An Outstanding Pediatrician, Scientist, Mentor - Our Countryman M.Ya. Studenikin

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Mitrofan Yakovlevich Studenikin was born on December 2, 1923 in the village of Listopadovka, Novokhopyorsk district, Voronezh province, into a large peasant family. Barely graduating from high school, a week after the start of the war in 1941, he was called to the front. He was wounded twice during the fighting. But, despite the difficult trials of his youth, Mitrofan Yakovlevich became an outstanding pediatrician, scientist and mentor who brought up not a single generation of wonderful doctors - experts in their field and made a significant contribution to the development of domestic medicine!

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Mitrofan Yakovlevich Studenikin was born on December 2, 1923 in the village of Listopadovka, Novokhopyorsk district, Voronezh province, into a large peasant family. Barely graduating from high school, a week after the start of the war in 1941, he was called to the front, following his father, Studenikin Yakov Fedotovich, who also participated in the civil war. Mitrofan Yakovlevich was the eldest of six children and the only one who was drafted. After two weeks of training, he was assigned to a tank destroyer company. He was wounded twice during the fighting.
During the service, Mitrofan Yakovlevich was repeatedly offered to take courses for junior lieutenants and political officers, but he refused, arguing that his main dream was to become a doctor, even after the war. This dream originated in early childhood, back in the second grade, when he first came to the Zemstvo hospital and was delighted and fascinated by the medical decoration of the office and, of course, by the doctor himself - a hero in a snow-white coat that saves lives. The embodiment of the flashed idea was a fellow villager - a student of the Voronezh Medical Institute, who came to his small homeland on vacation. All the details merged into a single picture, and even though such a distant, but quite feasible dream clearly arose in front of the little boy, which you should definitely reach, no matter what difficulties arise on the thorny path of life.
After being wounded in Latvia, he was treated by a famous surgeon, later an academician, Mikhail Ilyich Kuzin. For military merit he was awarded 5 orders and 15 medals.
After demobilization with the rank of foreman, Mitrofan Yakovlevich continued on his way to his cherished goal - to become a doctor and entered the II Moscow Order of Lenin Medical Institute named after N.I. Pirogov (now the Russian State Medical University), graduating with honors in 1952, being a Stalin scholarship holder. During his studies, he took an active life position and headed the institute trade union committee, also worked as an instructor of the regional committee of trade unions on student issues. Excellent success in learning and love for work could not go unnoticed, and a year before graduation, the young man was invited to the Department of Children's Diseases of the Faculty of Medicine by his future teacher, Professor Nikolai Osinovsky. This teacher and mentor was always revered and loved by Mitrofan Yakovlevich - his portrait hung in the office of Academician M. Studenikin in the most honorable place, and memories of this man were always distinguished by warmth and gratitude.
But the passion for learning a profession, which was the main dream of childhood, did not dry up with a diploma. The desire to bring the light of knowledge to the younger generation and continue to improve himself led Mitrofan Yakovlevich Studenikin to graduate school, after which he defended his Ph.D. thesis. And already in 1966, a doctoral dissertation was defended with the assignment of the corresponding title - professor. He began his work as an assistant, then became an associate professor of the Department of Children's Diseases of the Medical Faculty of the Russian State Medical University, and since 1969 he headed the above department.
Mitrofan Yakovlevich easily and successfully managed to combine active medical, scientific, organizational and pedagogical activities with large-scale social work. The work of many of his years was scientific cooperation with pediatric institutions in a range of countries, a significant number of publications abroad brought the scientist world recognition and honor.
Mitrofan Yakovlevich Studenikin - has a whole list of titles and regalia: Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, member of the Bureau of the Department of Clinical Medicine of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, member of the International Academy of Sciences, member of the Russian Academy of Security, Defense and Law Enforcement Problems, full member of the International Academy of Creativity, member of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, Corresponding Member of the Society of Pediatricians of France, Honorary Director of the Research Institute of Pediatrics of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Honorary Head of the Department of Pediatrics of the Medical Faculty of the Russian National Research Medical University. N.I. Pirogov, Honorary Professor of the Voronezh Medical Academy. N.N. Burdenko, honorary member of scientific societies of pediatricians from 11 European countries and the American Academy of Pediatrics, honorary professor of the universities of Helsinki (Finland), Budapest (Hungary), Rostock (Germany).
Mitrofan Yakovlevich was awarded the title of Chief Pediatrician of the Ministry of Health of the USSR, also for a long time he was the Chairman of the Board of the Scientific Society of Pediatricians of Russia, an expert of the Committee for Maternal and Childhood Services of the World Health Organization, a member of the Standing Committee of the International Pediatric Association, President of the Moscow Children's Fund, Chairman of the Scientific Council for of Pediatrics of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, a member of the editorial board of the journals Pediatrics, Health, Acta paediatrica japonica (Japan), a member of the Board of Trustees of the Moscow International Festival-Seminar of TV Programs for Children "Children's Screen - a Window to the Third Millennium" (from the Moscow Children's Fund), member of the public organization "Fellowship" Voronezh "". Since 1970 he has been chairman of the Society for Friendship with the Peoples of Cyprus. He was elected a people's deputy of the USSR, a deputy of the Frunzensky district council of the city of Moscow. From 2005 until the last days, Mitrofan Yakovlevich worked as an adviser to the directorate of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Scientific Center for Children's Health of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences." In 2004-2006 he was a professor at the Department of Hospital Pediatrics of the Voronezh State Medical Academy named after I.I. N.N. Burdenko. Mitrofan Yakovlevich Studenikin was awarded the orders: "For Merit to the Fatherland" IV degree, the October Revolution, the Patriotic War I degree, the Red Banner of Labor, Friendship of Peoples, the Red Star, Peter the Great I degree, medals "For Courage", "For Military Merit" , "For the victory over Germany", Zhukova, "Veteran of Labour", "For services to domestic health care", four badges of honor. For many years of caring for the needs of children, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus' Alexy II was awarded the Order of St. Prince Daniel of Moscow II degree, St. Vladimir. Honorary Citizen of the Gribanovsky District of the Voronezh Region. Under his leadership, 54 doctoral and 72 master's theses were completed. What can better characterize the contribution of the teacher and mentor to the formation of the personality of the ward? Of course, what place in life and profession will the student and the mentee take. His students took leadership positions in health authorities, headed research institutions, departments of medical institutes, became heads of clinics and laboratories of research institutes. Mitrofan Yakovlevich Studenikin was a versatile person, fond of the history of art. He devoted his whole life to medicine and education of the younger generation. It is difficult to imagine his contribution to the development of health care, not only in our country, but also in many other countries. It is also impossible not to mention the family medical dynasty of the Studenikins. One of Mitrofan Yakovlevich's sisters became a pharmacist, two of her three children work in medicine, a candidate of medical sciences, her wife Lidia Ivanovna is an associate professor, her son Vladimir became a doctor of science, and her daughter Irina became a pediatrician. Mitrofan Yakovlevich died in 2013. He was buried at the Donskoy Cemetery in Moscow, next to the grave of his wife, Lydia Ivanovna.


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Elvira Tkachenko

Voronezh State Medical University

Author for correspondence.
ORCID iD: 0000-0002-6475-3947

4th year student of the Faculty of Pediatrics

Russian Federation, 394036, Russia, Voronezh, Studencheskaya street, 10


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