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The question of heroism is the most important even in our time, because many people forget what a mark the war left on the soul. Many families were affected by the Great Patriotic War, so I want to always remember the exploits and heroism in the war. Special thanks to the medical women who made a huge contribution to the victory, because they saved lives on the battlefield, went at their own risk, thanks to them many soldiers saw bright days and won.


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The contribution of medical workers to achieve victory in the Great Patriotic War is incommensurable, because it was they who bravely fought for the lives of soldiers who went on to the battlefield and fought for our Homeland. I would like to express my great gratitude to the medical women who participate in military operations, despite all the horror and the immeasurable number of wounded. I would not like to single out the female sex, but who would not agree that it is much weaker than men and that is why women have come a long way to success and victory. Medical workers stood near the operating tables for days and nights, fighting for the life of every soldier, because the military fought for a future bright life, which is filled with kindness and sincerity, and not bloody terrible days and years. In war, doctors put their lives at risk without even thinking about it and run under bullets, pulling out the wounded and killed on their backs. Incredible courage and willpower must be had in order not to give up and not fall on the battlefield from malaise and heaviness, which destroys and inspires fear from the inside.
The share of female doctors has been tested no less than soldiers on the front line. They showed fearlessness, bravery and courage, which helped them to stand proudly on their feet and not lose heart. After all, help was needed not only in battle, but also for the elderly, children, pregnant women and weakened patients. Each fighter felt support and felt that there was a fearless man in a white coat nearby, who would never leave to die and would provide first aid in any conditions, and in a difficult moment, life-threatening, he would carry out on himself and cover his back from a bullet.
The motherland highly appreciated the heroic deeds of military and medical workers and awarded orders and medals, 50 of which became Heroes of the Soviet Union. Each hero has his own story behind him, unfortunately, many of whom died and were awarded posthumously, but even in our time we want to remember such a big spot in history that claimed many lives. The most important thing is to take an example from strong and courageous girls who were not afraid to give their lives in the name of saving the fighters who won a bloody battle.
As an example, I want to tell you about a heroine who saved lives by putting herself in danger. Tatyana Pavlovna Denyagina, after graduating from medical school in 1942, began serving as a surgeon-resident of the field mobile hospital of the 1st line of the 59th Army on the Volkhov Front. During the fierce fighting there was such a flow of wounded that they operated for days. Tatyana Pavlovna recalled at the department how one day she came out of the operating room to get some fresh air at night, but she didn't have the strength to stand, she was deathly sleepy. She went into the first tent she came across and collapsed, fell asleep. They searched for her for a long time, but she woke up by herself in the "dead room". She told it with laughter and with tears in her eyes. She recalled how she got surrounded with other doctors, for two weeks they walked through the forest hungry. Weakened and exhausted, she was treated in the hospital after leaving the encirclement. Tatiana Pavlovna met the end of the war in Prague with the rank of captain.
I would like to tell you about another feat of the outstanding heroine. Irina Anatolyevna Blagina is a medical instructor of the third partisan detachment "Avengers". A difficult, unusual fate, the fate of a real hero, a courageous, selfless person. She has a black order book, the Order of the Patriotic War of the 3rd degree, number 793552, was awarded posthumously on March 24, 1945. The explosion of an artillery shell struck Irina, but fate decided otherwise – she remained alive. This girl walked more than 4,000 km with partisans behind enemy lines, appearing where no one was waiting for them, sowing panic, terror, destroying enemy equipment and manpower. I went through everything and mastered it, I did not lose my presence of mind. Courage and fearlessness in battle are the norm of behavior. Irina was not only a medical instructor, she went to intelligence, participated in 14 major operations. The guerrilla girls showed heroism, fortitude and fearlessness.
These are just some examples of girls who had masculinity and a strong character. Thanks to medical women, many soldiers remained alive and saw the dawn of a victorious day. Tens of thousands of people performed heroic deeds and girls are no less appreciated, thanks to which soldiers got up and went on to battle. The names of all the heroes will remain in our memory forever!


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