the harmful effects of the saturated ones. However little data are available on the toxicity or potentially protective effects of trans UFAs (TFAs), such as elaidate - 18:1 trans-Δ9 and vaccenate - 18:1 trans-Δ11.

Our experiments were performed on HepG2 hepatocellular carcinoma cells. The effect of the above mentioned four fatty acids on cell viability was examined, the morphological changes of the cells were monitored by electron microscopy and OilRed staining, Cer, DG, TG levels and fatty acid content were determined by LC-MS/MS and GC-FID methods.

Palmitate was markedly, while cis and trans UFAs were mildly toxic in our experiments. The effect of palmitate was reduced by combination treatment with any of the UFAs, either cis or trans. Cer and DG levels were slightly increased after the addition of the UFAs, but significantly increased after palmitate treatment, and this effect was mitigated by any of the UFAs. However, the amount of TGs changed little upon palmitate addition, while increased remarkably in the presence of UFAs alone or in combination with palmitate. Therefore, striking differences were observed between the metabolism and cellular effects of cis and trans UFAs.

Our results suggest that the toxicity and metabolic properties of TFAs differ from those of cis oleate but are still closer to them, than those of palmitate. Our data are consistent with the theory that the presence of UFAs is required for TG synthesis, and their inadequate ratio leads to synthesis arrest, thus accumulating DG and Cer but they also highlight the potential of TFAs to substitute for cis UFAs. This may partly explain the protective nature of UFAs in our study. The different properties of cis and trans UFAs may be due to a more efficient incorporation of the later into Cer, which may be medically important in case of their long-term consumption.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2022;11:621-622
pages 621-622 views

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