Loyalty to a Lifelong Profession: Alla Ilyinichna Levushkina

  • Authors: Bocharnikova V.1, Makhinova O.V.1, Povalyuhina D.A.1
  • Affiliations:
    1. Voronezh State Medical University named after N.N. Burdenko
  • Pages: 23-24
  • URL: https://www.new.vestnik-surgery.com/index.php/2415-7805/article/view/8604

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Relevance. Medical topics are always relevant, because it is about a person and for a person. Alla Ilyinichna Levushkina is a doctor. She worked as a doctor for as long as she lived. She could not change her choice, her profession, her life's work, the people who needed her help.

Target. Meet the surgeon A.I. Levushkina, who devoted her life to medicine and helping people. Materials of the Internet resource and mass media were used for the work.

Methods. The general scientific method of research was used in the work.

Results. A.I. Levushkina is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Until 2020, she was the oldest practicing surgeon in Russia. She devoted 69 years to her favorite work. At the age of 90, she received her first "Vocation" award for loyalty to the profession.

Conclusion. Being an operating surgeon in old age is not easy. But love for her patients, her work gave strength to Alla Ilyinichna. As soon as she entered the operating room, she was transformed - her hand remained firm, and her head was clear.

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Levushkina Alla Ilyinichna (1927-2020), remained the oldest practicing surgeon in Russia until 2020 with an experience of 69 years. Born in Ryazan, as a child she dreamed of becoming a geologist, but as a result she changed her interests, thanks to Veresaev's book "Doctor's Notes". From the first time, Alla did not succeed in entering the 2nd Moscow Medical Institute, but a year later, having overcome all the obstacles, she repeated her attempt again, and this time she was able to become a student.
By the time she graduated from the institute, Levushkina had already performed several successful operations to remove appendicitis and hernia, but she received a C at the final exam in surgery. Alla's first teacher was the famous Soviet surgeon - Boris Petrovsky, who once drew attention to a little student and took her as an assistant. “I was so happy! I climbed right there on the bench and let's help. I’m small, with my height, I didn’t really reach the operating table, in order to see everything and work properly, I had to stand on a bench, a stand, ”Alla Ilyinichna recalled in an interview.
Petrovsky recommended that she stay at the Department of Pathophysiology as an assistant, but Alla did not agree and went on assignment to Tuva. A few years later she returned to Ryazan and entered the residency, where at first she worked as a general surgeon. One day, an invitation to the courses of surgeons-proctologists came to the hospital. The work is not prestigious, difficult, very painstaking, and there were no people willing to go to study at the courses. Except, of course, Alla Ilyinichna!
It was not possible to get into the courses immediately, due to family difficulties, but surprisingly, no one took the chance. Alla nevertheless decided to enroll in the courses. Decisive was the conviction of one of his colleagues, who said that the height of 152 centimeters for a doctor is simply ideal for interventions of this kind. So all her life the surgeon worked on a special stand, which became for her a real pedestal of fame.
Information about the successful operations of Levushkina spread throughout the region, there were many patients. Alla considered the main achievement that many patients, who were considered hopeless, after the operation lived a happy life for another 20-30 years.
It was important to open the first department of proctology in the region; Anatoly Khubezov, who came from the Urals, helped her in this. Years passed, experience was added, and on the account of a small but strong woman, there were more than 10 thousand operations. For a long time, Alla Ilyinichna worked as a surgeon in medical aviation.
Retirement age has changed little in the life of a surgeon. From 2001 until the last days of her life, Alla Ilyinichna worked as a surgeon and conducted an appointment at the 11th hospital in the city of Ryazan. Reception of patients in the morning, examination of postoperative patients in the afternoon, four times a week - planned operations. Long queues always lined up at her office, she had a kind word for everyone, she never refused advice or assistance in operations to young colleagues. When she went on vacation, patients were waiting for her. “You have a rest, and then we will come to you,” they said.
It is not easy to remain an operating surgeon until old age; in the last years of her career, Alla Ilyinichna suffered from leg disease. She got to work by taxi, as she herself joked - she deserved it. But as soon as the veteran entered the operating room, she was transformed - the hand remained firm, and the head was clear.
Before becoming famous and receiving the first "Vocation" award, Levushkina had no awards or titles. Prior to that, colleagues and numerous patients knew her.

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Olga Vasilievna Makhinova

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Diana Anatolievna Povalyuhina

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senior teather, chair of foreign languages

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